Sunday, March 27, 2022

Reacher on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a new hit series called Reacher. It's very well done. We've talked about the Witcher. That is also very well done. They started filming season three in January. Since there's nothing worthwhile on television we have to find alternate sources of entertainment.

I saw the first season of Vikings Valhalla on Netflix. It was well done with good character development but the story line was sometimes disturbing. It was about Vikings interacting with England. I'm not sure how historically accurate it was. It started off with a massacre in England and a Viking revenge. Knowing England that's entirely possible.

It's just that it had a struggle between Christian Vikings and Pagan Vikings and I'm not sure if that was real or fiction. I don't remember any large groups of Christians within the vikings. As far as I knew, that was one of their negotiations with England. That Christian missionaries would stay out of Scandinavia. At least that's how it was portrayed in the series the Last Kingdom. That was well done. I saw the first two seasons of that. Louis Davison kinda looked like Harry Potter.

The thing that I found disturbing was the conduct of the Christians. They would murder innocent Pagans because they were non Christian. That doesn't sound very Christian to me. Convert or we'll kill you. That's kind of crazy. Then the pagans were performing human sacrifice and drinking human blood. That was rather extreme.

It did have good character development and one of those characters that rose to prominence was Leif Erikson. That is a name we know and respect in Canadian history. We'll look for season two.

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