Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hells Angels' lawyer beaten in Montreal

Montreal criminal lawyer Gilles Doré - who has represented alleged Hells Angels - is in hospital with serious injuries after being assaulted outside his home. According to Radio-Canada, the 58-year-old lawyer was violently beaten outside his house in Montreal's tony Outremont neighbourhood Friday evening.


  1. Wow, wonder what he did? Lose a case? I read the article link and he sounds like he might be a bit of an asshole that brings some of his troubles upon himself. Example: He wrote a letter a judge residing over his client's trial that was so blistering, the judge quit the trial and this lawyer got suspended by the bar. He's appealing right now saying that his rights were violated by the bar. Anyway...I don't like to hear that anyone got the shit beat out of themselves. I would like to know why, though.

  2. Yeah I was wondering if his client was upset with him for something. I don’t know if the letter he wrote had anything to do with it. We’ll keep our ear to the ground.


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