Thursday, December 23, 2010

Highlanders MC

No wonder the Highlanders didn't want to take Bacchus' name and logo. Bacchus' name and logo is stupid. The Highlanders name and logo is awesome. The Claymore is dripping with culture and class. It has history.

The Tennessee Highlanders logo is offensive. Anything with a confederate flag is like flying a Nazi Swastika. The confederate flag is symbolic of racism. Who one earth would want to associate with anyone who fought a war for the right to keep slaves.

I am told that according to the book Hells Witness by Daniel Sanger, former Halifax Hells Angel Mike McCrea formed the Highlanders there. It appears they are not affiliated with the Tennessee Highlanders since they are affiliated with the Outlaws.

I don't know how close the Highlanders in Nova Scotia are with the Hells Angels but let's face it. Cape Breton has a long proud history of military service. They are not the type to bend over for lying, drug dealing bullies like the Hells Angels who betray their own people.


  1. Wow, where to begin. Since this blog form will not accept more than 4000 characters, I will need to make several entris to properly answer all of your alligations. First, I would like to start by saying that I am what you have refered to as a Tennessee Highlander, and as for your blog in general and your comments about our patch being offensive, it may have served you well if you had stopped and gathered at least a few facts before you started your completely inaccurate ramblings.
    After reading your blog, I believe I can safely say that you are as ignorant of american history as you are of our club and it's patch. Let me take this time to correct the many, many flaws in your article.
    First, I would start by saying that, I was born in Tennessee and have lived here for 45 years now. Being a history buff, I have studied extensivly my state's history as well as my country's history. I have even visited several of the civil war monuments and battlefields around the country. I have learned that Tennessee, especially the eastern part of the state, was at one time a harsh land to inhabit due to the rough mountainous terrain. However, many Scottish and Irish settlers chose to come here and settle down and raise families. In fact, most anyone you find here who has lived in East Tennessee for two or more generations can most likely trace their family roots back to Scotland or Ireland.

    1. Hello Marknorman65. I am not here to be rude or anything of the sort. I have a great respect for all MC. I have a question for you! Did you notice that the above patch is a Cape Breton Highlanders MC. This is an MC from Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada. Are they another chapter of the Highlanders from Tennessee√Č

    2. No, Indy biker, The TENNESSEE HIGHLANDERS are not affiliated with any other M.C. or organization using the name Highlanders

  2. Post #2
    Now since you chose this forum to make mention of, (and rudley disprespect) our patch, I can only presume you have indeed visited our website. Logically, I may also presume that if you visited our website, you had complete access to our clubs history page and the page that explains every part of the HIGHLANDERS MC patch. My question to you would be this... If you had access to this information, then why would you write a blog with such disdain of that which you obviously know nothing about? Your blog claims that our patch contains a "rebel flag". When in reality, it only contains two flags, neither of which is the confederate flag, which by the way, is not a symbol of racism. To compare it to a swastika only reaffirmed to the reader that your knowledge of our countries history is extremely limited. Of the two flags on our patch, one is our state of Tennessee flag, the other, that you so rudley and mistakenly identified as a "rebel flag", is indeed not a rebel flag, but the flag of 1865, also widely known as the 3rd National Flag of the Confederacy. A flag that in our country was never decommisioned, merely replaced by our current flag, Old Glory. A flag that many Scottish and Irish settlers fought and died under during our country's civil war 150 years ago. This flag is not on our patch to support racism, but rather to pay homage to the many men that fought and died under it. This flag to a Highlander does not represent hatred, nor does it represent or condone any type of racism. To a Highlander, it represents our undying commitment to our chosen way of life and how we choose to raise our children.

  3. Post #3
    You also made the comment that "who on earth would want to associate with anyone who fought a war for the right to keep slaves". To be honest, I have a hard time even responding to a statement this asinine, but for the sake of your ignorance, I will try. Since the civil war in our country was fought between the years of 1860 and 1865, I can safely assure you that NO Highlander EVER fought in it as that would make him over 150 years old. As for the war being fought over the right to keep slaves, this too is another misleading and basically false claim. If you would more closely study you american history, you would discover that the civil war was fought for many reasons. Certainly one of those reasons was the slavery issue, but the capitol underlying reason for the war was the southern states wanted a right to choose and more solely govern themselves. In reality, less than 3% of the men who fought in the civil war actually owned slaves. So logically, you would have to ask yourself, if 97% didn't own slaves, why would they fight for something that had no effect on them? Doesn't make sense, does it? That is because, to imply that the civil war was fought soley on the issue of slavery would be the same as to imply that World War II was fought over Germany wanting to take over France. Sure, it was one issue that provoked the war, but it was only a small part of the big picture that ignited into what we now know as the war between the states.

  4. post #4
    Also, if you had actually visited our website and done any research whatsoever, you would have dicovered that our club was formed and founded by 5 men who lived in Tennessee. Their names are all listed on the same website. None of them were then, or are now, affiliated with the Hell's Angels. I personally dont know who Daniel Sanger or H.A. Mike McCrea are, nor have I ever heard their names until reading your self serving propaganda. However, I will now find, and read, the book HELLS WITNESS, just to see what other types of inaccuracies are in it. Or perhaps there are none. Perhaps since your blog is full of, let's face it, lies, you have also lied about actually reading Mr. Sanger's book at all and chosen instead to blog about that in which you know nothing about, much as you have our club.
    As for our club being affiliated with the OUTLAWS M.C., well, first I would need to know what your definition of "affiliated" is. If by "affiliated" you mean that we know, befriend and get along with the OUTLAWS M.C., then it would be your first and probably only, correct statement in your blog. However, please note that that would also make us "affiliated" with every other M.C. in our state as the M.C.'s in my state all have a mutual respect and friendship with one another.

  5. post #5
    You made mention of a "long and proud history of military service", implying, no, actually stating, that the rest of us are in your words, "lying, drug dealing bullies". Sir, (and I use the term lightly), I would have you know that over 80% of my club's members are military veterans. Veterans I am proud to call my brothers. Veterans who served our country proudly, not because they were forced to, but because they chose to. None of which have ever been accused or convicted of lying, drug dealing or any other criminal act, as your blog would have us believe. In fact, the only bullying I can see here is yours. You sit somewhere out in cyberland, typing away at your keyboard, making false and completly ignorant statements and alligations about people and things that you know nothing of, protected only by your annonimity. Heres an idea... why don't you step out from behind your keyboard and actually do some research. Go out and meet some of these people you so freely attack from your bully pulpit. You may find out that you actually like them. You may find that your assumptions of them were completly off base and entirely wrong. I guess what I am saying is, you may find something you have obviously never seen before, THE TRUTH.
    I will summize this rebuttle now by sharing with you an old saying my father taught me. "Sometimes, it is better to keep your mouth closed and let the world think your are an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

    Big Norm
    Highlander Motorcycle Club
    Smoky Mountains, TN

  6. Post #6
    The link you provided in your blog takes you too another idiots blog about how all southerners are inbred , In his words, "a**holes" and how the south is a cesspool. To that I only have one question.... If the south is as bad as you make it out to be, then why have we never heard of anyone retiring and moving up north??? Trust me, it would suit us just fine if all of you liberal elitists would just stay up north once you retire, or at any other stage of your life. But if it is so great there, why is it you cant wait to leave and head south??

    1. Everyone knows the fucking answer to that one buddy.

      Old people and cold weather don't mix. As well as Old people and Change. And when the weather constantly changes, I think many of them are under the impression that because y'all are so nicely golden all the time that when the weather changes, its not nearly as dramatic.

      Everyone knows that all the real rich euro's are buying up cottage property to live in Canada half the year too, you the way.

  7. Mark. Thanks for taking the time to explain your position. I should make one clarification first. There are obviously two different groups with the same name. It appears that your group started using the name first in the United States. Claiming that your club started with permission from the Outlaws clearly implies you are not drug dealing puppets for the Hells Angels like most of all the puppet clubs in Canada are who simply sell crack for the Hells Angels here. That is our primary problem and my main beef.

    The guy that started the Highlanders in Nova Scotia, (Eastern Canada) was the former president of the Hells Angels there. The police seized their clubhouse because of criminal activity and they are now coming back to town to deal drugs using different names.

    As for your logo, I personally am not comfortable with the confederate flag. To me that is symbolic of the slogan “The South Shall Rise Again” which refers to the American civil war which was predominately over the issue of slavery. Yes there were other issues on the table and I in no way claim to be any kind of an authority on the history of the American civil war. However, I am of the understanding that the primary issue of that war was slavery. The South wanted it and the North didn’t. Thus the concept of fighting a war for the right to keep slaves. I do know it was a very contentious political issue.

    I did say that Cape Breton in Eastern Canada has a long proud history of military service and that they do. I’m not implying you our your club in the States doesn’t. I’m implying the Hells Angels here in Canada don’t. That whole bullshit story of them stealing the name and logo from a military squad and shaming the name to deal drugs. No doubt your club in the States has a proud history of military service. I know Doc from the Mongols spoke highly of military service. Here these guys are just pimps, drug dealers and extortionists.

    The flag of 1865 as stated on your web site says would be the last flag to fly over an Independent South. The flag was never decommissioned, it was merely replaced by "OLD GLORY". You claim as HIGHLANDERS this flag represent your undying commitment to your chosen way of life and how you choose to raise your children.

    Now there are two ways if not more to interpret that. Once could argue that the South wanted to remain free and independent of the North and that flag then symbolizes Independence. However, since the main reason most in the South didn’t want to join the North was because of your undying commitment to your chosen way of life and how you choose to raise your children which would include slavery since that is what most mean when they make that statement. Other than abolishing slavery, what chosen way of life are you not free to raise your children with under Confederation?

  8. You raise an excellent point about the numbers. If only 3% of the people in the south owned slaves why would 97% of the people fight a war for the right to own slaves if they didn’t own any. I do not know if those numbers are accurate but it is an excellent point. One could argue that the 97% did not believe in equality (Segregation was still very big back then) and they wanted to have the right to one day own slaves if they so choose.

    It is kind of hard to go back in history and poll each soldier and ask them honestly which issues were foremost in their mind motivating them to fight that war. If what you say it true and that many in the South fought for independence not slavery then my heart would clearly be softened towards the south. However, I find that hard to believe since there is still a lot of racism in the South.

    My daughter used to like to smack talk with boys from Texas on video games. She would joke about the inbreeding stereotypes. I was not aware of that stereotype and to my knowledge no one takes that accusation seriously, it’s just a joke. However, I was amazed at how many kids she spoke with would use the N word and were down right racist. It absolutely shocked me.

    In Canada we had something called the Bandito Massacre where a Bandito named Wayne Kellestine along with a few others lured fellow Banditos into his barn and murdered them there. In his barn he was an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia and Confederate flags. He is one of many extremists who proudly bear both the Confederate Flag and the Nazi Swastika.

    Keeping in mind that the Germans were initially conned by Hitler with his false flag attacks, no one really knew for sure about the Holocaust until it was too late to stop it. However, Neo Nazi’s who proudly bear the Swastika now after the fact are pure premeditated racists.

    Perhaps for you the Confederate Flag means independence. For me it means slavery and racism. I’m sorry but that is the image it carries in my mind when I see it. That is the image white power extremists strive to provoke when they use it. Perhaps someone should set them straight if it’s supposed to mean independence. After all doesn’t independence mean freedom and equality as promised in the inspired constitution? That was the Dream.

  9. This response is posted o behalf of Jerry Langton:

    "Hey 'Big Norm," No anonymity here. I am Jerry Langton, a bestselling author and researcher who has done extensive work on motorcycle gangs. And, yes, they are gangs. If you want to argue with me on that point, read my books first. I hide from nobody. Check me out on Wikipedia, Facebook or Instagram. I don't go on Twitter because there are too many toxic people there. Let me give you a bit of credential. The Outlaws MC actually recommended my book Showdown because of its fair and accurate portrayal of the scene in Canada. I detect a lot of Trump-style deflection and rationalization in your response and not much actual substance. So, consider this: 1. Nobody was accusing your living membership of owning slaves, but rather of supporting a nation that did. 2. I actually do know a lot about US history, including that of Tennessee (I'm a bit more than a "buff") and the Civil War was primarily the result of the Confederate states desire to retain the right to own African or African-descended slaves. 3. The flag you use is the Second Confederate Navy Jack and similar flags were used by several military units, including the Army of North Virginia; it was never a national flag. 4. You have no right to speak for others as to its offensiveness. It offends me. It signals to me that you are an atavastic racist and I see it as no less offensive than a swastika. I strongly believe I am in the majority in that opinion. 5. Let's be honest about your relationship about the Outlaws, starting with your colors. 6. He didn't call your "club" liars or drug dealers. He said the Hells Angels were. They are. If you want to take credit for what they do, I'm sure they'll be in touch. 7. I think it's more than a little unfair to attribute one of Mark Twain's most popular quotes to your dad. 8. From my experience, bikers only want others to keep quiet for extraordinarily selfish reasons. Debate me. I look forward to it."


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