Sunday, January 28, 2018

Huge crystal meth seizure in Myanmar

There you have it. Wherever hard drugs are found, human suffering and the CIA are found along with it. Channel News Asia is reporting that "Myanmar has seized 30 million meth pills along with more than two tonnes of "ice" and heroin in a record bust, the government said on Thursday (Jan 18), as drugs pour from labs in lawless border regions. In addition to the meth tablets, the authorities found 502 kilogrammes (1,104 pounds) of heroin and 1,750kg of crystal methamphetamine, or ice. Myanmar is the second largest opium producer in the world after Afghanistan, but levels of poppy cultivation have declined as demand for methamphetamine surges, leading to numerous multi-million dollar busts."

As we know, the CIA created the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam war under the direction of George Bush SR and used the money laundering from that illicit business to crash the Nugan Hand bank in Australia. The CIA also used investment fraud to raise money for operations.

The New York Times reported on "Olive Yang, the royal-turned-warlord, whose CIA-supplied army consolidated opium trade routes in the Golden Triangle in the 1950s" after she died at the age of 90 last Summer. Olive Yang was from British colonial Burma which is now called Myanmar where the current genocide of Muslims is taking place which the Dalai Lama has spoken out against.

The New York Times article even cites Alfred W. McCoy's book, “The Politics of Heroin" which states the CIA funded it's operations in Burma through the sale of opium. Nothing has changed.

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  1. They may be manufacturing that shit in the jungle, but I'll give you one guess where all the chemicals to make it come from....

    1. The CIA makes it and brings it in through China so they can deny culpability.

  2. Hmm...where is the CIA making it before they "bring it thru China" ? Serious question.

    China sends boatloads of the necessary chemicals to Mexico, where cartel super labs do their thing. It comes north from there. It's not too hard to understand that those same fine products of the Chinese chemical industry
    (perfectly legal in China) find their way south into the jungle labs of SE Asia to serve the SE Asian market. Thailand has a very serious meth problem, as does Cambodia. Vietnam less so since they execute drug traffickers.

    1. Burma. The CIA is orchestrating the production of crystal meth in Burma, now known as Myanmar because they control all the opium production in Afghanistan. This article is evidence of that. China does send chemicals to Mexico to make crystal meth but since the CIA created the Golden Triangle and is behind Opium in Afghanistan and Crystal meth in Myanmar, it would not be surprising to discover they are also behind sending crystal meth chemicals through China to Mexico since that ties in with Operation Fast and Furious. Like I said the CIA is a criminal organization that makes the Hells Angels look like boy scouts. I'm sorry but your employer is the devil.

  3. My employer?? WTF dude. Verily, your reading comprehension sucketh sometimes, in this case even of what you yourself wrote!

    I wasn't defending the CIA AT ALL. I was asking you to clarify your statement that "The CIA makes it and BRINGS IT IN THROUGH CHINA" ( that's what "serious question" part meant, as in "where do they make it") when as you just clarified that the chemicals are going south to BURMA where it is being produced, THEN being exported into the rest of SE Asia. There is no evidence of METH being exported DIRECTLY from China to the USA. Even the Chinese are not that bold/stupid. Export of the chemicals to either Burma or Mexico makes them plenty of money while allowing them to say "Ah, we just sell chemicals that are used for other stuff as well". (known as "dual use")

    Your original statement would be read as the CIA making it "somewhere", (unspecified at that point) THEN BRINGING IT IN THROUGH CHINA. Your words. They are not making it somewhere, then taking it back to China to bring it wherever, but that's what you said. Please re-read your original statement and you will see that this may not be what you meant to say, but it IS what you said. Hence my request for a clarification. That simple.

    This is the part where you say, "Ah gotcha, my bad".

    1. You always defend the CIA. As a private contractor in Iraq there is no way you never took an assignment from them. The New York Times article on Olive Yang documents the CIA's creation of the Golden Triangle and the Crystal Meth in Burma. Who do you think was making all that meth in California? Just ask Michael Riconosciuto:


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