Saturday, January 20, 2018

Where do we go from here?

Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads in life and we are forced to ask where do we go from here? This blog has evolved over the years and like Goldie Locks and the Three bears, I've finally found my place so to speak. I'm just doing my own thing. I have distanced myself from police officers who infiltrate biker gangs under cover for several reasons.

A lot of the cops that go under cover to infiltrate the Hells Angels do so because they covet the life like the former Victoria police chief from Sudbury. I do not. There is nothing in that world that appeals to me. The whole point of this blog is to encourage people to leave the life. The safest way to do that is to stop selling drugs and not become a police informant.

I have also distanced myself from drug dealers that have gone under cover to infiltrate biker gangs so they can avoid jail time. Being a drug dealer is bad enough. Ratting out your friends for doing the same thing so you don't have to go to jail is just plain dirty.

TBM is a support group for former gang members in Scandinavia. Micheal Green, the International spokesperson for that group is a good guy. He has a difficult job keeping the peace between a bunch of former gang members who would normally be trying to shoot each other in the real world. I have also distanced myself from drug dealers like Walter Stadnick for obvious reasons. Hells Angels who sell drugs are not trust worthy. They have an agenda which always revolves around them. My history is different. I was never a cop, gang member or a drug dealer. That's why I don't covet that life. I was never a part of it and never wanted to be.

I saw the US crack epidemic in the 1980's. Curtis Sliwa was on the front line leading the crack down on crack campaign in New York City and across the US. I saw it in New York and helped confront it in South Seattle. Before crack the Guardian Angels never used to get invoked in drug enforcement. They just kept the peace and stopped violent crime. When crack hit the streets everything changed. Crack was so invasive and had such a dramatic effect on violent crime Curtis Sliwa started to confront the crack dealers on the street head on.

Crack is a horrible drug. Seeing our government hand out free crack pipes and setting up safe inhalation sites for people to smoke crack is the epitome of evil. It has caused addiction to spread completely out of control and as a result criminals are shooting each other over the profits to be had from the drug trade. CTV just reported that "The number of overdose deaths in Vancouver increased by 43 per cent last year compared with 2016." Once again that is proof that Insite has been a colossal failure. Insite does not save lives. It promotes addiction and increases fatalities.

These lethal injection sites and the lawlessness that surrounds them are part of the problem. They are not part of the solution. Anyone who argues against that is either stupid or evil. I can confront evil but I can't fix stupid. They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. When it comes to handing out free crack pipes and setting up safe inhalation sites, that is certainly true.

On a side note, this is a picture of Lisa and Tut back in the day. Lisa was the National Director at the time and Tut was the NYC Chapter president out of the 155th street Headquarters in Harlem. I mentioned them in chapter one and ten of my free ebook.

Lisa Evers on The Morton Downey Jr Show

When I first met Lisa in New York I had a button on the front of my beret that said "My Karma ran over my Dogma." She took one look at me, rolled her eyes and said to the other guys how is it that I can tell which one is the Canadian? I responded with something polite and respectful and her hard New York heart melted and she said "Awe, that's why I like Canadians so much." Lisa was the real deal. She wasn't from the ivory tower. She was a front line street soldier for real.

Right before I retired from the group I met Lisa in Seattle and introduced her to my fiancee. She shook her hand with a big smile on her face and gave my fiancee her condolences for getting married to me. Lisa was hilarious. She was a good person. I was really sad to hear things didn't work out between her and Curtis. They were the perfect couple we all looked up to. Like Tut said, that's the America way. 50% of marriages don't work out. It is what it is.

Tut was a real life superhero. He was short but he was incredibly lean, flexible and competent in the martial arts. I saw him easily take out guys twice his size in sparring and he could ground and pound before they invented it. One time it was just me and him on the subway platform. He was watching my back and I was watching his. All of a sudden Tut starts giving a guy behind me the look and started aggressively walking towards him saying excuse me? like he was going to rip the guy's eyes out. The guy promptly ran away and Tut said yeah that's what I thought.

The guy had pulled out a throwing star and was flashing it threatening to throw it at us to see what Tut would do. Tut would have disarmed the guy and crammed it up his ass before the guy could say ouch. He was wise to leave the scene before Tut got to him.

Another time a bunch of us were on a subway platform waiting for a train. Some crackhead had taken a dump and I stepped in it. The guys all stepped back and started laughing. I looked down and tried not to let it phase me then said, "Yo I have one question. What is a dog doing on the subway?" Tut was holding back his smile and said "Yo bro, that wasn't a dog." I was like "Damn."

I know what the New York Model is. Linda Hepner's Fail Army is Not it.

The bottom line is that I have always aspired to something higher.

Larry Campbell is as dirty as they come. He is the one that conned us into adopting the four pillars program. After we adopted the four pillars, extremists threw away the three crucial pillars - enforcement, treatment, prevention and thereby turned harm reduction into harm promotion which greatly increased addiction and supported organized crime. Larry Campbell is just another dirty lobbyist profiting from the Pharmaceutical Fraud.


  1. Ya got an opinion about LEAP

    Law enforcement against prohibition

    1. Yeah, they can rot in Hell. Dirty cops are worse than bikers who sell crack.

  2. Free heroin, free alcohol, crack pipes, brand new condos a get out of work for life pass (disability) = a license to grow more than 200 plants. How can anybody smoke 60 grams a day.
    Before they changed the oxy recipe they were paying $70 for their monthly prescription of 60 - 80mg and selling them for $2400. With only $375 rent they have way more disposable income than me to bad it all goes to the dealers
    Is it any wonder its getting worse. If a dog shits on the floor you don't give it a treat


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