Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Examining more fake news in context

Update: More videos of empty US hospitals. - Part 2 more empty hospitals.

One Youtuber pointed out that one of the sensationalized news reports coming out of New York used a manikin in the video. If you start at 2:06 of this video you will see them show video footage of a video on a manikin. He zooms in and you can see the fake hair.

There is a sign on the wall that says No Food or Drink near the manikins and or test trainers.

Putting the clip in context, at 2:37 of the original news video the news report is talking about ventilators and shows one being tested on a manikin saying they need more ventilators. So although it doesn't say this is a real COVID patient on a ventilator, it does imply it.

I have serious concerns about how the main stream media is sensationalizing the COVID reports and in the case of CBS, committing willful acts of malicious misrepresentation. There are even pictures floating around of the same child dying in two different countries.

I believe the MSM is sensationalizing the pandemic to boost ratings but also to feed the frenzy and mass panic. With all the media mergers the owners of the media outlets set out to fulfill the agenda of their corporate sponsors, which IMO ultimately leads to Corporate Communism.

Corporate Communists strives to reduce citizens civil liberty and financial independence. The Corporate Communists don't believe in a free market, they believe in Corporate monopolies.

A lot of different people have been sending me links to videos by David Icke. I'm sure there are several things he and I do agree on. However, the fact that he believes that a reptile race is trying to take over the world, it makes it virtualy imposible for me to listen to him. IMO that position kills any credibility he might have on other issues. I like to balance the extremes.

I do believe the Coronovirus is real. I just believe the media is blowing it totally out of proportion. During any recession we should be striving to boost consumer confidence not send everyone into a mass panic driving that recession into a deep depression. The Corporate Communists want us to go into debt because we are going into debt to them. We are giving them power and control over us. We are signing over our freedom and civil liberty to them in the process.

I don't think CBS made an editing error when they used video footage of an overcrowded hospital in Italy claiming it was in Donald Trumps home town. The media was trying to exaggerate the situation in New York. They'd show long lines of people outside waiting to get in while locals would go there and take a video of the same hospital showing no line ups.

CNN Fake News is now reporting that "New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday the number of coronavirus deaths has been effectively flat for two days, adding that the 'total number of hospitalizations are down, ICU admissions are down and the daily intubations are down. Those are all good signs and again would suggest a possible flattening of the curve,' he said."

Big surprise. As soon as locals start posting videos of the same hospitals the media claimed had long lines with no lines, the governor says admissions are down. No kidding. "But we get reckless," the governor warned, "we change, we're not compliant on social distancing, you will see those numbers go up again." There's the motive. Stay home everyone or the lines will get back to being as long as when we faked them. I don't think so.

Even if the US COVID-19 fatality rates makes it to 100,000 like they're forecasting, that would only be 20,000 more than the number of people who died from the flu in the US last year. I hardly think that was worth a lock down crashing small business and our free market.

COVID-19 is very real and is highly contagious but it's not nearly as dangerous as everyone is pretending it is. Get it, get over it and go back to work. That is what we should have done. We can't shut down all our small business every winter with each new flu virus.

The year before last the flu had a 10.8% fatality rate. COVID-19 has a less then 2% fatality rate and those numbers are high because most people get the virus and recover without being tested and they are claiming people who died in the hospital died of COVID-19 even though no test was performed. That's fraud. We need to face it and rise above it. We don't need to give up our civil liberty and our free market because of it. This ties in with Bilderberg.

The Communists will starve you and lie to you. That's what Chairman Mao did. They'll say look at those fat cats over in Bilderberg. You're starving and look at their greed. That's not right. We need to rise up and take what they have. Not. The people that are telling you that are working for Bilderberg. They are the ones starving you and making you poor.

They con the poor people to rise up and fight for them so that Bilderberg can have complete control over everything. Mark my word, there is no social justice on their agenda. They want to con you into giving up your civil liberty and your financial independence. They'll even use the main stream media to convince you. Buyer Beware: Bilderberg and Communism are one.

Here's another video of empty US hospitals. The first one is Sutter Emergency room in California. Sutter has a history of ripping people off. 0:58 is in Brooklyn. Part 2 more empty US hospitals.

Monday, April 6, 2020

A spike in Covid fraud

Principia Scientific is reporting that the Centre for Disease Control has brought in a new coding system which encourages doctors and hospitals to cut corners, forego testing protocols and instead list COVID-19 as the cause on death certificates. They are listing COVID-19 as the cause of death even if no test has been done. That is why the fatalities are rising.

The way the Main Stream Media has been covering this virus isn't just socially irresponsible, it is maliciously deceptive. They have an agenda in support of their corporate sponsors.

South Korea flattened the curve without a lock down and and economic meltdown. What Italy did was immoral and scientifically counter productive. We need to get back to work. Faith, not Fear.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

CBS' next fake news report of a helicopter crash

This is a clip someone sent in of CBS' next fake news report about a helicoper crash in Washington. CBS is not credible. Their COVid-19 lie in New York was criminally insane.

The Peak of Vancovuer

What a beautiful day. I rode my motorcycle into Vancouver today. The Lions looked majestic with a blanket of fresh snow on them so I stopped at Capiliano park where the Dam and watershed is to take a picture. This is where my father used to take pictures of the Lions when I was young.

I continued on to the foot of Grouse Mountain and hiked up the BCMC. The Grouse grind is still closed due to hazardous conditions but the BCMC is open. You need crampons or microspikes because the last third of the trail has hard packed snow on it. It starts of dry and bare.

Half way up it starts to get frosty.

The last third is a ton of snow.

We had fresh snow last night at higher elevations. The gondola is closed so if you hike up you have to hike back down again. That and the snow greatly reduces traffic. It would make more sense to have people hike up the Grind and down the BCMC for easier social distancing.

Although the Chalet is closed they legally have to leave access open for Dam Mountain because its a public trail. I'm not sure if they are aware of that. Mobility rights are in the Canadian Charter of rights. In the picture above you can see the Lions on the left in the distance and Crown mountain on the Right in the distance. I think that's Goat Mountain in the middle.

This is a picture of the Peak. The hikers on the left are accessing the public trail up Dam Mountain also known as the snowshoe grind. After hiking up the BCMC I didn't have enough steam left to hike up Dam mountain. Normally I take the gondola up but the Communist government of British Columbia has shut that down.

This is a picture of the Peak Zip line. It should be open for business. Conditions are ideal. They said we're going to shut everything down for two weeks. Well two weeks is up. We need to get back to business or the government intervention will do far more damage than the virus.

Grouse Mountain should be open, making money, paying taxes and employing people who pay taxes. Justin Trudeau's brainless socialism is going to collapse our democratic system. If the fear freaks are too afraid to go to work stay home. Just STFU and let us fight this war for them.

This is a picture of the Wind Generator on the Peak. In all my years of hiking, I have never seen that thing turn in the wind. Setting a date on zero carbon emissions is unrealistic. Humans exhale carbon dioxide. Without carbon dioxide all the trees will die. If there is too much carbon dioxide, we need to plant more trees. It's that simple.

This is the view from the Peak of Vancouver. This is our home. That makes this holy ground worth fighting for. All businesses are essential services. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Clay Roueche's new print on his new blog

Clay Rouehce has a new painting posted on his new blog on his personal website. Well, someone has posted it on his behalf. "This Golden Dragon is on a quest to capture the Pearl of Wisdom. This scene reflects the obstacles people face as they forge their future. The background is a sky full of fire which represents the most difficult challenges a person may face in life. To be victorious against overwhelming odds, a person must have strength of mind, body, and spirit."

Nice. Clay keeps putting out positive images. Smoke on the water, fire in the sky yo.

The Mask Distraction goes viral

The Main Straem Media is creating false hype and using it as a distraction to sensationalize the fact that Donald Trump is limiting the number of face mask exports to Canada while the US is in shortage. Anyone with a brain can see this is not a conspiracy it is common sense. While the MSM is trying to use this decision to attack Donald Trump they were also using the opposite example to attack Justin Trudeau. It's time to settle the score yo. Make them in Canada.

How can Justin Trudeau send masks to China when we can't get them here they said. Turns out that JT made that commitment in February before the virus really hit Canada and that the Communist government of China took the special ventilator masks for themselves and didn't let the hospitals have them. Big surprise. Meanwhile Trump signs a $7 trillion corporate bailout.

Now they are expressing outrage Donald Trump is following their advice. He is saving masks for his own citizens before he ships them to other countries. There is no conspiracy. Other than the fact that the media is once again trying to create hype and blow things out of proportion to justify buying masks from their corporate sponsor, Communist China. The authors of this pandemic.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Fireflies glow over deep waters

Every year I buy a new Zen calendar with positive images and proverbs. This year when I brought my calendar home it didn't have Zen quotes it had Haiku poems. I liked the Zen pictures so I went with it. This month the poem reads: "Stillness - fireflies are glowing over deep water" by Masaoka Shiki. At first I was like WTF that's kind of random. Then when you think about it that's what Haiku is. Zen can be random becuase it strives to get people to think outside the box.

I like the picture of the firefly in the hand. It reminds me of that old TV series Kung fu with David Caridine when the Kung fu master would call him grasshopper and say snatch this pebble from my hand. Now the picture says snatch this firefly from my hand.

When I was young my mother took me back east to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to meet relatives. They have fireflies there. They're really cool. We don't have them on the west coast. Seemingly they have them in Ontario. I don't know why we don't have them here.

So fireflies glow over deep water. They say still waters run deep. Kinda like a finger pointing to the moon. During a time of mass hysteria fireflies illuminate a hidden agenda. Fly, be free.

Julia Roberts stalked by Tabloid Trash

Recently I saw a news headline about how Julia Roberts was wearing gloves and a face mask on her way back from getting groceries. AYFKM? That isn't news, that is stalking. These people have the right to have a life. She was wearing a dainty mask over her eyes as well as if she was simply trying to get some groceries without getting stalked by the media.

Julia Roberts is a wonderful person who is happily married and the mother of three wonderful children. Can't you just hold her up and say good on ya. You are a role model. No, you've got get creepy and trashy by stalking her and starting your tabloid trash report with her age. We don't need to know her age. Women don't like to share that. Why ya gotta be so sleazy? No really.

Julia Roberts did a podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow in 2018. That's all that needs to be said.

My point is that this tabloid trash headline puts the main stream media into perspective. Post Media News has become a cheap tabloid with pages full of Hollywood trash. None of that is news yet the main stream media is determined to make Hollywood gossip news in an attempt to increase interest and opiate the people. Karl Marx said religion was the opiate of the people. No it's not. The main stream media is. Propaganda is the name of the game and we devour it.

You say you want the truth. You can't handle the truth. Isaiah saw our day when he said the people say "Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits." Don't tell us the truth, tell us what we want to hear. Lie to us. That's what we want so that's what we get. In this Brave New World we have to think for our self. 2020 - clear vision.

Woman charged in sisters death

Remember that dead body was found in a Coquitlam park after a suspicious fire was discovered and a woman was arrested at the scene? Well the Vancouver Sun is reporting that sister of the deceased has been charged in her murder. Go figure.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Quebec requests military assistance for what?!

City News is reporting that "Quebec is the first province to request the military’s help to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday that Rangers would be deployed to Quebec’s northern areas to help remote and isolated communities respond to novel coronavirus outbreaks. Trudeau noted Rangers would provide assistance with things like setting up tents and medical infrastructure. More details on numbers and other duties were expected later on Friday, he said. This came as the government announced it is sending $100-million in funding to organizations that provide food to the most vulnerable."

OK getting food to the most vulnerable is important. Enforcing martial law is not. My concern is the part that says "details on numbers and other duties were expected later on Friday." What other duties? This is Orwellian. The Main Stream Media is pushing panic for a reason. Their corporate sponsors have an agenda. CBS getting caught red handed trying to create mass panic by falsely claiming an overcrowded hospital in Italy was in Queens New York was criminally insane. It is a reality check for voters to question the media. Evidently, Fake News is very real.

This is a flu virus with a less than 2% fatality rate. In Canada it's a 1.2% fatality rate and that includes the elderly but it does not include the bulk of the statistics of people who get the virus and survive with mild symptoms and are therefore not allowed to get a test. I'm not saying we need to test more. I'm saying we need to calm down and think rationally.

Although the numbers are dropping in BC the Provincial government decided to extend the state of emergency to solidify the curb on cases for another two weeks. We do not therefore need more restrictions on business. We need to take a step in the other direction and let more businesses operate. Using the military to enforce travel restrictions would be an act of war.

John "Horgan also tried to reassure residents feeling stressed by the social and economic effects of the pandemic and listed the measures the province has taken to limit those effects." We can limit those effects when we let more businesses operate and let people work. Far more people are going to die from losing their jobs than from the virus.

People are more than capable of maintaining safe social distance as they get out to exercise not socialize. There was no reason to close the back country on the local mountains. People need to get fresh air. Encouraging them to hike locally will help their physical and mental health.

Rex Murphy: A COVID-19 wake-up call: Canada must stop this self-destruction. South Korea flattened the curve without a lockdown. Italy is a bad example we should not follow. CBS lied about New York. What we are doing is draconian. We need to resist Orwellian measures.

Justin Trudeau dances around at Pride Parades like he's on LSD at Woodstock. He's not the kind of guy I would take advice from during an emergency. John Horgan's minority government is hanging by a thread now that Andrew Weaver has stepped down. Just sayn.

RCMP in Alberta have rescinded a Cochrane teenager's $1,200 fine for not practicing physical distancing while in a vehicle. Two people riding in the same car. This is Orwellian. Stop it.

The Corporate Communists are using this manufactured emergency to implement electronic voting

Another obvious motive behind launching the lame duck flu and for promoting fear and panic is so that the Corporate Communists can implement electronic voting.

Electronic voting is an attack on civil liberty because that can easily be hacked. That is how Bush won Florida in 2000. The whistle blower testified before a Congressional hearing stating how they asked him to write a software that would flip the vote. He did so thinking they wanted him to then write a program to prevent it. Not so. They wanted him to write a program that would flip the results without being detected. That's when he stopped cooperating with them.

Russia did not hack the Donald Trump election. That was ridiculous. However, the CIA is actively involved in flipping local election results. Tulsi Gabbard launched a private members bill as Securing America's Elections Act to ensure paper back up votes. In Surrey, civic elections are counted by electronic machines. Yet paper ballots are retained for recounts.

One of the motives behind the main stream media's hype and panic about COVID-19 is to brainwash voters into accepting electronic voting which can easily be hacked. This is a full scale attack on democracy and civil liberty. View Clinton Eugene Curtis' testimony.

Unfortunately the data on the Korean website I posted a link to has become compromised. I knew that was going to happen as soon as I posted a link to it. Their domestic numbers on COVID-19 are correct but their foreign numbers are not. For international results they are simply posting whatever the WHO and the Intelligence Agencies give them.

The Intelligence Agencies were the ones who orchestrated the CBS fraudulent report on New York City. The WHO is a UN agency with an agenda and that agenda, as the Oath Keepers have pointed out, has nothing to do with promoting health. Their vision of world peace is through Corporate Communism. I do not share that vision. That is why they stopped peace keeping and embarked on the Oil Wars. Olympus has fallen and the UN is compromised. Just sayn.

Joe Biden was tied to William Casey. William Casey was tied to the October Surprise.

CBS specifically chose a hospital in Queens to fraudulently portray with a hospital in Italy to damage Donald Trump's campaign because that is where Donald Trump was born and raised.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Orwellian Era has now begun

George Orwell wrote two interesting books that go hand in hand. One was 1984. The other was Animal Farm. Orwell’s 1984 is often mentioned alongside Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World for it's portrayals of a society oppressed by a totalitarian government. Animal Farm is an allegorical representation of Communism. Allegories were used since free speech does not exist under a Communist regime. Communism is the most repressive totalitarian system known to man.

The Main Stream Media likes to claim that Donald Trump's presidency is Orwellian. They have it backwards. Donald Trump is a hillbilly. They are Orwellian. As Tulsi Gabbard said, Hillary Clinton represents the rot within the Democratic party. Joe Biden is like unto her. They are both tied to the CIA which is a criminal organization deeply involved in drug trafficking ever since the Vietnam war. The CIA's infiltration of local politics is nonpartisan. The Clinton and the Bush families were both tied together within the Orwellian empire. Big brother watching you and controlling you.

CBS getting caught lying about a COVID-19 report at a New York City hospital in Queens is Orwelian. That was not an editing mistake. It was a deliberate act of fraud which forces us to examine the origin of the pandemic. Why it was launched.

The 1981 noel The Eyes of Darkness was about a pandemic launched in Wuhan that had a 100% fatality rate. The 2018 Netflix series My Secret Terrius, was about how a corona virus was used as a weapon. A terrorist tweaked the virus and changed it from a 20% fatality rate to a 90% fatality rate. Although the intelligence agencies keep twisting the global numbers, for the most part COVID-19 has a mortality rate less than 2%. We've heard of the swine flue & the bird flu, well COVID-19 is known as the Lame duck flu. Most people survive the virus with mild symptoms.

The purpose of this pandemic was to test drive medical martial law and promote Corporate Communism ushering in the Orwellian Era. More people are going to die from losing their jobs then they will from this virus. The government keeps telling us Stay home. Stop saying that. The Canadian Members of Parliament just gave themselves a raise during this pandemic.

The government should be saying if you're sick, stay home. If you're not sick get back to work. Shop. Invest in local business. The fear the mainstream media is promoting is going to create a global recession. Canadians have mobility rights entrenched within the Charter of Rights. Those rights are under attack in this fraud. The governement wants us to stay home, smoke pot and do as we're told. In Huxley's Brave New World the totalitarian government got the citizens addicted to Soma which made them obedient and complacent just like BC Bud is doing. Buyer Beware.

Joe Biden was tied to William Casey. William Casey was tied to the October Surprise.

CBS specifically chose a hospital in Queens to fraudulently portray with a hospital in Italy to damage Donald Trump's campaign because that is where Donald Trump was born and raised.

Facing the Fear Factor with Common sense

Russia and Saudi Arabia agree to oil production cut

Reuters is reporting that "Crude prices posted their biggest-one day gains on record on Thursday after President Donald Trump said he expects Russia and Saudi Arabia to announce a major oil production cut, and Saudi state media said the kingdom was calling an emergency meeting of producers to deal with the market turmoil. Trump said he had spoken to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and expects Saudi Arabia and Russia to cut oil output by as much as 10 million to 15 million barrels, as the two countries signaled willingness to make a deal."

I'm going to hammer CBS's fraudulent COVID-19 report home but before I do that I will comment on the oil Fraud since the Rothschilds funded the Communist revolution in Russia.

Before the price of oil dropped, Saudi and OPEC asked Russia to agree to cut production so the price of oil would rise. Russia said no so the Saudis shorted the stock and flooded the market so the price would drop. Russia caves in so they cash in on the short, reinvest in the oil and cut production so it returns to above normal rates just like they originally wanted. This is where greed becomes obscene. It is haram. However, Russia claims no specific deal has been achieved.

Let's not forget that the war in Syria was about rival pipelines. That is what it was about.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

CBS Validates Fake News Acusations

CBS getting caught using video footage from Italy claiming a hospital in Italy was in New York was criminally insane. We know it wasn't a mistake so we have to examine the motive. CBS is Anti Trump but how far will they go? Will they go so far as to fake a news story to help generate panic and trash the US economy just so a Democrat can get elected? Evidently that's what they just did. That is astounding. They are trying to sabotage the American economy so a different candidate can get elected. This is what I meant when I said American politics is cult like.

George Bush Sr did the same thing with the October Surprise to get Ronald Reagan elected.

Trump Nation always goes on about Fake News and claims the Main Stream Media is out to get him. Well this recent episode from CBS kinda proves them right and validates what they have been saying. Growing up I always thought the news was supposed to be unbiased. Yet Rupert Murdoch admitted that's not the case. Murdoch's newspapers promote specific candidates.

However, Corporate Communists can switch between endorsing a Republican or a Democrat as Murdoch did with Tony Blair and the CIA did with the Bush family and the Clinton Family. Both the Bush family and the Clinton family were deeply involved with Iran contra drug trafficking which as we saw in Operation Fast and Furious, never stopped. So what did George Bush and Tony Blair have in common? They both supported the unlawful invasion of Iraq based on a lie

Likewise, Hilary Clinton was the CIA's candidate. The CIA don't like Bernie Sanders they support Joe Biden and they are trying to implement Corporate Communism. Buyer Beware. Our civil liberties and economic stability are under attack. This means we all need to get back to work. That is what we need to do. More people are going to die from losing heir job than from the virus.

Prince Charles survived COVID-19 with mild symptoms and he's 71.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CBS Admits "mistake" about false COVID-19 report

Fox News is reporting that "CBS News admitted to a 'mistake' on Monday after airing footage of an overcrowded hospital room that was allegedly in New York City but was actually from a hospital in Italy. 'It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows,' a CBS News spokesperson told Fox News." Wow.

The Winnipeg Free Press is confirming CBS' mistake and apology

The Washington Examiner has also confirmed CBC's offensive mistake.

The Washington Times is also confirming CBS's defiant act of fraud

New York Post: CBS admits to using footage from Italy in NYC coronavirus report

Yesterday TBM sent me a link to a Youtube Video showing the stark contrast between a CBS report about a New York hospital in Queens with that same hospital in real life. They also sent me a photo showing that the fake New York hospital full of COVID-19 patients was really a hospital in Italy. Well now CBS admits they made a mistake. That was no mistake. That was a deliberate act of fraud. Someone needs to go to jail over this. Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning.

Credible COVID-19 Data - Credible explanation of COVID-19 - It's time to Get Back to Business

Blaze gets another publication ban

Donahugh Frederick McWhirter was supposed to be back in court March 20th 2020 but he got another publication ban after he started cooperating with the police. Joey Verma didn't cooperate with the police. Joey took the fall for Blaze and Blaze is ratting out fringe associates. Go figure.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Credible COVID-19 Data

There is a lot of absolutely bizarre claims coming out of the US media lately that I'm not going to comment on yet other then say we are receiving conflicting reports from the US about verified numbers. I don't trust the Main Stream Media since it's so sensational and so toxic. However, there is a website put out by the South Korean government that I do trust.

Update: Unfortunately, the data on that website has now become compromised.

Since South Korea flattened the curve without a lock down, it is worth looking at their data. The chart states that as of yesterday, the United States had 2,968 deaths from Covid-19 with an additional 368 deaths in the last 24 hours. So although that isn't close to the 80,000 deaths from the flu in 2018, the speed at which that number is increasing is a valid concern.

Canada had 86 deaths as of yesterday with an additional 21 deaths in the last 24 hours. That is already more than the 82 deaths Canada had from the flu in 2018. I had no idea Italy had such a large population. The United States has a population of 331 million while Italy has a population of 60 million. Although France has a population of 67 million and Germany has a population of 83 million, Italy's population density is much higher.

"Italy is a densely populated country, with an average density of 533 people per square mile. In comparison, Germany has a population density of 235 people per square mile while the U.S. has 94. Two-thirds of Italians live in urban areas that are even more dense."

The Conversation lists five reasons COVID-19 has hit Italy so hard. 1. Lots of old people 2. Close proximity 3. Dense population 4. Northern Italy is a business hub 5. Massive number of cases.

That explains why the fatality rate is higher in Italy. In the US the fatality rate from COVID-19 is 1.8%. In Canada it's 1.2%. The fatality rate in Italy is 11.4%. In Spain it's 8.8%. France is 6.8% and the UK is 6.6%. Norway the fatality rate is 0.7%. Sweden is 3.6% while Denmark is 3.0%.

So if you get Covid-19 in Canada or the US there is a strong likelihood you will survive with only mild symptoms. That is why I'm saying it's time to let nonessential bushiness open on a volunteer basis. Far more people are going to die from losing their job then from the virus.

I will also point out that the 1.2% and 1.7% fatality rate is much lower in real life. That number is based on confirmed cases. Most people who have the virus recover from it without getting tested. Here if you have all the symptoms and call that number they will not test you unless you have severe symptoms or are a health care worker. There are only so many tests available and it's very invasive. My point it, most people who get the virus survive from it and the fatality rate is much lower that 1.2% in real life because very few people get tested.

Hope Floats

Christians talk about hope. They talk about faith, hope and charity and claim the greatest of these is charity but all three are conencted one to the other. Hope preceeds faith. Faith is the moving cause of action within us. Charity is love in action. Paul said Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. Paul concluded that if I have not charity, I am nothing.

They say that hope is an anchor to the soul. In times of adversity, we always have hope. Even when we lose faith, we still have hope. Even when we stop believing things will ever improve, we still have hope that one day they might. Hope leads to faith. Faith leads to action. If I didn't have faith the light would turn on, I wouldn't bother getting up to turn the switch.

When I was young my mother told me that Catholics use a cross with Christ on it for their symbol (a crucifix) because they remember the suffering of Christ. Protestants use an empty cross for their symbol because they remember the Resurrection. The tomb is empty. Christ has risen. Both symbols have deep significance. I remember seeing the stations of the cross at Notre Dame in Montreal and was touched by it. The Passion of Christ.

Christ was no wimp. Mel Gibson's movie illustrated that. Christ was Rocky Balboa times a thousand. Yet a lot of Christians irritate me. I remember hearing a story about how Joseph Smith got in a debate with a local Christian preacher about religion. Joseph spent hours trying to convince the preacher they both believed in Christ while the preacher kept insisting Joseph was of the Devil. In desperation Joseph went upstairs to pray. Then he came down and said. I give up. You're right. You and I do worship different Gods but my God says your God is the Devil.

The book of Revelation talks about the Church of the Devil and the Synagogue of Satan. Without naming names suffice it to say, hypocrisy diminishes all of us. What we do is more important than what we say and more important than what we say we believe. For in that day many shall say Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then he will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

The purpose of faith in Christ is so that we can become rooted and grounded in love since he who knoweth not love knoweth not God for God is love. Indeed, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Sacrifice is an important principle in life.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Vancouver's cherry blossoms begin to bloom

I woke up this morning and the sun had risen like any other day. The earth was still turning and the sky hadn't fallen. The sun began to peak through the clouds and I noticed the cherry blossoms have begun to bloom which in Vancouver always symbolizes the beginning of spring.

As I was picking up some groceries at the store they were playing Home by Phillip Phillips over the PA. It was somewhat peaceful so it was. I went for a ride on the bike in the sunshine, dropped off some groceries and stopped by my parents grave. As I passed by the Chinese section of the graveyard I could smell the aroma of cherry blossom incense and I smiled. I have that at home. I like that smell. It reminds me of Grand Master Victor Kan's kwoon in London and it reminds me of the cherry blossom festival in Vancouver.

On my way home I passed by a local church with a sign out front that said Making Jesus known. Then I remembered that although most churches are all offline as in they aren't holding public meetings right now Northwood United posts their sermons online and they are still doing so.

The song Home states "As we roll down this unfamiliar road And although this wave is stringing us along Just know you're not alone 'Cause I'm going to make this place your home Settle down, it'll all be clear Don't pay no mind to the demons They fill you with fear The trouble it might drag you down If you get lost, you can always be found Just know you're not alone 'Cause I'm going to make this place your home." There's no place like home. Shalom Shabbat.

"Behind the dark clouds, the sun is still shining." Mother Teresa

China's Communist misdirection of donations

The National Review reported that "Now That Canada Is Rationing Masks, Trudeau Faces Backlash for Donating Medical Supplies to China." Evidently Justin Trudeau made the commitment back in February before the virus hit Canada.

Nevertheless, the concern is valid. We can't buy face masks here anywhere. This goes back to the age old problem of Communist China's ongoing financial fraud. Why do we send them financial aid when they own most countries debt? That isn't just bad business, it is corrupt.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn declared, Communism has always been the Mother of all Lies. They shout about social justice but the politicians in Communist China are the richest in the world. CNN exposed how the masks Canada donated to China didn't go to civilians, they went to politicians and government officials. Big surprise. The Guardian confirmed the report.

Now the Communist Party of China is sending out pres releases about how China is donating medical supplies to Canada. Misdirection is the purpose of the Confucius Institute.

I do believe this virus was purchased by the Communist Party of China and tested on their own people in Wuhan because that is what Chairman Mao did. He starved his own people so he could implement his oppressive ideology. These are the people executing political prisoners for organ harvesting. These are the people trying to destroy civil liberty around the globe.

We are at war and we need to stand against this foreign invasion by going back to work so we can preserve our democratic system which upholds our civil liberty and economic stability.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Recovers from COVID-19

Global is reporting that "Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is officially clear of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus that has spawned into a global pandemic. 'I am feeling so much better and have received the all clear from my physician and Ottawa Public Health,' she said in a Facebook post addressed to Canadians on Saturday."

Great news. Most people who get the virus do survive with mild symptoms.

"Grégoire Trudeau was first diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 12. At the time, the Prime Minister’s Office said her symptoms were mild and that she would remain in isolation. She was tested for the new coronavirus after she experienced symptoms upon her return from a trip to the U.K., where she had been carrying out speaking engagements."

"Symptoms can include fever, cough and difficulty breathing — very similar to a cold or flu. Some people can develop a more severe illness. People most at risk of this include older adults and people with severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease."

If you get sick, go home. This virus is no reason to shut down all businesses sending the country into a financial collapse. It's time to storm the beach and let the volunteers go back to work.

CBC is reporting that "Besides Grégoire Trudeau, the WE Day guest list included British celebrities, such as chef Jamie Oliver, actor Idris Elba, singer Leona Lewis and race car driver Lewis Hamilton. Elba has also since tested positive for COVID-19."

WW is reporting that "Idris announced on March 16 that he tested positive for coronavirus after being exposed to someone else who tested positive, hinting that it was Canadian First Lady Sophie Trudeau. At the time he said he had no symptoms, but got tested due to his proximity to the infected person. In his new health update, he said he had body aches and a headache the day that he got tested, but those were his most severe symptoms."

The LA Times is reporting that "Idris Elba, still quarantined with coronavirus, is fine but misses home." Tom Hanks is back home and doing fine as well. It's time to face the fraud. If your sick stay home. This virus is no reason to shut down all nonessential businesses and send our democratic system into financial collapse. All businesses are essential. If your sick stay home. The rest of us need to get back to work. Don't destroy the economy over this.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

My Secret Terrius

The Sun in England is reporting that "Netflix drama My Secret Terrius is causing a stir as shocked fans claim it predicted the coronavirus pandemic two years ago. Here's everything you need to know about the drama and its eerie episode 10. My Secret Terrius is a 2018 South Korean television series. It aired from September to November 2018 on channel MBC and can now be viewed on Netflix. It follows the story of a woman named Go Ae-rin who loses her husband and then discovers he was part of a huge conspiracy."

In episode 10 the doctor says it was the corona virus which is similar to Mers.

Another Corona virus prediction like the one in the 1981 book The Eyes of Darkness. It's time to face the fraud and storm the beach to save our democratic system from financial collapse.

Ron Paul: How The Police State Uses Crises To Expand Lockdown Powers

Pretty Maids - Mother of All Lies: "State of the nation discipline You keep the crisis bad at bay We'll bring you growth and prosperity Restore financial stability And then they'll tax you to your knees Can't you see, they are twisting our reality Never practice what they preach I'm tellin' you, we're witnessing the mother of all lies Powerwhores and presidents Breaking down our confidence Fooled again, we're witnessing the mother of all lies."