Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ziggy Matheson

We've already talked a little bit about one of Jason Zailo's friends named Ziggy Matheson. Here are a few more pictures of him. Ziggy's on the left in each picture. In the first picture he's with Brent Moreland on the right.

He has quite the criminal history both in Victoria and back in Saskatchewan where he's originally from. They say don't hate the player hate the game but I dunno. This player has some pretty dark associations.

In fact, February 2000 he was charged with murder. Oct 1995, Sept 1997, May 1998, October and August 1999 he was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking in Saanich, Duncan and Victoria. There's a publication ban on his January 2006 case. This is one of Jason Zailo's friends?


  1. No, they put a memo out about that, you are now allowed to hate the player AND the game....

  2. That’s a pretty awesome link. Implicating Christy Clark, I love it. She was a constant source of cabinet leaks? Interesting. Wasn’t the RCMP Officer that initiated the Legislative investigation stone walled and harassed out of town? I’ll have to look for his name.

  3. Agent K. Can you please post up a pic of this julio guy. If you know about vic and serious people u know him so post some shit up about him. thanks big dawg

  4. Sorry, Julio who again? I can ask some people to look into it but a last name would help. Cheers.

  5. Game playing begins with RCMP, as they are far from clean !
    Evidence and charges that hide behind publication bans are done to protect the CRIMINAL relationship with the Judiciary! This is part of 'the setup DRAMA' for the ill gotten Court Room FICTIONAL proceedings that result in lesser charges going forward! It is also ultimately the set-up for TOTAL DISMISSAL (even Crown Council claiming there is not enough evidence)! Crown Council also takes its direction for charges upon consultation with a JUDGE! The PUBLIC does not have any clue as to the complete lack of JUSTICE within the JUDICIARY - associated with this ill gotten Judicial Process!


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