Sunday, July 24, 2022

The Jericho 941F: Buying handguns before the freeze

I hesitate to even mention this on the blog because as soon as I post something about legally obtaining registered firearms, the dirty a*s Communists spring into action to shut down that distribution outlet. Nevertheless, since Justin Trudeau's gun freeze and crime promotion is so outrageous, I will comment on it. I've already mentioned Justin Trudeau's desire to stop all registered handguns from being bought or sold in Canada. Within 24 hours of making the announcement, all the local gun stores were sold out.

The Surrey gun store was closed on the Monday so I went there Tuesday after work and stood in line. I joked and said, no line up out the door? (Like for their annual Christmas sale) Then sure enough withing 15 minutes the line up was out the door as everyone was getting off work.

An old timer said Cabelas sold out the day before on Monday. He said the vast majority of people in the line there weren't people like me and him who already had a few pieces. He said the majority were people who have taken the course but never bothered to buy a handgun and wanted to get one now before the freeze. We noticed it was the same thing with the line in Surrey. The majority were new gun owners.

When the Liberal whack job said we don't foresee this proposal as creating an increase demand we all just rolled our eyes and shook our head as to how completely out of touch with reality they are. The Americans are freaking out and are using this proposal as validation of their worst fears. They're like see! They keep saying they're not coming to take your guns but in Canada they're doing exactly that. If anyone has any interest in gun rights, I suggest you subscribe to Colion Noir on Youtube. He's is very intelligent and very well spoken. He's another lawyer advocating for civil liberty.

I would like to point out two things. Justin Trudeau's double edge proposal on gun crime is evidence that the has absolutely no desire to reduce crime or gun violence. People can argue gun control back and forth but they cannot argue that reducing the prison sentences for gun violence is insane. It's not just stupid, it is criminally culpable and clearly reveals the real agenda behind his proposal. The second point I'd like to make is that this proposed handgun freeze is exactly that - a proposal. It has not taken effect yet.

It is highly likely the insane bill will pass because Justin Trudeau's World Economic Forum partner in crime Jagmeet Singh will agree to it. However, it's quite possible the senate will not just like the emergency powers overreach and this additional overreach will be the political nail in the cofin for both those political scoundrels. Pride cometh before the fall.

Legalizing all drugs, reducing the prison sentences for gun crime and taking registered firearms away from legal gun owners with no criminal record isn't just a recepie for disaster. It is a sinister WEF agenda that the majority of Canadians can see and are rejecting.

Although the local gun stores sold out within 24 hours of the announcement, used guns for sale on consignment are starting to trickle in despite the backlog in getting permits to take the guns to the gun store to sell them. Some people are selling their guns because they are afraid the government is going to kick in their door and seize their guns while others are wanting to buy guns now before the freeze. I subscribe to the latter. Get them now while you still can.

On that note I introduce to you the Jericho 941F. They are surplus. That means they are used. I recently bought one online from the Ammo Source but they are now sold out. However, I see that Tenda Canada still have some. They come in black or in chrome. They are very good and very affordable and represent a great value. They will likely be sold out soon as well but if you keep Googling Jericho 941F, you can find if anyone else in Canada is selling them.

I always wanted to buy a Jericho but they were always very hard to find here. I ended up buying a Masada instead which I love. The Jericho is an Israeli remake of the CZ 75 which is a famous target pistol, while the Jericho is a remake of the Glock. It has the Glock safety on the trigger while the Jericho does not. The Masada is striker fire while the Jericho is hammer fire. Both are very good and very affordable. The Jericho 941F is IMI - Israel Military Industries before it was privatized as IWI - Israel Weapons Industries. That makes the 941F a classic.

I also stopped in at Poco Military in Langley this week and saw they had a few handguns trickle in on consignment. None of the local stores are bringing new guns into the country so if you want anything new, you have to order it online. I highly recommend the Masada. I like the white dots on the site. It's very visible for us old timers that can see far away but need reading glasses for fine print. However, Poco Military has several Polish military training handguns for sale. The barrels have been replaced to shoot .22s to save on ammo.

Personally I don't like .22s but their is merit to the argument about cheaper ammo. I had the opportunity to buy a .40 cal Smith and Wesson semi-automatic pistol in Surrey but bought the Jericho instead because 9 mm ammo is cheaper to shoot. If you bought the Polish handgun from Poco Military, I'm sure you could order a stock replacement barrel for the proper size ammo however it's an uncommon size and is probably expensive.

Transport permit wait times

Before Justin Trudeau's announcement that he wants to propose a registered handgun freeze in Canada, if you bought a handgun in Canada with a proper licence and criminal record check, it would take about a day for a permit to transport that firearm home from the store. Now the wait time is about four weeks. That's how long my last one took.

When I received an email copy of the permit, I sent it to the gun store just to be safe and they immediately shipped the firearm. I had heard that some provinces aren't sending the permit to the gun store just the purchaser so it's worthwhile sending it to them when you receive it. You still have to wait for a copy of the registration in the mail before you can take it to the gun range. You still can take it to the gunsmith but you have to apply for a separate permit to do that now.


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