Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rock Machine shot at in Winnipeg

Two homes in the 1000 block of Beauty Avenue were hit with gunfire Tuesday night in what sources say was most definitely a targeted attack linked to organized crime. The Free Press has learned two high-ranking members of the Rock Machine were inside one of the homes at the time bullets started flying. It appears the other residence that was struck was simply a case of poor aim by the unidentified shooter. Looks like the Big Red Machine just can't let it go. Give it a rest in December you heartless pricks.

The latest Edmonton shooting victim has been identified as Ashneil Singh. Looks like the newspaper got that from facebook not from the Edmonton police.


  1. Kill all the Rock Machine? Hells Angels crossed over to the Rock Machine in Winnipeg after the Hells Angels killed one of their own and told all his friends to suck it up. It's pretty bizarre actually.

  2. i dont like ether of them there both no good

  3. I see. You mean let them kill each other off. Well that certainly looks like what they’re doing.

  4. "heart less pricks".. go say that to their faces i'd sell tickets to that

  5. True but the fact remains. Murdering people around Christmas over drugs is heartless. Just like it was in the Vancouver Christmas of 1995:


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