Sunday, June 30, 2019

Judicial Injustice: A Father's Story

Speaking of judicial injustice, I met a father today named Chris Marshall who had quite a story to tell. His story is about a father trying to get access to his child during a divorce and how he was completely screwed over by the Canadian judicial system. It reminds me of the John Carten story. I'm not a lawyer, I'm an advocate. Consequently I'm a hopeless romantic.

I always walk around with an ace up my sleeve and play it whenever my back is up against the wall in court. It's called Natural Justice. The intent of the law speaks to natural justice. That's why it's called the judicial system. It's *supposed* to uphold justice. Yet it rarely does. That's why I'm a dreamer. I play that card saying the court is supposed to uphold justice and this is not just.

Have a look at what Chris Marshall has to say. He has his own website called A Father's Story.

This is a PDF File of his story: Dead Beat Dad or dead Beat Justice System.

No Justice, No Peace. Know Justice, Know Peace.

Alabama police shot a teen dead, but his friend got 30 years for the murder

The Guardian is reporting that "Unlike in the vast majority of fatal shootings by police officers, someone is going to prison for the 2015 death of 16-year-old A’Donte Washington in Alabama. It just isn’t the police officer who shot him."

"Lakeith Smith was sentenced last week to 30 years for A’Donte’s murder, even though no one disputes it was an officer’s bullet that killed him. Smith is not even accused of having possessed a weapon. Under the state’s accomplice law, co-defendants can be guilty of murder if a death occurs when they are in the midst of committing a felony. Smith was one of five teens who were allegedly committing a burglary when responding officers opened fire, killing A’Donte. Smith, now 18, was also sentenced to another 35 years for crimes related to the the burglary, for a total of 65 years." OK now that it totally messed up. Give your head a shake.

The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Donald Trump met Kim Jong Un in the Demilitarized Zone

The Guardian is reporting that "Donald Trump has invited Kim Jong-un to the US after he became the first sitting US president to enter North Korea. The apparently impromptu meeting came about after Trump tweeted an invitation to Kim on Saturday from the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. After shaking hands with Kim in the demilitarised zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas and walking with him over the border.” Say what you want about either leader but this is a step in the right direction. Hats off to Moon Jae-in.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Modesto Hells Angels president trafficking crystal meth

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that "Four Modesto residents, including the president of the city’s Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, are facing federal conspiracy charges after prosecutors say they were part of a trafficking ring that sold methamphetamine. Randy Picchi, 61; Tina Picchi, 51; Michael Mize, 61; and Michael Pack, 32, are charged with conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine, the U.S. attorney’s office said in a release. Randy Picchi, Tina Picchi and Mize were arrested Tuesday and will appear in federal court in Fresno on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear whether Pack was in custody.

"Randy Picchi, the president of the Modesto Hells Angels, is accused of leading a drug conspiracy and directing his wife, Tina Picchi, to regularly deliver drugs to Mize and others across Northern California. She was stopped by law enforcement and found with approximately 4 ounces of methamphetamine, authorities said. Prosecutors say Picchi used Pack, a prospect with the Hells Angels club, to help obtain methamphetamine on at least one occasion. Pack was found with 499 grams of meth in his possession during a traffic stop, authorities said."

Another crystal meth dealer posing with Sonny Barger. The Aging Rebel posted wire tap transcripts. The FBI is leading the federal investigation and they were assisted by the ATF and the Modesto Police Department who were seen during the raid. Since the ATF were caught in Operation Fast and Furious, their integrity has been in question. The FBI must not have included them in the investigation or at least included them just enough to not be implicated in the bust.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Fatal shooting in Vancouver

The Vancouver Courier is reporting that "Vancouver police have identified the city’s fifth homicide victim of the year as 33-year-old Vaughan Bradley Lim of Burnaby. Lim was found dead in an apartment building near Main Street and East 35th Avenue at around 9:45 p.m. Tuesday after Vancouver police received reports of a shooting.

Global is reporting that "Police have now confirmed that a death that was initially deemed suspicious, has now been declared a homicide. John Leslie McIver, 78, the owner of McIver’s Appliance Sales and Services was found dead inside the business near Ontario Street and East 69th Avenue by a family member who had arrived around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday."

BC contracts out gang enforcement to Newfoundland

VOCM is reporting that "The RCMP’s Federal Serious and Organized Crime Unit (FSOC) launched an investigation last November 17th into the importation of a large quantity of illicit drugs from western Canada to St. John’s. On that same date, FSOC members stopped a vehicle in St. John’s in which they found three kilograms of nearly pure cocaine, 44 pounds of cannabis marijuana and an extendable baton. Their investigation pointed to John Peppin of Brentwood, B.C. A Canada-wide warrant was issued for him and he was arrested on Monday with the help of police from Victoria, B.C." 3 kilos of cocaine in NL that came from BC.

Well that is somewhat amusing. Since the BC Gang Task Farce is so compromised and completely useless, we have to rely on the Alberta and Newfoundland task forces to arrest our criminals. Police corruption in B.C. is clearly spreading drugs right across the country.

ALERT drug bust tied to BC: Project Elder

Green Justice withdraws support for Brenda Locke

Well this comes as no surprise. The only thing surprising is that it happened so soon. Godon Campbell's flunky, Brenda Locke, has resigned from the Safe Surrey Coalition after riding on their coattails to get elected. We were very clear with Brenda when she ran with Doug McCallum that we were supporting her because she was running with Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition's mandate. We were equally clear that we would not endorse her if she tried to hijack the agenda so withdrawing our support for her is a natural consequence of her apostasy.

"Safe Surrey Coun. Laurie Guerra said she wasn’t surprised by Locke’s announcement and speculated it may have been motivated by a hidden agenda.” Exactly. Doug McCallum was very clear in his election platform. He said he opposed LRT down 104th in Surrey and supported Sky Train to Langley. He also said he would get rid of the RCMP and form a municipal police force.

Recently Brenda Locke has started to waffle on Surrey's municipal force even though she agreed to support that policy when she got a free ticket to ride into office. Brenda Locke has changed her position on Surrey's municipal force. Doug McCallum has not. That is what's on the table.

Let's remember who Brenda Locke is. She was elected as a Surrey MLA in 2001 when Gordon Campbell became premier. We remember Gordon Campbell. He left office with the lowest approval rating ever. Brenda Locke fell even before Gordo did. She was a one trick pony and only served one term before being soundly defeated in 2005.

Brenda Locke subsequently ran as the federal Liberal Party candidate in Fleetwood-Port Kells in the 2006 federal election and the 2008 federal election, but lost both times to Conservative incumbent Nina Grewal. Riding Doug McCallum's coattails helped her slip in as a city councilor.

Don't worry, we have a name to submit to replace her. Someone who is much more high profile, much more competent and much more loyal than Brenda Locke will ever be. Fear and tremble great and spacious building, the earth is going to shake because we're gonna rock the world yo.

Steven Pettigrew is a complete socially awkward idiot. When he was elected his claim to fame was confronting the Surrey Now Leader for celebrating Halloween. Word has it that Brenda Locke and Steven Pettigrew are going to form a new party called Wingnuts R Us. Good luck with that fruit cakes. The New York Model is coming to Surrey. Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way.

Surrey Temple leaders call to replace RCMP

Laila Yuile on China's control over Canada

It has been brought to my attention that Laila Yuile just put out a stellar blog post about China's influence in Canadian politics called Playing with the Dragon III. You go girl. Executing political prisoners for organ harvesting is not something we should support. China is NOT an ally.

Langley farm teaches recovering addicts life skills

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "For over a decade, Surrey’s John Volken Academy has been housing, helping and rehabbing men and women in a two-year program that uses a therapeutic community model to retrain the newly sober in basic life skills. Now turf is about to be broken on a new project in Langley that will connect the academy’s students with another kind of opportunity: to work on an agri-tourism farm open to the public that will feature bison and water buffalo, with on-site milking."

"The 108-acre property at 3892 232nd Street in Langley will be a working farm where participants can learn transferable life skills like welding, carpentry, sales, cheesemaking, dairy farming, cooking and caring for animals, said Vance."

Well done. Surrey’s John Volken Academy helps addicts get off drugs and teaches them life skills by giving them a job at Price Pro. Now this farm is another step in the right direction.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hells Angels responsible for Brother's Keepers violence

The compromised BC gang task force told Dr Kim that the violence within the Brother's Keepers gang that saw the founder shot dead in North Vancouver Christmas 2017 was internal. What they didn't tell you is that the Hells Angels are once again the ones responsible.

One faction wanted to sell drugs for the Hells Angels, the other faction didn't. Once again, just like with the Surrey Six, the Hells Angels were successful in taking over the leadership of the Brothers Keepers and have hired them to create havoc within the IndoCanadian community in Surrey. As Chris Tucker said in Rush Hour, "Follow the rich white man."

Blackwater mercenaries for hire in Venezuela

The New York Intelligencer is reporting that "A decade ago, the Iraqi government banned Blackwater Security from operating in the country after its mercenary fighters killed 17 civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour Square. That might dissuade some from meddling in conflicts overseas, but Blackwater founder Erik Prince is nothing if not committed to his profit margins."

"On Tuesday, Reuters reported that Prince — who no longer has a professional connection to Blackwater — has a new business plan. He’d like to send mercenary fighters to Venezuela, where they would help depose the country’s sitting president, Nicolás Maduro. Prince met recently with influential supporters of President Trump and “wealthy Venezuelan exiles” to pitch his plan to ship out as many as 5,000 mercenaries to aid opposition leader Juan Guaidó, according to Reuters." He no longer has ties to Blackwater because they changed the name.

The problem with the proposal is that Erik Prince is a sleazebag. One minute he is trying to con us into supporting a modern crusade against Islam. Then, as soon as he gets accused of arms dealing and murdering whistleblowers, he runs off to the United Arab Emirates and creates a mercenary army for the Muslims. I call it mercenary because that is exactly what it is. An army for hire without morals. More recently he's formed a mercenary army for communist China.

Right now the Prince of Darkness is proposing he send in mercenaries to help topple the socialist government in Venezuela. What if they say no? Does that mean he will send mercenaries in to crush the rebellion and support the socialist president? After all, he is supporting Communist China and his army is for hire. How about we just hang the traitor for treason instead?

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Surrey’s notorious Flamingo Hotel takes its final bow

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Global is reporting that "One of the longest-standing symbols of Surrey's past was brought down with a bang Saturday as crews demolished the notorious Flamingo Hotel. Hundreds of people came down to Whalley to watch the demolition, which was approved by council earlier this year. The hotel, which housed one of the Lower Mainland's last stripper bars for more than four decades, will be replaced over the next few years by three residential towers and other developments."

As the sounds of Kool & the Gang's Celebration blared over the speakers, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum helped operate the excavator that tore down the first section of the building as controlled explosives did the rest of the work. Still wearing his hard hat, McCallum said taking down the hotel and bar was a sign that the area is turning a corner. "It's an area where people want to live and work and play in, and we can see it in the number of people looking to buy here and the number of developers who want to build here," he said. "It's a symbol that we're entering a new generation." Indeed. Get ready for the New York model.

"The Flamingo first opened in 1955 as a modest hotel with 20 rooms. It later added a liquor store and a cabaret to the property. But it was the opening of the Byrd Pub in the 1970s, featuring the showroom with its brass pole and the Tropic Lounge, that earned the Flamingo its notoriety. The pub had its share of fights, stabbings and shady characters over the years. At least two murder victims were last seen at the Byrd before their bodies were found."

Well done. The Byrd was a sh*t hole and Panchos was a toilet waiting to be flushed. The Hells Angels ran the drugs out of those cesspools right up until their closing. Now we just have to target Shakerz. Since Randy Jones lied and said that dump is under new management it's time we made that lie a reality. The Hells Angels have worn out their welcome in Surrey. From the Surrey House of Horrors to the Janice Shore murder enough is enough - Finian's Inferno.

Strippernet, which is one of the many exotic dance companies the Hells Angels own, listed the Flamingo Hotel in Surrey as it's mailing address.

Montreal Hells Angel dies in prison

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Under a cloudy sky Thursday morning, hundreds of Hells Angels from across Canada showed up in force at an Urgel Bourgie funeral home on Beaubien St. E. in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve to mourn the loss of André (Frisé) Sauvageau." Who died in prison May 26 of natural causes at the age of 63."

Dec. 19, 2000, Sauvageau, a founding member of the Rock Machine, was told that, as far as the Hells Angels were concerned, “the door (was) always open” to him. He defected to the Hells soon after and remained a member of the gang till his death May 26. When Sauvageau defected in 2000, he was initially made a member of the Hells Angels’ Nomads chapter in Ontario and, in December 2003, he transferred to the Montreal chapter.

Paul Porter used to be a member of the Rock Machine in Quebec. He crossed over from the Rock Machine along with the gangs founders and a few other leaders in 2000 right before Mom Boucher went to prison. Mom Boucher greeted these guys including Paul Porter with hugs and kisses. A while ago I reported that I went for lunch with a guy visiting Vancouver from Montreal. He said that a member of the Rock Machine told him that Mom Boucher had paid members of the Rock Machine to murder some of his own political rivals within the Hells Angels. That is what he said a member of the Rock Machine told him.

"Sauvageau was presumably at the head of a lucrative cocaine smuggling ring in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district that was brewing several million a year, according to court documents related to this investigation, which Le Journal obtained a copy of. He had been incriminated by one of his main lieutenants, Patrick Corbeil, who chose to turn his back on him by deciding to become an informer for the judicial part of this operation. Corbeil told the police that their organization was selling close to 50 kilograms of cocaine a year, between 2011 and 2015."

"Sauvageau also reportedly oversaw the Hells Angels' 10% tax system on the sales of traffickers doing business on most of the drug market in Quebec, which is now under the control of bikers. During the investigation, the police observed Sauvageau several times in the company of major Montreal organized crime actors, including the godfather of street gangs Gregory Wooley, who is currently serving an eight-year sentence after being arrested in the same roundup."

Saturday, June 22, 2019

7 motorcyclists are dead after colliding with a pickup truck in New Hampshire

CNN is reporting that "Seven motorcyclists were killed and three others injured when they collided with a pickup truck that was going the opposite direction in New Hampshire." The motorcyclists were with a club comprised of ex-United States Marines. That is indeed tragic.

Surrey Jacks Jacked a Police Cruiser

Global is reporting that "A traffic stop in Surrey late Friday night turned wild after an RCMP cruiser was briefly stolen, prompting a massive police response. Just after 11:30 p.m., a Surrey RCMP officer followed an erratic driver into an underground parkade at King George Blvd. near 100th Avenue. The two occupants of the vehicle were initially co-operative with the officer, before bolting on foot. While the officer gave chase to the driver, the passenger hopped into the police cruiser and sped off, driving up the ramp and crashing through a secure gate to freedom."

"Freedom didn't last long, though... A massive police response including cars, Air 1 and police dogs soon descended on the scene. Police found the stolen police vehicle several hundred yards away, and arrested a suspect found nearby. He's being held in custody on an outstanding arrest warrant. Police are still seeking the second suspect." Surrey Jacks yo - not very smart.

Wu Tang Clan performs at the Vancouver Jazz Festival

The Wu Tang Clan is performing at the Vancouver Jazz Festival 8PM Sunday, June 23, 2019 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Now that's what I'm talking about. Wu Tang aren't really jazz but they are legendary and are straight outta New York City. They're as real as it gets.

Friday, June 21, 2019

The US Continues to Bully Iran

The New York Times is reporting that "President Trump approved military strikes against Iran in retaliation for downing an American surveillance drone, but pulled back from launching them on Thursday night after a day of escalating tensions." AYFKM?

If Iran sent a spy drone into US airspace that would be an act of war. Iran shooting down a US spy drone is a natural consequence. Demonizing Iran is a fraud driven by displaced aggression. Cyrus the Great was the one that Liberated the Jews after their Babylonian captivity. Islamic extremism in Iran was bred by British and American intervention. It's all about stealing their moil through Operation Ajax. That scam is really getting old. The US sold Saddam Hussein chemical weapons to use on Iran in his war with them. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt criminal and Donald Trump is a raging lunatic. God save the United States of America - from itself.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

15.5 tons of cocaine seized in Philadelphia

NBC is reporting that "Shipping containers full of illegal drugs have been found and seized by federal authorities at a Philadelphia port in what federal authorities describe as the largest seizure in the region's history. A senior law enforcement official said more than 15,500 kilos of cocaine were found in seven containers, which were found aboard a cargo ship, the MSC Gayane, that previously stopped in Colombia, Chile, Panama and the Bahamas. Sources told NBC10 the cocaine was not meant for Philadelphia but instead for the Netherlands and France."

Trudeau cabinet approves Trans Mountain expansion

The National Post is reporting that "The federal government has announced it is moving ahead with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, ending months of speculation over the development and offering some relief to the embattled oil and gas sector amid a years-long pipeline bottleneck. “We have been assured by the company that their plan is to start construction this summer,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said of Trans Mountain Tuesday, just after his cabinet re-approved the project. “There is still a number of immediate steps to do in terms of permitting, but the pipeline is to have shovels in the ground this summer.”

OK I'm a little bit confused. Justin Trudeau bought the Trans Mountain pipeline with tax dollars. He passes a bill banning tanker traffic on the west coast then approves the expansion of the pipeline. Why would you approve the expansion of the pipeline then ban all tanker traffic? WTF?

All I can say is that a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. God Damn Jason Kenney and God Damn Post Media News. Be assured, if you sell that pipeline to Communist China, there will be Hell to pay.

Monday, June 17, 2019

4 shot at Raptors rally in Toronto

CBC is reporting that "Four people were shot at a rally celebrating the Toronto Raptors' first NBA championship on Monday afternoon, according to police, amid a celebration that saw thousands of fans crowd into the city's downtown core. Police took three people into custody and recovered two firearms, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders told reporters. Two people were arrested in connection with one shooting, Saunders said, while the third was arrested in connection with the other. He did not go into further details."

"The shootings happened around 3:45 p.m. ET, at Bay and Albert streets — near city hall and Nathan Phillips Square where a rally capping off a victory parade was coming to a close. The four victims suffered non life-threatening injuries and the arrests were done incredibly quickly, Saunders said." AYFKM? This was a very happy event. WTF?

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Small plane makes emergency landing on Surrey highway

Global is reporting that "Highway 17 in Surrey became an unexpected landing strip after a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing Friday evening. The plane landed just before 6:45 p.m. on the side of the westbound lanes at Tannery Road, Surrey RCMP confirmed."

"Schlieck said the plane lost a fuel cap from one of its wings, causing the fuel in the wing tank to siphon into the air until none was left. The instructor quickly took control after the problem arose." Canadian Flight Centre president and CEO Peter Schlieck said "He did a perfect job, no one was harmed and there wasn't a scratch on the plane." Well done.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kids Play Foundation hosts street hockey tournament

The Kids Play Foundation hosted a hockey tournament for youth in Surrey today. Another positive and successful event from a completely volunteer organization that sponsors sporting events for youth to encourage them to engage in positive activities instead of getting involved with gangs and drugs. Zee TV and the Times of Canada covered the event but Post Media news was nowhere to be found. Representatives from the local Temples were there.

Federal MP Sukh Dhaliwal was there. So was Brenda Locke and Jack Singh Hundial from the City of Surrey. Maxime Bernier even had a candidate from the People's Party of Canada there.

This was a well organized event with lots of sponsors providing free food and drink along with door prizes. Kids' Play has no paid staff. All the donations it receives goes directly to helping the youth or providing them with scholarships. It is well worth supporting. When everyone else is talking about keeping kids away from gang violence, Kid's Play is doing something about it.

Anti-gay message in Catholic bulletin sparks outrage

CBC is reporting that "People in eastern Ontario's Prince Edward County are showing support for the gay community after a message in a Picton church bulletin warned that Catholics and Christians should stay away from harmful Pride events." AYFKM?

The Catholic Church, as with any other person, religion or political party, has the right to believe what they choose to be right and wrong. Even if that doesn't fit in with your beliefs.

Pride events are harmful because they are not inclusive and they promote promiscuity. Dancing around in public half naked or wearing lingerie handing out free condoms. That's not the place I'd like to take young children to. It is very worldly.

No one wants to see a Gay or Lesbian kid commit suicide. Yet all forms of extremism should be shunned and promoting promiscuity is one of them. The bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong. Catholics are allowed to believe in the bible. You can't force a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist or Baha'i to perform Gay marriages if it is against their religion to do so. Get over it. That doesn't mean you or anyone else is not allowed to be Gay. It just means you can't force your beliefs on them any more than they can force their beliefs on you.

Telling kids there is no such thing as gender is harmful and stupid. The biological reproductive organs declare that Gender does exist. Caitlyn Jenner is not a role model. Caitlyn is a part of society we accept. Caitlyn is like an agnostic. They don't know what they believe. Caitlyn used to be a man, who became a woman and still prefers to have sex with women. So what public restroom does she use that wouldn't make others feel uncomfortable? The LGTB extremists have dumped Caitlyn because of her political beliefs. Go figure. She was a role model as long as she agreed with them. As soon as she starts to question them, they dump her. That is sad.

Rick Mercer is a great guy. His political satire show was awesome and lasted 15 years. Recently he posted a video confronting Jason Kenny's homophobia. I didn't realize Rick Mercer was Gay and I don't care. He's a great guy. He's funny and smart. Jason Kenney's flaming homophobia is a bit over the top. I think he's over compensating for something. It's like those TV evangelists that publicly denounce homosexuality then are caught with a Gay prostitute. Jason Kenney is more conflicted that Caitlyn Jenner. People have the right to be who they are and what they are. People don't have the right to force their beliefs on others. It really is that simple.

Friday, June 14, 2019

The Criminal Culpability of Jason Kenney

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "While Metro Vancouver gas prices smashed one record-high after another in May, fuel costs continue to fall in the Lower Mainland this month. Not only have June gas prices continued to fall in Vancouver, but some stations are also showing costs as low as 137.9 cents per litre. In contrast, gas stations in the Lower Mainland were showing prices as high as 172.9 cents per litre on Saturday, April 20." That's exactly what I was going to say.

We know that the recent over the top spike in the price of gas in April was a defiant fraud based on price fixing and Jason Kenney has publicly admitted criminal culpability in his daily full page adds in the Vancouver corporate tabloid.

Back in March CBC mentioned price fixing when gas hit $1.50 a litre. The next month after Jason Kenney was elected it hit $170.00 a litre. Then he runs these really offensive and completely dishonest full page adds in the Vancouver tabloid that said "WANT CHEAPER GAS? TRY MORE SUPPLY." He then admits that gas prices in the Lower Mainalnd are the highest in North America.

He also admits that "Most of the product that fuels vehicles in the Vancouver area is delivered via the Trans Mountain pipeline. By continuing to obstruct it's expansion, the Horgan government is making a bad situation worse. Let's work together to make life more affordable." Great idea. Let's work together to make life more affordable by sending Jason Kenney to jail for price fixing.

We knew April's spike in gas price was a complete fraud based on price fixing but here Jason Kenney is publicly boasting about his culpability in that fraud trying to extort BC tax payers. We already exposed the Alberta lie for what it is. Pipelines for Alberta tar sands bitumen already exist all the way to Chicago and Detroit. It's not John Horgan's fault they stopped accepting it because of the petroleum coke byproduct. That's not our fault.

A pipeline already exits in BC for Alberta unrefined crude. John Horgan did not stop or restrict that. Blaming John Horgan for the spike in the price of gas was a bold faced lie. Jason Kenney did it and he publicly admitted it. He basically said we've raised the price of gas until you approve a new pipeline for the tar sands bitumen Chicago and Detroit stopped accepting.

Recently someone wrote into the paper and asked Is Premier John Horgan behind lower gas prices? Actually maybe he is. John Horgan did launch an investigation into price fixing. Now we need to take the next step and file a court action like was done in Quebec. CBC reported that price fixing in the gas industry has occurred in Canada. In 2017 CBC reported that "A 10-year legal battle has resulted in a $17-million out-of-court settlement between a group of Eastern Township motorists and a number of gas retailers in the area."

John Horgan launches an investigation into price fixing and the price of gas mysteriously starts dropping. Next we need to file criminal charges and send Jason Kenny to jail. Jason Kenney wants Andrew Sheers job. That clown doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting elected PM. How can you get elected Premier when you've pissed off BC and Quebec and told all the smaller provinces equalization payments have to stop. That clown will not get elected federally.

Jason Kenney is a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. Until he gets bucked off his mechanical bronco and his own lies send him directly to jail. Then it will be goodbye good riddance. The internet killed the rodeo clown.

For the record, John Horgan's economy is doing a lot better than Jason Kenney's economy. Why is that? Because Jason Kenney is a dinosaur. You can't put all your eggs in one basket forever and not have that eventual come back to bite you in the ass. Alberta needs to diversify. They need to evolve. They need to progress. It' that simple. Stop blaming us for your failures. Take responsibility for your own life and make it better. No one likes an arrogant bully who lies.

Raptors win first NBA championship with Game 6 win

Well the Toronto Raptors did it. They beat the Golden State warriors in game 6 to win the NBA title. Well done. Kawhi Leonard was named Finals MVP. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

N.B. man gets two years in prison for selling cocaine linked to Quebec Hells Angels

CTV is reporting that "A 59-year-old man is going to prison for his role in a drug-trafficking ring in northern New Brunswick. Daniel Duguay, of Saint-Irénée-et-Alderwood, N.B., has been sentenced to two years in prison, in connection with drug trafficking on the Acadian Peninsula and in Restigouche, Madawaska and Victoria counties. Police say the investigation into cocaine trade started in November of 2016."

“Over the course of the investigation police seized approximately $900,000 in cash and approximately 5.5 kilograms of cocaine,” the RCMP said in a news release. “Investigators determined that the drugs were linked back to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Québec.”

In February CBC reported that "Police say they've dismantled a major drug network that allegedly controlled most of the cocaine and meth sales in New Brunswick and eastern Quebec. Investigators allege two brothers managed the territory on behalf of the Hells Angels' Nomads chapter in New Brunswick, collecting a tax from dealers who want to sell cocaine or meth in the area.

"The Red Devils are the top support club for the Hells Angels in New Brunswick. All of the alleged Red Devils members who were arrested played key roles in the network, according to Lapointe, ranging from sub-managers of the territory to "working to obtain the cocaine that would be sold."

ALERT drug bust tied to BC: Project Elder

Finally, BC contracts out it's gang enforcement to the Alberta Law Enforcement Team. At least they are still involved in Law enforcement unlike the completely compromised and completely useless BC Gang Task Farce.

CBC is reporting that "ALERT cuts off $2M 'drug pipeline' operating between B.C. and Alberta."

"Twelve suspects have been arrested after a two-year police investigation into a drug pipeline between British Columbia and Alberta. Fifty-nine charges have been laid against the suspects and more than $2 million in drugs and cash was seized, the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) reported Wednesday."

"Project Elder was an ALERT Edmonton investigation into interprovincial wholesale drug distribution. ALERT alleges that a high volume of drugs was being shipped to Alberta involving a complex scheme that included vehicles equipped with hidden compartments. The cash proceeds of crime totaled $514,335 and the seizure included:"

"9.3 kilograms of cocaine, 6 kilograms of methamphetamine, 684 grams of fentanyl powder, 17.2 kilograms of a cocaine buffing agent, and a .40-calibre handgun with suppressor and expanded magazine." That is significant.

This is what the BC Gang Task force is *supposed* to do but doesn't. Instead of stopping crime and drugs they just want to profit from it. That is unethical. We need to fire them and hire ALERT.

BTW Neil Kravets is NOT the head of the snake. The head of the snake works in Kelowna. EVERYONE here knows that. Spotlight on the Garden of Eden.

May 6th ALERT reported that in project Rocker ALERT arrested three Hells Angels associates for drug trafficking in Red Deer. Two of whom are full patch members of the Syndicate. Items seized include 3 kilos of cocaine and 9 kilos of a cocaine buffing agent.

Alberta arrests Hells Angels and their associates for selling drugs. So does Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia but BC does not. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math and figure out who the real criminals in BC are. The BC Gang Task Force is on the wrong side.

Calgary fishermen catch 11-foot sturgeon in Fraser River

Global is reporting that "Three Calgary fishermen are coming back from their fishing trip to B.C. with some humongous bragging rights. The trio snagged an 11-foot sturgeon from the Fraser River near Chilliwack while on an expedition led by the company SturgeonHunter Tuesday. The fish, which was measured at 62 inches, or one-and-a-half metres in girth, is estimated to be 800 pounds in weight and 100 years old. The sturgeon won’t be travelling back home with its captors, however. After snapping some photos, the group released the fish back to the river.

Catch and release. I didn't think you were allowed to catch sturgeon. 100 years old means it takes a considerable amount of time for them to get that big. It wouldn't take long for them to become extinct if they weren't protected. I remember hearing a lady from the Fort Langley canoe club claim she saw one come to the surface while they were practicing.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

BC has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada

Good news. BC has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. Vancouver is Awesome reported that "B.C. adds 5,900 jobs in April as country posts highest gains in 43 years."

Likewise the Star is reporting that "In B.C., 16,800 jobs were added in May, according to Statistics Canada. Of those, 12,400 were full-time jobs and 4,400 were part-time. B.C. Minister of Jobs Bruce Ralston issued a statement on the Labour Force Survey Friday, saying it’s a sign that the economy “is holding strong and steady. More people are working in B.C. than ever before and we are providing the services people need while maintaining a balanced budget. And the economy is expected to keep growing — to the benefit of British Columbians. Private sector forecasters project that growth in the province will continue to outpace the rest of Canada.”

So after nearly two years in power, the BC NDP haven't tanked the economy and the sky hasn't fallen. In fact the economy is stronger than ever and still rising. That's a good sign. So let's take a look at the NDP's first report card. Over all I give them an A Minus.

So what's the first thing the NDP did when they took over? They got rid of bridge tolls. Thank God. The freedom to move is a Charter right. Dianne Watts wanted to toll every bridge under the sun. The NDP set us free and reduced taxes as soon as they took office. They saw through the George Massey tunnel fraud and saved millions of dollars through fiscal restraint.

There is nothing wrong with the Massey tunnel. The only reason the neo cons wanted to get rid of it was so they could dredge the Fraser River and load more coal on the ships out of the Surrey docks. Coal is not progressive. Natural gas in clean burning, coal is not. John Horgan approved the LNG pipeline to Kitimat and is considering twinning the tunnel instead of tearing down a perfectly functioning tunnel. All these moves make good business sense. That scores them an A.

The Minus comes from the way they have mishandled the gang violence. The were able to see through the Massey tunnel fraud but they weren't able to see through the RCMP's proceeds of crime fraud. Instead of trying to stop crime, the RCMP want to profit from it. That is unethical.

Seizing the proceeds of crime is not the answer. Confronting crime is. The RCMP have made it very clear they have no desire whatsoever to investigate organized crime. That is why we need to bring back the OMGU and give that job to someone who will.

OCA, the Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia, was under Provincial jurisdiction. After the RCMP sabotaged Operation Phoenix, OCA was disbanded and place under RCMP jurisdiction where they were able to prevent organized crime from being investigated. OCA needs to be put back under Provincial jurisdiction and the OMGU needs to return. That is what needs to happen. Until that occurs, the BC NDP will continue to get a failing grade on crime.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Hong Kong protests extradition

The Guardian is reporting that "The leader of Hong Kong’s government has said she remains determined to pass a proposed extradition law despite a huge protest march against the legislation on Sunday that drew hundreds of thousands of people. The bill creates a system for case-by-case fugitive transfers between semi-autonomous Hong Kong and regions with which it does not already have agreements, including mainland China. Opponents of the law say it is being pushed by the Chinese government, and fear that Beijing will use it to extradite activists, dissidents and other political opponents who will end up in China’s opaque and politicised courts."

Global is reporting that "the implications of the extradition bill resonate around the world, as similar marches and demonstrations against the proposed legislation took place in other countries, including Canada and Australia. In Vancouver, more than 100 people marched on the Chinese consulate on Sunday. In Sydney, Australia, more than 1,000 people came out to urge their government to denounce the bill."

What's the concern? The concern is that Communist China will arrest activists in Hong Kong and take those political prisoners to mainland China where they will be executed to order for their organs like all the other political prisoners in China. This is a genocide. Read all about it.

Indigenous woman murdered on Reservation

Global is reporting that "A man is in custody after an alleged homicide on a First Nations reserve near Williams Lake Saturday night. RCMP say members from Williams Lake and Alexis Creek were called to the Toosey Reserve, which sits between the two communities, just after 6 p.m. to assist paramedics. Police say a 33-year-old woman was found suffering from severe injuries, but could not be revived and died at the scene. The nature of those injuries is not being released."

"The man arrested is a resident of the reserve, police said, and remains in custody. No charges have been laid." I'm not sure how that fits in with he genocide model but it is a tragedy nonetheless. We need to stand up against all violence against all women.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Man charged after rapper shot dead in Ottawa

CBC is reporting that "An 18-year-old man has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of an Ottawa hip-hop artist who was shot and killed Friday night in the ByWard Market. Donald Musselman appeared in court via video from the Ottawa police station Sunday morning. He is charged in the death of 42-year-old Markland Campbell, also known by the stage name Jahiant Jahh." That is messed up. Ya'll need some time with Dr Phil.

The brother was a Rastaman. Why the hell would you have beef with him? Everybody likes Rasta. Bob Marley was a Rasta for God's sake. Markland was a positive and talented musician. The kid who shot him is a nutbar.

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that "Wiens said Campbell, a 41-year-old father, was shot in the chest and died in surgery. He had left work at the Shaw Centre to rush to his daughter’s aid in the ByWard Market, Wiens said. “He was rushing to defend his 18-year-old daughter’s dignity after she called to say she was being assaulted by a couple of men,” Wiens said.