Friday, July 22, 2022

Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil escapes pretrial - Update

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil, 35, was serving a life sentence for the 2012 murder of mobster Johnny Raposo. Alkhalil is considered a leading figure in the organized crime group The Wolfpack Alliance." He escaped North Fraser Pretrial because he is on trial along with Larry Amero and Dean Wiwchar. Robby and Dean work for Larry Ameo.
The Three Stooges' trial has been going on for quite some time and will resume on Monday in Robby's absence. This is a picture of the two clowns that helped him escape. They're probably police agents. He's probably gone into Witness Protection along with Jamie Bacon because that's how compromised the CFSEU is right now.

Think about it. Robby Alkhalil couldn't have planned an effective escape without the Red and White. They are the only ones that could hide him and support him while on the Lam. Yet why would they break Robby free and not Larry? It doesn't make sense.

Remember Robby, Dean and Larry were also all part of a huge drug trafficking network in Ontario. That's why they were killing people. Frédéric Lavoie and Timoleon Psiharis both skipped town right before the bust because they had a dirty cop on file that warned them of the bust beforehand. Frédéric Lavoie was killed and dismembered in Colombia while Timoleon Psiharis was tortured, beaten to death and dumped in acid over in Greece by Damion Ryan. If these f*ck ups had two coaccused brutally murdered for skipping town without letting them know, don't you think Lary would be pissed Robby organized a prison break without him?

Robby Alkhalil's older brother was shot dead in the Loft six supporting back when the Independent soldiers were rivals before they were taken over by the Hells Angels. That's a lot of year of service to the red and white. Ya think Robby is starting to question Larry and Damion Ryan? Damion Ryan is a POS. Timoleon Psiharis came to him for help and Damion Ryan completely f*cked him over just so he could get his Filthy Few patch.

Ya think Robby might have thought that was messed up? Robby was able to skip town too. It could just as easily have been him. Let's not forget that in March the Crown announced all of a sudden that Dean Michael Wiwchar's trial was going to be separated from Robby and Larry's trial.

That was rather odd. We know that Jamie Bacon's trial was separated from the rest of the accused in the Surrey Six because the IHITit investigators f*cked up the investigation by having threesomes with one of the witnesses - Jamie Bacon's girlfriend. So why was Dean's trail separated from the others? Is everyone flipping on Gumby?

Robby was found in Greece. Why is it unlikely he wll ever be found if he's not found soon?

Do you know who are the only people that roll on the Hells Angels in Quebec? The hitmen they hire to kill people. You know why? Because they know when their time is up, the club will have them killed next. Just like Christmas in Vancouver 1995.

RCMP says photos released of suspects in inmate escape plot were stock images

The National Post is reporting that "The RCMP says images it released of two men who allegedly helped an accused murderer escape custody were actually stock images and not photos of the suspects." That makes no sense whatsoever. They were supposed to be surveillance photos not some pictures left behind by one of Robby's associates. Nobody walks around with hard copoes of photos any more and inmates aren't supposed to have cell phones. They certianly aren't going to take a picture of the escape on a burner phone to aid the police investigation.

"Const. Deanna Law says in a statement investigators believe the photos left behind by associates of Rabih Alkhalil resemble them but are, in fact, different people." Photos left behind by associates of Rabih Alkhalil? That makes no sense at all. Robby's associates took pictures of the suspects that helped him escape? Not likely. What's more likely is that the Blackwater agents were identified by their mug shots so they had to change their story.


  1. More connected than Larry it seems. Got out first. I live by the jail they kept these guys at for the trial in Toronto. The amount of security was insane. 10 car motorcade to move one prison van.

    1. That would seem to support the idea that this escape was a scam then, yes? This story about the photo's is laughable, the usual RCMP "clown shoes for everyone" explanation.

    2. Yes it does. The wrong photo story is bizarre. Robby wasn't more connected than Larry. He was working for Larry. It's a farce.

    3. Is there any update on this case. Have the authorities updated the public on what the status of his location is or if there is an investigation into the escape?

    4. Post Media did a suspicious spin saying he has probably left the country and will likely never be found. All I can say is hmmm... Sounds pretty fishy to me.

  2. Steven Skinner was accused in the Frederic Lavoi murder

  3. U speak as if you have some disdain for rabih. How can u be so sure red and white assisted him? He was leader of wolfpack .. he is a genius also why couldn’t he have masterminded it when he had so much time to do so.. hoping stars align i hope hes personally never caught also love the blogs keep it up i love reading I appreciate your passion

    1. Genius? AYFKM? He was a drug dealer and a murderer who will spend eternity in hell. Clearly he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. He has to spend the rest of his life in hiding and when this life is over, then he was have to start paying for the crimes he has committed. That's not a genius, that's an idiot. That's why he will always be remembered as one of the three stooges.


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