Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rock Machine shot at in Winnipeg

Two homes in the 1000 block of Beauty Avenue were hit with gunfire Tuesday night in what sources say was most definitely a targeted attack linked to organized crime. The Free Press has learned two high-ranking members of the Rock Machine were inside one of the homes at the time bullets started flying. It appears the other residence that was struck was simply a case of poor aim by the unidentified shooter. Looks like the Big Red Machine just can't let it go. Give it a rest in December you heartless pricks.

The latest Edmonton shooting victim has been identified as Ashneil Singh. Looks like the newspaper got that from facebook not from the Edmonton police.

BC Liberals extend RCMP contract

Why is this not surprising? All those articles in the Vancouver Province about how we need a Regional Police force fell on deaf ears when it came to the Christy Crunch covering up what the RCMP has on her and the BC Liberals with BC Rail and the Basi Virk drug charges.

Gwyn Morgan is an Idiot

The Vancouver Province ran another absurd column today about Occupy. This time it was a guest column from Gwyn Morgan. Turns out Gwyn's a guy and he sure loves his Pee Wee Herman tie. The title is Occupy's proposals will make everyone poor. Clearly this guy is on crack. You can tell by that glassy look in his eye and his poor choice of wardrobe.

Once again he labels everyone supporting the Occupy protest as Communists. After all, everyone who didn't vote for Stephen Harper is a socialist or a separatist so they claim. He goes on and on about the redistribution of wealth. That is not what this is about. He is not listening.

Stopping investment fraud will not make everyone poor. Refusing to do so will. Recently the fact that most of the politicians in the US legally get away with insider trading made the news. Stopping insider trading will not make everyone poor. The Greek financial crisis was the result of investment fraud. The Bank bailouts were also the result of fraud. This kind of corporate theft is what's making the hard working tax payers poor by stealing from them. Committing fraud to create a manufactured emergency then using tax dollars to replenish what they stole. Gwyn Pee Wee Herman will not change that fact with his verbal nonsense.

Gwyn Morgan is not a conservative. He is a corporate neo con. Bill Tieleman claims he is Christy Clark's transition advisor. Transitioning us from in the frying pan with Gordon Campbell to straight into the fire with Christy Crunch.

"It is my earnest submission that signing the Kyoto Protocol would go down in history as one of the most damaging international agreements ever signed by a Canadian prime minister." Gwyn Morgan, Christy Clark transition team advisor. Sustainability is a civic duty. Refusing to be accountable is irresponsible.

The neo con emerges when they abandon small business in practice and only pay them lip service. The neo con emerges when they become consumed in corporate greed. Letting huge corporations rape the planet at will all in the name of increased profit. Everyone has to pay their fair share. Donald Trump paying no taxes while a bus driver pays a significant amount more taxes is wrong. Just as making small business pay the bulk of the business tax and reducing the huge corporation tax bill to zero is wrong. It's not about the redistribution of wealth. It's about getting rid of the freeloaders who refuse to pay any tax while they exploit the general public.

This guy is a serious fruit loop. The Tyee claims he supports the NAU and all the erosion of individual rights, freedom and sovereignty that brings with it. Being an advisor to both Christy Clark and Stephen Harper is a huge red flag. In fact, there are some interesting conservative arguments about how the corporate Rockefeller's are the real communists trying to enslave the general public and rob them of their freedom.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Edmonton Murder

Edmonton City Police are probing a suspicious death after a 21-year-old man was found on the outskirts of the city, suffering from several gunshot wounds and at least one stab wound. Police were called to the location on 170th Street south of Ellerslie Road shortly after noon Tuesday after the man called police from his cell phone, asking for help, but the man wasn't able to give his location.

"He said, 'I've been stabbed.' He didn't know where he was," said Inspector Brian Nowlan. "We could tell he was obviously in distress. He just kept saying he's hurt and needs help." It took police about a half-hour to locate the man, who was found lying on the roadway about 50 feet from his white sedan, which was parked among several outbuildings on an abandoned farm in a remote area along 170th Street.

He was still holding the phone, trying to keep in contact with someone as he fought for his life. The man was taken by STARS to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, where he died. Edmonton Very sad. Police are treating the death as suspicious. If it is deemed a murder, it will be the city's 44th of the year.

Suspicious death? I still don't understand how they can say that with a straight face. Are they trying to cover something up or just look like complete idiots? Last month two men were found dead in a bullet ridden SUV. Police hadn't determined if it was in fact a homicide and treated that death as suspicious. What's suspicious is the EPS using Groucho Marx to write their press releases.

Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca

Well there was a little senior citizen Grey cup agro. Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca were at a Grey Cup luncheon. Joe Kapp jokingly offered Angelo Mosca a flower as a peace offering and Angelo said on mic cram it up your ass. He tried to lighten things up a bit by tickling him with the flower. Angelo pushes him back then once he was back he knocks JK's glasses off with his cane. JK then drops him. Kinda sad. Kinda bizarre. Some people just can't take a joke. I think we just get grumpy when we get older.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Shell Game

We all remember that old shell game. The hand is quicker than the eye and what not. We were recently discussing the Hells angels selling cocaine in Grande Prairie and other towns and how they keep changing the name of the puppet club to distance themselves from the actual drug trafficking despite the fact that they are the ones supplying it and grooming the puppets to work for them.

In Northern Alberta the White Boy Posse was selling drugs for the Hells angels across northern Alberta. When they were busted Grand Prairie came up with the Baseball Team. Sounds innocent enough but they were just another group selling drugs for the Hells Angels. I'm told they're even starting to see some Hali Crew in Grand Prairie as an offshoot of the Baseball Team. Hali is short for Halifax. They started cropping up in Halifax along with the Darksiders as well as Bachus and the Anarchy bikers. All Hells Angel puppets picking up where the others left off. Hali Crew in GP would confirm Kelowna's involvement. David Giles is from Halifax.

Now they say there's even talk about some Independent Soldiers from Prince George coming to GP. That would be another Hells angels puppet club. Prince George is a prime example of how the Hells angels use puppet clubs and finger puppets like a shell game to distract the media and the police from their involvement. The police tell us that the Hells angels control the drug trade in Prince George. First we had the Renegades as a long time puppet club there. They in turn over saw the crew who sold crack for the Hells Angels in PG.

After the Crew started getting some bad press over cutting off fingers for drug debts most of the crew crossed over to the Independent Soldiers. It was just a name change to confuse liability. The same people were in charge. The Game Tight Soldiers started to appear and at first we thought they were a rival. Until Kim Bolan along with the Gang Task Force found the head of the Game Tight Soldiers riding with the Renegades and wearing a strikers partial patch with them. He's gone but the GTS are still affiliated with the Renegades. There's a trial under way for a gang rape they have been charged with in that clubhouse.

The purpose of all these shell companies is to hide the Hells angels involvement. It really is quite effective. It even had Pat Fogherty confused. Although, word is he has been confused all along. You know another group that uses shell companies to hide their business? The CIA. Stay with me now. We know the CIA do exist. We know they use a maze of shell companies to hid their classified business. I think it would be interesting to map a few CIA shell companies to chart just what they have been up to. Especially after the news of Operation Fast and Furious.

Lets take a look at Lake Resources and TransWorld Armaments Corp. TransWorld Armaments Corp, was a Canadian company used to smuggle arms to Nicaragua in the extended version of Iran Contra. The Montreal Gazette reported in May 1988 that John Rugg, a former Vermont police chief and a manager at Century Arms Inc., told a U.S. Senate committee investigating illegal weapons shipments to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, that Century International Arms and Trans World Arms Ltd., which both have offices in Montreal, were involved in shipping grenades, surface-to-air-missiles, rifles and ammunition from Canada to Central America in violation of Canadian policy of non-military intervention in the Americas.

Lake Resources was a shell company run by Oliver North. Saudi arms dealer Albert Hakim pleaded guilty November 21, 1989, to a misdemeanor of supplementing the salary of Oliver L. North. Lake Resources Inc., in which Hakim was the principal shareholder. He also pleaded guilty to a corporate felony of theft of government property in diverting Iran arms sales proceeds to the Nicaraguan contras and other activities. Hakim was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell on February 1, 1990, to two years probation and a $5,000 fine; Lake Resources was ordered dissolved.

Richard Secord went into business with Hakim, co-founding in 1983 Stanford Technology Trading Group International (STTGI). Using a complex web of secret Swiss bank accounts and shell corporations managed by Willard Zucker at Compagnie de Services Fiduciaires (CSF) in Geneva, they built a lucrative Enterprise from covert-operations business assigned to them by Lt. Col. Oliver L. North.

There is a huge maze of CIA shell companies that would indeed be interesting to document and track. Yet it's clear the purpose of these shell companies were to hide money laundering and arms smuggling. Lake Resources was tied to the BCCI banking fraud that was also tied to the CIA. And of course, how did these countries pay for the arms that were being smuggled to them? With cocaine. That's why they needed shell companies to launder the money.

Let's not forget Arthur Porter, the chair of Canada's spy watchdog committee who recently resigned that position among many he held, amid reports he had questionable ties to a lobbyist named Ari Ben-Menashe based in Montreal.

Mr. Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli government employee, was arrested in the United States in 1989 and charged with illegally attempting to sell three military transport airplanes to Iran. He went to trial and was acquitted in 1990; a jury believed his account, that he had simply acted on orders from his government in Israel to attempt the aircraft sale. He then wrote a memoir called Profits of War, filled with accounts of international espionage and conspiracies he says he either participated in or was privy to.

Harper pulls out of Kyoto

Speaking of sustainability, the Harper government has sunk to a new low. After a mother and daughter take their personal pleadings to stop asbestos to Ottawa, the Harper government decides to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol which is trying to limit emissions in the environment. The CONservatives plan on announcing their move before Christmas. What a shameful disgrace for the nation.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hells Angels Puppets in Grande Prairie

It appears things are heating up in Grand Prairie Alberta outside of Edmonton. Remembrance day 2010 Brian MacFarlane was murdered in Grand Prairie. He was beaten and stabbed and later died of injuries. It was confirmed a homicide. Brian was associated with Shaun Thexton from the Baseball team that is affiliated with the Hells angels. Shaun was recently arrested in Grande Prairie's largest cocaine bust.

It appears that Shaun is in the same prison as the accused in Brian MacFarlane's murder who are now on trial in Grand Prairie. Christopher Ost was charged with first degree murder while Darcy Wanihandi was charged with second degree murder. Norman Chase Smith later turned himself in.

Smith, Noskiye and Wanihandi had their charges lessened to manslaughter from second-degree murder, while Ost had his charge of first-degree murder dropped to second-degree murder after defense counsel and the Crown agreed on a consent to committal for the downgraded charges. A publication ban imposed by the court disallows details heard in the preliminary hearing to be published until after the trial takes place or the charges are dropped.

Interesting to note that the Hells Angels Baseball team took over the GP cocaine trade after the Edmonton Hells Angels White Boy Posse were busted. One source claims the Baseball team are connected to the Kelowna Hells Angels while it appears the latest cocaine bust in Vernon that took over for the Vernon Greeks connected to the Calgary Hells angels is now connected to the Edmonton Hells Angels. It is amazing how fast the Hells angels keep expanding. As soon as one puppet club gets arrested they create another one, sometimes two. If the Victoria cocaine ring gets heat, they start bringing it in from Saskatchewan. The point is the Hells Angels are the driving force behind the cocaine trade and the violence associated with it.

One source claims Brian MacFarlane was an enforcer for the Baseball Team. Their accusations of Brian's accused murderers being cowards is somewhat ironic. Locals claim the Baseball team would regularly get one guy alone and beat the tar out of him 4 on 1. Some speculate that Brian's murder was in retaliation for one of those vicious beatings.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mounties investigate Michael Riconosciuto and the PROMIS Software

Here's an interesting article about two Mounties investigating Michael Riconosciuto and the PROMIS software. No, Michael Riconosciuto is not a mobster tied to the Rizzuto family in Montreal but he is a convicted felon in prison for drug trafficking. The interesting part is who he worked for before he went to jail. He's a computer genius and was working for the CIA. He helped them modify the PROMIS software.

Now there's been a lot of talk about this PROMIS software that even ties in to Mr. Bill in Arkansas. They claim the CIA stole the software. Although I'm sure it's relevant to the person they stole it from, that's not they key issue. What's most relevant is what the PROMIS software was and what it did.

The PROMIS software was a Trojan horse. It was supposed to help countries organize their files. Yet it contained a spyware script that let the CIA spy on their "allies" that used the software and access all their police files. OK. OK the CIA selling a Trojan horse software to their allies to let them spy on them isn't really earth shattering. One would expect as much from the likes of the CIA.

The interesting thing is, Michael Riconosciuto worked for the CIA and helped them modify it. Now all of a sudden he's in jail for drug trafficking. I find that very suspect. I watched an interview an Australian news agency did with him on Youtube. I find Michael Riconosciuto to be a very credible witness with many interesting things to say. Ted Gunderson, a former FBI agent supported him. Unfortunately Ted passed away last summer.

The conclusion of the Mounties investigation? The dejected officer shakes his head. "We got further than anyone else ever did on this case," he says, "and nobody outside of law enforcement will ever know what we found because no one in law enforcement can ever tell anyone what we found."

Harpers' Demilitarization

An article on Sympatico asks Is Harper trying to increase Canada's military might? My knee jerk response was after cutting half a billion dollars to Veteran affairs, most certainly not. Yet the article talks about Thursday's celebration of Canadian Forces' contribution to the NATO mission in Libya.

The celebratory event, which was attended by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Defence Minister Peter MacKay as well as a host of military officials, included a flypast by CF-18 fighter jets, a 21-gun salute and the awarding of a Meritorious Service Cross (Military Division) to Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard, the Canadian air force general who commanded the NATO mission in Libya.

What's more, not only did Canada play a significant part in Libya, in the past few weeks the prime minister has also suggested he would commit Canada to any potential Israeli-American action to take out nuclear bomb-making facilities in Iran.

Where to begin. Canada's involvement in the Libya mission was shameful. We went in to enforce a cease fire and we started bombing one side. We said Gaddafi was a dictator yet France and England had been doing business with him for years. Gaddafi even contributed to Sarkozy's political campaign. Unlike Syria or Saudi Arabia where the government was firing on unarmed protesters, the protesters in Libya took up arms and Gaddafi fought back. That mission was about oil just like Iraq.

Harper supported the invasion of Iraq. Which I might add was based on a malicious, premeditated lie about them having weapons of mass destruction. That mission was a moral tragedy and a huge tax payer fraud embezzling millions into private conflicted companies like Haliburton. Supporting the mission in Iraq would simply have been the wrong thing to do, morally and financially. Spending millions of tax dollars on wars for oil, then slashing pensions and public services is just plain wrong.

Now we have the Iran propaganda and Harper is drooling at the opportunity to portray himself as some kind of military force at the risk of being a corporate blackwater coward. Canada wants to be seen as peacekeepers not as bullies. Even those good God fearing Canadians who voted for Harper and want Canada to be strong and free don't want Canada to become militarily corrupt and start selling Iraq chemical weapons to use on Iran.

England got involved in Iran's politics years ago in Operation Ajax and convinced the Americans to assist them in a coo for oil. MI 6 were caught red handed giving false information to the media about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. We are now supposed to believe a word they say about Iran? After Operation Ajax? I don't think so.

Canada is selling China, India and Pakistan Candu nuclear reactors. Canada is giving those countries the means and technology to use nuclear weapons. "Confronting" Iran, if those allegations do in fact have any truth to them are nothing but hypocritical at best if not suspect. The jets Harper wants to buy are a conflict of interest from a company one of his candidates lobbied for. Spending millions on a huge fleet of jets to commit corporate murder not civilian liberation while cutting millions from soldiers and civilians pensions is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Yes Harper was elected but his actions and his words are very far apart. Getting elected on a tough on crime position then cutting funding for the RCMP is just one of many examples. Wars based on lies is yet another.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vancouver Mayors support Pot and the Black Door

The Vancouver Sun is confirming what I heard on the radio this morning. Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver has joined four former city mayors in support of legalizing marijuana. He tweeted Thursday night: "Good to see 4 Vancouver ex-mayors calling for end of cannabis prohibition. I agree, we need to be smart and tax/regulate."

I don't want to be too cynical but I have some serious concerns. Which of those mayors were in charge when Vancouver City Hall bought the Drake Hotel from the Hells Angels to turn it into social housing? They gave the Hells Angels $2 million more than it was worth. You can't even call it a bribe because they didn't get anything in return. It was simply a $2 million misappropriation of social housing funds. Once again the DTES residents get screwed.

Let's see, Gregor Robertson was elected mayor November 2008 and the purchase of the Drake Hotel from the Hells Angels was in 2007. That would be when Sam Sullivan was mayor when the NPA formed a majority on City council. Legalizing pot is one thing but handing over $2 million marked for social housing to a criminal organization is another.

Which brings us back to the Black door. I've written about the Black door, twice, make that three times and notified the Gang Task Force. Nothing has been done about it. Freddy claims the VPD are well aware of it and let it operate. He claims they told them to shut down during the Olympics but let them open up again right after. Today, the Black door was the revolving door. People were in and out as it was doing major business.

Letting the Hells Angels sell pot is one thing but letting them use violence to control the market is another. They are not allowed to sell pot in the Amsterdam cafe. If they do, the city will shut them down. Then why does the City let the Hells Angels sell pot across the street at the Black door and the Vancity Bulldog Cafe? Letting one but not the other is wrong. In fact it is suspect.

My question is, when the Vancouver mayors say they want pot regulated, I have to ask by who? The Hells Angels? That is who the City is currently letting regulate it. Claiming that legalizing pot will eliminate organized crime is nonsense. Gambling is legal and there's plenty of organized crime involved with that.

Don't get me wrong, I much rather see them smoking pot in east van than crack but that is just on one corner. On another corner you can buy crack, another corner crystal meth and another corner you can buy heroin. All controlled and regulated by the Hells Angels. That is a massive amount of money changing hands. The City is fully aware of the problem because on welfare day they line up for their crack like for a boxing day sale. Instead of arresting the obvious dealer, they hand out free needles and crack pipes. This is inherently wrong.

Arresting everyone else but letting the Hells angels sell drugs is absolutely bizarre. Yet that is what City hall is now doing. So my question has merit. When the mayors of Vancouver say they want to regulate pot I'm forced to ask who they want to regulate it - the Hells Angels?

It's kind of strange that they be launching this public campaign right after a federal election when the Conservatives were given a majority government. It's kind of like the Rogue Page standing in Parliament with a Stop Harper sign right after he was elected. Shouldn't you be doing that before an election? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for free speech and I totally agree speaking out against certain policies of an elected government is not only a right but a civic duty. Yet the minority does not over rule the majority just because they yell louder.

At one time, Quebec Separatism was a huge issue with a huge following. It was hovering right around 49% for and 51% against. It was very close and was a significant issue. Yet just because the minority yell louder doesn't mean they are the democratic majority.

I fully agree that both extremes are absurd. One one side we have the 49% screaming for the legalization of pot. On the Other side we have the Harper government implementing mandatory minimum sentences for growing pot and demand the provinces pay for their legislation. Somewhere in the middle we have 69% of the population that says putting all those resources into incarcerating people for growing pot is a waste of time and taxes.

Legalizing pot would make it way more popular. Everyone would be pulling out the blunts and saying party! It's Mardi Gra! I'm not sure that would be such a great thing. Although there is a huge difference between pot and crack or meth, there are a lot of people out there that smoke way too much pot. Becoming potheads isn't something to brag about either. It still boils down to extremes and special interest trying to promote their own agenda.

Meanwhile we can all agree too many people are dying from the gang war. I'm just saying legalizing all drugs is irresponsible and legalizing pot most certainly won't stop the Hells angels from using violence to control or as the mayors say, "regulate" it.

My appeal for common ground is to leave the status quo, get rid of mandatory minimum sentences for growing pot and actually implement mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime and for selling hard drugs like crack or crystal meth. We see them selling crack on the corner. Arresting the crack dealers for selling crack not the users and putting them in jail for three months is not excessive. It is a goal within reach. And I still think that arresting everyone else for selling pot but letting the Hells Angels do it is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Salvatore Montagna found dead outside Montreal

The body of an alleged Mafia boss, who U.S. authorities said once headed New York's notorious Bonanno crime family, has been fished out of a river near Montreal. Salvatore Montagna's body was found in the Assomption River Thursday morning, in Charlemagne, northeast of the city.

Nicknamed Sal The Iron Worker, Montagno owned and operated a successful steel business in the U.S. The FBI once called him the acting boss of the Bonanno crime family – prompting one of New York's tabloids to dub him the "Bambino Boss" because of his rise to power in his mid-30s. His death is the latest in a series of Mafia-related killings and disappearances over the last two years. Montagna was considered a contender to take over the decimated Rizzuto family.

Montagna was born in Montreal but raised in Sicily and, although he moved to the United States at 15, he never obtained U.S. citizenship. The married father of three was deported to Canada from the United States in 2009 because of a conviction for refusing to testify before a grand jury on illegal gambling.

He pleaded guilty to the minor charge, but it made him ineligible to stay in the U.S. Because he is a Canadian citizen, Ottawa couldn't refuse his re-entry into the country, and Montagna crossed the border without any trouble. His arrival in Montreal occurred just months before members of the Rizzuto family began being killed.

Let's not forget, the New York Times quoted an FBI document wherein FBI informant Frank Lino claims he was introduced to Alfonso Gagliano at a mob meeting in Montreal where he was told Gagliano was a politician and a made member of the mafia in Montreal connected to the Bonno and Gambinno crime families in New York.

Let's not forget how the Sixth family at one time worked with the Hells Angels as well. With friends like them, who needs enemies?

One media outlet is reporting that Salvatore Montagna was next in line to take over for the Rizzuto family as was Raynald Desjardins who was shot at September 2011. His bodyguard was charged in that shooting. Kinda like how Peter Scarcella was just a driver for a mob boss named Paul Volpe. "Someone" his boss knew shot him in the back and left him in the trunk of a car. That's when Scarcella took over for his boss.

Peter Scarcella hooked up with Toronto Hells Angel Paris Christoforou in that botched hit on Mike Modica at a Toronto sandwich shop. CBC claims that among the people working for Peter Scarcella is Mike Marrese, who runs the mortgage fraud scams for Scarcella. Rizzuto family timeline.

Interesting to note that the Rizzuto family has been deeply involved with cocaine trafficking and is being hunted down and wiped out by non Sicilians. The Hells Angles have been associated with them and are also primarily involved with cocaine trafficking.


A little bit off topic but not entirely. I just heard a commercial for the David Suzuki foundation on the radio. They're doing some pretty intense fund raising at Where will Santa live dot ca. People still talk about climate change and how the polar ice caps are receding. I can't believe Canada still mines and sells asbestos to India. We really should have more self respect than that.

People complain about the oils sands though there is big money to be made. It's still a scam when you think about who killed the electric car. That is what we should be focusing on. There's a lot of talk about sustainability these days. A concern for the environment which is not only good, it's imperative. A big shout out to Adriane Carr, former leader of the BC Green Party who finally got a seat on Vancouver's City council. Well done.

My personal environmental epiphany came when I went to a earth day presentation at my kid's high school. They showed a Youtube clip about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Seemingly plastic takes a really long time to break down and all the plastic that gets dumped in the ocean gets swept away by the swirling currents in the Pacific ocean which dumps it in one spot. As a result huge island of plastic have emerged in what environmentalists refer to as the great pacific garbage dump. I had no idea.

I has cruel effects on wildlife. Birds will eat small pieces of plastic thinking it's a bug. Only the plastic doesn't digest and won't pass through their system. As a result there have been many birds found dead because their stomach was full of undigested plastic and there was not room for real food to get through. The same thing with fish. It's really sad.

Although part of the problem is caused by countries that dump their garbage at sea, 80% of it is litter from land. All the litter on beaches, rivers and from boats contributes to this massive pacific garbage patch. We do need to stop our litter on the beaches and at sea.

Again the word sustainability keeps resurfacing. The old ways of sheer consumption won't cut it any more. Clear cutting the forests is irresponsible. Years ago I remember handing flyers outside the Arts Centre. Some kid starts to heckle me and shouts out how many trees had to get cut down to make you flyer? Without a seconds hesitation I shout back: How many trees had to be cut down the last time you went to the bathroom? The kid froze and had that real puzzled look on his face and turned to his girlfriend. She explained: Toilet paper. Everybody uses toilet paper and that cuts down trees. They didn't know what to say after that.

That's the thing, as much as we complain about it we are all consumers and all use paper products. Logging is essential. Yet clear cutting is not. In fact banning clear cutting is essential and promoting more realistic tree planting is essential. Which brings us to hemp paper. Hemp fibre is very strong.

I can't believe how popular hemp paper was back in the day. We used to have huge farms devoted to growing hemp to make rope and paper. It was totally sustainable. Then the petroleum industry pushed out the hemp farms for making rope and pulp and paper industry pushed out the hemp farms for paper. That was a tragedy. Just like how the oil companies killed the electric car. The free market is all about supply and demand. There's no reason we as consumers can't increase the demand for hemp paper. You don't get high off of hemp but hemp paper will indeed save the rain forests.

Oh and speaking of the oceans, we get most of our oxygen from the ocean surprisingly enough. Only there are these huge dead zones in the ocean where nothing grows like a desert on dry land. These dead zones are growing and we really need to address them. Fish can't survive in them and they are beginning to appear on the West coast. That huge oil spill in the gulf from the uncapped oil well made it much worse. Drift nets that drag along the ocean floor clear cut the ocean just like a forest. We really need to be more aware of the products we buy from drift nets that destroy everything in it's path. That is not sustainable harvesting of the ocean. Consumption based industry leaves nothing for subsequent generations. We need to start thinking about the next generation.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Largest cocaine bust in Grande Prairie history

In what is being called one of the biggest drug busts in Grande Prairie history, four members of the 'Baseball Team' organization are facing drug and weapon charges after two kilograms of cocaine was seized from a vehicle on Saturday, Nov. 19.

Clayton Kelly Buhler, 44, of LaGlace, is facing seven charges, including possession of cocaine for the purposes of trafficking as well as possession of an unregistered restricted firearm. A third suspect from Grande Prairie, is facing three charges including possession of a prohibited weapon. Bradley Joseph Demont, 25, of Grande Prairie, is facing three charges as well.

Police say that these arrests are related to the arrest of Ralph McGuigan last month. McGuigan, who is a known member of the Demon Soldiers motorcycle gang, was arrested while in gang colours in possession of half a kilogram of cocaine. In total, on Nov. 19, police seized two kilograms of cocaine, a handgun, a loaded rifle, a taser and half a pound of marijuana.

So guess who the Baseball team and the Demon Soldiers work for? The Hells Angels. Surprise surprise. In the north, CISA says Hells Angels from B.C. "subsidize" a criminal group in Grande Prairie, while their Alberta counterparts back drug traffickers in Fort McMurray.

Hells Angels drug bust in Montreal and New Brunswick

More than two-dozen people were arrested Wednesday during large-scale drug-trafficking raids in Quebec and New Brunswick that authorities say could neutralize an organized crime ring linked to the Hells Angels.

"Our investigation tends to demonstrate that this ring included Hells Angels associates who took over drug trafficking territories after the 2001 Spring Raids and SharQC in 2009," Pelletier said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon, alluding to two major crackdowns last decade that targeted biker gangs.

Investigators with the latest sting operation believe they have identified four distinct drug trafficking cells working primarily in Montreal, the South Shore and New Brunswick, Pelletier said. Officers seized large amounts of cocaine, marijuana, hashish, methamphetamine pills, weapons and cash.

Investigators allege the three Quebec cells regained control of lucrative drug-trafficking territory in the greater Montreal region in the aftermath of massive police raids in 2009. The fourth cell, based in New Brunswick, is alleged to have travelled regularly to Montreal to pick up drugs for trafficking.

QMI Agency has learned the main target of the Quebec raids was Marc-Andre Lachance, 28, one of two people arrested in October for allegedly threatening a Montreal police investigator. The cop was savagely beaten in the Mexican resort town of Playa Del Carmen last January. Lachance was arrested in his home in Montreal's north end. I wonder if they arrested Leo and the Dweeb.

Sounds like there were some arrests in Ontario as well.

Explosive testimony to come at Pickton Inquiry

Cpl. Catherine Galliford claims that she will be testifying at the missing Women Inquiry not for the RCMP but for the victims. She claims her evidence will be explosive. Let's hope she doesn't suffer and unfortunate accident before then.

Catherine Galliford is the one that has come forward outlining years of sexual harassment while working with the RCMP. One media outlet claimed Deputy Police Chief Jennifer Evans’ report blamed the delay in arresting Pickton in infighting between the RCMP and the VPD. Yet that really doesn't make sense. Infighting is what crushed Operation Phoenix. The RCMP were upset they lost the gang task force jurisdiction for BC and sabotaged that mission to get it back which they did.

However, infighting can't explain the delay in arresting Pickton. If either group were zealously wanting to promote themselves, it would have been a race to get the warrant and make the arrest. Yet that's not what happened. The reason for the delay seems to be the crucial question. Catherine Galliford testified that the police had enough evidence to get a search warrant of the Pickton farm two years prior to them doing so. The reason for that delay is significant. It wasn't just a matter of being lazy or not taking the murder of sex trade workers seriously. It was more than that.

I don't know what Catherine Galliford's explosive evidence will be but we do know that the Globe and Mail has reported that the Inquiry will hear testimony that off duty police officers attended parties at Piggy's Palace. We don't know what witnesses will testify to that fact. That could explain the delay in getting the warrant.

The front page of the Vancouver Province today was about Catherine Galliford's new claims about testifying at the inquiry. The headline claims
Cops watched porn, skipped work instead of investigating missing women. Which once again would imply laziness not a hidden agenda in suppressing the case.

When very junior RCMP Const. Nathan Wells finally obtained a firearms search warrant on Feb. 5, 2002, for the Pickton farm, Galliford said, she confronted a top RCMP officer, telling him, “You’ve known this since 1999.”

I don't want in any way to minimize the sexual harassment she endured working with a bunch of pigs, please excuse the pun. I just want to clarify there is a difference between being rude and politically incorrect and attending parties at Piggy Palace. We know a lot of people attended parties there. We have the recorded testimony of one witness who claimed people were doing the wild thing all over the place. That would imply that sex trade workers were present at the Piggy's Palace parties run by the Hells Angels. Everyone seems to be silent about that part. The court did hear the Hells angels had a grow op on site and we did hear testimony that Hells Angels attended those parties in colours all the time.

There are quite a few conspiracy theories abounding on the case. We need to remember that Robert Pickton was convicted even if he wasn't the primary suspect in the murders. The judge told the jury that he could be convicted if he was an active participant. The one who disposed of the bodies so to speak.

It mall makes me think about Hunter Thompson's untimely death. Hunter Thompson was a journalist who spent time with the Hells Angels in the US to write a book about them which he did. At the time he was criticised for his casual attitude abut the Hells Angels' involvement in gang rape. Yet the thing that gets me is the last story he was working on. About snuff films and the sexual abuse of boys tied to US politicians.

In fact there have even been allegations that he wasn't just writing a story about it but that he was actually involved with it. Involved with the child sex abuse and snuff films at the Bohemian Grove Alex Jones talks about. That would be taking gonzo journalism a step too far. We know that the news of the Franklin Cover up hit the Washington Times:

"A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and US and foreign businessmen with close social ties to Washington's political elite. Reporters for this newspaper examined hundreds of credit-card vouchers, drawn on both corporate and personal cards and made payable to the escort service operated by the homosexual ring." -- Washington Times, 6/29/1989

In fact, one Youtuber claims that one of the victims, Paul Bonacci, who reported about the child abuse ring at the Bohemian Grove, identified Hunter S Thompson as the videographer. Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson was arrested two days after journalist Hunter Thompson reportedly committed suicide.

Hunter Thompson's involvement isn't the subject of my query. The fact is, a child prostitution ring involving US politicians did exist. My question is, was Piggy Palace Canada's Bohemian Grove? (Less the homosexual child part)

Pot activist dies on hunger strike

Istvan "Steve" Marton, 69, the local marijuana dealer in Sointula, off the north-east coast of Vancouver Island, died in Port MacNeill Hospital Sunday after more than a month on a hunger strike to protest Canada's marijuana laws. I'm sorry to hear he passed away.

Freddy just posted a link to a Vancouver Sun article about Stop the Violence B.C. which is a coalition lobbying for the legalization and regulation of marijuana. I'm glad this group has drawn the line at pot. I think they will get more support. I cannot accept legalizing all drugs like crack, crystal meth or date rape drug.

There is a large percentage of the population that supports the legalization of marijuana. About 50%. More if you make it the decriminalization of Marijuana. That's where I stand on the issue. I'm not comfortable with pot being sold at the 7/11 or smoked in public. People have a hard enough time dealing with cigarette smoke in public. If I chose not to smoke pot, I don't want it forced upon me by having to hot box it on the bus or in public.

Yet I will completely agree that building more prisons for nonviolent crime is absurd. Especially when our courts and prison systems are clogged up at present and can't effectively deal with violent crime. Harper's extreme of implementing mandatory minimum sentences for growing pot is disproportionate and undemocratic. Since we don't have a two party system in Canada, Harper did not get 50% of the vote. Yet more than 50% of the population support the decriminalization of marijuana. Somewhat ironic.

The Vancouver Sun has published a copy of a letter from four former Vancouver mayors calling for the decriminalization and regulation of marijuana. In it they state: "A recent Angus Reid poll demonstrated that 69% of British Columbians believe that chasing and arresting marijuana producers and sellers is ineffective and that British Columbians would be better off taxing and regulating the adult use of marijuana. We fully agree. Clearly, elected officials are out of step with their public on marijuana prohibition."

Hells Angels clubhouse turned into community space

Thunder Bay City council unanimously voted Monday night to approve Evergreen a United Neighbourhood’s plan to convert the former Hells Angels clubhouse on Heron Street into a community space. Evergreen coordinator Linda Bruins told council that the group currently holds its meetings on a street corner near Minnesota Park. The space on Heron Street, given to the group by the Ministry of the Attorney General, would allow Evergreen to have indoor meetings and have a space to hold events.

Clem Hamel said the area has enough community centres and churches. Council heard from supporters of the idea before making the unanimous decision. Coun. Paul Pugh said this was the best opportunity to see a former negative space turned into a positive one. “It’s got to be about a positive move as I can imagine,” Pugh said. Former police officer mayor Keith Hobbs said he supported the change.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Vancouver Relocates

I am somewhat amused that the Occupy Vancouver protesters chose Robson Square for their next location after the court ordered them to move from the Art Gallery. I had walked under there a couple of weeks ago and noticed it was basically abandoned and that there was no ice in the rink there. Too bad. Bringing the ice back for the Olympics was a great idea. Maintaining that ice rink is a positive thing for the city. Yet they've been ordered to move again.

When I first heard there was going to be an Occupy Wall Street protest in Vancouver I asked where are they going to occupy? Vancouver doesn't have a stock exchange any more. The Art Galley? They could occupy that until Christmas and no one will notice or care. Unfortunately, protest bashing has become the popular political twist of late. You would think they let Conrad Black out of prison and he was the owner of the local papers again.

I am somewhat outraged by Christy Clark's comments in today's Vancouver Province. The headline read "Enough is Enough" and the article quoted Christy airhead as saying "I don't know what these folks stand for now." Why is that not surprising? Has she ever asked? She doesn't listen. She doesn't care. Yet trampling on lawful assembly is a horrific precedent for the nation.

No wonder Christy Clark wants to seize the opportunity to distract voters for the new disclosure about her own personal involvement in the BC Rail scandal along with Gordon Campbell. It wasn't just her brother, it was her too. How can she call a public inquiry into herself? This is way worse than Fantasy Gardens and way worse than fast ferries. She should be hanging her head in shame but no, she seizes the opportunity to kick the cat. She doesn't know what the protest is about? Maybe it's about her involvement in corrupt politics. We have seen that corruption in Wall street has infiltrated politics.

Someone wrote in to the Province slamming the mayor and Jim Chu for the Vancouver Riot. It wasn't their fault! They asked Christy Clark for more funding for police during the Stanley cup final and she giggled and said no. Then she had to audacity to rub it in their face and say but your concerns have been taken into consideration when we made our decision.

That is the inherent problem of our current political climate. Our pork barrel politicians only care about taking care of their lobbyists who contribute to their campaign. Big Unions or Big Corporations, it's all special interest. Only there are no big Unions any more. Only snakes in the grass like Buzz Hargrove trying to sell out their members so they can continue to exist and stay on the payroll.

In Canada, people have a protest and no one cares. The concerns aren't listened to. They just give them a little parade to express themselves then go on their merry way and do the exact opposite. At least in Egypt the government listens to the people. They protested demanding the government resign. Not necessarily the brightest thing when you don't have a plan as to who is going to be elected to replace him. Now they are protesting because after the government stepped down the military took over. Only the military promised to hand over the power in six months and that's not happening. Big surprise. Political opportunists exist everywhere.

Yet Egypt's military ruler says he is prepared to hold a referendum on transferring power to a civilian government immediately, following a massive demonstration in Cairo's Tahrir Square that saw tens of thousands turn out. That's a lot better than Stephen Harper or Christy Clark would do. Hold a referendum. Imagine that. Harper would rather spend millions of tax dollars on bogus advertising telling us how to vote rather than listen to the democratic will of the people. Our democracy is in peril.

There are two issues on the table: Tents and protests. I separate the two because although the Occupy Vancouver protest is clearly a political protest, the right to assemble in public places and petition the government for a redress of grievance is a God given unalienable right. No court has the authority to take that away from us. Period. Any court order that bans protesters instead of tents would violate the charter or rights and be an illegal order.

These are serious issues. A couple weeks ago I was standing outside the Vancouver courthouse with a sign that said Lawful Assembly is a Charter Right. The sheriff at the front desk comes out all agitated, reads my sign and says lawful assembly is a charter right but you can't stand there. I crinkle my brow and my nose and in disbelief say What? He said you can't picket here. You have to leave. Picket? I said. I'm not a member of a union. I'm not blocking any one's access to the courthouse. Then I look at his shoulder and notice he's a sheriff. I said if you get a police officer to arrest me for holding a sign that would be an illegal arrest and I will counter sue for lost wages. He gets even more agitated and said you can do what you want but I'm going to make a phone call. Fine I said as I held my position.

I was only going to stay there ten minutes but ended up staying 2 and a half hours just to see who would have the audacity to come and arrest me in violation of my Charter Right. No one showed up and I was furious. How dare he steal my Charter right? How dare he lie and claim that it is not my charter right to stand in a public place with a sign in a political protest. How dare he? People from the Occupy site just laughed and said you really think people won't try and convince you you don't have rights? I had no idea.

In the latest court application, Christy BC Rail Clark was asking for a permanent injunction and the Judge said such a move would be an inappropriate use of the law. No kidding. Speaking of the law, let's talk about generations of British Common law that refer to squatters rights. I was amazed in England many years ago that when squatters gathered they couldn't just move them without finding them a new location to move to. That was during the stone henge festival I visited back in the day. Before the Charter of Rights and before the British North America Act was introduced, our law was British common law. Generations of court decisions formed jurisprudence and became known as common law. Like it or not squatter's rights were part of that common law.

Yet tents and signs are separate. They can get a court order to remove tents but they cannot get a court order to ban a protest on public land. Such an order would be illegal and an act of war.

Harper muzzles the Mounties

From now on, just about every bit of RCMP information shared with the public will have to be sent to Public Safety Canada for approval. The new protocol will also mean more photo ops for government ministers.

This is absolutely outrageous. Stephen Harper in NOT an Conservative. Firing whistle blowers is bad enough, now he even wants to censor the RCMP. Holy propaganda Batman when will it ever end?

Let's take the BC Rail scandal. The RCMP got a wiretap warrant for an MLA because his cousin was a cocaine dealer. Turns out that they found out about another scandal involving the sale of BC Rail in the process tied to Christy Clark and her brother. Why on earth would the RCMP have to clear anything through the BC Provincial government before it released the news that they were under investigation?

What powers of censorship does this new "protocol" have? If the RCMP had to clear the news of the legislature raids with Gordon Campbell before it happened, that would be a conflict of interest. Would Harper's pal, Gordon Campbell have power to censor that information and instruct the RCMP to withhold some information on the State Secret cop out?

The same thing federally. We know Alfonso Gagliano was named by an FBI informant as a made member of the Mafia in Montreal according to the New York Times. We know that Brian Mulroney was up to his eyeballs in criminal activity. What if a federal political party is being investigated? Would this new protocol mean the party in power has the right to censor the RCMP? That is not Canada. That is not a democracy. That my friend is treason. As the frog boils in warmer water.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kingpin Crew's new Clubhouse

I thought the Pinhead Crew were laying low after Mike and Sam's Oxycontin fraud bust. They've sure gone under cover. They went and painted a fruit stand black and grey but they can't fool us. We know it's still full of fruit loops. It's on Highway 97 on the way to the Kelowna Airport. It has MC on the front door now.

So tell me, is Donwntown Cycle still open? Someone said they were hanging low after the Oxy bust. I guess we're still waiting to see what happens in Dale's pal Joey's murder trial. Dale says if Joey killed Britney then their friendship is over. What a crock of shit that is. Who do ya think got him to do the job? If he was ripping Britney off he would have left town. If he murdered a rat to repay a debt he wouldn't of had to leave town. Only she wasn't a rat you piece of garbage. And Geoff didn't rip anyone off you dirty liar.

I understand that Brittney was quite the photographer. All the landscape photos in the tribute video I made for her and Geoff Meisner were from her facebook. Except for a couple ones of the snow on Big White. I just threw those in to show how awesome Kelowna is in the Winter as well as in the Summer. Awesome if they get rid of the Liquid Zoo good and the Habibs trying to bring it back.

Deputy Police Chief Jennifer Evans’ Pickton Report

The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry has promised for weeks the release of Peel, Ont. Deputy Police Chief Jennifer Evans’ 800 page report. On Monday morning, Inquiry Commissioner Wally Oppal called the leak of Evans’ report to CTV “appalling.” But Oppal upheld the objections of lawyer Cameron Ward, acting for 20 missing women’s families not to mark Evans report as exhibit, which would have made it available to all media. Ward continues to call the inquiry a “whitewash,” saying Oppal needs to hear from frontline police investigators. Of course it's a whitewash. The Hells Angels have not been mentioned in it at all. Why oppose making the Peel Report and exhibit? After all, it is a public inquiry.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Man found guilty in Surrey crack shack murder

Steven Patrick Iyoupe was convicted of manslaughter Thursday in the death of Garry Glen Harder in 2006. Harder was killed by a group of people inside a Surrey crack shack on Jan. 28, 2006. He is the fourth person convicted in the murder.

William Thomas Walker, 40, of Langley, and Jordon Vojkovic, 26, of Calgary, were charged with first-degree murder and forcible confinement in Harder's death while Lauretta Marie Stevens, 32, of Surrey, was charged with forcible confinement and assault with a weapon.

Jordon Vojkovic of Calgary, was convicted of unlawful confinement and manslaughter and got 13 years. William Thomas Walker, of Langley, was convicted of unlawful confinement and aggravated assault and given seven years in jail. Lauretta Marie Stevens was convicted of unlawful confinement and assault with a weapon and got three years.

On the night of Jan. 27, 2006, Furman said she and Harder were interrogated about $300 that was stolen from a drug dealer at a crack house on 137A Street in Whalley. Although Harder, who worked as a doorman at the house, had taken the money and the couple spent it on crack cocaine he denied committing the theft.

Furman said she woke up the next morning to the sound of Harder being punched and kicked by several people. One of those people was Iyoupe, she testified. The group also used a board with nails in it to hit Harder in the head. “He was curled into a ball covering his head. I was sitting on the couch, made to watch,” she said before dissolving into tears.

Next Harder was dragged into the kitchen, where he was handcuffed to a chair and Iyoupe hit Harder with a pillow case filled with “food cans,” Furman said. Still cuffed to the chair, Harder was taken to the bathroom and put in the tub. “Steven got into the bathtub and started beating the crap out of Gary’s head,” Furman said.

Furman alleged that Iyoupe and a drug dealer known as “Robbie,” or Jordan Vojkovic, took turns hitting Harder. Harder ended up in a bedroom next, where Furman said Vojkovic and Iyoupe electrocuted Harder by putting live wires in his ears. “They were laughing hysterically,” Furman said. Another drug dealer also assaulted Harder with a string trimmer.

This level of violence is very disturbing. Laughing as the electrocuted the victim after beating him in the head with a board with nails in it. That is inherently disturbed. It reminds us of the murder of Annette Allan just around the corner at the Surrey House of Horrors. Annette's crime was being falsely accused of being a rat.

At the trial of contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith the court was told one of his murders was done for the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels. Smith killed Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey and said a man he called Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. Smith said "Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels. I know he's done a lot of hits." Paul Soluk was killed in 1999.

1) These were crack houses supplied by the Hells Angels. They brought the cocaine into the country and these guys sold it as crack. Both of these crack shacks were close to TBarz, the bar owned by Randy Jones from the Whiterock chapter of the Hells Angles. TBarz was implicated in another Hells angels cross border drug trafficking ring. John Punko was also selling cocaine in Surrey around that time.

2) The level of violence in all of these cases is outrageous.

3) Garry Harder’s girlfriend testified that Steven Iyoupe and Lauretta Stevens tried to make her work off Harder’s debt through prostitution, but as soon as she could she got away. That brings us to forced prostitution and the Hells angels in Surrey, Maple Ridge and Hamilton. Forced prostitution and the Hells angels. Well strike one up for the toy run. Get them adicted to crack and force them into prostitution to pay for the debt. Yeah David Giles is a great guy alright. For a clown.

Someone from Kelowna contacted me and said they recognized Giles from photos on my web site. He didn't know who he was at the time but thought it was odd he would be wearing Hells Angels colours. He thought at the time it was a clown dressed up as a Hells angels. Turned out he was right. David Giles does look like a Shriner in costume. Yet this forced prostitution thing is no laughing matter.

High-risk sex offender living in Surrey

Andrew Aurie Jefferson, 26, known as the Falconridge rapist in Calgary, has a criminal record of sexual-related offences. Police say his method of attack is to use a knife to threaten and then grab a woman from behind.

It is rather bizarre that a high risk sex offender from Alberta would be released in Surrey thank you very much. I remember when the balcony rapist was released in Surrey. There was a public protest held in Newton. He moved. This time we're not so lucky. He did go to Mission first after his plans of moving to Kelowna fell through.

He has to go somewhere but five years for three armed rapes with no counseling is not right. That's the whole point of our desire for judicial reform. Raising the penalties for nonviolent crime and demanding the provinces pay for it will continue to prevent us from fixing this problem of being able to properly address violent crime. Ten years is not life.

In Kelowna we have a Hells angels associate out on bail having been charged with sexual assault. His case won't go to trial until a year after his arrest. What is his victim supposed to do during that time living in the same small town?

We also are waiting for the results of that gang rape at the Renegades clubhouse in Prince George. Hells angels associates accused to gang raping someone in one of their drug dealing puppet clubhouses. The sad thing is, Andrew Jefferson isn't the only rapist running free in BC. Even police officers have been charged with committing rape. We can't address this like we should if we prioritize nonviolent crime.

Fixing the RCMP

It's impossible to keep up with all the bad press the RCMP is getting. Evey day a new horror story. Police brutality, sexual harassment, sexual assault, impaired driving, hit and run, the list goes on and on and on. We've gone from accusations of the police blackmailing prostitutes to having sex with them and trying to smuggle a prostitute onto a police cruse ship doing security for the Olympics to numerous allegations of sexual harassment at the workplace and even several allegations of police officers raping fellow police officers. The number of cases is absurd. It forces the average civilian to ask what the hell is going on there? The professional image isn't just tarnished, it looks more like a circus of unprofessionalism.

Making a politically incorrect statement is one thing but raping a fellow officer is another. During the Olympics a police officer was accused of raping a fellow officer. We are told alcohol played a factor. Yet back in 2003, Four female RCMP officers alleged they were sexually assaulted by one of their superiors.

We are well aware of the disastrous affair with a witness in the Surrey Six Murder trial. The front page of Friday's Vancouver Province contained yet another accusation from another witness at the current sexual harassment trial involving Cpl. Catherine Galliford. The married female officer claimed she was pressured into having a sexual relationship with her fellow officer after she was caught by her husband who read text messages on her cell phone. It was either consensual or it wasn't. Either way having sex in patrol cars on duty pretty much demonstrates how unprofessional that force has become. It's a huge problem.

Since many of the allegations are of a sexual nature, it is tempting to fix the problem like you would fix your cat and nip it in the bud so to speak. Yet I'm looking beyond the sexual perversions in the force. I'm looking at the root of the problem. Galliford says the command and control structure at the RCMP means Mounties are instructed to do as they're told, or risk getting reprimanded. We need soldiers not sheep. Soldiers like General Romeo Dallaire not abusive idiots and wing nuts.

The problem I see begins at the beginning. It begins with Depot. Ever see the movie Full Metal Jacket? Abusive training breed psychopaths. The theory was break someone down then build them back up. It is a self defeating process because it teaches breaking someone down is good and right when it most certainly is not. It also leads to an undesirable conclusion.

Depot training can be hard and demanding without being so degrading and abusive. Get someone exhausted then build them up. That's how you train a reflex. What you train when you are exhausted trains a reflex. Abusing recruits when they are exhausted trains them to be abusive. That is what we are now seeing in the farce. To change that we have to begin at the beginning and make depot challenging but positive. Build their self esteem, build their self respect, then they will show respect for others.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Eagles have Landed

Once again, this has absolutely nothing to do with gangsters, drugs, prostitution or the gang war that has plagued British Columbia. It's about what TI and Rhianna refer to as Living your life.

We had a life before the Hells angels came to BC and before the gang war started. Back in the day our motto was Beautiful British Columbia. Gordon Campbell changed it to The Best Place on Earth which is absurd. BC is not the best place on earth and Gordon Campbell significantly diminished it with his insane tenure as Premier. Nevertheless, BC is still beautiful just like many other places on earth.

Australia kinda has the best of everything - nice beaches, warm climate, Kangaroos and even has snow in their mountains during winter. Like that's not fair. They seem to have everything. Nevertheless, we do like our mountains. I remember speaking last year with a girl visiting from Brazil during winter. I said oh you have nice beaches in Brazil. Her eyes lit up and said yes but not like here. Our beaches are HOT. Indeed there are many wonderful places on earth. Yet this is our home and we do appreciate it's rustic beauty.

This weekend is the Bald Eagle Festival at Harrison. The eagles come to feed on the chum after they have spawned. It's wonderful to see. Usually very cold and wet this time of year but something to see nonetheless. Eagles are pretty private. If you get too close they just casually fly away so bring your binoculars. The boat tours don't do it. The motorboats scare them off and too many boats will disrupt their feeding habits.

I put the Kayak in at Kilby at Harrison Mills today and paddled up past the bridge where the Harrison river spreads out wide to less than a foot deep. The boats can't get there but that is where the eagles are feeding on the rotting salmon carcasses.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Insider Trading in Congress

Freddy already posted a link to this but I also just saw it on MSN news. Turns out there's a new book about insider trading in US Politics called Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer.

This past Sunday night, Steve Croft of “60 Minutes” exposed how U.S. Congressional critters cheat, lie and benefit from insider trading on defense contracts. He cornered former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with her investments gained from her inside knowledge of multi-billion dollar contracts.

Pelosi boasts multi-millionaire status along with over 200 other members of Congress. She responded that everything she had done as to investments was legal. In reality, she cheated before a law could be passed to stop the cheating.

Consequently, A long-ignored proposal to ban insider trading by members of Congress gained new traction this week following news stories that reinforced the public's low opinion of Congress.

Creating a direct conflict with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, fellow Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow has proposed legislation that would ban members of Congress from using privileged information obtained on Capitol Hill for insider trading on Wall Street.

It reminds me of that movie Distinguished Gentlemen with Eddy Murphy. I like the Duck Hunt scene. He plays a can man gone politician and admits that he did way more sh*t in office than he ever did on the street only the cons he pulled in office were legal. Somehow I think this applies to the Occupy Wall Street protest and continues to give that cause merit. Newt Gingrich reportedly received $1.8 million in consulting fees from Freddie Mac before it was bailed out by taxpayers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

David Johnston's Hunger strike for Occupy

Someone mentioned this guy at the open mike at the Vancouver Occupation and I was surprised I hadn't heard about the story. Seemingly one of the members of the Victoria Occupy has been arrested and has been on a three week hunger strike during his 60 day sentence. Prolific offenders don't even get that much jail time for property theft. He challenged the crown to get a judge to make a ruling on the right to sleep. God love him.

I have mixed feelings about camping in city parks. Homelessness is a genuine concern. Obviously the Occupy Wall Street is a political protest. Many argue that it's becoming a modern Woodstock yet I think the underlining message is important to heed. Corruption on Wall Street is serious. Hiding that with propaganda is self defeating. It raises our taxes and erodes our sovereignty. Pepper spraying protesters, clergy and seniors diminishes all of us. Dorli Rainey is 84 years old. Her photo is a “defining image” of the protest.

Surrey Municipal Election

Saturday is the municipal election and I still have to go through the election booklet to see who all is running. Although I did think Dianne Watts has done some good things for Surrey there have been numerous concerns brought to light after her bizarre and brazen endorsement of George Bush's endorsement of torture and Investment fraud on his recent visit.

Surrey mayoral candidate Ross Buchanan has raised a very valid concern about this new conflict of interest development corporation she created. "Very few people in Surrey are aware that in 2007, Dianne Watts and the Surrey First councillors created a wholly owned development corporation in which the city are the main shareholders," said Buchanan.

"Diane Watts, Coun. Linda Hepner and city manager Murray Dinwoodie sit on the board of directors. How can the mayor and council remain independent of influence when they are sitting on the board of their own development corporation whose goals are at odds with the livability of the entire region?"

Buchanan said the corporation is "riddled with a lack of transparency" and has not been accountable for its activities. "It is highly irregular that the financial statements for the corporation would be consolidated with the city's. It is a separate entity. Requests for detailed accounting are denied," he said. He said valuable city assets have been transferred to the corporation with little or no public consultation.

This is a huge concern. The real cost of Surrey’s $100-million new city hall and the huge budget expansion is another. As we have seen raising taxes is the only way to pay for pork barrel politics and that is what she's endorcing with the gas tax.

It appears that the lovely Laila is endorsing Ross Buchanan for good reason. I think I will too. Watts may well be a shoe in but she did lose my vote over that George Bush fiasco. The Christy Clark like endorsement was shocking. Yet not all the Surrey First candidates are shoe ins. I think my first step is to not vote Surrey First. That will reduce the pork barrel lack of acounatability the Surrey First political party are creating.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bob Paulson next RCMP commissioner

According to CBC News, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has gone back to the ranks of the Mounties and has chosen Bob Paulson as the next commissioner of the RCMP. The official announcement is expected Wednesday. Three cheers. This was my second choice after Jim Chu. That's way better than appointing a lawyer for the Hells angels to the Supreme Court. What was the president of the Conservative party doing representing the Hells angels anyways?

Hey, Harper did something I agree with. Can you believe that? Miracles never cease. Now if he just arrested Brian Mulroney for the two million dollar settlement he defrauded the Canadian tax payers out of...

A civilian in charge of the RCMP is like having a civilian in charge of your military. It doesn't make sense. Promoting from within does. Bob Paulson isn't in Boy George's corrupt camp of pension fraud either. I am told he was involved with the gang task force in BC before things started to go wrong. I'm told he was competent and did a good job. Let's hope he gets the support he needs to inspect the troops and clean house so we can effectively start dealing with the OMGs in BC once again.