Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kids Play Foundation hosts street hockey tournament

The Kids Play Foundation hosted a hockey tournament for youth in Surrey today. Another positive and successful event from a completely volunteer organization that sponsors sporting events for youth to encourage them to engage in positive activities instead of getting involved with gangs and drugs. Zee TV and the Times of Canada covered the event but Post Media news was nowhere to be found. Representatives from the local Temples were there.

Federal MP Sukh Dhaliwal was there. So was Brenda Locke and Jack Singh Hundial from the City of Surrey. Maxime Bernier even had a candidate from the People's Party of Canada there.

This was a well organized event with lots of sponsors providing free food and drink along with door prizes. Kids' Play has no paid staff. All the donations it receives goes directly to helping the youth or providing them with scholarships. It is well worth supporting. When everyone else is talking about keeping kids away from gang violence, Kid's Play is doing something about it.

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  1. Looks like a great event. thanks for giving it the publicity it deserves. It obviously must be working to have so many politicians out there.

    Not surprised that Post Media didn't have representation there. If its not a drive by or some such thing, it doesn't get much coverage. Probably Palmer and Smythe and their types didn't think this was important.


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