Friday, December 31, 2010

Eric Sandberg was not an Independent Drug Dealer

Eric Sandberg was the guy who told a police agent from the Zig Zag crew that he could get the agent any gun he wanted and that "they" were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey. The term "they" would clearly imply that he was not an independent drug dealer. The fact that he was telling this to a Hells Angel associate would clearly imply that he was also associated with the Hells Angels.

Yet in his plea bargain he plead guilty to to conspiracy to traffic in ecstasy, possession of goods obtained by crime, and a weapons offence and the media referred to him as an "independent" drug dealer. Perhaps they meant that he was independent from Edwin Panting not from a known gang.

Their own article admits that the court heard Sandberg was enlisted as a mediary between a B.C. drug dealer and Satsatin, who owed the drug dealer $20,000. Sandberg — who was raised in Winnipeg but then living in B.C. — told Satsatin to deposit $1,000 a month into a CIBC bank account police later identified as belonging to Sandberg.By the time Sandberg was arrested, $11,000 had been deposited into his account.

That would again imply that Sandberg was not independent because he was acting as a mediary between the police agent and another drug dealer in Surrey who was owed $20 thousand. Surely the court knows the name of the drug dealer Sandberg was collecting the money for. Why doesn't the public know?

The court was sympathetic to the fact that Sandberg has rectal cancer which is now treatable. Indeed cancer is a horrible thing. That however, does not change the fact that trafficking in drugs and firearms then admitting "they" were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey is a serious matter that needs to be addressed. Who are "they?"

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Christmas Epiphany – Part Two

Although my Christmas message focuses on the Christmas in Vancouver 1995, it also stretches across the country to the East coast and settles in Ontario and Quebec with Mommy Dearest. I’m not referring to the Mother of our Lord. I’m referring to the mother of betrayal, Mom Boucher.

When I first saw a picture of Maurice Boucher I thought the guy was hard core. Kinda like the type of guy who would smile at you when sentenced to be executed. I had no idea about his history or what the Quebec biker war was really about. Now I just see him as a thief and a rapist who betrays his own people.

I didn’t realize Boucher was a rapist. He was convicted of armed rape before joining the Hells Angels. He joined the group shortly after getting out of prison for armed rape. He got his patch two years after the Lennonville Massacre when the leader of the Death Riders, Martin Huneault, was shot to death in a Laval bar.

Hours after Huneault's funeral Death Riders Mario Martin and Andre Richard were seen meeting with Hells Angels Maurice "Mom" Boucher and Normand "Biff" Hamel. Boucher and Hamel received their colours after the incident which allowed the Hells Angels to completely take over drug trafficking in Laval and the lower Laurentians area.

The Lennoxville Massacre and the betrayal of the Death Riders were historic betrayals that defines rat. That is clearly the Hells Angels Method of Operation.

There's an interesting fictional book about the Hells Angels called The Angels. The Blog about the book contains an interesting hypothesis about how Maurice "Mom" Boucher at one time paid his "rivals" in the Rock Machine to murder some of his own people who he saw as political threats to his leadership within the club. The author of the book claims to have received the information from an ex Rock Machine member.

Let's look at the facts. Mom Boucher's friend Salvatore Cazzetta formed the Rock Machine after the Lennoxville Massacre. Boucher respected him. The war with the Rock Machine didn't start until his friend Salvatore Cazzetta was in prison. Salvatore Cazzetta has recently joined the Hells Angels. Is it really that hard to conceive that Boucher could have hired members of the Rock Machine to murder his own political rivals since that is how they do business? The Hells Angels are all about greed and betrayal.

Back East Jeffry Lynds has just plead guilty to a cold case where Randy Mersereau was murdered. Someone said Randy left the Hells Angels because the Quebec chapters (Lennoxville and then the Quebec Nomads) having total control over the Nova Scotia Chapter at the time.

Well Lennoxville was the site of the original betrayal and the Quebec Nomads were founded by Maurice Boucher who benefited from that Massacre. Mom Boucher and his wee pal Walter Stadnick who stood tall at 5' 4". In Nova Scotia they killed Randy as well as his brother and sister in law. That brings us to Juel Stanton. He was not murdered by a rival.

How about Prince George? How about Geoff Meisner and Brittney Irving? Britney lived on a grow op some say was run by the Hells Angels. She sold pot to pay for her oxy habit. She was betrayed and murdered after she planned on checking herself into rehab.

Castanet news found a court document where it was finally admitted that Geoff Mesiner did business with the Hells Angels and the Kingpin crew before he disappeared. I do not believe Geoff robbed the Hells Angels. I believe that is a bold face lie from a lying sack of shit who doesn't pay his bills and doesn't even pay full price on the murders he hires.

Last Christmas Geoff's daughter was sad because she didn't get what she wanted for Christmas. She didn't want any expensive toys. She just wanted her missing father to return. That didn't happen because her father was betrayed not by a rival but by one of his own. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Geoff and Britteny will remain forever young. Let's do the deed and rat out the real rats so they didn't die in vain. Merry Christmas.

The Christmas Epiphany – Part One

Where are we going? The Christmas Epiphany this year is two fold. First, if we want to save the MC in Canada we have to completely separate ourselves from the Hells Angels and from drug trafficking. That includes creating puppet clubs to traffic drugs, collect drug debts or enforce for those who do traffic drugs. We need to stop pimping the name of the MC.

Second, the Christmas Epiphany this year is about betrayal. It started with the Lennoxville massacre and never stopped. It covers the Vancouver Christmas of /95 and the murder of Brittney Irving and Geoff Meisner. Ever see Clint Eastwood in the movie Pale Rider? He sure painted the town red so he did.

So here's the deal. Let's take a minute and ask ourselves, where are we going? Where will our current choices lead us? The Hells Angels really haven't been in Canada that long. We all know about the biker war in Quebec but it really hasn't been that long since the Gypsy Wheelers and other clubs patched over in the Vancouver area.

The Hells Angels always claim that they are just a motorcycle club and the police discriminate against them claiming the police say they are guilty of criminal activity just because they ride motorcycles. Unfortunately, in a very short period of time the Hells Angels have proven their pleas of innocence to be false. The recent bust where Hells Angels were caught driving a car in colours in Salmon arm with guns, ammunition, balaclavas, bullet proof vest and a cell phone jammer only compound the problem.

The number of drug convictions tied to the Hells Angels is staggering. The Hells Angels used their name and reputation to protect and promote the Zig Zag crew who were caught on video cutting crack cocaine and selling drugs for the Hells Angels. Clearly the Hells Angels have destroyed the reputation of the MC movement in Canada. As a result, it won't be long before MCs will be completely banned. Is this really where we want to go?

All these drug convictions form what the courts refer to as jurisprudence or case law. Every Hells Angel drug conviction builds a case against them and those they associate with to be labeled a criminal organization and have their assets seized under the proceeds of crime legislation.

The Hells Angels clearly used their name and reputation to enforce for the Zig Zag crew in Winnipeg who in turn were caught selling drugs for the Hells Angels. It's not just a matter of a few members of the Hells Angels getting caught selling drugs. It's a matter of the Hells Angels using their name and reputation to scare off the competition in the drug market. They have given the MC movement a bad name and run the risk of killing the MC movement in Canada completely. It's all because of greed.

Selling crack has nothing to do with riding a motorcycle or living the dream so stop doing it. As a result of the many drug convictions the Hells Angels have lost their club houses in Nanaimo and Halifax. If the courts can prove the Hells Angels traffic drugs, it doesn't take long to build the criminal organization case against them and seize their assets. Once that happens it will even take less time to build a criminal organization case against the puppet clubs the Hells Angels publicly protect and associate with.

The only way to stop this from happening is if the MC movement in Canada separates themselves from the Hells Angels and if they separate themselves completely from drug trafficking. Otherwise, those bad apples will destroy the MC movement for the rest of us.

Selling drugs and lying about it isn't good enough. We have to stop doing it completely. The Mongols said they didn't sell drugs but they were caught red handed and for a period of time had their logo seized. More convictions will see that become permanent.

The Rock Machine claim they don't sell drugs. Well the people who recently were murdered did. They were most likely murdered by drug trafficking rivals. Saying you're an MC and aren't into drugs when your are will also destroy the MC movement for the rest of us. If you do sell drugs you have to stop hiding behind the MCs for protection.

It really isn't that hard to figure out. Selling drugs has nothing to do with living the dream. Yet that has become the primary purpose of the Hells angels. Not only do the sell drugs but they use violence to take over the drug business in smaller towns.

Who the fuck are the Hells Angels to tell me or anyone else I can't sell drugs unless I sell them for them and pay them for the right to do so? That is bullshit. In a free world people can do what they want not only what the Hells Angels say they can. Especially when we shall soon see how the Hells Angels are all about betraying their own. There is absolutely no honour in that. They are the ones that give love a bad name. MCs were made to lead. MCs weren't born to follow. Mind how ya go.

Let's face it, not only are the Hells Angels liars, drug dealers, murderers and betrayers, they are openly satanic. What Christian MC, French or Italian Catholic would associate with a group that uses a devil skull for a logo and calls themselves your local 666? Buyer Beware.

Christmas Epiphany Part Two - Betrayal

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Salute to the Buffalo Soldiers MC

Finally a MC whose sole purpose isn't selling crack. Talk about dripping with culture and class, the Buffalo Soldiers MC is it. Bob Marley referred to the Buffalo Soldiers. So did K'naan is his earlier version of Waving Flag.

"So many wars, settling scores bringing us promises leaving us war. I heard them say love is the way, love is the answer, that's what they say. But look how they treat us, make us believers. We fight their battles then they deceive us. Try to control us they couldn't hold us cause we just move forward like Buffalo Soldiers." K'naan

Highlanders MC

No wonder the Highlanders didn't want to take Bacchus' name and logo. Bacchus' name and logo is stupid. The Highlanders name and logo is awesome. The Claymore is dripping with culture and class. It has history.

The Tennessee Highlanders logo is offensive. Anything with a confederate flag is like flying a Nazi Swastika. The confederate flag is symbolic of racism. Who one earth would want to associate with anyone who fought a war for the right to keep slaves.

I am told that according to the book Hells Witness by Daniel Sanger, former Halifax Hells Angel Mike McCrea formed the Highlanders there. It appears they are not affiliated with the Tennessee Highlanders since they are affiliated with the Outlaws.

I don't know how close the Highlanders in Nova Scotia are with the Hells Angels but let's face it. Cape Breton has a long proud history of military service. They are not the type to bend over for lying, drug dealing bullies like the Hells Angels who betray their own people.

Kids who never grew up

Speaking of Buttkiss, here's a picture of Pat James drying off his fingers after some serious nose picking. Is that your age or your IQ? The way you act it's hard to tell. Careful people, this buttkliss has eyes in the back of his head. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You sir are an idiot.

A guy draws eyes on the back of his head while wearing a condom nose logo. Believe you me Kimball Dipshit, there is absolutely no jealousy here. You are a bunch of freaking idiots who never grew up. L & R my ass. How can people respect you for kissing HA ass?

I'll tell ya what the problem is. The Hells Angels want to control everything. Have a look at this blog post. Who the fuck are the Hells Angels to say who can where what patch when? The Hells Angels are just drug dealers. Their club has nothing to do with riding motorcycles and living the dream. Their dream is oppression and tyranny. There is no place for them in the real movement.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CJ Spoon Strikes Again

Why is it that when CJ Barowby puts on a bullet proof vest he looks like a transvestite from the Rockey Horror Picture Show? CJ is the only guy I know who can make a bullet proof vest look like a corset. This is Randy Jones stripper agency? WTF.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

K's Christmas Message

Yo bro this ain't no special k. This here is AK coming to you live from Vancouver's new prison - the fence they built around Surrey. Surrey's not that bad really. Surrey like everywhere else has bad in it. But just like everywhere else it has good in it too.

My point in the anniversary of the Vancouver Christmas of /95 story is that the Boys burned a brother and a mother to be. They've used fire before. The burned William Moore. They also burned Juel Stanton. Metaphorically speaking of course.

They burned a brother's tattoo shop as well as the home of his girlfriend's 60 year old mother. Thomas Willcocks was burned in Dawson creek. So was Natasha Dostal. One local cabbie reported that he heard the Hells Angels were responsible for the drug related violence in Dawson Creek. We know they are in near by Prince George.

Most people think the Hells Angels only kill rivals or people who rat them out. Not so. Britney or Geoff never ratted anyone out. The Christmas of /95 story shows how they were gonna burn a brother right after they used him to kill an informant. Why would they want a co accused murdered? That is betrayal. Nothing more nothing less. It shows they cannot be trusted.

There may well be 50 ways to leave a lover but there's a lot more ways than that to betray a brother. Just ask the Hells Angels. That is their specialty.

This year my Christmas message isn't about the Mother of our Lord, it's about the Mother of all betrayals. And it all begins with Mom Boucher. Stay tuned. Santa Clause is definitely coming to town. And he does have a list. Word.

God is gonna cut you down. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light. Mark my word. Back in Ireland they have a saying. Translated into English is means "Our Day will come." It may not be tomorrow. It may not be the day after. But as God lives our day will come.

In New York they used to say "Yo bro you're on a mission." That meant you're bugging out. You're wacked, you're crazy. Well I'm sure on a mission g. It's more like a Don Quixote mission banging my head against a brick wall made of bullshit and straw. I'm going to keep banging my head against that brick wall so I am because I know eventually bricks made of bullshit will one day break because as Dr. King taught us, no lie can live forever. There's been a lot of lies a lot of murders and a lot of betrayal going on these past few years and one day it will come to an end. Sooner or later God will cut you down. Mark my word.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, but there's one way to beat a devil. Don't give up. Keep trying. If you get up one more time than you fall, you win. So get up. Dust yourself off and do what's right. Don't support the Big Red Machine any more.

Christmas in Vancouver 1995

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for a rat. So the stage was set in Vancouver, Christmas 1995. Two well dressed hit men arrived at the front door of a Burnaby home bearing festively-wrapped gifts four days before Christmas.

Newly wed Michele Uyeyama answered the door, peering over the safety latch to ask what they wanted. They said they had presents from the "boys." She told them to leave the packages on the porch, but hit man Bobby Moyes said it was too wet. So Uyeyama reluctantly undid the chain and opened the door.

Once the door was open, Moyes said he stepped inside and stuck a gun in Michele's face. He told Mike to take care of her, then went down the hall and found Eugene Uyeyama in bed. "Police!" Moyes recalled yelling, pointing the gun at the man and telling him to get out of bed.

Moyes grabbed Eugene by the hair, got him face-down on the floor and tied his hands behind his back with an electrical cord. He said Mike found a wad of cash, then strangled the woman, who fell to the floor in front of her husband. Moyes said he strangled Eugene while Mike held his legs.

Moyes then unwrapped one of the "Christmas gifts" to reveal a can of gasoline. He poured gasoline on the couple, left a flammable trail to the front door and lit it as they left. That was Christmas in Vancouver 1995.

It’s really not hard to figure out who “the Boys” were that sent the Christmas gift of gasoline and hired the hit men to murder police informant Eugene Uyeyama and his wife Michele.

Bobby Moyes, the hired hit man said in court that Christmas of 1995, Salvatore Ciancio asked him for a favour: kill Eugene Uyeyama because he was believed to be a "rat" I.E. a police informant after a large cocaine bust tied to the Hells Angels.

Moyes said he agreed to do it and it was arranged that a man named Mike would help do the "job." He said Ciancio wanted Mike killed at the house after the couple was murdered.

But Moyes said he did not kill Mike because things became screwed up. Besides, he said, Mike was watching him closely the whole time and things became so hectic he just wanted to get out of the house.

Moyes plead guilty in 2002 to seven counts of first-degree murder, including the Uyeyamas and five people killed at an Abbotsford farmhouse in 1996.

Ciancio was involved with Hells Angel associate Anthony Terezakis, Big Tony. Salvatore Ciancio got off after two hung juries and two brain dead judges let him walk. To this day there has been no justice for that Christmas of 1995.

Before I dive into my Christmas message I want to reiterate two things. Hiring someone to kill someone and their wife four days before Christmas with fake gifts is rat like. Asking the hit man to kill his co accused after the murder was completed is also rat like.

Eugene Uyeyama is not the rat in this story. In this story the real rats are the ones who hired his murder. I submit that the gift from the Boys was indeed from the Hells Angels.

In court lawyers make submissions. They present their side of the story and a judge and or jury weighs the evidence and tries to determine if that submission is true or false. Not every submission is true. It’s up to the public and the jury to weigh the evidence and decide for themselves if they think the submission is true or false.

According to the police the Hells Angels run the drug trade in Prince George. Kim Bolan discovered that the Game Tight Soldiers in Prince George are affiliated with the Renegades who are clearly a Hells Angels puppet club. That association would implicate the Hells Angels for being involved with each of the drug dealing puppet clubs in Prince George – the Renegades, the Crew, the Independent Soldiers and now the Game Tight Soldiers. They all work for the Hells Angels in Prince George.

If someone was to say they have a message from the Boys in Prince George, then that clearly would mean on the street that the message was coming from the Hells Angels. I submit that term has the same meaning in Kamloops as well as throughout the Province. I submit that the Hells Angels are the rats responsible for this heinous Christmas murder.

As John Wayne once said "There's right and there's wrong and ya gotta do one or the other. Ya do the one and you're living. Ya do the other and you may be walking around but you're dead as a beaver hat." (or a leather jacket)

The Fall of Bacchus

Here's an interesting photo someone sent me. They claim it's a picture of a Bacchus member riding with an RCMP member. They claim the Bacchus guy is riding a Honda. It's hard for me to tell since most of these guys buy brand new Harley's with big ass fairings that look like Goldwings. It's pretty bizarre if you ask me. I hear they hand out free eyebrow pencils with those fat ass fairings to go with their Merl Norman eyebrows.

Bacchus association with the police is an interesting concept. We know Hells Angel Ian Grant had a confidential police file in his home. Someone gave it to him. The strange thing about Bacchus is their logo.

They stole the Spartan helmet and gave the guy a pointy condom nose. I've heard of pencil neck geeks but that's ridiculous. They must wear a condom on their nose for all the brown nosing they do with the Hells Angels. They are clearly affiliated.

The ironic thing is, Spartans stood against the Big Red Machine so to speak they didn't bow down and bend over for them. Thus the fall of Bacchus.

This is where they all assume the position of getting their patch. And this would be what the world refers to as a Bacchus clown. Unbelievable. And I don't mean that in a good way. Freakin Idiot. Bunch of Barbie Girls.

In Vancouver Bacchus is just a restaurant. The Media tells us that some of the smaller clubs back east patched over to Bacchus recently because the Rock Machine was starting up there. So here we have a bunch of guys who patched over to another club so they could pay for the Hells Angels protection like the Zig Zag crew because they were afraid of the Rock Machine. How lame is that?

The Hells Angels were kicked out of Nova Scotia. Now Bacchus is kissing their ass and the Hells Angels are operating under their name to get around the law that evicted them. It sure is a Barbie world. Plastic just isn't very fantastic.

Come to think of it, how on earth are the Hells Angels going to protect the new Bacchus in Nova Scotia from the Rock Machine when David Carol is in hiding and the Hells Angels aren't allowed back in Nova Scotia? Ya think Davie Giles is going to protect them? Now that really is funny. Who do you think betrayed Juel Stanton?

Sure they could spend some money on hit men to murder a few Rock Machine members but they can't kill all of them. They'd have to raise the dues even more to pay for all those hit men. How lame is that?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Rise of the Rock Machine

I do admit I like the Rock Machine's logo a lot better than the Hells Angels logo. An eagle's head is far more inspiring than a devil's skull with horns. The eagle head is reminiscent of the lone wolf warrior not satanic lies and depravity. I guess that's why the Mongols under the leadership of Doc adapted a simile with Sparta. The Big Red Machine clearly is reminiscent of Xerxes and Babylon.

However, I do clearly have some concerns with the Rock Machine and the Mongols. Doc assured us the Mongols didn't sell drugs. Yet he and several others were caught with drugs and weapons. The weapons don't concern me but the drugs do.

On the Rock Machine's web site they deny they sell drugs. Yet that was what the Quebec biker war was all about. There appears to be numerous drug convictions involving the Rock Machine and that does concern me. I'm actually quite surprised to hear of the Rock Machine's presence in Edmonton.

The Rock Machine was very big in Quebec for many years. They stood against the Big Red Machine's tax and survived. Not only did they refuse to pay the Hells Angels tax, they waged war with them. I do not support the argument that it is better to eliminate the smaller groups and let the Hells Angels control everything because they are less violent than the smaller groups. That fallacy is false.

The Rock Machine's web site claims they just had a non confidence vote in their national president and removed him in bad standing. That tells me two things. One, that the leadership of the organization is unstable but two, it does appear to be more democratically run than the Hells Angels which would never allow that kind of grass roots activism.

I am curious to know why they had a non confidence vote in their national president. Was it because he wanted to sell drugs or was it because he wanted to cave in and become affiliated with the Hells Angels like some Bandido chapters have done. After all, some claim that's what the Bandido massacre was all about. Trying to give up the cause of Sparta and merge with the Fat Ass Machine.

I'm told that Bilbo Baggins has joined the Rock Machine and that they are starting up in Winnipeg. No one likes to see a gang war but believe you me, competition in the market is a good thing. Just ask the crack addicts in Prince George who are being tortured by Hells Angels puppet clubs. Surely what goes around comes around.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Andrew Block Murdered

December 14th, 2010 another gang related murder. This time in Edmonton. Andrew Block was shot dead and found in his truck. He was affiliated with the Rock Machine. Gee I wonder which organization murdered him? Liars and murderers with no respect for public peace in December. Rat them out: Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or online at

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hells Angel arrests in Randy Mersereau's murder

Jeffrey Albert Lynds was arrested in Nova Scotia for a double murder in Quebec. Well he has now confessed to the murder of ex Hells Angel Randy Mersereau.

CBC reports that Lynds says he lured Mersereau to the home and claims he shot Mersereau five times with a hand gun provided by the Hells Angels who ordered the hit.

My question is, if the Hells Angels ordered the hit, how can the Hells Angels not be charged as an organization for the murder? Initially I had Jeffrey Albert Lynds mixed up with Curtis Blair Lynds. Is Curtis related to Jeff?

Mersereau disappeared 11 years ago during a biker gang war. He was the target of a failed bombing at his car dealership in Bible Hill, and had not been seen since Oct. 31, 1999. RCMP confirmed human remains found last week are former Hells Angel Randy Mersereau.

Leslie Douglas Greenwood has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the shooting of Barry Kirk Mersereau and Nancy Paula Christensen in 2000. He is also charged with the attempted murder of ex-Hells Angel Randy Mersereau in 1999 and being an accessory after the fact in the murder of Randy Mersereau later that same year.

Dean David Whynott has also been charged as an accessory in the death of Randy Mersereau. Gee these are all David Giles pals from Halifax. I wonder if he knows any of them? More Hells Angels murders over the drug trade.

Here's an update on the murder.

December Traditions

Whenever we hear news of another public gang related shooting in Vancouver the first thing we look for is were the victims known to police and were any innocent bystanders hurt. Usually when we hear it was gang related and no innocent bystanders were hurt we breath a sign of relief, shrug our shoulders and go about our business.

Yet this last public display of gun violence took place on December 12 2010. December 12! These people have no regard for public traditions or public peace. We are told that we are not allowed to say Christmas any more because that is a religious holiday and it might offend some. Bullshit. There's nothing religious about Santa.

Religious freedom mean Muslims, Jews, Sikhs and Christians are all allowed to celebrate their own religious holidays and not be discriminated against. Diversity makes us strong. Multiculturalism does not mean eliminating culture from society. It means protecting culture.

I notice that Kim Bolan has taken a break and shut down her blog over the holidays. Indeed spending time with family is a good thing. Obsessing with crime can certainly distract from the peaceful traditions of the season.

Last year I cited a Christmas truce they had in the war and appealed for a December cease fire in the gang war. This year I realize that appeal is in vain and will have a different Christmas message so to speak. It will involve the 15th anniversary of a dark Vancouver Christmas in which the Boys refused to respect the seasonal good will and committed murder on Christmas eve. My message is a public appeal to rise above the apathy and secrecy and report these dark deeds to the police.

I noticed that several people have been posting quotes from my web site on Kim's blog. It appears that some people are actually reading my dribble. One post that comes to mind was a quote about the Hells Angels involvement in a Pig Farm rape and torture.

Kim was quick to point out that the police eliminated the Hells Angels as suspects in the Pickton murders. Not having enough evidence to press charges is very different from eliminating as suspects. If the instructions to the jury in that case were Pickton could be convicted if he had accomplices then one is forced to consider who his accomplices could have been.

Yet the poster's response was that they were referring to the Australian rape and torture case that involved the Hells Angels not the Pickton case despite the fact that Robert Pickton's lawyer submitted that there was considerable association between Robert's brother Dave and the Hells Angels.

Some people complain about my obsessing over the Hells Angels. Yet there is a purpose to my ramblings and a method to my madness. This year my Christmas message will reaffirm that.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Gang Shootings in Vancouver

Although gang related shooting have eased off slightly this year from last year, there still continues to be spikes in the violence which makes tracking every shooting impractical.

However, I will cite a recent one which reaffirms the disproportionate response to justice in BC. Seizing your car for two drinks while letting gang members run around with guns shooting each other in public and saying it's OK the victims were known to police doesn't make sense. The amount of gang members in BC who have guns and use guns yet receive no real consequence for doing so is staggering.

A masked gunman armed with an assault rifle lay in wait outside Best Neighbours Restaurant early Sunday -- then shot 10 victims Rambo-style, spraying dozens of bullets.

The shooting was apparently retaliation which was likely a retaliation for a retaliation and so on... Const. Jana McGuinness said all the victims had gang affiliations and no one outside of their group was shot.

Seizing your car after two drinks is wrong

The Vancouver Province ran an interesting article about an experiment they did testing just how many drinks you can have before you are over the new legal limit. A great idea because there is so much ambiguity about it, no one really knows. The rule of thumb is one drink is safe, two drinks is not.

Obviously other factors like how much you weigh, over how long of a period you consume the drinks and whether or not you eat with the drinks are other relevant factors. Nevertheless, the general conclusion of their test showed that Reporter Damian “Grizzly” Inwood, 60, 190 pounds, six feet tall, blew .067 after two sleeves of strong IPA.

So there you have it. Two pints of strong beer for a grown man is over the new legal limit and will not only see you get a roadside suspension and a criminal record, it will see your car seized. Having your car seized for two drinks is just plain wrong. Even the Vancouver police complain about how that's tying them up and preventing them from doing real police work. It crosses the line in turning us into a police state where the government controls every thing we do.

I am not advocating rights for drunk drivers. I'm saying that when a grown man has two drinks, he should not get his car seized. To do so is wrong and becomes intrusive on our civil liberties relating to both protection of property and one's mobility rights. Over .08 is a different story. That definitely warrants an impaired charge but even seizing the car at .08 is intrusive. Warning at .05, impaired charge at .08 and seizing the car at .10 - that would make more sense.

Ethan Barron is a pretty bright guy and a great columnist. Yet when he writes an editorial claiming after their experiment "We prove the new .05 limit is a good one" I'd have to say no you didn't. You just proved it's absurdity.

Same with the new speeding laws. They are seizing the cars too soon. It becomes way too intrusive. It perpetuates the dilemma. We ask Ottawa for mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime and they respond with mandatory minimum sentences for possession of pot. That is nonsense. Our prisons are overcrowded as it is. More realistic sentences for violent crime would be just. Sending everyone to jail for minor infractions would be fiscally irresponsible.

Take a look at the Hollyburn Killer. Here's a guy that gets sent to jail in 2008 for committing murder. He stabbed someone more than 30 times and only gets a 5 year sentence. That was in 2008. Now he's applying for early parole again. Family of the victim are hopeful he won't be released before two thirds of his sentence is served. Two thirds of a five year sentence for committing murder and he's out of jail automatically. That is statutory release.

The family is just trying to make sure he doesn't get out before then. 3 and 1/3 years for murder is insane. Yet we are too preoccupied with seizing people's cars after they have two drinks. You have now entered the Twilight Zone. Welcome to Beautiful British Columbia.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hogtied and Tasered

40 per cent of cases in Canada in which someone died after being hit with a Taser stun gun the person was hogtied. As a result, the watchdog over the RCMP is urging the police force to clearly tell officers not to hog-tie people and use the generally forbidden technique.

The next obvious question is, why on earth would the police taser someone after they were hogtied? That makes no sense whatsoever. The whole law around the use of reasonable force authorizes force to be use to restrain someone not punish them. After someone is hogtied they are restrained. There is absolutely no legal justification to taser someone after they have been hogtied at all. To do so would be a violation of the law and just cause for a civil law suit.

Personally I oppose the type of taser that shoots out an electrode where after impact the officer can crank the voltage going into the suspect like a shock therapy horror movie. I heard one officer rationalize it's use when the person had a knife and was attacking. The projectile taser was safer. I'll admit that does make sense. Yet if someone is hogtied they aren't in the act of chasing someone with a knife. Tasering someone after they are hogtied is a violation of the law.

The next obvious question is about the act of hogtying. The article states that hogtying is a generally forbidden technique even though it was used in 40 per cent of cases in which someone died after being hit with a Taser. That would imply that the "generally forbidden technique" isn't generally forbidden and is still being used in Canada.

That brings us to the case where a 15 year old girl was left hogtied in her cell in Victoria. Leg irons is different. Often a dangerous offender will be put in leg irons as well as handcuffed when being transported to and from court.

Hog tying is when the feet and the hands are bound together and the feet and hands are shackled tightly so the feet have to be raised. When the person gets tired it puts pressure on the hands and the whole body. It is cruel and inhumane. Leg irons is common and acceptable. Hogtying is not and should never be used. Tasering someone after they are hogtied is simply criminal.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks Master

There are a few things I want to say about the Wikileaks controversy but first I want to touch on an editorial in the Vancouver Sun by Peter McKnight called The sociology of secrecy.

Mr. McKnight states: "Politicians and pundits from across the political spectrum seem to agree on two things: First, the information WikiLeaks recently released is unimportant, irrelevant and was already in the public domain. And second, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be drawn and quartered for his act of high treason." That crucial observation is paramount but before diving in I want to touch on something else he said.

It's pretty obvious Mr. McKnight is highly educated. He goes into a deep philosophical reflection about how we as humans need to keep some things secret which in turn makes us who we are. He states "The act of keeping secrets about ourselves from others permits us to gain a sense of ourselves as separate from the rest of the world -that is, it allows us to form an identity."

He goes on to cite Harvard philosopher Sissela Bok, whose work is influenced by Simmel, puts it in Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation: "With no capacity for keeping secrets and for choosing when to reveal them, human beings would lose their sense of identity and every shred of autonomy."

When I reflect upon the solemnity of Mr. McKnight's discourse I'm forced to stop and respond with a "Narley Dude!" before I respectfully disagree. Without spending too much time explaining why I disagree I will simply state that I do not believe our identity is dependent on the secrets we keep. I believe that is an intellectual fallacy but It was a noble effort I'll have to admit.

I'm going to compare Julian Assange with Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn won a Nobel Peace prize for exposing Stalin's death camps. Indeed he revealed State Secrets. Revealing that Canada handed over Afghan prisoners to be tortured was a good thing. Whoever did reveal that. It is hypocritical for a Capitalistic society to give one person a Nobel Peace prize for exposing State Secrets within a Communist regime yet claim to do so within a Capitalist regime is treason. The logic fails miserably and is painfully obvious.

Today we also read about Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo who received the Nobel Peace Prize in absentia. Liu asked for the prize to be dedicated to the "lost souls from the 4th of June" -- a reference to the massacre of protesters at Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989.

I do think Liu Xiaobo is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize as was Alexander Solzhenitsyn. I just think it's absurdly hypocritical to claim that when Julian Assange reveals things that are unfavorable that is treason and someone should assassinate him. That kind of thinking opens a huge can of worms which we shall no doubt dive into shortly.

Russian officials have suggested that WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Now isn't that ironic.

Friday, December 10, 2010

King and Queen Pinheads

The Vancouver Sun reported that Dale Habib is the president of the Kingpin Crew in Kelowna. Also known as the Pinhead crew according to the PI guy tracking their defaulted leased vehicles. Sounds more like a bowling league than anything else. I guess that makes Dale the Queen head pin. He's the one with the dirty knees. This must be his manpurse.

Since the Hells Angels always assign one person to be in charge of their puppet clubs, I wonder which one is in charge of the Pinheads? One person said Dale was friends with Richard who sponsors the pinheads affiliation. Another person said a Hells Angel with gold in his name might know the whereabouts of Geoff Meisner. Richard Goldammer is a name that fits the bill. Dic is listed as one of the owners of the Kelowna clubhouse.

Not to be confused with his brother Roger. After All Cycle Logic is a far cry from Downtown Cycle. So I guess Dic is the Kin Pinhead and Dale is the Queen. Go figure. I guess the show must go on. Sounds like a Bohemian Rhapsody.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

B.C.'s Fractured Political Landscape

One thing the toxic Wrath of Kwan drama has shown us is that voters concerns were valid. The NDP can't run a peanut stand let alone a government. Yet the NDP is by no means the only fractured political party in BC. The whole political history of the Province is a mine field of sensationalism and extremism. The Social Credit party is gone and the Liberals are clearly on the brink of ruin just like Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives on the Federal map.

Voters in eastern Canada are much more stable than they are here in the west. Take New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for example. There voters sometimes vote how their parents voted. They don't seem to be as fickle as we are in the west nor do they seem to be as consumed with toxic drama. Perhaps they get enough of that from daytime television so they don't have the same need we do in BC to create our own drama.

The fast ferries scandal was no scandal. If the ferries worked, it would have created jobs and revenue for the province. Yet the Liberals intentionally milked that beyond what it was worth just to make voters think it was a big scandal. Gordon Wilson marrying one of his MLA's wasn't a big scandal - he married her. Yet that was enough of an opportunity for a used car salesman to take over the party he put on the map.

Bingogate wasn't a real scandal. Using Bingo to raise money for political contributions would reduce the panhandling politicians do in every mailing they send out. Even the hospital has a lottery. Fantasy Gardens wasn't a big scandal. You want someone in charge of your tax dollars who is good with money.

So what's the real deal? Why are we so fickle and why are we so addicted to the drama? I heard an Easter sermon once tittled "From Hosannas to Crucify Him." The minister talked about how Christ was welcomed to Jerusalem at the end of his mission with palm branches and cheers from the crowd. He was welcomed as a king. Yet as soon as he confronted the religious leaders at the time they had him arrested and in a very short time the cries of Hosanna changed to jeers of Crucify him.

That was a pretty extreme transformation in a very short time. It shows how fickle the mob is and how easily they are turned. Perhaps we would do well to adapt some of eastern Canada's stability here in the west. Let's use our brains and see through the sensationalism and the self serving drama.

Choosing a government should not be a survivor fashion show. Human nature does not want to be told the truth. They want to be lied to and flattered. That is why they keep electing used car salesmen. Why on earth are they then surprised when the liars they elect lie to them?

Gordon Campbell said one thing that was true. People don't like taxes. No one does. Yet we need taxes to pay for our services like roads, police, fire department, hospitals and schools. Yet wasting money by selling public assets to their friends like BC Rail or BC Hydro is simply bad business.

Everyone thinks Alberta is so great because it has less taxes. Indeed that is one of the things that attracts business to that province. Why on earth would we then elect an Albertan to raise federal taxes and introduce the Harper Sales Tax? That's why Reform revolted against Mulroney and now we see they have dropped the ball and have come full circle by becoming a carbon copy of what they set out to reform.

The people want a balance between fiscal responsibility and social justice. You can't have social programs without fiscal responsibility. Yet cruel heartless fiscal responsibility oppressing the elderly and challenged is just plain wrong. It's really that simply.

I cannot comprehend why we refuse to seek balance in life and in politics. It all boils down to not wanting to be told the truth and preferring to be lied to and flattered. Then somehow we are surprised when the liars we elect lie to us. It is a wild world indeed. Perhaps if we weren't so fickle and weren't so addicted to the drama we could use our brains long enough to make this world a better place. J'imagine.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joseph Bruce Skreptak charged with Break and Enter

Kelowna Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak is now also facing charges of aggravated assault, assault, uttering threats and breaking and entering to commit a criminal offence in regards to an assault which took place at a Kelowna residence.

Another Kelowna Hells Angel charged with B & E. Sounds like Kelowna Hells Angels Robert Thomas. If the Hells Angels do B&E's then who are the real rats anyways? That's so Surrey rat car thief, not big time gangsters.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jenny Kwan is a Political Tramp

Michael Smyth from the Vancouver Province wrote a painfully true synopsis of the Jenny Kwan drama and referred to it as the Wrath of Kwan mocking an old Star Trek episode. Several other media outlets have also coined the phrase. Others have referred to it as a Monty Python sketch.

When Cope swept the Vancouver civic election under the banner of Larry Campbell, it was a united grass roots movement as it was when Reform swept the West under the banner of Preston Manning in opposition to Brian Mulrony's fiscal irresponsibly. The infighting that Jenny Kwan is publicly festering is childish and selfish. 13 MLA's is not a majority so STFU.

When I saw photo's of Carol James disappointment the nobility was clear. Carol James has been the advocate for the people throughout Gordon Campbell's tyranny. She has consistently preached everyone matters. When I saw the disappointment on Carol James face it was not about her. It was not about her losing her position as leader of the party. It was about her disappointment that at the crucial opportunity her dream for the people and her vision for the future was being shattered by another political opportunist who wanted to change the vision and making all about her. A survivor fashion show.

Well that's not what this is about. This is about being fiscally responsible while retaining a semblance of dignity by having the kind of self respect that displays compassion for their fellow man. That kind of dignity Jenny Kwan can not understand.

When I saw a photo of Bruce Ralston, Mike Farnsworth and Adrian Dix standing beside Carol James in her crucial hour that's all I needed to see. I have seen all three actively involved in their community in grass roots activism on public safety and crime prevention issues relating to gang violence.

The picture reminded me of the scene from A Knight's tale when the hero was in the stockade yet his real friends stood beside him against the mocking crowd. The real King saw that and could see the man's nobility while standing in chains.

I still support Carol James and the Bill Vander Zalm coalition.

If there is a question of leadership there should be a leadership convention. Call the question, count the votes and stop complaining about democracy. However, it could be too late for that. The damage is already done. If Kwan becomes leader I certainly won't vote for the party and it has nothing to do with her being Asian. It's the other MLA's pulling her strings that concern me.

I think getting a multicultural presence is important, just not that way and not that kind of presence. We don't need more dirty deeds in parliament. God knows we have enough of that already.

It's kinda like how the Federal Liberals dumped Dion and said we traded in a dud for a stud. Well Iggy is certainly no stud and Dion was no dud. English wasn't his first language. I don't give a rat's ass what language the guys speaks, I care about what he says and what he does. Dion was way better than Iggy.

Iggy's just a used car salesman opportunist. He desperately wants to be Prime Minister and Harper desperately wants to "govern" with a majority so he can do whatever he wants like the Mulrony way of railroading the voters in the Harper Sales tax.

The Federal Liberals could have formed a coalition government with Dion at the helm. They threw that away for Iggy because they wanted what they perceived to be a stud when he clearly is not. Like I said, it's not a survivor fashion show. This is about human beings and displaying the kind of dignity that was removed from politics a long time ago.

Kevin Falcon is a Campbell Clone

The Langley Times ran an amusing cartoon about Kevin Falcon. It was referring to Kevin Falcon giving new leadership to the flailing BC Liberals. There were three drawings of him with the caption, What if he combed his hair? And then Bleached it? It showed if he did those two things he would look like a Gordon Campbell Clone.

Dianne Watts was the only person possible that could have given the BC Liberals a new direction in leadership. Everything else is the status quo that forced Campbell to resign and be the Premier with the lowest approval rating in the history of Confederation. They are the ones that froze minimum wage for so long. They are the ones that refused to listen to the public about the HST and even spent taxpayers money on televised addresses that they know better than the public who elects them.

Kevin Falcon will simply be a Campbell Clone like all the others.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

David Giles and the Kelowna Hells Angels Plan

Well since some representatives from the Kelowna Hells Angels made the news recently, I'd like to know what Davie Giles says they were going to do with all those guns, ammo, balaclavas and cell phone jammers.

The prime suspect is full patch member Joseph Skreptak. He was one of the founding members of the Kelowna chapter. The interesting thing is, Davie Giles was caught on wire barking orders about the establishment of a Kelowna chapter.

He was clearly calling the shots and said he was "tired of drivin' a ... thousand miles, kilometres every two weeks" to attend chapter meetings in Vancouver. He said he was working with members of the East End chapter "to convince them how to feel comfortable with what we wanna do, and then go forward."

So... whatcha wanna do with all those guns and ammo? Surely a founding member of the chapter David Giles helped set up wouldn't do anything with Hells Angels colours unless he was on official business with the permission of the local executive. So surely David Giles had foreknowledge of the road trip and they had his permission. He sure must be a nice guy.

I don't think Juel Stanton was executed for robbing grow ops and taking them over for the Hells Angels. That part was doing the East Vancouver chapter's business. Speaking of Juel Stanton, how can the East Vancouver chapter make an executive decision without involving the executive of the chapter?

Why did the East Vancouver chapter hire Mickie (Phil) Smith and Yurik to murder Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey? How could that decision be made without David Giles' knowledge and permission?

In 2005 police raided a grow-operation in a Kelowna house that East End Hells Angels member Joseph Skreptak owned, but had rented out. Skreptak was not in the house when the raid occurred, but his truck -- with a Hells Angels sticker on it -- was parked there and another Hells Angels sticker was on the front door of the home.

So what's the K Town Plan? Is it the same as the East Van Plan - to take over grow ops by force? That surely is what the evidence points to.

This "joint" article between the Vancouver Sun and the Victoria Times talks about the Hells Angels involvement in the stripper agencies in BC. We know CJ Spoon has ties to the Hells Angels. He was the guy that got house arrest from Peter Leask for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels. Now he's a dweeb on the Dirty running a stripper agency on Facebook.

We also know that Gino Zumpano was tied to Brandy's strip club in Vancouver. Mixed reports are coming in about how since Gino no longer works there the Hells Angels won't let any of the girls who work there work in any of their clubs. That would be another example of taking over a market not just participating in it.

We know the Hells Angels were involved with the Orange Number 5 in East Van as well as the Cecil. I hear the Cecil shut down and a new dive has opened up in Surrey in addition to Tbars. Both clubs recently allowed knives past their security which resulted in targeted double stabbings.

Being involved in the stripper business is one thing. Taking it over is another. Being involved in grow ops is one thing. Taking them over is another. Being involved in the BC Bud for cocaine trade is one thing. Using violence to take it over is another.

Glad to hear the Nanaimo chapter lost their appeal over their seized clubhouse. That's kinda like one step forward two steps back when we see how the courts are enforcing some of the criminal org legislation but not all of it in BC.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cory Montemurro

Cory Montemurro is an interesting character. Doesn't seem to have a conscience and doesn't seem too worried about it, but he's a great guy. People are sure talking about him since he and two other associates were arrested with Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak with a sick cache load of weapons in Salmon Arm. It sure is a wild world. This is one of his associates and co accused Dennis Miner:

Here he is practicing for their road trip.

Yet Corry is the person of interest. He's very popular. Friends with Adam Scorgie, but then again, who isn't. After all it's all about the Business of Getting High so it is. Sometimes that business is pretty shady. Sometimes it's down right dirty.

So what were they gonna do with all those guns and all that ammo along with body armour, balaclavas and a cell phone jammer? Just remember, when ya get jammed up, don't mention my name. It's OK, he's not like Geoff or Britney, he's a survivor.

I guess the vest was for grandpa Joe. I hear they have to make patches on Kevlar now. At least in LA people would get shot by rival gangs not by one of their own. Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Geoff Meisner was tied to the Hells Angels and the Kingpin Crew

It would appear that our suspicions have been confirmed. Castanet news has reported that Geoff's wife Tammy is petitioning to have her missing husband declared legally dead under the Survivorship and Presumption of Death Act. Geoff went missing a year ago on November 27, 2009. It appears that they got a hold of the affidavit and claims in it Tammy admitted to having limited knowledge that her husband was associated, and or affiliated with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the King Pin Crew. Now this doesn't come as a big surprise because when Britney Irving's body was found, the police announced that Geoff's death, or his disappearance, was drug related. Several people claimed that he was laundering money in Vegas. The same run that was taken over shortly after his disappearance. The first thing I have to say on the matter is 1) Back off of Tammy and 2) Back off of Geoff. These are good people who were taken advantage of by bad people. Tammy did not make that statement to the media. She made it in a court document to support her application to have her husband declared legally dead so she can sell some of the assets since his death has been a colossal financial hardship on their family. When we take a look at Adam Scorgie's movie the Business of Getting High, we see many good people who support the legalization of Marijuana. We have also seen evidence of the Hells Angels violent bid to take over grow ops with force. Who would have thought a motorcycle club could be so cruel? Who would have thought they were capable of being pimps and baby killers. Most wouldn't even dream that was possible. Doing business with them would have been naive but not malicious. What I find interesting is if Geoff Meisner was tied to the Hells Angels and the Kingpin Crew, was Britney tied to them as well? She lived on a grow op. Do the Hells Angels control all the grow ops in their little retirement village? Does anyone in the Kingpin Crew know where Britney got her Oxycotin from? These questions need to be answered in both murder investigations. In the mean time cut Tammy, Geoff and their children some slack. I do not believe for one minute Geoff ripped off the Hells Angels. I believe that is a bold faced lie. I think they replaced him with someone who would do the same job for less money.

Judicial Fraud

This is yet another bizarre tale in the ongoing sad saga of the judicial vacuum we are experiencing in British Columbia. Neil Hall from the Vancouver Sun reported that Julio Hernandez was convicted of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking in cocaine, possession of heroin for the purpose of trafficking, and trafficking heroin after a trial in B.C. Supreme Court.

Hernandez appealed. Three judges of the B.C. Court of Appeal found the trial judge misapprehended the evidence. He made a tiny technical error about the exact coins found in his coaccused's purse.

"Even though the other evidence adduced at trial was capable of supporting the convictions of the appellant, his convictions depended upon the misapprehension of the trial judge. I would therefore allow the appeal and order a new trial." Appeal Court Justice Christopher Hinkson.

You know what this is? It's welfare fraud. Talk about misappropriation of tax dollars. These people are insane and completely out of control. Ordering a whole new trial over an unrelated tiny clerical error is a complete waste of money. How many more schools and hospitals does Vancouver have to close to pay this judge's salary?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kelowna Hells Angels arrested with guns in Salmon Arm

Did ya see the cover of the Vancouver Sun today? It was a special on the Hells Angels. The Vancouver Province ran the article too. Four men linked to the Kelowna Hells Angels are expected to appear in a Salmon Arm court this week after the RCMP found a cache of weapons during a routine traffic stop Thursday night.

The police found a large cache of weapons in the possession of four Hells Angels when they pulled them over for speeding. The officer smelt marijuana which was just cause for a search of the car. Only our brain dead judicial system will likely say the search was in violation of their charter right and let them go free again. The charter doesn't give them the right to speed after smoking a blunt with a cache of firearms in their vehicle.

Note that these "patch" members were driving a car not riding a motorcycle. The items seized included several firearms, including a sawed-off shot gun, a large quantity of ammunition, and three handguns. There was also bullet-proof vests, balaclavas, a baseball bat, an axe handle, knives, bear spray and a radio jamming device designed to block outgoing transmissions.

Facing a series of charges are full-patch member Joseph Bruce Skreptak, 43; and associates Carl Ennis, 39, Dennis Miner, 35 and Cory Montemurro, 40.

Skreptak is a former member of the East End Chapter who was one of the first to move to Kelowna to set up a "charter" of the notorious biker gang there. That chapter formally opened in the summer of 2007.

Keane said all four arrested were "sporting insignia of the Hells Angels organization."

East Vancouver chapter members living in the Kelowna retirement village starting shit all over the province. What are we supposed to do? We either take up arms or lobby the government to enforce the law because they are not doing it in BC. Just ask McLean's.

They had guns. They were wearing Hells Angels colours. This wasn't just four men. The Hells Angels as an organization need to be tried with the firearm violation. This was not the first offence for that organization in BC. Randy Potts was found with six guns, four silencers and four grenades. The entire organization should get a lifetime firearm ban that needs to be enforced.

Gun crimes carry a maximum 10-year and a mandatory minimum one-year sentence. Parliament enacted a mandatory three-year minimum for the gun crimes in May 2008. So now we need mandatory minimum sentences for the use of a firearm to commit a crime and for the possession of a firearm after a lifetime ban was issued.


Just out of curiosity, let's speculate what on earth four Hells Angels could possibly have been doing with guns, ammunition, bear spray, bullet proof vest, cell phone jammers and balaclavas. You would think with that kind of arsenal they'd be off to rob a bank. Someone posted a comment on one of the news reports and said they must have been on their way to rob a grow op. What else would they be using the cell phone jammers for? I'll admit it's an interesting theory. Certainly more likely than they were off to rob a bank.

Especially since Hells Angels support gear was found at a grow op in Kelowna. Especially since Juel Stanton and his brother robbed grow ops in the Lower mainland and took them over for the Hells Angels.


Kelowna Hells Angel Joseph Skreptak is now also facing charges of aggravated assault, assault, uttering threats and breaking and entering to commit a criminal offence in regards to an assault which took place at a Kelowna residence.

Another Kelowna Hells Angel charged with B & E. Sounds like Kelowna Hells Angels Robert Thomas. If the hells Angels do B&E's then who are the real rats anyways? That's so Surrey rat car thief, not big time gangsters.