Thursday, October 31, 2019

Anchorage Hells Angel sentenced for selling crystal meth

TBM is reporting that "An Anchorage Hells Angel got 18 years in federal prison while his wife got another four years for their role in a methamphetamine distribution ring in Anchorage."

KTVA is reporting that "Charles 'Pup' Denver Phillips, 46, was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison and five years of supervised release. His wife Lois Latrilla Phillips, also 46, was sentenced to eight years in federal prison and four years of supervised release. Schroder's office says the couple also agreed to hand over $24,492 of drug money found in their apartment. The press release says the couple admitted they kept a stash of meth and intended to distribute the drug in Alaska. According to Schroder's office, they also kept meth in a shipping container at an Anchorage dog kenneling business."

It’s not just heroin killing Alaskans: Meth deaths here are up four-fold

The Rolling Stone: Inside Alaska's Meth Epidemic

Hells Angels and Crystal meth or Ice in Australia

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Montreal shooting tied to the Hells Angels

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Police have identified the man shot and killed in the parking lot of a South Shore mall Wednesday as Roger Bishop. Media reports say he had links to the Hells Angels biker gang. Bishop, 49, was attacked in broad daylight in Brossard. A fire-damaged car was found nearby. The attack took place around 11:30 a.m. in the Place Portobello mall parking lot on Taschereau Blvd. west of Highway 10, said Sûreté du Québec spokesperson Ingrid Asselin. The shooting took place near the World Gym. Investigators aren’t yet sure whether the victim was arriving or leaving the parking lot when he was shot. It’s too early to say if any video surveillance cameras captured the attack."

La Presse is reporting that "Roger Bishop, 49, a former prospect of three Hells Angels chapters in Ontario, and the South section in Quebec. According to our information, the Hells Angels would have withdrawn his colors to Bishop two years ago and since then he would have lost the confidence of the organization. In October 2016, La Presse announced that Roger Bishop was a longshoreman at the Port of Montreal."

"An individual considered a partner of the Hells Angels, Gaetan Sévigny, was killed in Terrebonne two weeks ago, and everything indicates that this is also an internal purge within the Hells Angels organization." Another internal purge...

As we have since discovered, that's all the Quebec biker war was really about. An internal purge of political opponents to Mom Boucher by his friends in the Rock Machine who all crossed over to join the Hells Angels in 2000 after they cleared away his political opponents.

Since they keep exterminating the Ontario village idiots, I wonder if Rat Face will be next. He's from Hamilton not Quebec. Then again it's more likely he's behind it, giving opponents names to Salvatore Cazzetta the former founder of the Rock Machine who is now the Montreal Hells Angels president. Anything for the friend of an armed rapist.

Salvatore wasn’t the only one that crossed over at that time. He had a brother named Giovanni who started the Rock Machine with him in 1989. Giovanni also crossed over and joined the Hells Angels with him. But that’s not all. Paul Porter and Sal Brunetti left the Rock Machine and joined the Hells Angels all at the same time: December 2000. Paul Porter then led the Ontario Nomads. Brunetti was the leader of the Dark Circle, often described as the Rock Machine’s hit squad.

Salvatore Cazzetta and his brother Cazzetta are hard core. So is Sal Brunetti. I'm not saying they shouldn't be in charge. I'm saying I can't understand why they would endorse an armed rapist and a flaming idiot. That's all I'm saying. Paul Porter had integrity. Walter Stadnick does not.

Hells Angels associates charged in DTES shooting

What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Australian Hells Angel arrested in Thailand

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that "Thai police have arrested an Australian Hells Angels gang member who is wanted on drug charges in Western Australia. Police say they arrested Luke Anderson on Thursday after meeting with Australian embassy officials on the problem of outlaw motorbike gangs. They say they have revoked his visa and will deport him."

"They said Anderson had been living with his Thai girlfriend in Pattaya, a coastal city notorious for crime and corruption. According to a Thai police press release, Anderson has been arrested more than 20 times in Australia on a number of charges, including possession of illegal weapons and drugs." Spotlight on the Hells Angels in Thailand

Sunday, October 27, 2019

World Cup Rugby Semi Finals

Wow England beat New Zealand in the semi finals for World Cup Rugby and face South Africa in the finals on Saturday. New Zealand faces Wales Friday for third. Can you believe it?

New Zealand beat Wales 40 - 17 for third.

Interesting to note that New Zealand beat Canada 63 - 0 but tied 0 - 0 with Italy.

England is tied with South Africa 6 - 6 in the final.

Arrest made in New Brunswick murder

New Brunswick crime is reporting that "new developments in the murder of Candace Stevens last year have led to an arrest over the weekend. Police suspect 2 people were involved, one which has been arrested, the other is believed to have committed suicide." More details to come.

Global is reporting that "the suspect is due in Fredericton court at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

Update: CBC is reporting that "The man Fredericton police believe murdered Candace Stevens one year ago will never be charged because he's dead, but a woman has been charged in connection with the death of the single mother. Wendy Gail Losier, 42, of Moncton, appeared in Fredericton provincial court on Monday afternoon to face charges of being an accessory after the fact to murder and interference with human remains. The remains of Stevens, 31, were discovered on Warwick Road in Upper Derby, near Miramichi, on Oct. 27, 2018."

Global is reporting that "On Nov. 1, 2018, she was charged after a Walmart shooting incident that resulted in a police chase. Losier was a passenger in the vehicle that her 26-year-old boyfriend was driving. According to RCMP, the driver was injured during the chase and taken to hospital, where he later died. Losier was charged on Nov. 1, 2018, with theft under $5,000 and possessing a firearm knowing that the serial number on it has been altered, defaced or removed."

Dusty Swanson returns to Edmonton after Greek Murder

CBC is reporting that "A Canadian Hells Angels prospect sentenced to a 15-year prison term in Greece for his involvement in the beating death of a Greek citizen has returned to Alberta after serving just a few years of his sentence. Shortly after being released from a Greek prison, Dustin Swanson returned to the Edmonton area and started working as a tattoo artist at Three Monkeys Tattoo & Lifestyle Apparel in Spruce Grove. "

"Swanson's companions - Nick Dragich and Brent Koziak - were patched Hells Angels, which means they were full members. Swanson was handed a 15-year sentence. Dragich and Koziak were sentenced to eight-year terms after being found guilty of having been accomplices in the attack. All three men appealed, but only Dragich and Koziak were successful. The two patched members each paid €20,000 to be released on bail. They were later deported by Greek police who cited public safety concerns, according to Georgoudis."

Nick is huge and has a background in MMA. Nobody likes a bully.

Nobody likes a bully or a thief. These bags of sh*t stole an innocent life.

Edmonton - the root of all E-Ville.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Hells Angels and Crystal meth or Ice in Australia

New Zealand Stuff is reporting that Hells Angels hitman James "Jim Jim" Brandes brought back the recipe for crystal meth or Ice from the Hells Angels in Oakland and changed the face of Australia's drug culture forever. Crystal meth is a horrible drug. It's not speed. It has similar effects as speed but it's made with Drano. That sh*t will f*ck you up worse than crack cocaine.

A crack pipe is a long thing glass tube while a crystal meth pipe is the same tube with a glass ball on the end. In Australia they smoke it but they also inject it and it has become a national epidemic like opioids in the US. Reggie Yates produced a stirring documentary on Ice in Australia. The Hells Angels were also caught bringing crystal meth from Australia to Thailand.

The Hells Angels are known for bringing crystal meth from California to the East coast of the United States. We can't really talk about crystal meth in California without talking about Michael Riconosciuto who claimed the CIA were the ones cooking the crystal meth in California and we can't really talk about the Hells Angels in Oakland without talking about Oliver North. History tends to repeat itself until we learn from it.

Michael Riconosciuto Files Affidavit in Inslaw Case

Peter Videnieks stole the PROMIS software and gave it to Earl Brian.

Earl W. Brian and the CIA

"Riconosciuto told Bill Hamilton that he and Earl Brian, a director of Hadron, Inc., a government consulting firm, had paid $40 million to Iranian officials in 1980 to persuade them not to release the American hostages before the conclusion of the presidential election that saw Ronald Reagan elected president of the United States; this is the claim now known as the October Surprise."

Speaking of Australia, the CIA crashed the Nugan Hand bank in Australia due to arms dealing, drug trafficking and money laundering just like the BCCI. Maybe they'll give Michael Hand a job as a Fox News host right beside Oliver North. History repeats itself until we learn from it.

Perhaps it was the Michael Riconosciuto case that convinced the RCMP to quit trying to stop organized crime and start learning how to profit from it instead. The movie Freeway: Crack in the System had a former dirty DEA agent who busted Freeway Ricky admit that after the feds pulled the plug on their investigation into Oscar Danilo Blandón they started keeping part of the money they were seizing from drug traffickers for themselves. He admits the new directive wasn't to get drugs off the streets, it was to seize as much drug money as they could to fund operations.

The DEA had busted Oscar Danilo Blandón who was supplying all of LA with the cocaine that was feeding the crack epidemic back in the /80s. The CIA pulled the plug on that bust and said you can't charge him, he works for us. So they made him a paid informant and busted Freeway Ricky instead who was one of Blandón's dealers. After that the DEA lost heart. They figured if you can't beat them join them. That appears to be the RCMP's new motto.

Perhaps it was the Michael Riconosciuto case that caused the RCMP to lose heart. The RCMP investigated Michael Riconosciuto and the INSLAW case. Their conclusion was: The dejected officer shakes his head. "We got further than anyone else ever did on this case," he says, "and nobody outside of law enforcement will ever know what we found because no one in law enforcement can ever tell anyone what we found."

If they found that Michael Riconosciuto was guilty, they would have been able to tell the world that. What they found was confidential so they weren't allowed to report on it. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math. While investigating the Michael Riconosciuto case, the RCMP found out the same thing the DEA found out in the Blandon case, that the CIA were the ones behind the drug trafficking.

That is why the RCMP quit trying to stop organized crime and started trying to find ways to profit from it. Just like the DEA in LA during the US crack epidemic, they figured if you can't beat them join them. That is the WRONG approach. We need to embrace the New York model and get rid of the police corruption that endorses that kind of criminal activity. After we do that, then law enforcement will take care of itself.

Kill the Messenger - Crack in the System - The Seven Five

Fire Damages CIA Headquarter and Revelas a Gigantic Drug Lab

Meth Lab Explosion at Federal Science Facility

A Meth Lab Exploded Inside a Government Building

Firefighters Respond to Explosion at DC Police Drug Lab

Never mind all that. Russia hacked the election and the CIA is going to impeach Trump. Not.

Oh and they killed another fake terrorist leader that used to work for the CIA.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Window Washers hang from scaffold in high wind

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that "Two workers on a swing-stage platform on the east side of Stantec Tower were left dangling as high winds descended on downtown Edmonton Friday afternoon. The video shows a platform swaying in the wind before crashing into the side of Stantec Tower, breaking a window and leaving one man dangling from the platform. The area between the Stantec Tower and Edmonton Tower is currently closed off."

CTV posted a video of the rescue as did Global.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Transgender waxing complaint dismissed with costs

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A transgender B.C. woman who filed complaints against several estheticians who refused to provide intimate waxing services has had her complaints dismissed. Jessica Yaniv is also ordered to pay $2,000 each to three of the respondents for her improper conduct, according to the decision released Tuesday and authored by Human Rights Tribunal member Devyn Cousineau."

"The original complaints were filed after Yaniv sought genital waxing services from several service providers in the Vancouver area through Facebook Marketplace and was refused after she made it known she has a penis and scrotum. Many of the providers operated out of their homes or were women whose first language wasn’t English."

"Cousineau found that the industry-accepted definition of a brazilian wax is the hair removal for an individual with female parts, while what Yaniv sought was hair removal for male parts, more commonly known as a brozilian or a manzilian. None of the service providers listed as respondents offered brozilians or manzilians."

As I previously said, this whole case was a complete fraud. This was a predator sexually harassing women and the tribunal was justified in dismissing the complaint with costs.

Jessica used to work for the same company I do. Back when she was known as Jonathon. We even worked at the same location several years ago although I now work at a new location with the same company. I remember when she was a he and got fired for sexual harassment. He kept hitting on a pretty young girl and wouldn't take no for an answer. Unlike at the RCMP, my employer obeys the law and fires people for sexual harassment.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Hackers ransom Canadian city and 3 hospitals in Ontario

BBC is reporting that "When malicious hackers disable your business and demand a ransom, should you pay up? Many firms do out of desperation, turning to intermediaries to help broker the deal." This is what happened to Norsk Hydro, a global aluminium producer.

"When they eventually launched their ransomware attack, it was devastating - 22,000 computers were hit across 170 different sites in 40 different countries. Chief information officer Jo De Vliegher reopens the ransom note that appeared on computers all over the company. It read: 'Your files have been encrypted with the strongest military algorithms... without our special decoder it is impossible to restore the data.'"

This also happened to the city of Strathford, Ontario on April 14 2019.

CBC is reporting that it also happened to 3 Ontario hospitals this year.

Do ya think it's the same Agency committing all those attacks?

I don't have any money to pay a ransom. I'd just throw my computer in the garbage and post from the library like I did every other time my computer was hacked with a military grade intrusion.

Man found shot in Abbotsford

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "A man in his 20s is recovering in hospital after being shot at an Abbotsford gas station on Tuesday night. The shooting took place at about 7:30 p.m. in the drive-thru of the Tim Hortons at the Esso gas station in the 31700 block of South Fraser Way. Witnesses on Facebook say two men wearing masks approached a black SUV that the victim was driving and began shooting. The SUV then rammed a green Honda Civic directly in front of it to escape, the witnesses said."

"The victim is being treated in Abbotsford Regional Hospital and is expected to survive, according to Abbotsford Police media officer Const. Jody Thomas. The black SUV arrived at the hospital shortly after the shooting, and the hospital was then locked down, as is standard protocol in such an incident." A burned-out vehicle was discovered in the vicinity of Queen Street and Wheel Avenue in west Abbotsford, not far from the shooting scene. Police have not yet confirmed that the vehicle is connected to the shooting."

Redd Alert Killas supplied by the Cub Pack

Wow. Things in the DTES are off the hook. When Kim Bolan said the UN were making a come back in the DTES, I thought she was full of sh*t. I thought the BC Gang Task force who have Hells Angels Associates in the Witness Protection Program were lying again. I don't know about the UN but it appears when the Hells Angels killed Glen Nelson's wife after he helped them take back all the drug dealers in the DTES for the Hells Angels that understandably created another rift. Glen Nelson has a new crew now called RAK or Redd Alert Killas just like the FK in Calgary. So once again a Hells Angels betrayal has launched another gang war just like in Winnipeg.

So much for being discreet. Someone has posted the RA Bible online to get more media attention. It confirms Redd Alerts' connection to the Hells Angels specifically Edmonton (8151) the root of all E-ville. The postings also confirm another split within the RA in Edmonton.

Obviously I don't support and am not involved with any of this.

Update: Get this, RAK in the DTES is supplied by the Cub Pack not the UN. The Hells Angels are supplying both sides of that beef. The UN have nothing to do with that. The BC Gang Task Force is on the wrong side. You wanna talk about E-Ville? Lets talk about a little girl who was murdered for her parents drug debt. That was E-Ville.

Dominic DiPalma sentenced to six years for cocaine trafficking

The betrayal and murder of Joey Morin

Reno Lee's death was an execution

These exerts from the RA Bible were posted on a public Youtube channel:

THEY killed Janice. Steele would not have been allowed to shoot Janice without 81's permission.

Dexter Cardinal and Rob Wagner need to be charged with conspiracy to commit the murder of Janice Bryant. That is the only way the violence will stop. Charge the puppet masters themselves.

Don't let Micheal Ross do another Rick Roll and have his crew ho testify against the shooter he hired. Yo bro, that Rick Roll is getting really old so it is. "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time."

So tell me, since the Cub Pack are supplying the RAK with drugs and since Cub Pack associates in the witness protection program get police escorts to sell cocaine, does that mean the RCMP get a percentage of the drug sales or do they just get discounts at the Garden of Eden and the Swedish Touch? Please advise. Surrey is the new Seven Five yo.

I guess that's Dwayne McDonald's new job on the Surrey RCMP's How to Profit from Organized Crime task force. To make sure the Cub Pack keep getting police protection to sell drugs. How does it feel to wear a badge and be on the wrong side of the law? How does it feel?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Another Mafia murder in Montreal

CTV is reporting that "Andrea (Andrew) Scoppa, reputedly one of the Montreal Mafia's most influential leaders, was found dead Monday in a parking lot in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, in the West Island. He had been shot and was lying "in a pool of his own blood" in front of a store at 4744 Saint-Jean Boulevard, according to a Montreal police source. Scoppa’s death was confirmed on the scene. Andrew Scoppa was the brother of Salvatore Scoppa, who was killed in front of dozens of witnesses in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Laval last May."

"The Scoppa brothers, who are reputed to have been key players in the Montreal Mafia during the dismantling of the Rizzuto family, are believed to be linked to the murders of four people in 2016, in which four people were arrested last week. Provincial police said last week they had no doubt that Salvatore Scoppa's killing was in response to the four 2016 slayings."

Candlelight Vigil in Abbotsford

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "More than 200 people came out for a candlelight vigil in Abbotsford on Sunday for families to talk about and grieve the loss of their loved ones to gangs. The event, titled Labelled: Caught in the Crossfire, was held at civic plaza and was organized by Kids Play Foundation. Among the speakers was Ken Dosanjh, the brother of Ron and Jimmy Dosanjh, who were both killed in gang-related killings within two months of each other in 1994."

CTV posted a video clip from the vigil. KidsPlay is going good work. When everyone else is talking about doing something they are out there doing it. The RCMP in Surrey don't want to let them speak in schools because they are nonprofit and the RCMP get paid overtime to talk in schools. If they let the non profits speak, they miss the overtime.

Canada 2019 Election Synopsis

My daughter summed up the election paradox well. She had studied the various candidates and came to the conclusion that each candidate said some things she agreed with and other things she disagreed with. I think that's how the majority of Canadians felt.

It's amusing how the Main Stream Media spins things. They claim 63% of people want Scheer to step down as leader. Yeah? 63% of who? The people who didn't vote for him? He gained 26 seats and won the popularity vote. Still want pro rep now? If we had pro rep Scheer would now be Prime Minister. Jagmeet lost 15 seats and the NDP's popularity vote dropped from 19.7% to 15.9%. Yet the MSM applauds Jamgeet on a job well done. Why is that? Why is the MSM for Jagmeet and against Scheer? Because the MSM promotes the Corporate agenda and Jagmet was promoting the Pharmaceutical fraud. Free heroin for everyone was the ultimate end game of the legalization of all drugs and that is what organized crime in the pharmaceutical world want.

Scheer made the most gains except for the Bloq who took Quebec back from the NDP. So what happened in Quebec? We lost Thomas Mulcair. This is the beauty of Canada. No political party is going to gain a majority government without Quebec. Quebec in a sense has a veto as does Ontario. Since Quebec and Ontario have the largest population, they rightfully have the most seats and most of the election is decided by them. Alberta is just sour grapes. Everyone is sick of listening to Alberta. Airlift your oil to China. It's time to try something new.

Andrew Scheer did great. He should be kept on as leader for the duration. However, if the Conservatives ever want to return to power, they are going to need a candidate from Quebec or at least someone who can speak French properly. Jason Kenny can speak French but Quebec doesn't trust him for good reason. Raging Rachel launched a trade war with BC and Quebec. Then Jason Kenny became full born a*shole totally pissing off both provinces. If Jason Kenny took over as leader of the Conservatives I would drop my support in a heartbeat.

The Conservatives would instantly lose the gains Scheer made in BC and they wouldn't have a hope in hell of making any ground in Quebec. The French aren't stupid. When you f*ck them over they don't forget about it. They remember. Jason Kenny is toast federally.

Andrew Scheer should lead the opposition for the duration but if the Conservatives want to take the next election they need to recruit a leader from Quebec even Thomas Mulcair. I kid you not. If Preston Manning was willing to merge with Mulroneyism, the very entity the Reform Party was created to oppose, just to get elected, then why not merge with a Quebecer who believes in balanced budgets? That would win the day.

How do you think Brian Mulroney got elected? He was from Quebec and he could speak French. If you can't speak French, Quebec doesn't trust you and feel alienated. If you include Quebec, they will take you over the top. Mark my word. Together we are strong. Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Green Justice: Civil Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility

Canada 2019 Election Results

CBC is reporting that "Liberals take losses but win enough in Quebec and Ontario to form minority government. Conservatives win popular vote with Alberta and Saskatchewan near sweep, but finish 2nd in seats. While final ballots are still being counted in several ridings, the Liberals are expected to win 156 seats, 21 fewer than they started with 40 days ago. The Conservatives moved up from 95 seats to an estimated 122, while the NDP lost 15 seats to end up with 24." Well, at least that's some progress. Justin Trudeau has lost his luster.

The Liberals lost 20 seats, the Conservatives gained 26 seats while the NDP lost 15 seats. The Greens gained a seat and Maxine Bernier lost his seat. Quebec saw the Bloq gain 22 seats. Everyone was all Jagmeet Singh. Jagmeet Singh was a nice guy but legalizing all drugs is both stupid and evil. We don't need to legalize heroin. Legalizing crystal meth and date rape drug is complete irresponsibility. The way Jagmeet trashed Elizabeth May after she did him the favor of not running anyone against him in his bi election so he could get elected was sleazy.

I voted for a brown guy. I voted for Shinder Purewal. Race has nothing to do with it. Political positions do. Ken Hard is a nice guy but the Liberals position on Zero carbon emissions and gun control lost me. As I previously said, this election was a circus side show of extremism. Andrew Scheer was the voice of reason balancing those extremes.

Green Justice: Civil Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility

Canada 2019 Election Synopsis

Monday, October 21, 2019

Election Day in Canada

Today is Election Day. Get out there and vote. Green Justice supports Andrew Sheer. He has become the voice of reason within a circus side show of extremism. Canada's share of global emissions decreased from 1.8% in 2005 to 1.6% in 2014. Banning all cars and motorcycles is ridiculous. They don't have electric semi trailers ready for production yet. That affects everything we buy in stores. Legalizing all drugs is the highway to hell. I support the New York model.

Canada 2019 Election Results: Progress has been made.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Biker associate running for mayor in New Brunswick

CBC is reporting that "Paul LaPointe has same name as man linked with armed standoff in community on Thursday." OK this is shady. Here's a guy running for mayor of Tracy, New Brunswick that has a lot of bikers and criminals as friends on Facebook trashing the RCMP for questioning him about a nearby shooting. Among a ship load of bikers, one of his fb friends is Jesse Logue who is tied to the recent double homicide in Fredericton.

In fact he even wrote a book last year From Cell to Sanity a memoir about how because of his bi-polar disorder he lost relationships, lived a life of extremes and cycled in and out of jail as a result of his bizarre behaviour. Sounds like he still needs some more time with Dr Phil.

Update: Man involved in Tracy standoff denied bail, faces 12 new charges

CBC is reporting that "A 53-year-old man who was involved in a nearly 11-hour standoff with police in Tracy last week has been denied bail and is facing a slew of new charges. Paul LaPointe is facing a dozen charges that include threats, assaults and firearm offences. On Oct. 17, LaPointe was released following a standoff at 4491 Heritage Dr. He was arrested again the next day and appeared in Burton provincial court on Thursday for a bail hearing. He is now facing 12 charges, 11 of which are indictable."

"The charges include: three counts of assault, three counts of uttering threats to cause death to someone, and discharging a firearm — a shotgun — with the intent to wound someone. He's also charged with discharging a firearm into or at a place knowing that, or being reckless as to whether another person was present in that place. In addition, LaPointe faces charges of possessing a firearm without having a licence to do so, possessing firearms while he was prohibited from doing so, resisting a peace officer and uttering threats to kill an animal."

The Pursuit of Peace

Yesterday I walked past the magazine stand at the supermarket and the cover of the fall issue of the Magnolia Journal caught my eye. They had an article that said the Pursuit of Happiness with the Happiness crossed off and replaced with Wholeness.

The Pursuit of Happiness was a stirring movie with Will Smith about how a homeless man with a young child made it rich on Wall street. Although it has a heart warming ending, I never made it that far when I saw it in the theater. I had to leave when he was homeless with his child. It hit a little too close to home at the time as I was almost in a similar situation myself.

The pursuit of happiness is a constitutional quest. The Declaration of Independence states "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Times have changed. Our materialistic world has found itself in hard times. The high cost of living implies that perhaps happiness can't be found. I beg to differ.

Although wholeness is also a worthy quest, money doesn't buy happiness. As TI pointed out in the song Live your Life, you're unhappy with your riches because you are piss poor morally. I submit that morality brings happiness. It also brings peace.

Christ taught "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27

When you look at the stations of the cross and the life that Christ lived, you'd think it would have been difficult for him to be happy when he was beaten and whipped then crucified. Yet there is no question he felt peace knowing he was doing the right thing.

Likewise, we too can find inner peace amidst trials. That peace can bring joy. Not as the world knoweth, but as God knows it. The kind of joy and satisfaction that only comes from hard work.

Joanna Gaines goes on to explain in her blog that she gave up on the need to find balance in life and decided to peruse wholeness instead. It works for her because people misunderstand balance in the same way they misunderstand happiness. She's got it together. She and her husband Chip are a nice couple in Waco Texas who run a few hotels while raising a young family. I wish them well. I've never had a desire to visit Waco Texas but who knows. Maybe one day.

My daughter had a friend visit us here in Surrey from Texas. After a few days he said, why is everyone here so angry? It's as though everyone here wants to beat me up. I could have said oh that's just Surrey but is it really? Most of us drive like a*sholes here. Everyone is in too much of a hurry to get nowhere and become self centered pricks. There's no wholeness, no balance and no peace. There are indeed a lot more friendlier people in Texas.

In the pursuit of peace I recently ordered the book The Goose is out: Zen in Action. The tittle intrigued me as it relates to a recent post I made about Clay. I like Zen and how it applies to my understanding of Christianity. However, like Christianity, Zen can be distorted into esoteric mumbo jumbo and become meaningless nonsense.

There's nothing wrong with pursuing peace or pursuing happiness as long as you understand what you are pursuing. I really like the Dalai Lama's recent book The Art of Happiness in a Trouble World. Osho's book trashes Christmas Humphreys and thereby misses the point. It contradicts what the Dalai Lama teaches about happiness.

Although Zen is not a religion it can certainly enhance religion. It's not in opposition to it. Freeing the mind is indeed the root of the quest. Abandoning the quest and abandoning goals lead to chaos and nonsense. Goals are how we achieve things. If we didn't seek for enlightenment, we would never find it. The quest for a moral compass is one we should all embark on so we can find that inner peace Christ talked about.

I recently saw a plaque at the mall that gave some life advice and said If you're looking for love stop looking. Do the things you love and you will find someone with similar interests. Love will find you. Recently I went out with some old friends. One of them is getting married. They're both scuba divers and they love to dive all around the world. When I told that to my daughter she asked if they met under water. She thought that would have been romantic. They did meet on a dive. I'm not sure if they first met above or under water.

The point is love, like happiness or inner peace, isn't something we find if we look for it. It's something that finds us when we do things we enjoy and aspire to something higher. Peace.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Prison sexual assault lawsuit launched

CBC is reporting that "Systemic failures by the B.C. government led to the sexual abuse of more than 200 inmates by a single prison guard, an alleged victim charges in a new lawsuit.

John Zeitsoff filed suit Tuesday against the province's attorney general and convicted sex offender Roderic David MacDougall. The suit focuses on "the gravity and scope of the province's failure ... to investigate, prevent and report the sexual assaults committed by Mr. MacDougall on inmates and its ongoing failure to establish any independent processes to address the reporting and investigation of sexual assaults within its correctional facilities," according to a notice of civil claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court.

Zeitsoff alleges he was sexually assaulted by MacDougall in 1996 and 1997 while he was an inmate at Alouette River Correctional Centre. He's asking for his claim to be certified as a representative proceeding on behalf of at least 60 other alleged victims who have filed suits alleging abuse by MacDougall over his 21-year career."

Rod MacDougall was a prison guard convicted of sexually assaulting inmates.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "New court filings allege that Roderic MacDougall’s fellow corrections officers believed he was sexually misconducting himself with younger inmates, and these concerns were brought to management as early as 1980."

That would relate to liability. If they knew about it, why didn't they do anything about it. This wasn't a hockey coach or a Catholic priest, it was a prison guard. I remember reading an account of a young offender touring Oakalla on the scarfed straight program. The prison guard intentionally locked the kid up with some inmates knowing they would sexually assault him and said that will teach you a lesson. Not. That's actually something for Dr Phil to sort out.

Any sexual assault in prison is unacceptable.

Fentanyl, cocaine and crystal meth seized in Vernon, Enderby and Revelstoke

The Salmon Arm Observer is reporting that "Six pounds of fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine were seized last week along with $30,000 after a month-long investigation into people believed to be behind supplying drug trafficking houses and dealers in Vernon, Enderby and Revelstoke. 'Investigators worked hard to identify those believed to be responsible for supplying drugs to several dealers and locations,' Targeted Policing Sgt. David Evans said. 'This type of enforcement is part of our commitment to targeting drug trafficking at all levels in the community.'” Well done. That is called Law enforcement. Too bad we don't do that in Surrey. Yet.

El Chapo's son captured and released in Mexico

The LA Times is reporting that "A daring operation to capture one of Mexico’s most powerful drug lords failed disastrously when armed cartel members launched a deadly counterattack, laying siege to the northern city of Culiacan and taking several security officers hostage. Authorities on Thursday briefly detained Ovidio Guzman Lopez, a leader of the powerful Sinaloa cartel and the son of notorious drug boss Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. But they ultimately freed him and retreated, a move Mexico’s leaders defended as necessary to save lives."

"At least eight people died in a series of gun battles across the city, including one civilian, one member of the National Guard and five attackers. At least 16 people were injured."

ABC is reporting that "An intense gunfight with heavy weapons and burning vehicles blocking roads paralysed the capital of Mexico's Sinaloa state and forced police to release the recently arrested son of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman." Free El Chapo and Arrest the CIA.

Donald Trump pardon's El Chapo. Not, but he should.

Mistreating El Chapo in prison diminishes us

Friday, October 18, 2019

Hells Angels associate shot dead in Quebec

CTV is reporting that "A man in his 50s who has been linked to organized crime was shot dead Thursday morning in Terrebonne, north of Montreal. Terrebonne police found the man's body in front of a home on General St. around 10:15. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at a local hospital. Various media reports have identified the victim as Gaetan Sevigny, 53, an associate of the Hells Angels in Quebec. He was shot at his girlfriend's house."

La Presse is reporting that "One of the main assumptions that investigators will likely consider is an internal purge. According to sources, Sévigny, who left prison in May after three and a half years, would have wanted to resume his routes of drugs." An internal purge.... hmmm.

Hells Angels associates charged in DTES shooting

Why is Colombia’s Ex-President on Trial?

The Cartagena Explorer is reporting that " Uribe was the head of Medellín’s Civil Aviation Authority from 1980-82 around the time that Pablo Escobar begin running large amounts of cocaine from Medellín to the US. A 1991 US Defense Intelligence Agency brief reported Uribe was a close friend of Escobar and connected to the drug trade."

"Scandal also followed his presidency. Battlefield victories by Colombia’s armed forces came at a high cost to rural populations in conflict zones. Most notable is the falso positivos scandal where the Colombian army soldiers killed civilians and dressed them as guerillas to meet kill quotas from Uribe and the high command."

Columbia Reports states that "Investigators found out that the military en masse was luring civilians to secluded areas, executed them, dressed them up as guerrillas and presented the body as a combat kill. In a June 2015 report, the Prosecutor General’s Office said it had found that the armed forces and civilian collaborators had killed 4,475 civilians since 1986."

"A 2018 academic study indicated that as many as 10,000 civilians could have been murdered by the military between 2002 and 2010. This would mean that more than half of the 16,000 combat kills reported that year were murdered civilians, and not guerrillas as initially claimed."

Alvaro Uribe is a cousin of the Ochoa crime family that partnered with Escobar

Pablo Escobar worked for the CIA. So did Manuel Noriega. Colonel Edward P. Cutolo testified that in Operation Watchtower the planes loaded with cocaine landing in Panama from Bogata were met by Col. Tony Noriega and CIA Agent Edwin Wilson.

Gary Webb was right. Iran Contra never stopped. Operation Fast and Furious was a CIA operation where the ATF sold the sinola cartel guns and brought back tons of cocaine into the United States as payment. El Chapo had a .50 cal sniper rifle from Operation Fast and Furious. Hilary Clinton was the author of that operation.

The CIA murdered Major Charles McKee. Libya had nothing to do with it.

CIA Drug Trafficking Whistleblower Spreadsheet