Sunday, November 8, 2020

Remembrance Day 2020: Remembering the murders of Mao and the atrocities of Communism

Remembrance Day 2020 is a special time since we can now see things much more clearly. We have entered the age of enlightenment where the light exposes the lies if we chose to see it. Some rather walk in darkness due to their fear of the light. Not me. I've seen where the darkness leads and I reject it completely. I was born a free man and God willing, I will die one.

In Canda when we think of Remembrance Day we usually think of the First and Second World War since that was Canada's coming of age so to speak. The same with Australia. The atrocities of Fascism shocked us so we rose up to oppose it. Yet something happened after the war that showed us how Fascism was a stepping stone in slavery's ultimate plot: the Berlin Wall.

Hitler was a Socialist. He named his political party the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Although Communists and Fascists hate each other they are the exact same thing.

Ammo dot com recently posted an interesting article about Cultural Marxism. Antonio Gramsci was an Italian Communist who wrote a blueprint for infiltrating Western Democracy from within to subdue and overthrow it. "Marx's original idea was that Communism was a historical inevitability" due to the poverty and exploitation of the working class.

"Gramsci, on the other hand, held that such a revolution was unlikely – particularly in the West, where general prosperity and the lassitude of relative contentment would tend to dull the working class’ passion for a bloody, bothersome overthrow. In successful Western nations, a Marxist state was far more likely to develop through a slow, patient process of incrementalist takeover of the cultural institutions – the arts, entertainment, and news media, and most especially the schools and universities." Exactly what we are seeing now in North America.

The CIA has been infiltrated by Communists and the CIA along with the Chinese Communist Party, own and control the media while the Confucious Institute has invaded the Western Universities with bold faced lies. When Post Media News took over the National Post, they published an obscene article claiming that Chairman Mao did great things. Mao murdered more people than Hitler. The cultural revolution in China was not a cultural revolution, it was a cultural genocide. Then they rewrote that history just like they did with Tiananmen Square.
Ultimately Cultural Marxism is the boiling frog syndrome. Frogs are cold blooded. The fable claims that if you put a frog into hot water it will perceive the danger and instinctively jump out. Yet if you put the frog in cold water and gradually turn up the heat, it will not notice the change until it is too late. So to with Cultural Marxism. After taking control of the mainstream media and bombarding the public will lies, eventually they will start to believe it. Especially if you completely remove the truth from social media and most of the Internet.

The end game of socialism is slavery. History has recorded that. All we have to do is look as East Berlin after the war and how they deceived Poland to make their slavery complete.

Globally the CCP has taken over the UN and the World Health Organization.

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