Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cory Montemurro

Cory Montemurro is an interesting character. Doesn't seem to have a conscience and doesn't seem too worried about it, but he's a great guy. People are sure talking about him since he and two other associates were arrested with Hells Angel Joseph Bruce Skreptak with a sick cache load of weapons in Salmon Arm. It sure is a wild world. This is one of his associates and co accused Dennis Miner:

Here he is practicing for their road trip.

Yet Corry is the person of interest. He's very popular. Friends with Adam Scorgie, but then again, who isn't. After all it's all about the Business of Getting High so it is. Sometimes that business is pretty shady. Sometimes it's down right dirty.

So what were they gonna do with all those guns and all that ammo along with body armour, balaclavas and a cell phone jammer? Just remember, when ya get jammed up, don't mention my name. It's OK, he's not like Geoff or Britney, he's a survivor.

I guess the vest was for grandpa Joe. I hear they have to make patches on Kevlar now. At least in LA people would get shot by rival gangs not by one of their own. Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap.


  1. WTF does Adam Scorgie have to do with anything? He is just a journalist. Just as you are. You are just as associated now for writing about him as his is for being a FB friend.

  2. Adam’s a journalist? I’d say Adam’s an activist. He is promoting the legalization of marijuana by making and promoting his movie. I think him being facebook friends with Cory is a bit closer of an association than me writing about Cory in a blog but I will admit Adam has a ton of facebook friends so that really doesn’t prove much. Yet he filmed illegal grow ops in his movie and he admitted to knowing people in the business in Kelowna.

    Hells Angels support colours were found in one grow op in Kelowna along with a cache of guns and weapons. If the Hells Angels are using violence to take over grow ops in BC, I’d be interested in hearing how Adam addresses that problem in his next movie because legalizing it sure won’t stop the Hells Angels from taking it over. It’ll just make them untouchable.

    My point was, Corry is friends with a lot of people in Kelowna. It’s time for all of those people to do a little self reflection about what they really support. Is murder ever OK? What would Cory be doing with a Hells Angel and two other Hells Angel associates with all those guns and ammo along with a vest, cell phone jammer and balaclavas? If that is not a recipe for murder, I don’t know what is.


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