Thursday, January 23, 2020

Natural gas pipelines are good, Coal exports are not

I've talked about how natural gas is so much better for the environment then coal it's not funny. Burning coal is the largest source of human-made carbon dioxide emissions and is the single greatest threat facing our climate. Replacing coal with natural gas is a colossal step forward for the environment. Now we need to address the real source driving the LNG fraud.

Recently there was an article in the paper about First Nation members objecting to fake human rights advocates calling for a halt to the natural gas pipeline they approved. We need to discuss the difference between elected chiefs and hereditary chiefs as it relates to privilege.

A few hereditary chiefs are objecting to a LNG pipeline their band members approved because it interferes with their privilege. Yeah I went there. We hear a lot about white privilege and how that's a bad thing because it is. All people are equal. We support democracy.

Every person and every race has good and bad. Not all Natives are good. In Fort Langley the First Nation members got along very well with the British fur traders. Why is that? Because the British fur traders had guns and protected them from rival bands that would raid them and kidnap them to become slaves. This ties in with the problem behind the inherit right to self government.

Most of us like democracy and civil liberty. Those can easily be violated within the inherit right to self government. A chief can become king and take slaves. That is something I do not support. A few summers ago I met the hereditary war chief from Tofino. He talked about how his band defended themselves against a larger tribe from down south who tried to plunder them. How did they succeed? The white men gave them guns to fight off the raiding tribe.

Heating homes with natural gas instead of coal has been a huge improvement for Vancouver's air quality. It's cheap too. That's the problem. The corporations don't like that. Gordon Campbell's private power producers that sell electricity to BC Hydro at above market rates want to change that. They don't want people to heat their homes with natural gas. They want people to buy electricity from them at above market rates which is a whole lot more expensive for consumers and taxpayers. The private power corporations are the ones waging war with LNG.


The Oath Keepers are announcing the world premier of UNSUSTAINABLE. "We can now authorize corporations to take property from individuals as long as the government can present an argument of tax revenue." Corporate Communism is at our doorstep.

Armed protest in Virginia

Monday there was a large protest against gun control in Virginia. Many of the protesters were armed. When I first read that I kinda raised an eyebrow and thought, hmmm, that's different. A lot of bleeding hearts panic over gun ownership. The Constitutional right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting. If the Jews had guns in Germany, the Holocaust never would have happened. It's that simple. Gun control is a crucial element of any dictators regime before they commit genocide. History has recorded that. I support the Swiss Model of gun control.

CIA appoints new ISIS Leader

After the extrajudicial execution of the Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS, the CIA have picked a new leader of ISIS to justify their presence in Iraq and maintain control of Iraq's oil in hopes to stop the Iranian pipeline to Syria and to take over Iran's oil again like they did in 1953 under Operation Ajax. Buyer Beware: Iran Contra is still in effect.

The Guardian is reporting that "The new leader of Islamic State has been confirmed as Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi, according to officials from two intelligence services. He is one of the terror group’s founding members and has led the enslavement of Iraq’s Yazidi minority and has overseen operations around the globe."

"According to officials from two intelligence services" GMAFB MI6 and the CIA. Google Operation Northwoods and Operation Mass Appeal. We should not be quoting anything from these two sources since lying is their MO. The war in Syria was about to rival pipelines. Assad and Russia supported the pipeline from Iran, the Americans and the Brits supported the pipeline from Quatar. The same country that was supplying ISIS. That is what that war was about.

NATO Auditor Who Discovered US Funds ISIS Found Dead: Yves Chandelon, the Chief Auditor for NATO, was found dead of a suspicious suicide right after he had discovered that the US was supporting ISIS. Now the truth emerges: how the US fueled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Australia fire update

The Guardian is reporting that "Temperatures have soared in New South Wales bringing renewed emergency bushfire warnings, while Melbourne has brown rain from dust in the air, causing pools to close and the Yarra River to turn brown." "After the city was soaked by rain overnight, many Melburnians woke up to their cars and backyards covered in mud rain."

Rains are coming but the fires are far from over.

Rupert Murdoch misrepresents Australia’s fires

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Fatal shooting in Burnaby

CTV is reporting that " Police are investigating after a 28-year-old man was shot and killed at a gas station in Burnaby Sunday night. Burnaby RCMP say shots rang out at around 6:30 p.m. at a Chevron gas station at Canada Way and Willingdon Avenue. A man, later identified as Julian Johnson, was found at the scene with gunshot wounds. He was taken to hospital but later died from his injuries. Officers say Johnson was known to police and it's believed the shooting was targeted and linked to ongoing gang conflict. "

"At around 10 p.m., Township of Langley Fire Department got a call for a vehicle fire at the 20700 block of 73B Avenue. Crews arrived on scene to a torched, black Nissan Rogue at a cul de sac. Police believe it's a suspect vehicle linked to the Burnaby shooting and say it was seen heading east on Highway 1 before it was found in Langley."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning over paparazzi stalking

The BBC is reporting that "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning to the media after photographs of Meghan in Canada were published in newspapers and on websites. Lawyers say the photos of the duchess walking her dogs and carrying her son were taken by photographers hiding in bushes and spying on her. They say she did not consent and accuse the photographers of harassment. The couple say that they are prepared to take legal action."

Yesterday I saw a picture of Megan in one of Murdochs cheap British tabloids of her walking her dogs with her child in a snugli baby carrier. The picture was obviously taken from far away with a high power zoom. The photographer was no doubt hiding in the bushes spying on her. It's called stalking and it's creepy. You need to get a life. People have a legal right to privacy.

The National Post is reporting that "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning over paparazzi photographs of Meghan and Archie in Canada, complaining that they are being “stalked” following their split from Buckingham Palace. Within hours of Prince Harry joining his wife and son on Vancouver Island for a more “peaceful” life Tuesday, the couple’s lawyers sent out a strongly worded letter claiming that images had been taken, without consent, by paparazzi who had been “hiding in the bushes and spying.”

"The couple add that they are prepared to take legal action, and according to a Canadian privacy expert, could find “a sympathetic reception” in the B.C. courts. “When you look at the circumstances, as the court, of them moving to Canada to escape scrutiny and take into context the story of Princess Diana being pursued by paparazzi, their desire for privacy is a legitimate one,” David Fraser, a Canadian privacy lawyer, told the National Post.

I was proud to hear a local charter refused service to paparazzi who wanted to hire them to take pictures of the couple's residence. That is just creepy as f*ck and it's illegal. Suing them is the only thing they can understand. It's voyeurism. As for the moral conscience of the general public, Boycott Tabloid trash. Do it for Diana, for her children and for her children's children.

I do hope Megan and Harry's bodyguards aren't MI 6. If they are, that's the source of your security breach. I know Charles probably trusts them but he's been conned. MI 6 do not serve the Crown they serve themselves. They are the ones behind wiretapping the royal family's phone. It wasn't just one rouge member it is their MO. The fact that Murdoch's tabloid blurred out the faces of Megan's bodyguards as a professional courtesy would suggest to me that they are MI 6.

This is their official website. Get your news about them from there not from Murdoch's trash.

Privacy: If you want privacy while under surveillance just remember nothing wireless is secure. That's why they have stingray antennas all over Surrey and right outside my house. MI 6 can watch you through your laptop computer even when it's off. Edward Snowden taught us that. That's why we all put band-aids over our laptop camera. MI 6 can access the microphone on your cell phone to listen to your private conversations that aren't over the phone. Even Facebook advertisers do that now. Mind how ya go. God Bless Edward Snowden.

Has Rupert Murdoch purchased Post Media News?!

I've already express my concern about media mergers and how eliminating competition diminishes free speech. I've also expressed my concern with the foul biased propaganda Post Media News spews trying to overturn the results of a democratic election in Surrey. Well now the shocking credibility meltdown of Post Media News calls for a moment of silence as we mourn the loss of something sacred. Post Media News is now killing the Vancouver Sun and Province.

When Post Media News bought the Surrey Now and the Surrey Leader, they fired everyone from the surrey Leader and out all the fliers from the leader into the now. Now the local paper is just six pages of advertising with a huge stack of flyers in the middle. The killed free speech. Their biased propaganda supporting the LRT and the RCMP caused me to simply unsubscribe.

They're doing the same thing only worse to the Sun and the Province. Now those credible newspapers are becoming cheap tabloids. After the changeover, the Province started running single pages of celebrity gossip. It looked different; like a cheap tabloid. Now they have four or five pages of celebrity gossip in addition to a full page article about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's breif encounter at some awards gala. No one cares.

They ran three pictures of an intimate hug the couple shared which was anything but. She put her hand on his arm as she leaned in to whisper something to him. Then he playfully grabs her wrist as she pulls away from him. AYFKM? Jennifer Aniston is a good person. Brad Pitt is not. Brad Pitt didn't just have an affair, he left her and married someone who completely f*cked him over after they adopted a ship load of kids. That was like a Fatal Attraction commercial promoting fidelity in marriage. All these idiots hoping Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt get back together are insane. I hope she has more self respect then that. Jennifer Aniston is a good person. What she does is her business. All these people obsessing over Hollywood gossip really need to get a life. Media outlets that pimp that aren't media outlets they are tabloid trash like the National Enquirer.

The new tabloid trash look makes me wonder if Rupert Murdoch has bought Post Media news.

Kid's Play is still kicking it

Yesterday the Kids Play Team hosted another drugs and gangs awareness program for grade 6 and 7s in Surrey. Then in the evening they hosted a Resilient mind seminar at LA Matheson. January 21st they are hosting a free tobogganing event at Mount Seymour and February 1st they are hosting an entrepreneurs event in Vancouver. It's hard to keep up with these guys. This is a nonprofit organization that gets sh*t done. They don't wrack up overtime to scam taxpayers.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Police seize 1.5 kilos of crystal meth in Surrey

The Peacearch News is reporting that Police seized 38 kilograms of heroin. 1.5 kilos of crystal meth and kilograms of imitation Percocet – both believed to contain fentanyl. Which police?

Sounds like it wasn't the Surrey RCMP, it was the Compromised Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. which means this was from Hells Angel rivals since they are still giving Wolf Pack associates police escorts to sell cocaine in Surrey. Either way, getting that much drugs off the street is a good thing. It's just so disheartening to see the Compromised BC Gang Task force assisting the Hells Angels monopoly on the drug trade still. That is just so wrong.

"The two men who were arrested have been released without charges." Of course they were. The Compromised Gang task force witnessed a drug transaction so they took the money and ran.

When are they going to make an arrest from the drug transactions they witness out of Shakerz? There' not because Cub Pack associates are in the rat out your rivals program. Let's not forget that bag of guns that was found in Newton tied to the Hells Angels. The Hells Angles are the ones responsible for the drug related violence in Surrey. The RCMP in BC are on the wrong side.

Fraud allegations a facade in Huawei Trade War

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Fraud allegations against Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou are a facade and charges filed by the United States are really about the country trying to enforce its sanctions on Iran, a defence lawyer has argued." Of course they are.

The arest has absolutely nothing to do with justice. It is solely about a trade war where a cell phone competitor is selling cell phones to someone the Ameiricans don't want them to.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Season Two of Joel Thomas Hynes's Little Dog has begun

CBC's website is reporting that the first episode of Little Dog Season Two premiered January 17th. It's a comedy about a down on his luck boxer from Newfoundland. Joel Thomas Hynes is as real as it gets. He also played a role in the the Newfoundland shot film Body & Bones.

You can live stream episode one season two on the CBC website.

It's good craic so it is. Oh, I mean it's funny.

Stephen Harper opposes Jean Charest. That's why I support him.

MaCLeans is reporting that "Former prime minister Stephen Harper has suddenly resigned from the board of the Conservative Party of Canada’s fundraising arm, as the party descends into organizational chaos and bitter recrimination in the first week of its leadership campaign. And since the first version of this article was posted, two top Conservative sources have told Maclean’s that Harper’s main goal in resigning is to free himself up to block Jean Charest’s campaign for the party leadership." LOL, well if Harper is against him then he must be good.

Stephen Harper is a bad man. He is a Neo Con that supports tax and spend insider trading and is an enemy of civil liberty. He is not a Conservative, he is a Neo Con as in Con Artist.

It comes as no surprise the Conservatives are scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find someone to run against Jean Charest. After all, the tax and spend Neo Con is at complete risk.

Stephen Harper obviously wants his lost puppy Afghanistan war criminal Peter MacKay to win the bid. That is not in the party's best interest. Peter MacKay will not win Quebec. The party will continue to stagnate under his leadership and will continue to regress back into Mulroneyism which was what the Reform Party was created to oppose. Canadians don't like Jason Kenney.

If the Conservatives want to make a difference then they need Quebec. They will not win an election without them and they will never be able to make a difference until they win Quebec. That is obvious. So the choice is yours - evolve or stagnate. It's not rocket science.

Stephen Harper used Jean Charest to get elected. He doesn't care about Quebec or Quebec values. He has his own agenda. Stephen Harper supports the Me First movement and wants to implement Corporate Communism. That is why he is an enemy of civil liberty and the Charter of Rights. Alberta is landlocked. BC supports Quebec. New Brunswick's bilingualism rate is rising.

Conservatives Need to Break Free of Harper Era

"Zombie relics of rejected regime are crowding party’s leadership race. Any new party leader who served with Harper will be trying to hold together his original coalition - which means never winning the country. There is one possible hope for a different direction, an outsider named Jean Charest who is flirting with a leadership bid. The former Mulroney cabinet minister and Quebec premier never operated under the shadow of Stephen Harper."

"Charest could change the party’s hopelessly out-of-date policies on the environment and social issues without having to explain why he once supported them. None of the others can do that."

"Seamlessly bilingual, deeply experienced and steeped in Quebec and national politics, Charest could modernize the party, enhance its credibility, and extend its reach enormously. He could transform it overnight - and over Stephen Harper’s dead body."

Friday, January 17, 2020

Trump's Ukraine scandal is a farce

I hate Trump. The guy is a dick but the partisan impeachment scandal over withholding aid to the Ukraine is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with American politics. Russian interference with the US election is a complete CIA driven absurdity. When Trump was fighting the CIA he showed promise. Now that he is in bed with the CIA, he does not. It's that simple.

The fact that they are trying to impeach him over something fictitious while they ignore flaming concerns that are valid shows us how stupid the whole process really is.

Impeach Trump for threatening a disproportionate terrorist strike against cultural sites in Iran. Impeach Trump for participating in the oil wars. Impeach Trump for threatening sanctions against Germany and Russia based on corporate greed. Impeach Trump for ignoring China's organ harvesting of political prisoners and arrest of a cell phone competitor. Impeach Trump for being a racist pig. Oh but that's why he was elected. God help you. We've lost our moral compass.

Bombardier's debt and corruption are like SNC-Lavalin

The Canadian Press is reporting that "The future of Bombardier Inc. is being called into question after the company said it was actively considering alternatives to reduce its staggering debt."

Yeah well just don't consider another tax paid bailout. Bombardier is corrupt like SNC-Lavalin. We need to recognize that and move on. They use bribery to underbid and over charge government contracts just like Lockheed Martin. We need to stop burning tax dollars on corporate corruption.

Global reported that "Vancouver city council has voted to have the city review its relationship with Canadian engineering giants SNC-Lavalin and Bombardier. If SNC-Lavalin is eventually found guilty of the corruption charges the company is currently facing, it could be barred from bidding on the Broadway SkyTrain extensions, which are currently reliant on SNC-Lavalin technology for tracks and electronics and Bombardier for rail cars." Giving the contract for the Evergreen extension to SNC-Lavalin was a criminal act. Boeing is good, Bombardier is bad.

Let's negotiate a Boeing plant in Quebec to build super hornets. That would be money well spent.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Cullen Inquiry into Money Laundering is a farce

I don't want to hate but I will point out that the Cullen Inquiry into Money Laundering is a farce just like the Missing Woman's Inquirey was. It is a red herring seeking to blame the Triads and exonerate the Hells Angels so the government can profit from crime. You heard it here first.

The Triads weren't responsible for the Pickton Farm or the Dianne Rock story. The Triads aren't responsible for the drug related brutality in the DTES and on the Surrey Strip. The Triads didn't sell Leanne Yardley fentanyl at Shakerz telling her it was cocaine.

The Triads didn't kill Brandy Sarionder because she opened up a strip club on Granville in competition with the Hells Angels. The Triads didn't kill Janice Shore in Surrey or Ashley Machiskinic in the DTES for drug debts owed to the Hells Angels.

The Triads didn't kill Chad Wilson or Suminder Grewal. The Hells Angels did.

Finian's Inferno describes the atrocities I saw in my journey through Hell. The Triads weren't there but the Hells Angels were. Stop the fraud. Governments should stop crime not profit from it.

Father of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson dies at 75

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Canadian professional wrestling legend Rocky (Soul Man) Johnson, the father of actor Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, has died at the age of 75." My condolences. I didn't realize the Rock's father was a Canadian and that he was so freaking buff. I suppose it makes sense. RIP. What a legacy to leave behind.

Instagram and Facebook says it's removing posts supporting Soleimani to comply with US sanctions

CNN is reporting that "Instagram and its parent company Facebook are removing posts that voice support for slain Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani to comply with US sanctions, a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business Friday." Welcome to the Brave New World. Which ones are the bad guys again? Please advise.

Journalists demand end to censorship of Iranian media on Instagram

Coda Story is reporting that "After a U.S. drone strike killed Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani, Iranians flocked to one of their favorite platforms, Instagram. But in the days following the general’s death, journalists, activists and ordinary Iranians have experienced shutdowns and censorship – not from Iran, but from Instagram."

"At least fifteen Iranian journalists have reported having their accounts suspended, according to the International Federation of Journalists. Government-owned and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-affiliated media agencies such as Tasnim News Agency, the Iran Newspaper and Jamaran News all had their accounts, with a combined hundreds of thousands of followers, removed entirely by Instagram. “This poses an immediate threat to freedom of information in Iran,” the International Federation of Journalists said in a statement."

"Iranian influencers, human rights advocates, and activists are also experiencing account shutdowns. “It’s very widespread, it’s huge,” said Amir Rashidi, an Iran internet security and digital rights researcher based in New York, who watched on Instagram as account after account in Iran was shut down or had posts removed after users discussed the killing. “Every person I saw that posted about Soleimani on Instagram, almost all of their posts have been removed.”

ABC - Newsweek - Washington Post - Market Place - Waking Times

US kills Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS

Iraqi parliament calls for US troops to be leave

Iraq warns of collapse if Trump blocks oil cash

Freewheelers busted for drugs in Saskatchewan

CBC is reporting that "A seven-month investigation into illegal drug trafficking in the Prince Albert area has resulted in the arrest of 11 people police say have connections with outlaw motorcycle gangs, and the seizure of a significant amount of cash, drugs and weapons."

"Three full-patch members of the FreeWheelers outlaw motorcycle gang, and eight other people, are accused of involvement in illegal trafficking of a significant amount of cocaine and marijuana in Prince Albert and the surrounding area, police said in a news conference Wednesday afternoon. The FreeWheelers group has been operating in Prince Albert since May 2019 and has connections to the Hells Angels chapter out of Saskatoon, police said."

Half a kilo of cocaine was seized but pot is legal. Getting that cociane off the street is a good thing. This is what the BC RCMP *should* be doing but aren't. Pity as in pitiful.

Drug abuse and suicide in the UK

I was shocked to hear how prevalent drug and alcohol abuse has become in the UK. Times have changed so they have. I am equally shocked to hear that suicide is the leading cause of death for men aged 20-39 in the UK. I knew it was a problem in Ireland but I didn't realize it was UK wide.

Although the two problems are separate, the causes and results often overlap. I mentioned suicide in a Christmas post but I think it needs to be expanded upon. There was an adorable little boy I knew in West Belfast named Kieran. He was like all the other young boys getting into minor mischief throwing rocks at the British Army. He was a bit of a scrapper but for the most part he was very happy go lucky. I was heartbroken to hear that years later he had committed suicide shorltly after discovering the body of his relative that had committed suicide.

The reason I share this is because this is someone I knew and someone I cared about. I wish I had known. I wish there was something I could have done. As far as I know, wee Kieran didn't have a drug problem. He was a boxer like the rest of us.

Likewise, here in Canada, I had a coworker that committed suicide and two more coworkers that each lost a child to suicide. One was a high school student that was bullied at school. The other was a college student with a mental health issue. All three tragedies moved me.

Suicide is obviously a matter of giving up. Tapping out so to speak. Everyone gets discouraged. The question is, how do we deal with that discouragement? Some turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain but that quest is self defeating. It never solves the problem it only compounds it. This reinforces the need to stay away from negative people and focus on positive things.

My concern with suicide is that it's always darkest before the dawn. If we tap out before the dawn we never get to see the magnificent sunrise that was right around the corner.

For the most part, people who do drugs don't know who they are. They are either trying to escape something or are looking for something. The problem is you aren't going to find anything on a dead end street. Some start off simply wanting a good time. Yet wickedness never was happiness. Drugs do not bring joy and self respect. They only bring misery and shame.

I remember sitting down with a couple of Mormon missionaries when I was 19. We were discussing religion and they said, we're going to talk about who we are, why we're here and where we go after this life. I interrupted and said hold on. People have fought wars for generations trying to answer those questions and you're going to answer all three right now in 30 minutes or less? We'll let's hear it says me. At the time, everything they said made sense.

Now I am not a polygamist and I do not believe in polyandry. I do however believe in the simple truths. Mother Teresa quoted Gandhi who said he who serves the poor serves God. King Benjamin said the same thing. It's the same gospel. Martin Luther King taught that anyone can be great because anyone can serve. I agree. However, right now I'm just a tired old man and I lean towards Buddha who said If you can, help others. If you can't help them, do no harm to them.

Although I don't attend any church any more I still have a social conscience. I care about the things that matter. I don't care about the things that don't matter. I still remember the words of a wise old chef who rode a shovel head. When I was young he would take me aside, look me in the eye and say having kids was the best thing I ever did in life. I have to agree.

B.C. government disbanded RCMP unit after damning report on organized crime in casinos

Global is reporting that the B.C. government disbanded RCMP unit after damning report on organized crime in casinos. It is being billed as an exclusive Global News investigation with details of the 2009 report. Only this isn't new news. I reported it in 2013 and hammered it in 2018.

I found out about the report the Vancouver Sun obtained in 2011 when a young girl cited it at Dianne Watts mega casino debate at city hall January 2013. There are two problems on the table: Corruption in the BC Liberals and corruption in the BC RCMP.

The BC NDP are rebooting the report to make the BC Liberals look bad and so they should. However, they are also using it to justify their profit from organized crime task force which has become just as corrupt. Addressing money laundering at BC Casinos is indeed important. However, governments should try to stop or reduce organized crime not profit from it. That is the new direction the corrupt BC RCMP have taken and the starry eyed BC NDP have taken the bait hook, line and sinker. Instead of stopping these heinous crimes they want to profit from them.

Surrey voted to disband the RCMP and form a municipal police force like every other mayor city in Canada. Post Media Trash and the RCMP have been fighting that quest ever since the election mandated it. This new RCMP task force that strives to profit from crime has become the root of the problem. I've talked about Operation Phoenix and the book the Road to Hell.

Details of the report cite murder, kidnapping and forced prostitution. Those crimes are indeed heinous. That is why we should be striving to stop them not profit from them. At Bob Paulson's retirement he admitted the RCMP quit trying to stop organized crime. Now these task forces simply want to tax it so they can profit from it. When the RCMP and the government profit from crime, they have no incentive to stop it or reduce it. Their only concern is how to profit from it. No matter how you sell it, that is evil. That is not the New York model. That is the LA model.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, the RCMP have Hells Angels Associates in the Witness Protection Program and are providing police escorts for Cub Pack members to sell cocaine. They are helping the Hells Angels maintain their monopoly on the BC Drug Trade. God Damn you all.

Instead of seizing the proceeds of crime, we need to bring back the OMGU and put organized crime back under provincial jurisdiction. That is what we need to do. Stop the Fraud.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Trolls just wanna be heard

I see Lindsey Stirling is making new YouTube videos again. That is one talented young lady. I saw her when she performed in Vancouver once. She said that when she first started she was on one of those televised talent shows and they told her to give up. They said no one wanted to see a violinist that dances. Nevertheless she remained true to herself and became a YouTube sensation. Her completion of Gavi's song still penetrates my heart. Brave enough alright.

Well I just saw a YouTube video she posted November 8th called Voices with the band Switchfoot. During the video there is a screen with nasty comments displayed. Those were actual comments people had posted to her social media. They were absolutely cruel. The song talks about hearing voices. The turning point in the song is when they change the station and start listening to new voices. Comments that are positive not negative. What a difference.

It's like when Jmmy Kimmel has celebrities read out mean tweets they've received. It' so toxic it's funny. People that say those cruel things are complete losers. Listening to them is a total waste of time. I had forgotten how toxic social media can be. After closing comments on my blog I haven't heard anything from the trolls so their negativity just melted away. Moral of the story: Don't listen to trolls. Listen to yourself. Be the change yo.

MacKay to run for Conservative Leadership

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay says he's in the running for leadership of the federal Conservatives. He posted the message to his social media accounts Wednesday, his first on-the-record acknowledgment of his leadership aspirations. 'I'm in. Stay tuned,' he wrote on Twitter." Of course he did.

Right after Rona Ambrose announced that she's out, Peter MacKay anounced that he's in. Only, as soon as he announced that, the National Post changed their headline to read "Don't rule Rona Ambrose out just yet." LOL Everyone is panicking and are begging her to run. Anyone but Peter McKay they say. Now that is funny. I'm not going to hate on Pete. He does carry that lost puppy dog look ever since Belinda Stronach left him for the Liberals. Lying about referring to her as his dog was kinda silly but that's all past history right?

What isn't past history is his war crimes in Afghanistan. How can we place Peter MacKay in a position of trust if he is a progressive liar? I say progressive because lying about making fun of his old girlfriend is a small lie. Lying about the Harper government's knowledge of prisoners being tortured in Afghanistan is a huge lie. As is refusing to release the documents which proved it and heavily censoring the evidence with a black felt marker.

When Pete was Harper's right hand man, they fired the whitleblower for exposing the fact that they were handing over Afghan prisoners to be tortured. They slandered him and fired him. Although Belinda Stronach's lost puppy is past history, Peter MacKay's cover up of war crimes is not. That still needs to be dealt with especially as we reexamine Canada's place in the oil wars.

Pete's free to run for whatever he wants to but the fact that the big guns are terrified to run him shows that his candidacy is already flawed. There is no question that Jean Charest is the rising star in this contest. The question is, do the Conservative want to win the next election or do they want to continue to grope in the darkness over Jason Kenny's Me First failures. I would vote for Jean Charest if he ran for Prime minister. I would not vote for Peter MacKay. Just say'n.

The Democratic Presidential Debate

I didn't watch the Democratic Presidential Debate but I will say this: it was nice to see Hilary Clinton was not there. Last election, having to choose between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump was like having to choose between getting shot in the left leg or the right leg. Either way it's going to be painful. How about neither?

In this case I don't know enough about the candidates to make an endorsement so I'll let nature take it's course. However, I will point out that "The New York Times will announce its Democratic primary endorsement on Jan. 19." I find that statement interesting.

Growing up I always thought newspapers were supposed to be impartial. That's why I found Rupert Murdoch's political bias so disturbing. The New York Times certainly has every right to make an endorsement in an election. Since, unlike the New York Daily, the New York Times is not owned by Rupert Murdoch, I would take their endorsement a little more seriously. The caution I have is when a media monopoly makes an endorsement then censors negative stories about their endorsement. When one media giant owns a monopoly, that kind of bias is concerning.

Amy Klobuchar talked about fiscal responsibility and said Trump has run up the debt. That is a good point. Everyone claims the left will tax and spend while the right will reduce spending and taxes but we see in reality that is far from the case. Neo Cons tax and spend more than the left does. Those pork barrel politicians are not fiscally responsible. This is why I supported Thomas Mulclair in Canada. He said the same thing.

I'm not a fan of abortion. In cases of incest or rape it is a very hard and very private decision. When the health of the mother is at risk it is automatic. It's not even called an abortion it's called a D&C. However, late term abortion as a form of birth control is sheer irresponsibility. Abortion stops a beating heart. It reminds me of when ancient Greece would leave disabled babies to die on a hillside. We are better then that. So although killing babies isn't a priority I obsess over, I realize there is more than one issue on the table. I don't support gun control either.

For me, drug trafficking, arms dealing and oil wars is important. All of that is tied directly to the CIA. That means my concern is how close is the presidential candidate with the CIA? Hilary Clinton was too close. Her drug trafficking didn't start with Operation Fast and Furious, it started in Mena Arkansas. Neither did her arms dealing begin and end with Quatar and Saudi Arabia. Arming ISIS has become an American tradition that we need to address.

All I know is that Donald Trump has lost his mind. Destabilizing the Middle East by threatening a disproportionate terrorist attack against Iran was purely satanic. That is how history will remember him. Wars and sanctions need to revolve around moral principles not corporate greed.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Mexican cop films dying cartel member

The Daily Mail is reporting that "Video footage has emerged showing the dying moments of a female cartel boss after she was fatally wounded during a shootout with police in Mexico. The clip and photographs appear to confirm she was María Guadalupe López Esquivel, known as 'La Catrina,' a female member of a cartel hit squad that massacred 13 police officers in October. The 21-year-old was involved in an attack against the military, national guard and police in La Bocanda, a town in the central state of Michoacán."

I have a lot to say about this one. We all know that the Mexican police have a bad reputation for being corrupt. Here we have a cop in Mexico video taping a young women shot on the side of the road before she dies. AYFKM? He claims that she was a member of a cartel hit squad that massacred 13 police officers in October. That is what he claims.

Yet we have no way of verifying whether or not that is true just like we have no way of verifying whether or not anyone the CIA executes with a drone really is a bad guy. We believe in due process. We do not believe in extrajudicial executions. Filming a young woman as she is dying is in bad taste. Posting those pictures on the Internet is in bad taste. Violence begets violence.

"One of the strongest and most recognizable symbols of The Day of the Dead celebrations is the tall female skeleton wearing a fancy hat with feathers. Her name is La Catrina who is a goddess of death that the Aztecs alleged protected their departed loved ones, helping them into the next stages" of the afterlife. Disney portrayed La Catrina in the movie Coco.

If it was her, the reason they killed her is because her cartel is a rival of the one the CIA was arms dealing with and getting their cocaine from in Operation Fast and Furious.

Was the girl they shot and filmed bleeding on the side of the road the same girl as the one in the picture holding the gold AK? I do not know. To me, they do not look the same. But then again, I didn't think the Bin Laden confession video looked anything like Bin Laden.

The former president of Colombia has a very bad reputation for killing villagers and dressing them us as paramilitaries to boast false positive killings. I don't know if that is what they have done here, but I do know that posting pictures of dying girls is in bad taste. You all need to find some self respect because you've lost it and no one can find it for you. That's something you're going to have to find for yourself. La Catrina: Peace. We'll see you on the other side.

This video she posted seems to have a positive political message. Give it up for OneWayRD.

Police suspect foul play after man found dead in Burnaby

Global is reporting that "Detectives are investigating the suspicious death of a man in Burnaby Monday morning. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) says Joseph Vincent Morrissey, 51, was found dead in the 6700-block of 4th Street around 7:20 a.m. Police say the Vancouver man had "injuries consistent with foul play," and that the death is believed to be connected to the drug trade." Big surprise.

This is why enforcement saves lives not harm promotion. Wherever the police allow drugs to be sold openly, the violent crime in that area skyrockets. If you reduce the amount of drugs sold publicly, you reduce the violent crime associated with it.

Likewise, the Aldergrove Star is reporting that a person was found dead Saturday in east Maple Ridge near the 24500-block of Lougheed Highway. “Though the area is rural, investigators believe that it does get used frequently by pedestrians." Things that make ya go hmmmm. Sounds like another fatality connected to the drug trade. Maple Ridge has a large drug problem now that needs to be dealt with not swept under the carpet.

Hells Angels Associates sentenced for drug trafficking in Ontario again

Inquinite is reporting that "Calvin Hyderman, 63, of Frankford, Nicholas Runnalls, 41, of Belleville and Mark Dunn, 50, of Trenton were found guilty in Belleville court on Monday of possession for the purpose of trafficking."

"The three men were charged in late June, 2018 after the OPP and Belleville Police searched homes in Belleville, Trenton and Frankford and seized an unspecified quantity of cocaine, along with drug paraphernalia, weigh scales, some Canadian currency and colours belonging to the Hell’s Angels."

In 2017 more Hells Angels associates were charged with drug trafficking in that area. One of those men, Blair Crawford was sentenced in 2018.

Yvan Leclair is the full patch Hells Angel those drug dealers were working for in 2017. Leclair's lawyer claimed that he may have been a Hells Angel, but Yvan Leclair was on his own when selling cocaine and guns to undercover cops which as we all know is simply not true. They were using the name of the Hells Angels to sell drugs. That means they had the permission of the local executive. As the world is distracted with more important things, the Hells Angels are still drug trafficking here at home. Stop the greed. Live the dream, don't pimp it.

Iraq warns of collapse if Trump blocks oil cash

AFP is reporting that "Iraqi officials fear economic "collapse" if Washington imposes threatened sanctions, including blocking access to a US-based account where Baghdad keeps oil revenues that feed 90 percent of the national budget. US President Donald Trump was outraged by the Iraqi parliament voting on January 5 to oust foreign forces, including some 5,200 American troops, who have helped local soldiers beat back jihadists since 2014. If troops were asked to leave, he threatened, "we will charge them sanctions like they've never seen before."

Why would the Americans block Iraq's oil cash? That is extortion. Donald Trump is not the Messiah. He is the devil. The invasion of Iraq and the hostilities with Iran are solely about oil. When it comes to social justice here, we are on the wrong side.

Executing political prisoners in China to make money from organ harvesting doesn't seem to bother anyone but when a Chinese cell phone competitor competes with an American firm to sell cell phones to Iran, then all hell breaks loose.

It's like the Americans threatening sanctions against Germany and Russia for reducing coal pollution by twinning a natural gas pipeline. Wars and sanctions are supposed to be based on moral principles not corporate greed. It's the same thing in Syria.

The Americans created and funded ISIS to justify military intervention in Syria so they could block the pipeline from Iran to Syria over their pipeline from Quatar who were also arming ISIS. That is why Turkey invaded Syria - to block the competing pipeline.

The Americans created the tensions with Iran by intentionally executing their general responsible for defeating ISIS. The accidental downing of the Iranian airliner full of Iranians was the result of Donald Trumps satanic threat to respond with a disproportionate terrorist strike against holy sites in Iran. Donald Trump is the root cause and shares legal liability for the airliner disaster. Justin Trudeau said Iran plane victims would be alive had there been no regional tensions and that is absolutely true. Sue Trump. Money is the only thing he understands.

Donald Trump's threat to block Iraq's access to its own oil revenues shows us why our banks need to be separate from the American banks. Corporate monopolies are bad and this is the perfect example. Perhaps Iraq will have to use Iran's banking system now.

Some Canadians Are Angry At The U.S. Over Iran's Downing Of Flight 752. I know I am.

"The region has been destabilized by a narcissist in Washington." CEO Maple Leaf Foods

Donald Trump shall be known as President Evil. History has recorded that.

Confronting Bigotry in the Vancouver Sun: I've seen to much hate to want to hate.

US Clearing Anti-War Voices Off Social Media in Vast Censorship Operation