Sunday, July 31, 2022

Tamara Lich's lawyer joins Tucker Carlson

Freedom of Expression hindered on Canada Day - Poline On Guard

UK Refuses To Give Venezuela $1 Billion Of Its Own Gold

WEF Calls For End Of Private Car Ownership

Update: The Vancovuer Sun has oficially joined the ranks of Covid liars and biolab spin doctors.

Residential School Genocide

I was going to hold off on this but since it is completely our of control I have to say something about it. The mainstream media has been covering the Pope's recent visit to Canada to offer an apology for the abuse suffered in the residential schools run by the Catholic church. First I will reiterate that tearing down statues of John A MacDonald is displaced aggression. John A was a Protestant. He wasn't responsible for something the Catholic church did.

Second I will emphasize that the abuse suffered in Catholic private schools was not limited to Canada or the residential school system. Children suffered sexual abuse in Catholic private schools for hundreds of years in Boston and even longer in Ireland. Sexually abusing children is completely unacceptable. The Catholic church does not teach that it is. Neither does Hockey Canada. Just because some deviant hockey coaches sexually abused some children does not mean hockey is bad. It means bad people gravitated to those services and exploited children.

Third I will emphasize that the Communist party of China is eager to misrepresent what happened in the Canadian residential school system so it can conquer and subdue Canadians and turn them into slaves through lies. That's what Communism is and that's what Communism does.

Finally I will emphasize that the residential school genocide, never happened. Not the way they claim it did. The Truth and Reconciliation Report stated that the school system amounted to cultural genocide. To address that we need to define cultural genocide and explain what really did and did not happen in the residential schools.

A cultural genocide is very different than an actual genocide. They weren't lining up children and shooting them before burying them in mass graves like in Cambodia. They were not doing that. The intent of the residential schools was free education. Education is good. If you want to lift a society and help them succeed, you provide them education. We want Aboriginals to become doctors, lawyers and dentists. We want them to succeed. We always have.

Some people are outraged with the discovery of human graves on school property. Back then it was no different than having human graves on church property. People thought churches were holy and burying their dead there was sacred. It was also affordable. Just like burying children on school property was. Infant mortality in those days was off the hook. A lot of those kids died from tuberculosis. None of the kids in England liked private school back in the day. It was something they did to get an education.

As to the term cultural genocide, I think that is inflammatory and inaccurate. When you're in French immersion you're not allowed to speak English. That's to help you learn the language faster. I'm not very good at languages. My kids are great at it and I totally respect that and encourage that. That's simply not my gift. Every culture has good and bad.

Slavery was one of the traditions within the aboriginal culture on the West Coast. They would raid other tribes and carry away slaves. Slavery is not a good tradition. That is what Communism wants to bring back and I completely reject it. I always have.

I find it insanely hypocritical and offensive that the Communist party of China would dare mention aboriginal rights in Canada when we see what they are doing to the Uyghurs and the Tibetans. In Communism Aboriginals don't have any rights because in Communism no one has any rights.

Years ago I shared a picture of the scared hoop with a friend and explained it's meaning. Black, white, red and yellow - it represents all the races of the earth working together in harmony. He takes one look at it and says well I'm brown and I'm not represented by your little club. My mouth dropped open and I starred at the pictured stunned. All I could say is I think you're missing the point. Of course you're included. Everyone is. Red isn't really red. It's kind of brown actually.

My point is, all people are equal. There's no such thing as White privilege, Black privilege or Red privilege. All people are equal. There's no such thing as hereditary privileged either. We need to be honest about the past and not misrepresent it so that we are conned into accepting this crazy ideal of WEF slavery remixed as globalism.

I am no fan of Imperialism but this new obsession with the term colonialism is a red flag. The Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism are Communists. They have an agenda. Promoting aboriginal rights is not one of them. Decolonial Socialism wants to turn everyone into slaves, native and nonnative. That is not progressive or positive and I reject it.

I believe that the current Communist conglomerate that is the driving force behind the World Economic Forum will one day embrace a state religion. I oppose that. Embracing a state religion is the same as abolishing religion altogether. In fact it is a means to that end. First you embrace one religion and ban all others. Then you ban that one religion and as George Bush would say, Mission Accomplished. I support freedom and oppose slavery. I support a free republic where civil liberty is protected by law. That is what I support and I am proud of my heritage.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Fatal shooting in Surrey

Update: The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that one of the second victims injured has also died.

2nd Update: 6ixaktv is reporting that "Harbir Khosa aka Too Short was the original victim to have been gunned down and is fighting for his life on life support. Jordan Krishna being the other victim who was confirmed to be dead after he succumbed to his injuries. The 3rd is known as Mobeen, he also succumbed to his wounds." 6ixaktv had first hand info about the Whistler shooting.

"Harbir was last working with Gary Kang and the Red scorpions but did have ties to the UN guys, originally." Had ties to the UN but was last working with Gary Kang and the Red scorpions.

3rd Update: CTV is confirming that "the three people shot were 26-year-old Harbir Khosa, 20-year-old Robeen Soreni and 19-year-old Jordan Krishna." Two have died. 6ixaktv was right.

CTV is reporting that "One man is dead and two others have life-threatening injuries after a shooting in South Surrey Saturday afternoon. Surrey RCMP said in a statement that they were called to the vicinity of 20 Avenue and 146 Street around 2:45 p.m. for a report of a shooting. When they arrived, officers found the three victims suffering from gunshot wounds, police said. One of the men died at the scene, while the other two were taken to hospital for treatment."
In 2015 Harbir Khosa was charged with possession of a controlled substance in Kelowna.

Ukrainian POWs killed in suspicious attack

Update: The Pentagon leaked Zelensky: “Ukrainians hit the prison with Azov fighters”

2nd Update: Colonel General Alexander Fomin is reporitng that " On May 20, 2022, surrendered members of Azov Nationalist Regiment were taken to the detention centre in Elenovka. The Ukrainian side insisted on this particular place of detention. On July 28, 2022, a video confession of Azov crimes by Dmitriy Kozatskyi was published. As a result, on the night of July 28-29, 2022, an attack was carried out on detention centre in Elenovka. The Ukrainian leadership gave the order to launch a missile strike as captured Azov regiment fighters started giving testimonies revealing their crimes, including against civilians." Now we have the motive.

We've talked about false flag attacks, fake news and how utterly useless the mainstream media is along with the insanely biased narrative daytime television carries. Now let's look at a recent missile attack targeting Ukrainian POWs held in captivity by the Russians.

The trans national president of Ukraine claims that Russia fired the missiles on their prisoners but that really doesn't make sense. Why would they fire missiles at their prisoners? If they wanted to kill them they could simply execute them. In fact they didn't have to take prisoners. They could have killed them without taking any prisoners hence the term take no prisoners. Russia claims that the missiles came from Ukraine and that makes a lot more sense.

The graphic charred images in the video imply the use of white phosphorous which is what the US gave Israel to use on Gaza. That's a separate matter. My point is, the US has white phosphorous and gives it to it's allies. Has Russia been documented using white phosphorous in the past? I don't know. We do know NATO has white phosphorous. They have the means.

March 25th 2022, Joe Biden's leftist tabloid known as the Washington Post claimed that "Ukraine’s president has accused invading Russian forces of using white phosphorus, a controversial chemical substance that can cause severe and indiscriminate harm to civilians."

We know that the Washington Post is biased and has a narrative. We know that the Americans gave Israel white phosphorous to use on Gaza. We also know the World Economic forum is trying to convince the world that Russian is guilty of war crimes in the Ukraine. They highjacked Russia house at Davos for that purpose. Would they go so far as to use a false flag attack and blame it on the Russians to justify their support of the Azov battalion of Nazi's? Of course they would.

Still not a word about the US bio labs in the Ukraine or the Azov battalion of Nazis.

Tulsi Gabbard is a patriot. Mitt Romney is not. Mitt Romney is a Globalist RINO.

Hunter Biden Bio Firm in the Ukraine funded by DoD

Vladimir Putin addresses the world

Documents expose US biological experiments on allied soldiers in Ukraine and Georgia

Friday, July 29, 2022

Lilly Singh on the Morning Show

I noticed Lilly Singh was on the Morning Show today talking about her new book. I saw it in the lunchroom at work on my break. I cut the cable years ago. I don't want to hate. I just want to put reality into perspective. Lilly Sing was a Canadian YouTube superstar who made it big in LA and got her own night show on NBC. I was thrilled for her. Sadly the narrative has taken over.

Before getting her late night TV show she did a really funny YouTube video with the Rock. Everybody likes the Rock. Now the YouTube censorship and bias is completely out of control. If you are a Conservative you will be censored and demonetized from YouTube. That's a big deal because Lilly Singh made a lot of money on YouTube. That means that will never happen if you are a Conservative. That totally molds the narrative on that platform but it doesn't stop there.

Hollywood has always been a moral cesspool of self indulgence. Now that Hollywood in under new management, it also has a narrative. Even Disney. The Communist Party of China now owns Disney. The influence they have over Hollywood's narrative is absolutely ridiculous but it doesn't stop there. All the talk shows on TV have that same ridiculous narrative. If you want to make money in Hollywood you have to sell your soul. There's no compromise left. The Morning Show on Global is ridiculous. It's a manipulative form of the View which is complete nonsense.

I was somewhat disappointed when Lilly Singh had Dr Fauci on. That was shameful. Dr Fauci is an idiot with bad personal hygiene. She had to do it to endorse the network's narrative.

I think it was sad she had to come out as bisexual to find acceptance in fake woke LA. I don't care if Lilly Sign is bisexual. She is funny as f*ck. I just kinda get the feeling that she had to come up with that story to find acceptance in that yuppie high end trailer park. Like I said, if she really is bisexual, more power to her. It's just that whole Harvey Wallbanger world that is now consumed with the new narrative is just so repulsive. It's not just the fake news. It's a fake world that has infiltrated everything in Hollywood and television. Morality is lost and misrepresented there.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Two charged in Malik murder

Sh*t be cray yo. There has been a barrage of activity and I will address it one at a time. Except for some. Some I will simply watch and wait because I know how those events are going to play out and if I tell you now, you simply will not believe me. As Ziggy Marley said, we've got to fulfill the book. As I mentioned before, they say in the last days many will be deceived. Now we know why. Sound the war cry - watch and pray. Vanquish every foe today.

City News is reporitng that "Two men have been charged with murder in the shooting death of Ripudaman Singh Malik, a man who was acquitted in the 1985 Air India bombing. Tanner Fox, 21, and Jose Lopez, 23, are both charged with first-degree murder. According to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, Fox and Lopez were arrested in their homes Wednesday." What interest would two kids in their twenties have with a 75-year-old man? They were hired.

The Quint is reporting that "The Big Unanswered Question - Why Was Ripudaman Malik Killed? It seems reasonably clear that Malik's killing was a gangland killing. The method of killing points in that direction." AYFKM? "But a few questions remain unanswered... And if indeed Ripudaman Malik's hit was carried out by a gang, what is the motive behind the killing? Malik did not have any known connections or enmity with any gang." Exactly.

They were hired just like Hells Angels associates were hired to kill Dave Hayer's father.

Reid Morden was the director of CSIS in 1985 when they provided the explosives for the Air India bombing. He is a mass murderer. He was also the director when they hired Hells Angels associates to kill Dave Hayer's father to shut him up. David Vigneault is the current director of CSIS and is the prime suspect in Malik's murder. Bad men with no accountability.
The local RCMP claim that the double homicide in Chilliwack was a domestic shooting. Two women were shot dead and the suspect, who was romantically involved with both women, committed suicide at Bridal Falls. This case is abnormal. I agree that all domestic violence is abnormal but there is something very peculiar about this case.

Domestic violence is very real and abominable. I never understand the jealous rage that says if I can't have you no one can, yet we know it exists. What's strange about this case is that he killed two exs. If he was jealous one woman had started a new relationship, he had obviously done the same. The murders were very real and profoundly tragic. All I'm going to say is that there is something very strange about that story.

Robby Alkhalil's alleged prison break has been cast aside by the fake news. They never called the RCMP out for posting fake pictures of the alledged suspects that helped him escape. That was somewhat bizzare and constitutes what we would normally refer to as an anomaly.

It is also strange that the Washington Post picked up on the Whistler shooting as it was happening. They had the audacity to use these events as a rationalization for Justin Trudeau's gun bills. They failed to mention that Justin Trudeau is the one responsible for an increase in gun violence because he reduced the sentences for gun crime and decriminalized hard drugs.

In fact the Washington Post picked up on a whole list of recent shootings as they were happening to voice their support for gun control. They failed to mention that none of the gang violence comes from legally owned registered firearms. They come from unregistered guns bought in the US that are smuggled across the border. The Washington Post is embracing the WEF.

The Washington Post admits that "The Post editorial board endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012; Hillary Clinton in 2016; and Joe Biden for 2020. While the newspaper predominantly endorses Democrats in congressional, state, and local elections, it has occasionally endorsed Republican candidates (who are globalists)." That is not objective. They have an agenda.
Speaking of CSIS, should we talk about how CSIS gave Dave Pickton a free pass on the murders? Dave knew where the bodies were buried. CSIS protected him because they were doing an undercover operation on the Picton farm targeting Kerry Ryan where they claimed the Hells Angels were supplying White Supremacists groups with guns. Only there was no White Supremacist group. That was CSIS and the Hells Angels weren't supplying them with guns. Kerry Ryan was their meth cook and CSIS protected him. Welcome to the apocalypse. This is the New Era where all the secret works of darkness shall be brought to light.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tamara Lich granted bail

True North is reporting that "Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich will be released from jail immediately, an Ontario judge ruled on Tuesday. Lich was arrested in June after being accused of violating her previous bail conditions, specifically one preventing her from communicating with other convoy organizers including Benjamin Dichter, Chris Barber and Tom Marzzo except in the presence of counsel."

"On Tuesday, Ontario Superior Court Justice Andrew Goodman ruled that Lich’s alleged breach of bail conditions was tenuous. Goodman says Lich demonstrated adherence with her conditions by seeking to change the conditions in courts and in his conversations between Lich and her surety."

“'I find it highly unlikely that this 49-year old accused with no criminal record…would face a potentially lengthy term of imprisonment,' Goodman said. Goodman ruled that Lich will not be charged with sedition or starting riots, regardless of how some people have viewed the Freedom Convoy. In his ruling, the judge said the bail process is not a forum to address opinions of the convoy’s activities nor to advance any political position."

“'No court would ever seek to control the possession or manifestation of political views,' Goodman said. The judge concluded by cautioning Lich, saying that 'it must be crystal clear to you by now that the authorities are monitoring your every action.'” No kidding.

This new arrest was punitive. They arrested Tamara Lich and Calgary-based journalist Andy Lee, simply so they wouldn't interview Justin Trudeau during his photo op at the Calgary Stampede. Don't forget the Crown prosecutor of Tamara Lich donated to Liberals.

False Flags and Orchestrated Events

We've heard the term false flag and we have seen them used in history. Hitler burned down the German Parliament to justify suspending the constitution and gaining emergency powers of a Chancelor. Then he attacked a German radio station and blamed it on Poland to justify an invasion. The rest is history. Operation Northwoods was very real.

The CIA proposed they kill Americans on American soil and blame it on Cuba to justify an invasion. The Joint Chiefs of staff approved it but Kennedy Vetoed it. After Kennedy was murdered, President Johnston orchestrated the attack on the USS Liberty. If the Russian spy ship hadn't witnessed that event, the USS Liberty would have been sunk.

Stephen Segall once said that he believes a lot of the mass shootings in the US are orchestrated. So do I. Take the Orlando shooting. A Gay Muslim shot up a Gay bar he used to frequent. Why would he do that? It's not like he went there once and they ostracized him. He was a regular. The motive of that shooting was a ban on assault rifles. The number of rounds fired was impossible for one shooter. That event was orchestrated. The Gay Muslim they blamed it on was simply one of the victims killed by the shooters.

Was 9/11 an inside job? Of course it was. No planes hit the Third Tower. Towers don't collapse into their own blueprint at freefall speed unless the load bearing beams are blown out like in a controlled demolition. That's why thermite was found in the rubble. Before 9/11 the Port Authority applied for a permit to demolish the World Trade centre but was denied one because of all the asbestos. The courts ruled that the Surrey Pressure Cooker bomb plot was a case of entrapment. Without the RCMP, there was no means or motive to commit that attack.

The mass shooting in Nova Scotia was filled with anomalies. First of all, there was no motive. Other than gun control. Yet none of those guns were legally obtained. Nevertheless, Justin Trudeau conspired with the RCMP Commissioner to use that event to justify his gun control measures. It's as though that event was planned to coincide with his proposal.

At first the RCMP tried to make Gabe Wortman look like a criminal by claiming a large sum of money was deposited into his account before the shooting. Then it was discovered the RCMP were the ones that deposited that money into his bank account.

The RCMP officers caught shooting up a Firehall that was being used as a safehouse to protect civilians is enough of an anomaly all on its own to raise a few red flags. The media is completely misrepresenting that event and any other event that promotes its agenda.

In the Saanich bank robbery that wasn't a bank robbery, the fake news posted a picture of a forensic mannequin and said it was a picture of a dead suspect. That of course was just an error like how the media used the video of a full hospital in Italy during Covid and claimed it was in the US. That was just an error. Just like it was when they used the same footage to claim it was a hospital in Australia. We have seen where all the media mergers over the years have taken us.

It almost feels prophetic. As Ziggy Marley and Lauryn Hill said in the classic Redemption song, "We've got to fulfill the book." On that note, let's talk about Secret Combinations that conspire to take over the government. Ezra Taft Benson recommended a book called None Dare Call it Conspiracy which talks about our day. It reminds me of the saying that in the last days many will be deceived. Now we know why. The media mergers have an adenda.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Leslyn Lewis on the World Economic Forum

While we wait for the official narrative on today's shooting to unfold, I'd like to cite a recent post by Leslyn Lewis on the World Economic Forum. She states that "I have been asked about the World Economic Forum (“the WEF”) at every single campaign event."

"People are concerned that they are seeing so much of what was dismissed as a conspiracy theory actually manifest over the past two years. Take for example The Great Reset, which was never a conspiracy - it was an actual book written by the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, about how to usher in a green economy." This is fake environmentalism.

Farming is green. Industrial coal is not. We need to remember what Communism really is. Communism is slavery built with and maintained by lies and it ties in with our present media monopoly. We often hear the term fake news because that's exactly what it is. Within Communism it's called propoganda which is a crucial part of their MO. Propaganda is a polite word for lies which is the driving force behind Communism.

During Roman Barber's recent visit to Surrey, he was repeatedly asked about the Worl Economic Forum by several different people in the audience. Roman said he didn't feel the World Economic Forum was the exclusive problem. He said that Klaus Schwab wasn't the one who first said you'll own nothing and you'll be happy. That was Karl Marx. He said Communism is infiltrating everything including our schools.

He said your child's teacher in school teaches them critical race theory which tells them if you are a particular race, you're oppressed and can't succeed. That is a horrible thing to tell a child. It's also not true. All people are equal and anyone can succeed. That is what we believe and that is what we are supposed to teach.

Critical race theory also teaches children that if you are a particular race you should feel guilty about your identity. That is also a horrible thing to teach a child. We are responsible for what we do not for what other people do. Personal accountability is something we all need to embrace.

As Leslyn Lewis observed, a lot of people are aware of the World Economic Forum's agenda and passionately oppose it. Propaganda and control of the media is a big part of that agenda which we are constantly bombarded with every day.

Global Television has become the Canadian CNN of fake news. All our newspapers are owned by the same outlet. Control the outlet and you control the news. That's why it's so important to be mindful of the agenda so you can put the fake news into perspective.

Highly suspicious fatal shooting in Langley

Update: The suscpect has been identified as Jordan Daniel Goggin. The motive is still unknown.

CTV is reporting that "A suspect believed to be responsible for shooting multiple people in Langley, B.C., was killed by police Monday morning. Police said four victims were found in multiple locations across Langley early in the morning. The first shooting happened at about midnight, followed by one at 3 AM, another around 5 AM and a fourth at about 5:45 AM"

"Two men were found dead – one near Creekstone Place and another at the Langley city bus loop near Logan and Glover roads. A woman was found near 203A Street and Fraser Highway and taken to hospital in critical condition."

"A fourth victim was found shot in the leg near the Langley Bypass and 200th Street. Shots also may have been fired into closed or unoccupied businesses, police said. The victims and the suspect weren't identified by police as next-of-kin notifications are still underway. However, investigators said the suspect was known to them. Police said they're still working to understand a possible motive or connection between the suspect and the victims."

CP24 is reporting that "Bullet holes are seen in the windshield and passenger window of an RCMP vehicle at the scene of a shooting, in Langley, B.C., on Monday, July 25, 2022. A suspect is in custody after several people were shot in the Metro Vancouver city of Langley."

I have a lot to say about this but I will wait for the official narrative. NBC picked up on the story.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Fatal shooting in Whistler - Update

Update: The Trail Times is reporting that "Two Surrey men have been charged with first-degree murder in the daylight double homicide in Whistler Sunday that saw a known gangster and second man killed. The men charged are 24-year-old Gursimran Sahota and 20-year-old Tanvir Khakh." There's already a publication ban on the hearing. That is suspicious. Gursimran also has a publication ban on a March 28 2019 case in Surrey. Things that make ya go hmmm...
CTV is reporitng that "Homicide investigators have been called after a shooting outside a hotel in Whistler, B.C., Sunday afternoon. Police were called to the scene around 12:20 p.m. for reports of shots fired, according to a statement from Whistler RCMP."

Two dead bodies. I have pictures but I don't post pictures of dead bodies.

6ixaktv is reporting that a car was found engulfed in flames at Creekside.
Update: The Squamish Reporter is reporitng that "Police have confirmed that two people involved in the deadly shooting in Whistler have been arrested in Squamish."

The Washington Post is confirming that the victims were Satindera Gill and Meninder Dhaliwal.

When I say the CFSEU is completely compromised, IHIT is no better. They started off as a bunch of clowns getting drunk and having threesomes with witnesses that screwed up the Surrey Six investigation. Now they have Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection Program so they can convict someone they hired to commit a murder, while they get off for ordering the murder. IHIT and the CFSEU are both compromised.

It appears that the Red Scorpions are under new management.

The Jericho 941F: Buying handguns before the freeze

I hesitate to even mention this on the blog because as soon as I post something about legally obtaining registered firearms, the dirty a*s Communists spring into action to shut down that distribution outlet. Nevertheless, since Justin Trudeau's gun freeze and crime promotion is so outrageous, I will comment on it. I've already mentioned Justin Trudeau's desire to stop all registered handguns from being bought or sold in Canada. Within 24 hours of making the announcement, all the local gun stores were sold out.

The Surrey gun store was closed on the Monday so I went there Tuesday after work and stood in line. I joked and said, no line up out the door? (Like for their annual Christmas sale) Then sure enough withing 15 minutes the line up was out the door as everyone was getting off work.

An old timer said Cabelas sold out the day before on Monday. He said the vast majority of people in the line there weren't people like me and him who already had a few pieces. He said the majority were people who have taken the course but never bothered to buy a handgun and wanted to get one now before the freeze. We noticed it was the same thing with the line in Surrey. The majority were new gun owners.

When the Liberal whack job said we don't foresee this proposal as creating an increase demand we all just rolled our eyes and shook our head as to how completely out of touch with reality they are. The Americans are freaking out and are using this proposal as validation of their worst fears. They're like see! They keep saying they're not coming to take your guns but in Canada they're doing exactly that. If anyone has any interest in gun rights, I suggest you subscribe to Colion Noir on Youtube. He's is very intelligent and very well spoken. He's another lawyer advocating for civil liberty.

I would like to point out two things. Justin Trudeau's double edge proposal on gun crime is evidence that the has absolutely no desire to reduce crime or gun violence. People can argue gun control back and forth but they cannot argue that reducing the prison sentences for gun violence is insane. It's not just stupid, it is criminally culpable and clearly reveals the real agenda behind his proposal. The second point I'd like to make is that this proposed handgun freeze is exactly that - a proposal. It has not taken effect yet.

It is highly likely the insane bill will pass because Justin Trudeau's World Economic Forum partner in crime Jagmeet Singh will agree to it. However, it's quite possible the senate will not just like the emergency powers overreach and this additional overreach will be the political nail in the cofin for both those political scoundrels. Pride cometh before the fall.

Legalizing all drugs, reducing the prison sentences for gun crime and taking registered firearms away from legal gun owners with no criminal record isn't just a recepie for disaster. It is a sinister WEF agenda that the majority of Canadians can see and are rejecting.

Although the local gun stores sold out within 24 hours of the announcement, used guns for sale on consignment are starting to trickle in despite the backlog in getting permits to take the guns to the gun store to sell them. Some people are selling their guns because they are afraid the government is going to kick in their door and seize their guns while others are wanting to buy guns now before the freeze. I subscribe to the latter. Get them now while you still can.

On that note I introduce to you the Jericho 941F. They are surplus. That means they are used. I recently bought one online from the Ammo Source but they are now sold out. However, I see that Tenda Canada still have some. They come in black or in chrome. They are very good and very affordable and represent a great value. They will likely be sold out soon as well but if you keep Googling Jericho 941F, you can find if anyone else in Canada is selling them.

I always wanted to buy a Jericho but they were always very hard to find here. I ended up buying a Masada instead which I love. The Jericho is an Israeli remake of the CZ 75 which is a famous target pistol, while the Jericho is a remake of the Glock. It has the Glock safety on the trigger while the Jericho does not. The Masada is striker fire while the Jericho is hammer fire. Both are very good and very affordable. The Jericho 941F is IMI - Israel Military Industries before it was privatized as IWI - Israel Weapons Industries. That makes the 941F a classic.

I also stopped in at Poco Military in Langley this week and saw they had a few handguns trickle in on consignment. None of the local stores are bringing new guns into the country so if you want anything new, you have to order it online. I highly recommend the Masada. I like the white dots on the site. It's very visible for us old timers that can see far away but need reading glasses for fine print. However, Poco Military has several Polish military training handguns for sale. The barrels have been replaced to shoot .22s to save on ammo.

Personally I don't like .22s but their is merit to the argument about cheaper ammo. I had the opportunity to buy a .40 cal Smith and Wesson semi-automatic pistol in Surrey but bought the Jericho instead because 9 mm ammo is cheaper to shoot. If you bought the Polish handgun from Poco Military, I'm sure you could order a stock replacement barrel for the proper size ammo however it's an uncommon size and is probably expensive.

Transport permit wait times

Before Justin Trudeau's announcement that he wants to propose a registered handgun freeze in Canada, if you bought a handgun in Canada with a proper licence and criminal record check, it would take about a day for a permit to transport that firearm home from the store. Now the wait time is about four weeks. That's how long my last one took.

When I received an email copy of the permit, I sent it to the gun store just to be safe and they immediately shipped the firearm. I had heard that some provinces aren't sending the permit to the gun store just the purchaser so it's worthwhile sending it to them when you receive it. You still have to wait for a copy of the registration in the mail before you can take it to the gun range. You still can take it to the gunsmith but you have to apply for a separate permit to do that now.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Roman Barber speaks in Surrey

Roman Barber spoke at the Fleetwood Comfort Inn tonight and I attended. Everything he said was right on the money. It was a breath of fresh air. He explained the ranking system on the ballot and why he was asking people to make him their first choice. I already voted and made him my second choice after Leslyn Lewis. He joked about how many people have told him he was their second choice. He said if you rank a more popular candidate first and him second, then your vote for him doesn't count until the more popular candidate gets knocked off the ballot.

Turns out I did my ballot wrong. He said you put your ballot in the ballot envelope and seal it. Then you put a photocopy of your ID in the next envelope with the sealed ballot envelope. I think I put everything in the ballot envelope. My bad.

Roman said two months ago he wouldn't have been allowed to run because he was anti lockdown. He said the party was pro lockdown until the truckers came to town. That has been a positive change. At first, I was going to vote for Jean Charest. Until he was so vocally opposed to the Truckers. That's when I ditched him. Scott Aitchison and Patrick Brown are idiots. There was no need to disqualify Brown from running.

Roman addressed Justin Trudeau's ballooning debt and the 2 billion dollars a month of interest we are paying on that debt which increases with rising interest rates. He said he didn't think we would be able to address it by cutting and saving. He said the only way we could address it was by increasing revenue and letting Canadians work. He supported the energy sector and cited how Newfoundland has become prosperous from their offshore drilling.

When asked his position on abortion he said he believes in small government and doesn't think the government has the right to tell anyone what they can or can't do. Yet he also said that other members of the party (like Leslyn Lewis) have a right to hold and express their opinion.

He also talked about how the PPC split the vote last election and cost the party 26 seats which would have won them the election. That's the problem. Globalists within the party rather see Justin Trudeau in power than a real Conservative who supports civil liberty. Roman made a lot of good points and win or lose, we need to hear more from him.

BTW that third Conservative Leadership debate was a scam. They sent out an email asking the members if they thought there should be a third debate but they didn't give you the option to say no. They just provided a link for you to click on to say yes. When I replied to the email and said no, it was returned.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Alberta Court of Appeals rules in favour of Pastor Artur Pawlowski

True North is reporting that "The Alberta Court of Appeals has ruled in favour of Pastor Artur Pawlowski who was arrested, jailed and fined for continuing to preach in breach of Alberta’s Covid-19 lockdowns. Now, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that the injunction against him, his arrest, his jail time, the censorship order and fines against him were illegal."

Finally some justice in the judicial system. CTV is confriming the story. So is Rebel News.

Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil escapes pretrial - Update

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil, 35, was serving a life sentence for the 2012 murder of mobster Johnny Raposo. Alkhalil is considered a leading figure in the organized crime group The Wolfpack Alliance." He escaped North Fraser Pretrial because he is on trial along with Larry Amero and Dean Wiwchar. Robby and Dean work for Larry Ameo.
The Three Stooges' trial has been going on for quite some time and will resume on Monday in Robby's absence. This is a picture of the two clowns that helped him escape. They're probably police agents. He's probably gone into Witness Protection along with Jamie Bacon because that's how compromised the CFSEU is right now.

Think about it. Robby Alkhalil couldn't have planned an effective escape without the Red and White. They are the only ones that could hide him and support him while on the Lam. Yet why would they break Robby free and not Larry? It doesn't make sense.

Remember Robby, Dean and Larry were also all part of a huge drug trafficking network in Ontario. That's why they were killing people. Frédéric Lavoie and Timoleon Psiharis both skipped town right before the bust because they had a dirty cop on file that warned them of the bust beforehand. Frédéric Lavoie was killed and dismembered in Colombia while Timoleon Psiharis was tortured, beaten to death and dumped in acid over in Greece by Damion Ryan. If these f*ck ups had two coaccused brutally murdered for skipping town without letting them know, don't you think Lary would be pissed Robby organized a prison break without him?

Robby Alkhalil's older brother was shot dead in the Loft six supporting back when the Independent soldiers were rivals before they were taken over by the Hells Angels. That's a lot of year of service to the red and white. Ya think Robby is starting to question Larry and Damion Ryan? Damion Ryan is a POS. Timoleon Psiharis came to him for help and Damion Ryan completely f*cked him over just so he could get his Filthy Few patch.

Ya think Robby might have thought that was messed up? Robby was able to skip town too. It could just as easily have been him. Let's not forget that in March the Crown announced all of a sudden that Dean Michael Wiwchar's trial was going to be separated from Robby and Larry's trial.

That was rather odd. We know that Jamie Bacon's trial was separated from the rest of the accused in the Surrey Six because the IHITit investigators f*cked up the investigation by having threesomes with one of the witnesses - Jamie Bacon's girlfriend. So why was Dean's trail separated from the others? Is everyone flipping on Gumby?

Robby was found in Greece. Why is it unlikely he wll ever be found if he's not found soon?

Do you know who are the only people that roll on the Hells Angels in Quebec? The hitmen they hire to kill people. You know why? Because they know when their time is up, the club will have them killed next. Just like Christmas in Vancouver 1995.

RCMP says photos released of suspects in inmate escape plot were stock images

The National Post is reporting that "The RCMP says images it released of two men who allegedly helped an accused murderer escape custody were actually stock images and not photos of the suspects." That makes no sense whatsoever. They were supposed to be surveillance photos not some pictures left behind by one of Robby's associates. Nobody walks around with hard copoes of photos any more and inmates aren't supposed to have cell phones. They certianly aren't going to take a picture of the escape on a burner phone to aid the police investigation.

"Const. Deanna Law says in a statement investigators believe the photos left behind by associates of Rabih Alkhalil resemble them but are, in fact, different people." Photos left behind by associates of Rabih Alkhalil? That makes no sense at all. Robby's associates took pictures of the suspects that helped him escape? Not likely. What's more likely is that the Blackwater agents were identified by their mug shots so they had to change their story.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Double shooting in Chilliwack - Update

Update: CTV is reporting that "A man suspected of killing two women and shooting one man at a home in Chilliwack has been found dead, the RCMP confirmed Monday. Police said he was found with weapons and died of self-inflicted injuries."

CTV is reporitng that "Two people were taken to hospital – one of them in critical condition – after an incident that prompted a large police presence on McNaught Road in Chilliwack Thursday morning. Video from the scene shows yellow police tape criss-crossing the north end of the street, near its intersection with Yale Road."

Body found in Burnaby identified

City News is reporting that "The man whose body was found in Burnaby Thursday has been identified by homicide investigators. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has confirmed 31-year-old Christopher Irwin was found dead in a vacant lot in the area of Norland Avenue and Laurel Street. Investigators also note a vehicle, believed to be linked to Irwin’s death, was found on fire in New Westminster around 4:30 a.m. the same day." The Vancouver Sun is reporting that Irwin survived two previous atempts on his life Dec 4th 2021 and March 25, 2022.

Throttlelocker member busted

CTV is reportng that "According to Mounties, the investigation led them to a group called the Throttle Lockers Motorcycle Club, which the RCMP describes as a "support club" for the Kelowna chapter of the better-known Hells Angels biker club. They allege the three arrested were members of the Throttle Lockers and that they were operating a large-scale trafficking operation as the clubs expanded from Kelowna into Kamloops."

"In a news release, the unit announced a variety of trafficking and possession charges had been approved against Shawn Carlisle, age 49, from Falkland, and Kelowna residents Zale Coty, 53, and Jacob Cavanaugh, 29. The charges were approved late last month, the CFSEU said, though they were not made public until Wednesday. The unit said the men were released from custody on conditions while the case works its way through the legal system."

Meanwhile back in the ranch, Dr Spin is reporting that "Zale Coty, Hells Angels associate and member of the Throttle Lockers biker gang, was a close associate of murdered Hells Angels Chad Wilson." That explains why the compromised CFSEU is targeting him.

The club killed Chad so now they're going after people who worked for him. If you take a look at his picture, Zale looks like the least intimidating and least criminal that they have ever targeted. That picture she posted looks like old timers who ride.

Recently Kim Bolan put out a story that went viral throughout the fake news conglomerate claiming that Justin Michael Wareing, the suspect charged in Cashmere Ali's murder had gang and drug trafficking links when she knew that was a bold faced lie. The CFSEU is compromised and so is Dr Spin. As is the fake news but we already knew that.

Are the Hells Angels riding in support of the Dutch farmers? Their run is on the same day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Joe Biden kisses Saudi a*s

Joe Biden recently went to Saudi Arabia to kiss their a*s over oil and it's obvious they think he's a clown. Everyone is comparing the Saudi's reception of Joe Biden to that of Donald Trump. I would just like to set the record straight.

Although I agree Joe Biden is an idiot, I am not a Donald Trump fan so to speak. I am a fan of Rand Paul, Candace Owens and Brandon Straka. I am not distancing myself from Donald Trump because I support globalist republicans like Mitt Romney or Mitch McConnell because I don't. I support Donald Trump far more than them. I simply want to point out that although I support Donald Trump, no one is perfect. This blind cult like admiration for Donald Trump is insane.

Saudi Arabia has deep ties to the CIA. Now I'm not hating on Saudi Arabia. Mecca is magnificent. All I'm saying is that one of the primary purposes of the provoked conflict in the Ukraine was to justify a boycott of Russian oil and support the Saudi oil monopoly. That is haram.

As Candace Owens said, "The CIA is not your friend." Iran Contra never stopped.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

The World is Going Dutch - July 23rd

Update: Rallies held across Canada in solidarity with Dutch farmers

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Fatal shooting in Maple Ridge: Suspect Charged

CTV is reporting that "Homicide investigators have publicly identified the 35-year-old woman killed in a shooting in Maple Ridge Friday morning. Cashmere Ali was taken to hospital after the shooting at a home near 226 Street and 119 Avenue around 8:40 a.m., but she died from her injuries. Ali was one of two people officers found suffering from gunshot wounds when they arrived at the scene. The other person, a man who has not been named publicly, suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to police." Very sad.

The Vancouver Sun is reporitng that "More news, fewer ads: Our in-depth journalism is possible thanks to the support of our subscribers. For just $3.50 per week, you can get unlimited, ad-lite access to The Vancouver Sun, The Province, National Post and 13 other Canadian news sites. Support us by subscribing today." That means those 16 newspapers are clones of each other.

Update: CTV is reporting that "Days after a shooting in Maple Ridge, B.C., that left a 35-year-old woman dead and a man injured, a suspect has been arrested and charged. Justin Michael Wareing is facing one count of second-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team announced Monday."

I'm not sure why there's a publication bn on the file already. That's pretty fishy.
There's a publication ban on the 2019 file as well.
He has a history of theft not drug traficking.

Dr Spin is intentionally trying to misrepresent this. That is rather odd.

Trudeau and Rutte pin-up boys for World Economic Forum

The World is Going Dutch - July 23rd

Dan Dicks is rpeorting that "As of June of 2022 the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s disapproval rating is at 59% making him one of the most hated prime ministers that Canada has ever seen. He is now getting heckled everywhere he goes and also ridiculed by non Canadians who see him as a communist dictator!"

Thursday, July 14, 2022

75 year old Air India bomber shot dead in Surrey

Update: Two charged in Malik murder

Evidently there was a fatal shooting in Surrey last Thursday. The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Ripudamin Singh Malik, acquitted of murder in the 1985 Air India bombing, was killed in a shooting in the 8200-block of 128 Street in Newton on Thursday morning."

This is rather odd. a 75 year old man shot dead in a targeted shooting? Former Liberal MLA Dave Hayer's father, Tara Singh Hayer was shot dead back in 2018. That was indirectly tied to the Air India bombing. Dave Hayer's father was a journalist speaking out against the bombing and was wheelchair bound from a previous assassination attempt in 1988.

Kim Bolan, the current spin doctor for the compromised CFSEU wrote a book about the Air India bombing. It was called Loss of Faith: How the Air-India Bombers Got Away With Murder. It's both sad and suspicious that after attending the trial and writing a book about it, she failed to mention that CSIS had a handler that planned the attack and provided the explosives. That's a pretty significant fact to leave out. It kinda makes ya wonder if Ripudamin Singh Malik was gonna talk.
Update: I have two points to make. The murder of someone accused of being involved in the Air India bombing has indeed, opened up old wounds. The fact that CSIS provided the explosives for that operation and were never charged is indeed a travesty of justice.

That is not a conspiracy theory, that is a historical fact. The RCMP testified to that fact in the trial and the CBC reported it at the time. That was before the CBC became compromised. Back when it was still a hallmark of investigative journalism.

The fact that CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing reminds us of the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. Air India Flight 182 exploded over the Atlantic ocean after leaving Montreal enroute for London. Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scottland three years later.

The Pan Am Flight 103 bombing was blamed on Gaddafi but he had no motive to blow that plane up and never claimed responsibility. He paid a fine as extortion but always denied responsibility.

Back in Ireland, the IRA and the UDA were paramilitary organizations that would kill people and blow people up. Whenever they did so they would always claim responsibility. Their bombings always had a motive. They always claimed responsibility for bombings they did because they wanted everyone to know the motive or the purpose behind the bombing. The IRA and the UDA both had splinter groups but they always claimed responsibility for bombings they did. If they said it wasn't them, it wasn't. They had no reason to lie.

Major Charles McKee was aboard Pan Am flight 103 along with four other members of his team with evidence of the CIAs drug trafficking in Lebanon. He had a briefcase full of evidence in his possession. Moammar Gadhafi had no motive to kill him and prevent him from testifying against the CIA. The only ones that had a motive to kill him was the CIA.

Every crime has a means and a motive. In the Air India bombing the accused did not have the means. That's why CSIS provided the explosives. However, they didn't really have a motive either. I always thought it was strange that Sikh separatists would blow up a plane from India killing their own people. It just didn't make sense.

329 people died aboard Air India Flight 182. There were 268 people from Canada on board, 27 people from England, 12 were undetermined. Most of the victims resided in southern Ontario and were Hindus. Some of those were Sikhs. Around 35 passengers were Sikhs from Greater Montreal. Again, why would Sikhs kill Sikhs? What was the motive? There wasn't one.

Gina Carano stars in a new Western

After getting cancelled by Disney for expressing a political opinion, Gina Carano is now staring in a Daily Wire Western called Terror on the Prairie. We need to support independent news outlets but we also need to support independent entertainment outlets as well.

The Communist Party of China now owns Disney. They turned Captain American into Captain Communist. A disgruntled superhero that claims the American Dream is a lie. It is sheer propaganda. Even Avengers: End Game was a not very subtle plug for depopulation.