Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Trudeau decriminalizes possession of hard drugs in BC

True North is reporting that "The Trudeau government has announced that in 2023, possession of small amounts of hard drugs including heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine will be decriminalized in British Columbia. Federal Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Carolyn Bennett made the announcement on Tuesday in response to B.C.’s growing opioid epidemic."

How is that going to reduce addiction and reduce overdoses? It's not. It will do the opposite. Is he going to now make drug treatment mandatory like they did in Portugal? That's why their model succeeded. Our model is failing miserably. Justin Trudeau is promoting crime, addiction and overdoses. He is promoting violence for a reason. Drugs aren't legal in China. He's conning you.

Justin Trudeau wants people smoking crystal meth on Skytrain like they do in Calgary and Edmonton. He is promoting crime here because he wants to destroy BC since we hate him.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Justin Trudeau announces national handgun freeze

True North is reporting that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a national ban on handguns, among other measures targetting law-abiding firearm owners. Bill C-21 includes various gun control measures including reducing the size of magazines to only hold five rounds and banning the sale of large capacity clips." Large capacity magazines were already banned.

“'(The) national freeze on handguns (would) prevent individuals from bringing newly acquired handguns into Canada and from buying, selling, and transferring handguns within the country,' a press release stated on Monday. In addition to this new legislation, the Government of Canada will require long-gun magazines to be permanently altered so they can never hold more than five rounds and will ban the sale and transfer of large capacity magazines under the Criminal Code.”

All semi automatic rifles were already pinned at five rounds. Banning the sale of handguns for registered owners without a criminal record is new. We all know this has absolutely nothing to do with mass shootings or gang violence. None of those firearms were legally obtained. So this delusion of making people safe is a complete fallacy.

The World Economic Frum own Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh. That is what this is really about. It's just a pathetic power grab before he leaves office.

True North is reporting that "Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre says a technical malfunction prevented him from voting for a Conservative motion to end travel-related Covid mandates. Members of parliament voted Monday on a motion from Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman to “call on the government to immediately revert to pre-pandemic rules and service levels for travel.” The motion failed 201-112."

"The unofficial tally provided by the House of Commons shows no vote for Poilievre, who has campaigned against Covid mandates throughout the leadership race. In a statement to True North, Poilievre said he did, in fact, attempt to vote for the motion remotely, but it wasn’t logged."

"Fellow MPs and leadership candidates Leslyn Lewis and Scott Aitchison both remotely voted for Lantsman’s motion, the tally shows." We all support ending the travel restictions.

New Trudeau Law Attacks Law Abiding Gun Owners

Leslyn Lewis is reporting that "The Liberals have done it again. Put forward more legislation on firearms that won’t actually make people safer. They need to stop playing politics with the safety of our communities. For years law enforcement have been trying to tell them their handgun bans won’t do anything to stop criminals. They refuse to take our border security seriously to keep weapons that are already illegal out of the hands of gangs and other criminals."

"What’s worse, they are doing all of this while actually allowing changes to our laws that will let violent criminals out on the streets sooner. They refuse to challenge the Supreme Court’s ruling that will shorten sentences of the most dangerous murderers and terrorists, but they think it will keep our country safer if they continue to crackdown on law-abiding hunters, farmers and sport shooters. If the Liberals insist on passing more legislation that does nothing to protect Canadians and cracks down further on law-abiding citizens, that is just another piece of legislation that I will get rid of as Prime Minister." Change the government, fix the law.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

650 kg of crystal meth seized on boat near Bellingham-Canada border from Hells Angel associate

CTV is reporting that "New details are emerging after a 51-year-old Alberta man was arrested aboard a speedboat that U.S. authorities say was carrying 650 kilograms of methamphetamine between Washington state and British Columbia."

This has Western Wind written all over it. Who do you think those drugs were for? Do you think they will be charged? Not a chance. Gang enforcement in BC is corrupt.

The Peninsula News Review is reporting that "The boat pilot – a Canadian – was arrested on a count of drug distribution. Alberta resident Ted Karl Faupel appeared in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Thursday."

"According to a federal criminal complaint filed in the U.S. court, Faupel told investigators that he had been hiking near a marina in Sidney, on Vancouver Island, when someone approached him and offered him $1,000 to move a boat from Anacortes, Washington, and back."

"According to the complaint, he said he left from Vancouver Island on Tuesday. He said four men met him at a Washington State Parks boat dock, took the boat on a trailer and dropped him off at an inn. The next day, they brought him back to the dock and he left in the newly loaded boat to return to Canada. He said he did not know what was in the duffel bags, the complaint said."

What men? You don't bring someone elses boat across the border without asking what's in the duffle bags. It's a huge seizure but once again the crime group that brought it in won't be charged.

Update: He has Hells Angels support gear posted all over his Facebook.
I will point out that just because he's wearing Calgary support gear does not mean the Calgary chapter was behind it. There's no way Calgary was behind that much meth. This was Edmonton.

Punjabi rapper shot dead in India

CTV is reporting that "A Punjabi rapper with ties to Toronto has been killed in India, according to multiple reports. Local media reports that Sidhu Moose Wala was shot to death in the state of Punjab on Sunday. No suspect information has been confirmed. The 28-year-old attended Humber College as an international student and recorded many of his music videos in Toronto."
News 18 is reporting that "the daring daylight murder of popular Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala in Mansa on Sunday has brought to the fore gang rivalries that the state has long been plagued with. Punjab Police chief VK Bhawra, at a press conference hours after the shocking murder, said that the killing could have been a fallout of the murder of Youth Akali Dal leader Vicky Madhukhera last August."
The India Express is reporting that "DGP Bhawra said the killing “appears to be the result of inter-gang rivalry as Moosewala’s manager Shagunpreet Singh name had surfaced in the Vicky Middukhera murder case.”

"DGP Bhawra said police are investigating the alleged role of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang in the killing. On Sunday, hours after Moosewala was killed, Canada-based Goldy Brar, allegedly a member of the Bishnoi gang, put out a Facebook post owning responsibility for the killing and alleging police didn’t act against the singer over Middukhera’s murder."

Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar claims responsibility for Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder

India Today is reporting that "Goldy Brar, a close associate of Lawrence Bishnoi, has claimed responsibility for the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala." Bishnoi gang and the Kaushal gang? I've never heard of them. Until now.

The Times Now is reporting that "Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar aka Satinder Singh is wanted by Indian authorities in multiple criminal cases. A Faridpur court had earlier this month issued an open-ended non-bailable arrest warrant against Brar in connection with the killing of the district Youth Congress president, Gurlal Singh Pehalwan."

Lawrence Bishnoi And Canada-Based Goldy Brar’s Three Aides Arrested

Human and animal sacrifice in history

As usual, my mind has been all over the map while I ponder the solemnities of eternity reflecting on how this relates to that and how that relates to this. Today I was Googling the hieroglyphics in the book of Abraham to see if anyone has translated the missing pieces. Then Google sounds off about all this fake nonsense about the facsimiles and I'm like OMG. Bill Gates is a lying freak.

The book of Abraham purports to be a translation of an ancient papyrus that claimed to be a copy of an original manuscript written by Abraham himself. People are going to debate its authenticity. I get that. It’s the ridiculous slander and the bold faced lies that I take issue with.

Google fake news claims that the hieroglyphics in the book of Abraham doesn’t say what Joseph Smith claims it said. Yet when I look at the picture it looks pretty self explanatory to me. We all know the story of Abraham and Issac and I’m going to get into that. Abraham was tested by God and offered his son Issac up as a sacrifice but the angel of the Lord stopped him after he proved his faithfulness. That account is embraced by Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. That is the story that I have a problem with.

However, before that incident, there was another incident that happened to Abraham making his test all the more difficult and perhaps dysfunctional. The bible claims that Abraham was a good man and that his father was a bad man who worshiped idols. Joshua said Terah, the father of Abraham, served other Gods which is kind of consistent with the story in the book of Abraham.

The book of Abraham was not written on gold plates. It was written on papyrus. It was not given to Joseph Smith by an angel. Some guy found it and gave it to him so he translated it. Obviously there are many manuscripts that have surfaced over the years. Some authentic, some not.

I have a copy of the book of Jasher. It has nothing to do with Mormonism. Some guy found a papyrus and translated it. Personally I think it has merit. It explains some things missing from the bible. I do believe the bible but I do think some things have been lost or missing. For example, why did Moses kill the guard beating the Hebrew slave? According to the book of Jasher, there was a bit more to it. The guard was about to kill him the day after he raped his wife.

The same with Ham. Why was Ham cursed for seeing his father naked after he passed out? According to the book of Jasher there was a bit more to the story. The book of Jasher says Ham stole the garments of the priesthood from him. That’s how they ended up in the hands of Nimrod. One has to wonder why would someone steal a holy religious item since God would obviously disprove of the theft making the holy item unholy but people do what people do. My point is there are things in the book of Jasher that make sense and that leads us to the book of Abraham.

John 21:25 states “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” For example, did Jesus' uncle Joseph of Arimathea take him on any voyages on the ships of tarshish before his mission since Joseph collected tin from Cornwall? England’s de facto National Anthem Jerusalem states "And did those feet in ancient time. Walk upon England’s mountains green: And was the holy Lamb of God, On England’s pleasant pastures seen?"

Born Agains freak and say you can’t add to or take away from the bible but the Catholics have the Apocrypha and the Protestants threw that away. Apocrypha means hidden it does not mean false. The spin doctors are lying. I rather judge a book based on its own merit than bury my head in the sand and say there will be no more books.

My point is that the book of Abraham claims that Abraham’s father, Terah, who the bible says worshiped other gods, offered up Abraham as a sacrifice to a false god in Egypt. This story makes sense and is believable but reinforces my original concerns with the story about Abraham's sacrifice of his son Isaac.

If Abrahams’ father was so bad he tried to offer his own son up as a human sacrifice to a false god and that was bad, why was Abraham’s human sacrifice of his son to a true god so good? In my opinion, both were bad. It’s like the serial killer who when asked why they did it answers, God told me to. God said you shalt not kill. God will not ask you to break the commandments. If God asked me to kill my kids as a sacrifice I’d say no f*cking way because that is bat sh*t crazy. Yet everyone holds up Abraham’s sacrifice as such a good thing when I see it as Charles Manson. That demonstrates an inherent problem. IMO this kind of devotion breeds religious extremism.
I know people say Abraham’s sacrifice was in similitude of God sacrificing his son by allowing him to come to earth to be crucified and I’m like no it’s not. God didn’t nail him to the cross. Someone letting their son go to war to fight for freedom would be more in similitude of God’s sacrifice of his son. Human sacrifice is ungodly. Which brings us to pagan human sacrifice.

As I previously mentioned, I watched the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla. I thought it was very well done but I found two historical elements disturbing. In the movie the Christians were killing people just because they weren’t Christians. That’s not what Christianity teaches. In one case a Christian raped a woman then carved a cross on her back because she was a pagan. That was pure evil. Christ did not teach that.

Yet the pagans, who we tended to root for, performed human sacrifice and drank their blood. That was insane and heinous. The bible talks about human sacrifice to false gods and forbids it. Rightly so. Yet as I said, if killing children for Molech was a bad thing, so was Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac. In fact, I find the whole animal sacrifice tradition creepy.

The term scapegoat comes from a practice in the Old Testament where Jews were commanded to offer animal sacrifices for the sins of the people. I realize this was in similitude of Christ’s sacrifice to end all sacrifices but killing animals and wiping their blood all over the golden throne on the ark of the covenant was pretty gory and extreme. Even in Jesus’ time the practice of offering rams and doves as sacrifices was common. Personally I think that was really weird. Just sayn. I support the new law which requires for a sacrifice a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

I am a simple man. I shun extremism. I believe in justice. Without it there is no peace. I also believe in compassion. Most of all I believe in freedom. God is the author of liberty while Satan is the author of slavery. I support liberty but stay away from crazy. I support law and order.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Vancouver march demands answers in Chelsea Poorman's death

The mainstream media has finally picked up on this story. CTV is reporting that "Around a hundred people gathered at noon Saturday at the empty Vancouver home where Chelsea Poorman’s remains were found late last month. Poorman was a member of the Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan and had recently moved to Vancouver when she went missing in 2020. Almost two years later, her remains were found on the property of a home in the upscale Shaughnessy neighbourhood which was believed to be frequented by squatters."
Evidently she was found on the patio not on the lawn and the lawn was not unkept.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Fatal shooting in Surrey

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "A man who was shot in Whalley on May 21 has died. Michael Gordon Brown, 58, of Surrey died May 25 after he was taken to hospital following a shooting in the 13700-block of Grosvenor Road. Sgt. David Lee, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), said police believe this was an isolated incident, not random, and not connected to gang activities."

AYFKM? When do we finally get rid of these clowns? If it was drug related, it was gang related because gangs sell drugs. Maybe you should stop providing police protection to Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection Program while they sell drugs you worthless POS.

Answers from Edmonton on crime

City News is reporting that "Alberta’s justice minister says the city of Edmonton is failing to keep people safe from violent crime, particularly on public transit, and he’s ordering Mayor Amarjeet Sohi to provide answers." AYFKM?

It's not rocket science. If you let people smoke crystal meth on transit, violent crime will skyrocket. Edmonton has a drug problem. That means they have a crime problem. They go hand in hand. Wherever you tolerate public drug use, violent crime in that area will increase exponentially.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Victims’ families boycotting NS mass shooting inquiry over questioning of Mounties

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The relatives of victims of the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting have told their lawyers to boycott the public inquiry investigating the tragedy, after its commissioners decided to prevent cross-examination of key Mountie witnesses."

"The law firm representing 14 of 22 families issued a statement saying it was instructed not to attend the hearings on Wednesday and the next three hearings on the schedule. Patterson Law said the families are “disheartened and further traumatized” by the commission’s decision Monday to prevent the law firm’s lawyers from directly questioning Staff Sgt. Brian Rehill and Sgt. Andy O’Brien." Yet another public inquiry turned into a farce. Big suppose.

The intent of the inquiry is not to answer questions, it's to aid and abet the coverup. The $475,000 deposited into Gabriel Wortman's bank account was deposited there by the RCMP. That makes them the prime suspects in the shooting. The two officers that shot up the firehall where civilians were being protected reinforce that premise. They shot up the garage doors for f*ck sakes.

Monday, May 23, 2022

New York Times editor guest at WEF forum in Davos

Globalism is Communism and Communism is slavery. The WEF is at the root of it. Controlling the Mainstream media is their MO. I don't see any Tibetan or Uyghur voices in the Indigenous movie section on Netflix. Everything about Communism is a lie. That's why they spend so much money on censorship and misinformation. They even own Disney now as well as the mainstream media.

Cartel shot the Canadian tourists for a drug debt

The Borderland Beat is reporting that "The Jalisco New Generation Cartel planned the execution of two Canadian citizens at the Xcaret Hotel in Quintana Roo in early 2022, who were members of a Vietnamese mafia cell that owed money to the Mexican criminal organization, for which they executed the two men in the tourist destination of Playa del Carmen."

"Robert James Dinh was the main target, considered by Canadian authorities and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to be the right-hand man of the head of the Vietnamese mob there, Cong Dinh. The latter is wanted for his alleged activities in laundering millions of dollars from the sale and shipment of ecstasy, marijuana, and cocaine. The operations linked to this subject identified by the DEA cover Mexico, California, Australia, Vietnam, and the streets of northern Canada." Sounds a we bit fishy. Local reports said the Red and White were involved.

Mexican authorities said Thomas Cherukara, the other male killed also from Toronto, was a member of the Hells Angels. The Canadian spin doctors said he wasn't a member must have been an associate. That still documents an affiliation. The Business Insider reported that both Robert Dinh and Thomas Cherukara had links to the Hells Angels.
Blaze, posing as a former UN member said "Canadian Hells Angels bikers owned a luxury condo by Playa del Carmen that was open to all members. It's kind of like a clubhouse inside a gated community protected by an armed guard." Blaze and Jamie Bacon are both in the rat pack now.

Two shootings in Calgary on Victoria Day

The Calgary Herald is reporting that "Calgary police were investigating a shooting along a busy stretch of 17th Avenue S.W. Monday afternoon that sent a young adult to the hospital. Around 2:55 p.m. EMS responded at the request of police to the 1000 block of 17th Avenue S.W. for reports that a man had been injured in a shooting. Paramedics transported a young adult man about 18 or 19 years old, in serious but stable condition with gunshot wounds, to Foothills Medical Centre." A witness heard a single shot.

"The shooting on 17th Avenue S.W. was the second shooting reported by police on Monday; the first shooting took place in the southeast neighbourhood of Acadia around 11:30 a.m."

Debi Johnstone stalks Doug McCallum

We all know that Doug McCallum ran for the mayor of Surrey on a promise to embrace Sky train over LRT and to form a municipal police force in Surrey. He won the election based on that platform. LRT down 104th would have been an infrastructure nightmare. Linda Hepner and Dianne Watts didn't care because they don't live in Guildford. They just wanted the SNC Lavalin campaign contributions in their pocket.

We all saw the paid ads on Facebook from the RCMP Union trying to prevent Surrey from forming its own municipal police force like everyone else despite the fact that Surrey is the largest city in Canada without it's own police force.

We all saw the fake news deride the mayor and try to prevent Surrey from moving forward. Yet now that same fake news is promoting a provincial police force for all of BC so we see forming a municipal force in Surrey had nothing to do with their concern. Their concern was that Doug McCallum was a fiscally responsible conservative and they deplore fiscal responsibility. After all, Dianne Watts was the tax and spend junket queen who wanted to toll every bridge under the sun to pay for her lavish trips and expenses.

Now Global Fake News is citing Debi Johnstone as their star witness. On Linkedin Debi Johnstone bills herself as your fairy godmother. She is a wingnut that stalked and harasses the mayor relentlessly. The fact that the Surrey RCMP charged the mayor instead of her is evidence they need to be replaced. If Global Fake News is against Doug Mccallum, I'm still for him.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

BC puts healthcare at risk: Hire back our Heroes

True North is reporting that "A new campaign by a group of British Columbia healthcare professionals is urging the government to start fixing the province’s broken healthcare system by hiring back the heroes it praised so highly in the early days of the pandemic. At a time when we are crippled with debt and inflation is at its highest, why would we spend more money to bring in workers when we have perfectly healthy and experienced workers right here?”

If you support Health Care workers, you can order a lawn sign from their website.

Bill Gates, baby formula and the bird flu

Gates, Fauci Funded Experiments on Bird Flu — Will It Be the Next Pandemic?

Turkeys on farm with bird flu to be culled, poultry group says.

Bill Gates has nothing to do with the baby formula shortage either. Much.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given over $319 million to media organizations.

1 illegal gun, two murders in Toronto

Speaking of local shootings, Global Fake News is reporting that an illegal US handgun smuggled into Canada killed two Ontario teens. It is relevant because it reinforces where most of the illegal guns in Canada come from that are used in gun violence. They don't come from legal gun owners here that have registered firearms.

People don't commit violent crime with registered handguns because they are traceable. Instead they use throwaway. Illegally obtained guns that aren't registered. Even the Nova Scotia false flag mass shooting. None of those guns were leally obtained so taking guns away from legal gun owners will do absolutely nothing to stop gun violence. They don't care because their goals isn't to stop gun violence. Their goal is to use these events to take away civil liberty.

Climate change is not a valid reason to throw all our rights away and embrace Communism. Neither is Covid. Gun violence does need to be addressed but we don't have to throw away civil liberty to do it. We simply need to enforce the laws that do exist and go after organized crime which we are simply not doing in BC. Damion Ryan's arrest in Ontario was a good thing. Now we need to start enforcing the law here in Vancouver.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Surrey Shooting

CTV is reporting that "Mounties in Surrey are investigating a shooting at a home in the city's Whalley neighbourhood Saturday morning. Surrey RCMP confirmed to CTV News that a man had been shot at a home on Grosvenor Road, but said their investigation is in its very early stages. Officers were called to the scene in the 13700 block of the street shortly before 10 a.m., according to a news release. They arrived to find a man suffering from serious injuries. He was taken to hospital, police said."

CBC attacks Leslyn Lewis and defends the WHO

Leslyn Lewis is reporting that "Next week the World Health Assembly will meet to vote on amendments to the International Health Regulations. The proposed amendments will drastically alter how pandemics are declared for any signatory nation. If action is required to deal with pandemics, then local, provincial or federal politicians should be accountable for decisions that are made. Full stop." Exactly.

CBC wrote a scathing spin caller her a fear monger. Turns out that two of the fake legal experts quoted in the CBC article are members of the Trudeau Foundation. Big surprise. If CBC is against Leslyn Lewis, then I'm for her. Lets not get fooled again.

"They said I held up a document that wasn't the treaty. That's right...I did. That’s because I was clear that the document was the working paper of the amendments to the International Health Regulations that will be voted on next week. My point was clear: if this document is passed next week, then I believe it lays the foundation for the transfer of powers from nation states to the unelected WHO during pandemics — thus legitimizing the drafting and potential passage of the Global Pandemic Treaty." The CBC are liars.

Covid submisions to the Standing Committee on Health

Seemingly the Federal Standing Committee on Health is accepting written submissions of 2,000 words or less about how the pandemic response has adversely affected the public. You can submit a brief by following this link and see watch has already been said and submitted.

Guide for submitting briefs to the Canadian House of Commons Committees

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Jason Kenney resigns after leadership review

CTV is reporting that "Jason Kenney steps down after 51.4 per cent approval in leadership review." I did have concerns about Jason Kenney when he pulled a Doug Ford during Covid and abandoned Conservative principles in favor of globalism. However, he did make an impressive recovery. I was also disappointed in the tone of Jason Kenney's negotiations with BC over twinning the pipeline. Sadly he repeated raging Rachels defiant arrogance and lost the line as a result. Clearly that needs to be re-examined and renegotiated.

Twinning the pipeline makes sense. More production for domestic consumption is imperative given the current manufactured gas crisis. Our concern was increased traffic in our port for export to China. Raging Rachel said we had no say on the amount of oil that flowed through the pipeline regardless of tanker congestion. She also said if there was a spill, Alberta wouldn't pay a dime for clean-up. That was insanely selfish.

BC needs a say in the amount of oil that flows through the pipeline if our port becomes congested. Increasing domestic production seems far more important. Building pipelines reduce greenhouse gases because it eliminates all the transportation emissions. Bringing the oil in from Russia and Saudi Arabia generates far more emissions than domestic production.

We need to renegotiate a fair deal where Alberta agrees to contribute towards clean up if there is a spin. Being fair is in everyone's best interest. I will also point out that Kenney won the leadership review. Erin O'Toole or Justin Trudeau would not have stepped down in the same scenario unless they were forced to. Just sayn.

BC needs a refinery. That is obvious. If we refined the oil here, we'd send more product overseas with the same number of ships and have plenty for domestic consumption. Petroleum coke isn't radioactive for f*ck's sake. Grind it up and put it in concrete. Hell, we'll put it in asphalt and make our roads with it. This is a problem we can fix if we think outside the box.

George Bush's Freudian Slip

Cain Velasquez's attempted murder of a child molester

Speaking of the normalization of pedophilia, let's take a look and the Cain Velasquez case and how the media is spinning in in their globalist attempt to justify pedophilia. Cain Velasquez is a former heavyweight UFC champion. He's been charged with attempted murder. He shot at someone who molested his relative. Molested means they are a minor.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that "Velasquez’s relative, who is a minor, reported last week that they were molested by a man at a home daycare. The accused—43-year-old Harry Eugene Goularte—lives at the home where his mother runs a daycare center. According to the criminal complaint obtained by The Post, Goularte was charged with a “felony count of lewd and lascivious act with a child under the age of 14.” Day care implies very young.

The Globalist fake news is going off about how horrible this act of violence was. Not the molesting of a child, but shooting at the perp he was released on bail to reoffend. Now I am not condoning murder but I will point out that Cain is facing more prison time for shooting at a child molester than the actual child molester. That clearing shows there is someone inherently wrong with the judicial system. You know who else committed murder for rape? Moses. Just sayn.

MMA weekly is reporting that Cain "went after the man who was molesting his 4 yr old son."

Our judicial system is broken and our media is deranged. GoFundme removed two pages fundraising for Cain's defence. Once again we see GoFundme's Globalist colors shine through.

Cain is Latino. Latinos do not tolerate that kind of sh*t. That's why I said the false allegations against Dairo Usuga are not believable. The CIA claim Dairo was a child molester. That is a lie. There is not a snowball's chance in Hell Dario would have become the leader of a cartel if he was. The CIA are lying about their own drug dealer because he supported the other candidate in the upcoming presidential election in Colombia. That's the truth.

BTW Let's not forget Netflix promoted Pedophilia

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Human trafficking on First Nation Reservations

CTV is reporting that "It took a few years on the job for Const. Jennaye Norris to realize the Blood Tribe in southern Alberta has a human trafficking problem. Norris, 29, has been with the Blood Tribe Police Servicefor almost nine years. The sprawling First Nation, also known as Kainai Nation, is the largest in size in Canada. Located about 200 kilometres south of Calgary, it's home to nearly 13,000 band members who identify as Blackfoot."

"Norris said a few years ago while working drug cases she learned about girls and women from the reserve being forced into the sex trade. She found out that people from outside the reserve were travelling there to sell drugs, then taking girls and women into nearby Lethbridge and trafficking them. The women were actually getting trafficked through the main corridors of Alberta, which is Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and then even over to Vancouver.”

This one woman task force appears to have been given her new mandate from Jason Kenny who recently formed a human trafficking task force in Alberta. BC is in dire need of one as well. This has been a huge problem in BC for over 30 years.

First, I'm going to say that I aplaud this mandate and totally support it. Second, I'm going to say that this woman needs some protection. Seriously. I can tell you where this road leads and this can of worms needs to be addressed. It doesn't just affect Indigenous women. It affects everyone.

As I have consistently said, what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key words are consenting adults. Forced prostitution is a direct result of the illicit drug trade which the Mayor of Vancouver and the Premier of BC actively promote through their offensive social policies. You know it's bad when Snoop dog comes to Vancouver and says clean this sh*t up.

The problem is drug dealers giving women drugs then forcing them into the sex trade to pay their drug debts. These are lowlife sleazebags and we need to stop enabling them through our failed social policies. This is a repeat of the Dianne Rock Story and the Janice Shore story over and over again and all roads lead to Rome. So we can all now see, when you promote illicit drugs, you promote forced prostutition. That is what you promote - human traficking.

In Alberta, the primary problem is the Edmonton Hells Angels. In Surrey, the primary problem is the Edmonton Hells Angels. In the DTES the primary problem is the Wolf Pack who sell drugs for the Hells Angels. It starts with a monopoly on the exotic dance industry - strippers and blow. Then it evolves into a monopoly on the sex trade.

If they killed Brandy Sarionder for opening up a rival strip club, think what they would do to a sex trade worker who owes them money. Just ask Ashley Machiskinic and Janice Shore.

Redd Alert are a First Nations gang that sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels and work throughout Alberta and BC. In Metro Vancouver they've been replaced by the Brother's Keepers and the Driftwood crips who also work for the Edmonton Hells Angels. However, it is highly likely that they still use Redd Alert to get Aboriginal women addicted to drugs on reservations and force them into the sex trade to pay for those drugs. This ties in with he second Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women inquiry. Marilyn Poitras resigned from the MMIW inquiry because if became a political farce and wasn't addressing its mandate.

Marilyn Poitras said "We've been down this road before... We had people tell us if you want to know who the problems are and how to fix them you go talk to the sex trade workers. They're going to tell you who they are. It's not a mystery. This isn't some person coming out of the blue and randomly taking women off the street. People know who they're threatened by. Lets go talk to them. We weren't doing any of those things."

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Legal challenge to the BC Vaccine passports

James Topp marches into Ontario

James Topp has now entered Ontario on his march to Ottawa. James wrote a letter to each member of Parliament in preparation for his arrival on June 22nd 2022. Join him.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Rand Paul: Deficits Matter

Creepie Kindergarden Ciriculum

Update: Rebel News picked up on the story as well. Nothing on Global.

The True North is reporting that "A British Columbia First Nations school is investigating after parents reported that teachers gave 4-year-old kids a homework assignment on masturbation. A worksheet from the book Body Smart: Right From the Start asks kids to draw a picture of the private places where you can touch your penis or vulva if you want to.”

That is an inappropriate conversation for an adult to have with a child. This curriculum is grooming children for pedophilia. That is where the alphabet soup leads. This wasn't just one creepy pedophile kindergarten teacher. This was a whole bunch of creepy pedophiles who write children's curriculum. We need to protect our children from them not embrace their curriculum.

Will Gobal fake news be reporting this? Of course not. They will spin it to read right wing extremists oppose transgender rights in SOGI curriculum. SOGI curriculum is bad. Teaching a child there is no such thing as gender is child abuse. It defies the science. Teaching kindergarten children to masturbate has nothing to do with reading, writing and arithmetic.

I have no problem with LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. That I can understand and is all encompassing. That is where I draw the line. As soon as you cross over into the Twilight Zone and start pushing the alphabet soup, the end game is to normalize pedophilia. They want to normalize the abnormal. Rob Smith and Blair White agree.

Blair White thinks children should not transition until they are adults and I agree. Another reason Bill Gates is pushing this on kids is to promote his depopulation agenda. If kids do irreparable damage to their reproductive organs, they won't be able to have children. Let kids be kids.

Queer and questioning is redundant. They don't need a separate category. Two spirited nonbinary - STFU. The Hodge Twins ran a video clip of a nonbinary elementary school teacher teaching the kids about his sexual identity. This is the kind of person you want to stay away from your kids. They have no business having those kinds of conversations with children. That is child abuse.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Justin Trudeau caught funding the World Economic Forum with tax dollars

The Countersignal is reporting that "Justin Trudeau and his government have given the World Economic Forum nearly $3 million in Canadian taxpayer dollars over the course of a year.

Biden administration cancels oil and gas lease sales in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico

The Hill is reporitng that "The Interior Department will not move forward with planned oil and gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska’s Cook Inlet, it announced Wednesday night. Shortly after taking office, President Biden signed an executive order freezing all new oil and gas leasing on federal lands." That's not a conspiracy. That's organized crime.

Senoir couple murdered in Abbotsford

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Arnold De Jong, 77, and wife, Joanne De Jong, 76, were found dead in their home in the 33600-block Arcadian Way just before 10:30 a.m. on Monday. Officers with the Abbotsford Police Department considered the deaths suspicious and IHIT was called in. Lee said police do not think the case was a murder-suicide and that they are searching for a suspect, though they do not know the identity of a suspect."

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Communism is here - in Canada! by Roman Baber

Roman Baber is a candidate in the Conservative leadership race. Baber was elected as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario until he was removed by Doug Ford for opposing Dpug Ford's Covid lock down insanity. He was born and raised in the former Soviet Union. That means this insightful letter he just sent out is from a position of first hand knowledge. We need to stand against globalism because globalism is Communism. It represents East Berlin while our veterans represented West Berlin. Hear him:

"I know Communism when I see it."

"You know it and I know it. And it's not a joke."

"Trudeau openly admires China's basic dictatorship.”

"He gets the CBC to spin the news in his favour, just like the Pravda newspaper did for the Communist Party in the Soviet Union.

He shows contempt for free-markets and is introducing Universal Basic Income to Canada. He censors speech and prosecutes political opponents. He disregards the rule of law with invocation of the Emergencies Act and seizing of bank accounts without a court order. Our Party needs a real fighter who is not afraid to stand up for what we believe in."

"I am the only Conservative who is not afraid of left-wing cancel culture and the Twitter mob. I am not afraid to stand up for Canadians when it's unpopular. I am not afraid of Communists. Please support my campaign to replace Justice Trudeau."


Roman Baber

P.s. “Universal Basic Income” = Communism. Reject it.

Universal Basic Income is a ploy. As My Russian neighbour said, "first they give you cake (Universal Basic Income) then the starve you (Shanghai lockdown). After that, you take whatever they give you." It's like a drug dealer that give you some crack or crystal meth to try for free. Once you're addicted, it's no longer free and you have become his slave. Same thing with Communism.

Communism lies to everyone to try and trick them into giving up their freedom. They said Workers of the World Unite but Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said that was a lie. There are no workers rights in Communism. Trade Unions don't have the right to strike. Communism is built with slave labour. Mark my word, their free money isn't free. Buyer Beware.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Ukraine Propaganda and the Saudi Gas Fraud - NOPEC

There is no question that the gas fraud is completely out of control. Great Game India is reporting that "the US Senate has passed the NOPEC Antritrust bill, paving way for Biden to sue OPEC. According to Reuters, the Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act (NOPEC) bill, setting the stage for a lawsuit targeting OPEC for antitrust and market manipulation if enacted into law by the president. CIA Director Bill Burns met in private with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in April attempting to patch things up, according to news reports." Saudi and the CIA, big surprise.

Oh we're gonna sue Saudi for 9/11. It was the CIA that overruled the hijackers visas. The CIA are in bed with Saudi. They are the arms dealing money laundering champions of the world. We've talked about how Saudi tried to get Russia to agree to cut oil production to raise prices before. This whole scam is a part of that. Is Biden going to sue himself for setting the whole thing up?

If you're going to boycott Russian oil, you have to build pipelines and increase domestic production. Pipelines reduce CO2 emissions because it reduces the transportation emissions to zero. Russia producing oil is in the world's best interest. Monopolies are always bad as we can clearly see. Meanwhile back at the ranch our tax dollars are hard at work.
The conflict in the Ukraine could easily end today. Is putting nuclear missiles on Russia's border really worth us having to pay $2.22 a litre for gas and for creating all that destruction?

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Vigil held for Chelsea Poorman

First Nations groups call for investigation into Chelsea Poorman's disappearance and death

CBC is reporting that "Family and community members gathered in Vancouver on Sunday to honour Chelsea Poorman, a young Indigenous woman whose body was discovered at a home in Vancouver's Shaughnessy neighbourhood. Advocates for the Indigenous community said a prayer for Poorman and asked questions about her death."

"Investigators do not believe her death was suspicious. A Vancouver police spokesperson told reporters that because the remains were essentially skeletal, it's unlikely the cause of death will ever be determined." Mother Sheila Poorman says her family wants to know what happened to her daughter. 'My daughters and I want answers but right now we are going to focus on taking what's left of her home and giving her a proper burial and then we'll come back and we'll do what needs to be done for Chelsea,' she said. 'We are going to fight for Chelsea. We are going to fight for the truth to what happened to her because we are not going to sit by and let them say that it is not suspicious.'" As I initially reported.

CTV nailed it: "Sheila said she was told her daughter's body was dismembered, that she was missing her cranium and some fingers when found. 'And they have the gall to say it's not suspicious and no foul play. My daughters and I want answers.'" That is what I was referring to. For the police to say this death was not suspicious and that she was not murdered is an outrageous lie that needs to be addressed. Justin Trudeau's fake woke CBC missed that.

"An officer was observed walking away from the scene carrying two machetes."

Colombia extradites Dairo Usuga and lies about him

It's election year in Colombia and the false flag attacks have resumed as well as assassination attempts against the president's opponent. So here comes the latest CIA fraud from their drug trafficking state. The New York Post is reporitng that "Accused Colombian drug lord Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, dubbed 'the most dangerous drug trafficker in the world,' was extradited to the US to face federal charges for allegedly running a ruthless and violent international cocaine peddling operation, prosecutors said Thursday. Úsuga David, 50, also known as Otoniel, the suspected leader of Colombia’s feared Clan del Golfo, faces cocaine trafficking and weapons charges, according to the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn."

Colombia's President Ivan Duque likened the arrest to that of the drug lord Pablo Escobar who died in 1993. That's an interesting analogy. Pablo Escobar worked for the CIA too just like El Chappo. The president said in his recent campaign speech that this arrest is the biggest blow against drug trafficking in our country this century. This blow is only comparable to the fall of Pablo Escobar in the 1990's." But wait a minute. The arrest of Pablo Escobar did nothing to stop the flow of cocaine out of Colombia. The CIA just switched cartels.

Don't forget Manuel Noriega had ties to the CIA too. Colonel Edward P. Cutolo testified that in Operation Watchtower the planes loaded with cocaine landing in Panama from Bogata were met by Col. Tony Noriega and CIA Agent Edwin Wilson. The CIA made him president.

This arrest is a publicity stunt just like the false positives were. Has the arrest and mistreatment of El Chappo stopped drug trafficking out of Mexico? Nope. The CIA gave up their own guy as a publicity stunt and hired someone else to take his place. Iran Contra never stopped.
Dairo Usuga was first indicted in 2009 on narcotics charges and was accused of providing assistance to a far right paramilitary group. No, that was obviously the CIA. ABC reported that "He is not only the most dangerous drug trafficker in the world, but he is murderer of social leaders, abuser of boys, girls and adolescents, a murderer of policemen," Duque said." That is a lie.

The CIA support far right paramilitaries in Colombia to murder social activists and environmentalists opposing the ruthless foreign mining practices in Colombia. The Cartels aren't doing that, the CIA and the Corporate Communists are.

The claim that he was an abuser of boys, girls and adolescents is a ridiculous lie. That's just another campaign publicity stunt. Latinos are somewhat homophobic and really don't like child molesters. There is no way he would have risen to become the head of a Colombian drug cartel if he was a child molester. That is a bold faced lie.

He was accused of corrupting government officials. Now that is believable. Officials like President Ivan Duque just like in Honduras another hub in the CIA drug trafficking network.
President Ivan Duque claims that the cartel is now rioting in protest of the extradition of their leader but wait a minute. Why would they wait until now after he was extradited and not back in October when he was arrested? Wouldn't it make more sense to go on strike before he was extradited to stop the extradition? Stopping the extradition would have had a much better chance of success than repealing it. Also, look at the picture of the burned out semi.

When rioters burn out a car it's gutted but the metal doesn't melt. What the hell happened to the metal in the picture of the burned out semi trailer? The metal is melted. Locals think the military is doing this just like they did the false positives under the previous president.

Last year President Ivan Duque's popularity plummeted over his Covid response. When he raised taxes after the lock down civilians began to hold mass peaceful protests. President Duque sent in ESMAD to use live ammunition on protesters. The former president of Honduras, who has now been extradited to the US along with his brother for drug charges, did the same thing. Civilians were protesting his corruption and he ordered the police to shoot protesters with live ammunition. Eventually the police started to refuse and went on strike. That's why Colombia's President Ivan Duque sent in ESMAD. ESMAD are CIA trained mercenaries tied to Blackwater.

During last year's protests in Colombia the military started to defend the unarmed civilians when ESMAD started executing them so ESMAD got in a firefight with the military. Locals are consequently suspicions that President Ivan Duque would send in ESMAD to shoot women and children protesting but not the cartel rioting after the extradition of their leader. It's kind of suspicious. It's hard to orchestrate a firefight between ESMAD and themselves unless they kill more civilians and dress them up like cartel members again.