Sunday, November 15, 2020

Justin Trudeau admits COVID is an excuse for global reset to implement Communism

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "Of course, it doesn’t help that Trudeau also invoked the name of a major United Nations program aimed at reshaping the economy, through environmental means, to embrace socialism." Rebel Media already exposed their real agenda.
Maxime Bernier is reporting that "This week, a video of Justin Trudeau addressing a United Nations meeting resurfaced on the Internet. In it, he says the COVID-19 pandemic 'has provided an opportunity for a reset.' He talks about 'reimagining economic systems that actually address global challenges.' All these buzzwords refer to the Great Reset, a globalist initiative put forward by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to transform our society and economy. Globalism is a neo-Marxist ideology that promotes coordination between countries and increased power to the UN in order to impose worldwide socialism."

Wuhan is NOT under lockdown. Communist China launched the virus and they control our media.

We are looking at a world war. That is what we are now looking at. Wo to thee oh earth and sea...

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