Thursday, March 24, 2022

German MEP confronts Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy

The Daily Hive is reporting that "After speaking with European parliamentarians during his two-day official visit to Brussels, the floor was given to German MP Christine Anderson who called out the Canadian prime minister, saying he should not be able to speak in European Parliament."

"Croatian MP Mislav Kolakusic also called out Trudeau for violating the civil rights of Canadians who participated in the Freedom Convoy protests. During his own blistering speech to fellow EU Parliamentarians, Kolakusic told Trudeau his actions in enacting the Emergencies Act was dictatorship of the worst kind. Trudeau sat and listened as Kolakusic informed the prime minister that many Europeans watched as he trampled women with horses, and blocked the bank accounts of single parents. Romanian MEP Christian Terhes also refused to attend Trudeau’s speech to the other EU Members." The gallery was full which means many MEPs walked out during Justin Trudeau's speech.

The Counter Signal is reporitng that "The CBC claimed that Justin Trudeau received a standing ovation for his speech in the EU, failing to mention that over nine-tenths of the parliament left in protest before he began."


  1. It's refreshing to see that not all politicians are on-board with the nut-bar Klaus Schwab reset program .....

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