Thursday, November 5, 2020

A salute to the patriots during this deception

During this mass deception I would like to pause and salute the patriots. Rand Paul, Candice Owens, Brandon Straka, Lynzee Domanico, Blair White, the Hodge Twins and Simone Gold. These are the patriots I support. In Canada we have a few patriots as well. Chris Sky, Rocco Galati, Kulvinder Kaur, Ryan Kulbaba, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson and Rebel Media. Thank you for your service. The world is a better place because of you.

In this struggle, I have no doubt where I stand. None whatsoever. There is no hesitation, reservation or equivocation. I believe in Conservative values. I support law and order. I oppose anarchy. I support civil liberty and fiscal responsibility. I oppose the slavery of Communism. That is where I stand on this battlefield of life. In the end, natural justice declares that truth will prevail.

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