Sunday, November 22, 2020

Softside Clubhouse searched in Surrey Publicity stunt

Update: A week since the big publicity stunt and what did they find? Nothing. Big surprise. No one cares about illegal gambling, contraband cigarettes or unlicensed pot. People care about crack, crystal meth and fentanyl. That is what's impacting our communities with violent crime.

Dr Spin is reporitng that "Surrey RCMP executed a search warrant overnight Friday at the Hells Angels Hardside clubhouse in connection with a gun investigation. Mounties continued with the search Saturday at the rented rancher in the 18000-block of 96 Avenue."

Did they find anything? No they did not. Why didn't they find anything? Because the Surrey RCMP warned them first. All they fond were more children's books beside the strippers pole like they did in Kelowna. This is just another sad publicity stunt to pretend they are targeting Hells Angels drug trafficking in Surrey when they clearly are not.

The Softside went running to the PoPo when Haney capped Chad and the 51 (Edmonton Angels) capped Ali. IHITit are the ones giving Hells Angels associates in the Witness Protection Program police escorts to sell cocaine. Any search warrant you get, IHITit will leak it to the Surrey Girls and their Cub Pack. My father always used to say, you can't con a con.

You can't fool us because we live here. We see you. We know what you are doing.
Speaking of how the Edmonton Hells Angels capped Ali, why was there was a stay in proceedings in Calvin Powery-Hooker and Nathan De Jong's murder trial? The court registry states the trial has ended due to a Stay of Proceedings Directed by Crown. That means the Crown dropped the charges. So the Edmonton Hells Angels killed Ali and the Crown dropped the charges. This is why your money laundering inquiry is a farce. God damn you.
Calvin Powery-Hooker and Nathan De Jong were from Edmonton. The Edmonton Hells Angels sent them to kill Ali because the Brothers Keepers answered to them. That is where they got their gang tats from. Killing Ali and dropping the charges were dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
When Chad first showed up dead and the Softside went running across the police tape to cry to the Po Po, I initially thought it was a rival since he was dumped on Spikes doorstop. I didn't realize he was dumped there as a message not to bite the hand that feeds you. Haney oversaw the Hardside chapter. The Softside were just finger puppets in a rental.

It wasn't until Dr Spin started posting that Chad owed money to the club that I started to realize it was internal. When Chad came up here his membership was hanging by a thread. He almost lost his patch for testifying against that Outlaw who tried to kill him. The American Angels don't like it when you cooperate with the police. It's a way of life for the BC Hells Angels. It' their MO.

Stiff Gritty started rapping for Haney after the Kelowna chapter kicked Mad Child to the curb because he ran out of money for their Oxy. They embraced Gritty so they could turn his GF's high school friends into patch pounders. I liked Stiff Gritty. He showed potential. Even after he got his ass kicked in Surrey. However, turning all those young girls into crack hoes was pathetic.
Stiff Gritty started rapping from Haney to Hellside. In June 2016 "there was one final split and Edmonton had its third chapter - Hellside." Haney oversaw the Hardside chapter but the Brother's Keepers drug profits went to Edmonton. When Ali expressed concerns about that they capped him. There is no L & R there. Only Greed and betrayal. It's all about the money. That is all.

666 - FFF. You get your Filthy Few Patch after you kill one of your own to take over his drug line.

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