Sunday, March 31, 2019

Surrey MMA

I saw a young girl pound the bag at the gym today and I asked her where she was trained. She said Surrey MMA. I'm like where is that? She said right in Whalley. I'm like where in Whalley? Right behind the Post Office she said. Really? I used to work at the Post Office. So today I checked it out and sure enough it's right there behind the Post Office beside the Letter Carrier Depot between King George Hwy and East Whalley Ring Road.

The address is 10708 136 A Street. It's perfect. This is a clean martial arts school in the heart of Whalley without any gang ties. I highly recommend it.

Rourke reminds me of Kirk Jaques back in the day. Kirk Trained Ernie Jackson at the Gung Fu School in Surrey many years ago. After becoming Canadian middleweight kickboxing champion Ernie went on to become a stunt coordinator for the movies. Kirk eventually followed suit. I heard Kirk and Ernie had a school for teaching martial arts for the movies in New West. I met a guy at the gym in Surrey who was involved with the local movie industry. Kirk was training him in swordsmanship. Kirk Jacques is and always was the real deal.

When I was in high school a kid from school said his neighbor was crazy. The kid saw his neighbor out in the back yard with his father. His father would shoot arrows at him and he would block them. I'm like hey, I know that guy. That's Kirk Jacques. He's awesome. He still is.

Update: Kirk's Action Beats now trains out of the UFC Gym in Richmond. Nice!

Savard Boxing Club is at 13534 King George Blvd across the street from the Reggae Cafe. This is a real boxing gym that shares the facility with some traditional martial artists.

WKX World Kickboxing is at 12682 82 Ave Surrey. The owners' son Josh Jauncey fights out of WKX. He is a world ranked kickboxer from Surrey. That is impressive. Josh is a good kid from a good family. Honour him. Surrey Pride yo.

The Surrey School of Boxing trains out of WKX. Jerry Veerasammy is old school.

There's a UFC gym in Coquitlam and one in Richmond where the Golden Gloves were recently held. That's where Louis Sargeant Boxing and Fitness trains out of. There's a world of opportunity so there is. Find your style and embrace it. Don't forget Hugh's traditional White Crane Kung fu in Vancouver. Keep the arts alive and pass them on to future generations. That's what it's all about.

80th Anniversary of the BC Golden Gloves

Last night was the 80th Anniversary of the BC Golden Gloves held in Richmond. Congratulations to all the participants. Well done. Boxing is worth supporting. This is the Olympic dream. There was a Hall of Famer present who won Canada's first medal in Boxing at the 1984 Olympics.

The Times Colonist is reporting that "Langford Mayor Stew Young added again to his burgeoning Olympic stable with the announcement that the 2019 Super Channel national boxing championships will be held on Bear Mountain in Victoria. All of Canada’s best male and female amateur boxers will be competing April 23-27 in what will be a key qualifier for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Don't miss it. The Road to Klitschko.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Members of Saudi team that killed Khashoggi received training in US

AFP is reporting that "Members of the Saudi team that killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi received training in the United States, the Washington Post has reported, revealing other new elements in the death of the newspaper's former contributor. A critic of the Saudi regime, Khashoggi was killed and dismembered October 2 in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by a team of 15 agents sent from Riyadh. His body has never been recovered."

"After having denied the murder, Saudi Arabia said the operation was carried out by agents who were out of control. A trial of 11 suspects opened earlier this year in Saudi Arabia. But much of the case remains shrouded, beginning with the role of Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince and de facto ruler, Mohammed bin Salman. The US Senate, after a closed-door briefing by the CIA, adopted a resolution naming the crown prince as "responsible" for the murder, while President Donald Trump has refused to publicly take a stand."

So there it is. After the CIA murdered the journalist they blamed it on the crown prince.

The Washington Post article is reporting that "Some members of the Saudi Rapid Intervention Group that was sent to Istanbul received training in the United States, according to U.S. and Saudi sources. The CIA has cautioned other government agencies that some of this special-operations training might have been conducted by Tier 1 Group, an Arkansas-based company, under a State Department license. The training occurred before the Khashoggi incident, as part of ongoing liaison with the Saudis, and it hasn’t been resumed."

Tier 1 Group - another privatized mercenary training center like Blackwater. Tier 1 Group is run by Stephen Feinberg. Privatized Military Organizations are NEVER a good thing. Erik Prince was an arms dealing mercenary who murdered whistleblowers. War profiteering is a conflict of interest.

However it could be the CIA are throwing Stephen Feinberg under the bus because he opposed Hillary's drug trafficking and they don't want him in charge of US Intelligence. If the CIA are against him, that would be a good thing. The CIA is the world's largest criminal organization.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Safe-injection sites are NOT needed in prisons

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Canada’s prisoner service is considering opening overdose prevention sites as it expands a needle-exchange program that is now offered at a fifth institution for offenders who inject smuggled drugs. In a statement, the Correctional Service of Canada says it “is in the early stages of exploring overdose prevention sites as another harm-reduction measure option for inmates.” Proponents say Drumheller Institution in Alberta is being looked at as a potential site, which would allow offenders to use illicit drugs under medical supervision. The correctional service did not respond to inquiries to confirm that." AYFKM?

This is the prime example of everything that's wrong with this country. Don't get me wrong. I think Canada is a great place but it is far from perfect. Harm promotion is a forest fire burning out of control and needs to be restrained. If we can't enforce the law in prison then we are completely and utterly useless. We can do better. Letting prison inmates use illegal drugs on purpose is complete insanity. I'm all for prison rehabilitation. This is not it. This is a pharmaceutical fraud.

Vancouver's drug strategy has been a disaster. Be very wary of emulating it.

2 dead after 10-hour hostage-taking at Surrey home

CBC is reporting that "Two people are dead after a hostage-taking that began late Thursday and ended Friday morning at a home in a residential neighbourhood in Surrey, B.C. Surrey RCMP were called to a house in the 13300 block of 98A Avenue around 9:30 p.m. PT on Thursday. Officers arrived to find "a barricaded male and female hostage" inside the house, according to a statement released late Friday morning.

The statement said officers tried through the night to resolve the situation, but entered the home at 7:30 a.m. Friday. "A confrontation with the barricaded male ensued," the statement said. "The male sustained a fatal gunshot wound and was pronounced deceased at the scene."

A woman was also found with serious injuries and later died in hospital. Ron MacDonald, Independent Investigations Office of British Columbia's chief civilian director, said it's believed the man and woman knew each other. MacDonald confirmed shots were fired, but it's unclear how the man and the woman died.

The Peace arch News is reporting that "MacDonald said he can’t say 'definitively at this point' if the suspect fired any shots." Let's hope the police weren't the one's that shot the woman after they stormed the house in a hostage taking. Not a very smart move either way. Two dozen police vehicles, as well as an armoured vehicle, surrounded the home in a residential neighbourhood and forced their way into the home during a hostage taking. Is that really standard procedure?

The video of the entry looked pretty standard. I guess it's a no win situation. If you storm the house without a clear shot of the hostage taker, it is unlikely the hostage will survive. After reviewing the taser incident at the Airport it's pretty clear negotiation is not one of our strengths.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mass migration of painted-lady butterflies headed for genocide in Surrey

The Vancouver Sun Province is reporting that "An unusually large migration of painted-lady butterflies has been turning heads near Los Angeles, and there’s likely to be more sightings in B.C. this summer as well, according to local insect experts." Well isn't that nice. Just in time to be exterminated by the BTK Gypy moth spraying in Surrey. BTK kills all butterflies and moths.

I wonder what BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver thinks about that. Oh right. He doesn't care about the environment. He only cares about getting elected. F*cking idiots.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Fatal single car crash in Surrey deemed suspicious

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "A mother and her two sons have been identified as the three people found dead after a car crash in South Surrey that’s now being investigated by the RCMP’s homicide team. Police were alerted to a single-vehicle crash on the 32 Avenue Diversion, under the Highway 99 overpass, at approximately 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. They arrived to find a badly damaged grey sedan, debris scattered across the road, and the three bodies. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team was called in after Surrey RCMP determined the circumstances of the deaths were suspicious."

Update. It's a tragic tale so it is. The Vancouver Sun - CBC.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Thousands of bystanders caught in Toronto police sweep of cellphone data

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Toronto police and RCMP officers deploying controversial Stingray surveillance technology over a two-month period swept up identifying cellphone data on more than 20,000 bystanders at malls, public parks and even a children’s toy store."

Last year the Toronto Star exposed the fact that the Toronto police were using Stingray antennas after they denied they were using them. These are the same antennas outside Surrey pretrial and the East Vancouver courthouse the police use to capture all cell phone data without a warrant.

These are the same stingray antennas the police have set up outside my house and all over Surrey at numerous intersections beside the new surveillance cameras. The problem isn't just that they collect innocent bystanders data when they are looking for specific criminals. The problem is they conduct warrantless surveillance of citizens who are not accused of criminal activity for their political affiliations. Edward Snowden: The whole kingdom Snow White

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Clay Roueche appeals sentence under 782 amendment

Kim Bolan is reporting that Clay Roueche has appealed his absurdly long sentence under the 782 amendment also known as the 2014 Drug Amendment. Gee, I wonder who told Kim that Clay was filling an appeal? It's pretty obvious it was the same person who told her about Hal Porteous offering to help people apply for medicinal marijuana licenses on facebook, Andy Richards.

Andy Richards was in a complete conflict of interest in that case because he and another former cop from Ontario are involved in the legal marijuana business. They are trying to eliminate rivals in their new trade. It doesn't get any sleazier than that.

Clay's arrest was illegal. He wasn't charged and extradited like they should have. They diverted his flight to land in the US for an unscheduled stop and arrested him at the airport. There was no Charter Rights. There was no respect for due process. Their mistreatment of him was puntive.

Needless to say I totally support Clay's appeal to get a reduced sentence for numerous reasons. Freeway Ricky was the crack Kingpin of LA in the /80's during the US crack epidemic. He was originally sentenced to 20 years in prison and had that sentence reduced to 16 1/2 years after an appeal. What Freeway Ricky did was WAY worse than what Clay Roueche did. Clay was accused of smuggling pot into the United States which is now legal in Canada and several US States. Basically that is all he was acused of doing in the US. Yes he was accused of bringing cocaine into Canada but he was never accused of selling cocaine in the United States. Ever.

Clay spent almost two years in solitary confinement. In Canada that's illegal. That alone is grounds to have his sentenced reduced or receive two for one credit. So what happened to him in solitary? He wrote a powerful and inspirational book called the Book of Indomitable Virtues complete with all his own art work. I found it deeply moving because of my previous studies in martial arts philosophy. Clay always had integrity. As Liam Neeson said in the movie Rob Roy, that's something no man can give you and no man can take away.

I've been writing about the Vancouver gang war for many years now. I have never condoned the sale of drugs. My past history has always been on the other side of that battlefield so to speak. Nevertheless, right from the beginning I noticed that Clay was different from the local scum bags who preach L & R (Love and Respect) but do the exact opposite. In real life, they have no honour. Just greed and betrayal. The UN did not start the beef between them and the Bacon brothers. The Bacon brothers under the direction of the Hells Angels did.

The UN never said no one is allowed to do business but us. They simply asserted their right to do business. They stood up to a bully. That was their crime. Take a look at Clay's picture. He looks like Clark Kent for God's sake. Don't get me started on the fact that the current BC Gang Task force is completely compromised and has assisted the BC Hells Angels obtain and maintain a monopoly on the local drug trade. Randy Jones has not been extradited and never will because the RCMP are giving his drug dealers police protection to sell drugs.

In Kim Bolan's article she states that "Roueche argued that he should get the sentence break because he has been a model inmate, “demonstrating leadership and encouraging prisoners to transform their lives.” He has earned 50 certificates while incarcerated, which he says “is an indication that I will live a crime-free productive life.” That is absolutely true.

Clay had a black belt in Taekwondo before he went into prison. While in prison he trained with many other martial artisits and boxers and created his own martial art called the Combined Combat System. One of his students in prison went on to open a martial arts school in Clay's memory and launched a Little Phoenix program which has the endorsement of a local pastor. As I said before, Clay Roueche continues to Shine.

I have always said, no matter what your past, you have a spotless future. I have always supported rehabilitation. Privatized prisons have no mandate for rehabilitation. That's why Norway has a far better prison model. My father spent years volunteering on the prison alternatives program in Matsqui. Clay Roueche is the guy you want to speak to youth not these loser crack addicts the compromised gang task force sponsors. Kids will listen to Clay. I gave one at risk youth I'm close to a copy of Clay's book because it's something he can relate to.

The whole concept of rehabilitation is embodied in Clay's paining of the Phoenix which is profound and inspiring. I have a copy of the print on my wall beside my dining room table. Most of us are familiar with the Phoenix from Harry Potter. The Phoenix is always portrayed as a fiery bird of rebirth. Yet Clay's painting goes far beyond that. The colours are astounding.

It has the wings and claws of an Eagle, the head of a Thunderbird and the tail feathers of a Peacock. It is powerful and elegant. It reminds me of a friend who left the life years ago and never looked back. It forms the basis of a non profit group Clay started called Phoenix Reborn. It's primary focus is on misguided youth, recovering addicts, military veterans, victims of abuse, and positive re-entry for prisoners returning to society. This is exactly what the world needs.

If Canada ever went to war I would serve beside Clay Roueche in a heartbeat. His ancestors are war heroes as are mine. The world needs more people like him. Word.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The #MeToo Gravy train vs 50 Shades of Abuse

Keith Fraser is reporting that "A Hollywood screenwriter is being sued for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage extra on a movie set in B.C. in 1994 and then luring her to Nova Scotia and Los Angeles where the alleged exploitation continued." Lured?

The law suit claims that “In one year, (the plaintiff) went from being an innocent 17-year-old high-schooler with no significant sexual experience to an alcohol-addicted sex worker,” says the notice of civil claim. “Mr. Stewart’s predation was the intervening factor.” AYFKM? Define significant?

A star struck grade 11 student dreaming of becoming an actress shacks up with a screen writer then follows him to Nova Scotia and then LA to further her career. Don't get me wrong. 17 is way too young for an adult to be having sex with but give me a break. She claims she was "sexually assaulted" on set in Vancouver then knowingly and willingly went to Nova Scotia and LA to be sexually assaulted again. That sounds pretty consensual to me.

I have no doubt Harvey Wall banger is a complete sleazebag who used his position to take advantage of many women aspiring to become rich and famous. I also realize that there are many women who slept with him to strategically advance their career. It's a no brainer.

In this case the guy was 54. That's pretty f*cked up. I'm 53. I will not date anyone my daughter's age and she is 27. A 54 year old hooking up with a 17 yer old is dirt bag sleazy. However, I will point out that The Scarlet Letter was not a Disney production. It was a R rated movie about an affair between a young woman and a pastor.

"Stewart, who wrote the screenplay for the movie The Scarlett Letter, which featured actress Demi Moore, first approached her when she and other extras were asked to go topless in the background during the filming of an outdoor scene, says the suit. He brought her a blanket to cover up and stay warm during filming and for about a week showed her increasing attention."

She went to a party where she was given alcohol even though she was under legal drinking age. She chose to drink. A lot of kids use fake id to drink under age. I don't want to minimize it or dramatize it. A 54 year old with a 17 year old is indeed creepy as f*ck but her going to LA and Nova Scotia for more meant she was trying to advance her career. Unless he was pimping her out, I don't think she can blame him for becoming an alcohol-addicted sex worker. I think her aspirations was partly to blame for that.

My point is the extremism of the #MeToo mob mentality. Everyone is on a which hunt obsessing over trivial things while at the same time everyone is condoning the absurdity of the Fifty Shades sexual abuse. It is a colossal contradiction. S&M is not erotic. You people are insane.

Lisa Thompson from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation

A college student from the UK can see it why can't you?

Fifty Shades Darker Isn't Empowering, It's Abuse

Alberta premier steps down April 16

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has called an election for April 16." Thank God. Time to get rid of that raging lunatic once and for all. Ding Dong yo ho.

James Vidal shot dead in Chilliwack

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that "The RCMP’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has identified the victim of Sunday’s murder in Chilliwack as James Edward Vidal. The Chilliwack RCMP responded to reports of a shooting in the 45700-block of Alexander Avenue at approximately 6:30 a.m. on March 10."

"Vidal is well-known to police and his murder is believed to be targeted."

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Man shot at Surrey’s Hawthorne Park

The Suurey Now Leader is reporting that "Surrey RCMP are investigating after reports that a man was shot at Hawthorne Park Sunday afternoon. BC Emergency Health Services and Surrey Fire Services were at Hawthorne Park at approximately 2:15 p.m. and were responding to reports of a man with a gunshot wound. Officers reportedly canvassed the area and had the scene behind police tape Sunday afternoon." Scan BC has been censored by the police.

CTV is reporting that "A man is fighting for his life in hospital after he was reportedly shot in Surrey on Sunday afternoon. BC Emergency Health Services said a patient in critical condition was treated in the area of 108 Avenue and 141 Street. Shots reportedly rang out at Hawthorne Rotary Park, a few blocks from where the man was treated."

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that the police have confirmed the shooting. "Police say the man was taken to hospital and released later in the day, where he was then arrested and taken into custody in relation to outstanding warrants for his arrest."

New gangs are infiltrating Ottawa

In 2012 the Ottawa Sun reported that "New gangs are infiltrating Ottawa as they try to grab a piece of the city’s lucrative drug trade, police say. Gangsters from Gatineau, Montreal and Toronto have surfaced in Ottawa in recent months, including the Boy Blue Devil’s Crew, which is new to police in the National Capital Region. The influx of outside gang members is difficult to quantify, but police say it brings the potential for violence as groups try to muscle in on rival drug territory to set up trafficking networks."

"Police say the Crack Down Posse, Bo Gars and Ruffryders, are also re-emerging in the city. The deadly shooting of Apaid Noel on Feb. 19, 1998, outside a Byward Market nightclub was tied to a bloody conflict between the Crack Down Posse and the Bo Gars."

We know that the Bo Gars (short for Beaux Garçons) were also known as the Reds because they wore red and affiliated with the Bloods while Greg Wooley helped the Hells Angels supply all the Crips in Montreal with cocaine. Crips wear blue. That's more of an old LA thing. When you see white trash in Surrey flying a blue or red flag in their back pocket that just means they're an idiot. It doesn't mean they're affiliated.

We know that Greg Wooley tried to recruit Chenier Dupuy and the Bo Gars to sell drugs for the Hells Angels in Montreal. Chenier Dupuy was a big guy and said no. He humiliated Greg Wooley by b*tch slapping him in front of everyone at the meeting. Then the Hells Angels hired someone to shoot him dead.

So now we see another Hells Angel affiliated gang show up in Ottawa called the Ruffryders trying to muscle in on the drug territory. Marckens Vilme is the guy from the Montral Ruffryders accused of shooting the Surrey Girl wannbe from Larry Amero's drug trafficking network in Mississauga. He wasn't from the Bo Gars. He was from a Hells Angel affiliated network. So really the Ontario Village Idiots are just getting payback for doing the exact same thing in Winnipeg.

Joesph Strachan used to be affiliated with the Hells Angels and their support club LHS until the Ontario Hells Angels killed the leader of LHS, Bekim Zeneli because the Ontario Hells Agels wanted the Thompson drug trade and didn't want the Winnipeg or the West coast HAs to get it.

There are three groups of people you don't want to f*ck with - the Rizzutos, the Quebec Hells Angels and the Haitians. Larry Amero's West Point crew of pea brain princesses are f*cking with all three. Not a very smart move. They will all be extinct very soon unless they bow down and respect the Dons. Mark my word. Happy Saint Paddy's Day yo. Top of the Mornin to ya.

The UFC: Cheap and Trashy

Sportsnet is reporting that "Jorge Masvidal let his hands fly both in the cage and backstage Saturday at UFC London. The 46-fight veteran knocked out Darren Till in the main event then got into an altercation with fellow welterweight contender Leon Edwards in the depths of The O2 Arena. The knockout victory snapped a two-fight losing streak and sent a message to the rest of the 170-pound division." That Jorge Masvidal is a piece of garbage.

Back stage he got into a fight during an interview on camera. This is the kind of trash Dana White encourages to try and resurrect dying ratings. He's turned the UFC into WWF trash. The UFC still hasn't recovered from the worthless Conor McGregor's racist tastelessness and obviously never will. What a disappointment for the industry. That's why boxing and Bellator are on the rise.

Anthony Joshua has class - Watch him.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Lilly Singh To Get Her Own NBC Late Night Talk Show

ET Canada is reporting that "Canadian Lilly Sing will be replacing Carlon Daly on 'Last Call'. The newly named 'A Little Late With Lilly Singh' will start in September making her the only female to host a late-night talk show on one of the major networks at the current moment. Singh, who rose to fame on YouTube, was set to announce the news on '"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday." This is the video clip.

Lilly Sing is a witty Canadian Vlogger who spoke out against racism by saying Let's Make Education Great Again. She did a funny video clip with the Rock. Yo go girl.

Hells Angel shot dead in Missisuaga was affiliated with the Surrey Girls chapter

AYFKM? The Toronto Star just posted a picture of Michael de Abaitua-Schulde the HA that was shot dead in Mississauga. Get this, he's wearing West Point rockers. That's the Surrey girl Chapter who can't say they're from Surrey because they're not and they can't show up in Surrey without getting capped. So now they are hiding out with the Ontario Village Idiots just like local loser Damion Ryan who was made a member of the Ontario Nomads before the Quebec brothers shut those clowns down completely. Mississauga doesn't have a chapter of the Hells Angels.

God didn't call him home, the Devil did. Don't fear the reaper. Much. Obviously he's part of the Larry Amero / Rabih Alkhalil Ontario drug dealing network. Robby Alkhalil was arrested in Greece where Damion Ryan got his crowbar patch from. Surrey trash stinking up the whole planet.

Let's send the Quebec brothers in the Big House Crew a box of donuts for taking out the trash.

Accused in Hells Angel slaying linked to Montreal gang with HA ties

Update: The Toronto Sun is reporting that "Two Montrealers with lengthy criminal records and gang ties are among three suspects implicated in this week’s gangland execution of an Ontario-based Hells Angel member in Mississauga. Marckens Vilme, 28, is charged with first-degree in the brazen daytime killing. According to La Presse in Montreal, Vilme has had ties with the Ruffriders, a street gang based in the West Island that has worked under the Hells Angels." Like I said when it happened, it was the Quebec members taking out the trash in memory of Vito.

The Ontario Hells Angels supported the Calabrians in Hamilton while the Quebec Hells Angels supported Vito Rizzuto. Let's see how Wally Stadnick bullsh*ts his way out of this one. Wally isn't French. He's an Anglophone form Hamilton. Do the math. Like I said, that weasel is a POS.

The Niagara Chapter

The media claimed that Michael de Abaitua-Schulde was from the Niagara chapter. Rabih Alkhalil from Surrey had drug charges in Niagara. Nic Nero, Robby's co accused in the murder of Johnnie Raposo was a cocaine kingpin in Niagara. Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon attended Rabih's brother Nabil's wedding in Ottawa before they were shot in Kelowna. Nabil Alkalil was caught with 11 kilograms of cocaine in Ottawa back in 2008 and served a seven year sentence.

The Niagara chapter of the Hells Angels were old men on Viagra tied to Gerard Ward's cocaine trafficking. Larry Amero, Robby Alkhalil and Dean Wiwchar are all tied to the Cub pack / West Point. They don't ride motorcycles they just sell drugs and steal sh*t. If you wear a Cub pack or West Point rocker then you are asking for trouble. They're just Surrey Jacks. Buyer Beware.

A Surrey Jack is a local loser who steals sh*t. They are nothing to fear or aspire to.

28-year-old Joseph Pallotta, surrendered to Montreal police Sunday.

Update: Global is reporting that "Authorities said the fourth suspect, identified as 26-year-old Marc Issa El-Khoury of Montreal, was caught on Wednesday trying to cross the border to the U.S. from Champlain, Quebec. He is facing a charge of first-degree murder."

Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 angle of attack sensor flaw

The National Post is reporting that "The cause of the Lion Air crash — and the suspected cause of the recent downing of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 — is a little-known piece of software known as MCAS, the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. The 737 MAX 8 has heavier and more fuel-efficient engines than prior editions of the 737, a change which causes the aircraft to pitch upwards ever-so-slightly after takeoff. Rather than instructing airlines to warn their pilots of this quirk, Boeing simply equipped the MAX 8 with MCAS, a program that would automatically tilt the nose downwards to compensate."

"In normal circumstances, the system is not a problem, but it only takes a minor maintenance error to turn MCAS into a deadly liability. In the case of Lion Air Flight 610, the 737 MAX 8 had a faulty 'angle of attack sensor'; a small blade sticking out of the cockpit that records the angle of the aircraft in flight. An angle of attack sensor pictured on an Embraer 145."

"The sensor was wrongly telling the MAX 8’s flight computers that the aircraft was climbing much more sharply than it was. As a result, pilots were left wrestling with an aircraft that was repeatedly plunging itself towards the ground for no reason. A pilot can counteract the dive by pulling up on the control column, but MCAS will kick in again after only 10 seconds and once again tilt the plane downwards. 'If this is left unchecked (it) can lead to a potential nose heavy situation where it becomes almost impossible to manually raise the nose,' reads a November assessment of the Lion Air crash by Akan Bassey, a commercial pilot and blogger."

"Indeed, the final minutes of Lion Air Flight 610 show the plane veering crazily up and down as the pilot fought with MCAS for control of the aircraft. 'The airplane tends to oscillate in this conflict between the software and the pilot,' Garneau, himself an experienced airman, said Wednesday. Ultimately, the Lion Air 737 pitched itself forward 26 times before pilots ultimately lost control."

Pilot’s Radio Messages with control tower

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Former soldier to be charged in Bloody Sunday killings

City News is reporting that "A former British soldier is set to be prosecuted in connection with the deaths of two civil rights protesters in Northern Ireland 47 years ago, part of an incident known as Bloody Sunday, prosecutors said Thursday. The former soldier, identified as soldier F, was a member of the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment sent to the protest in Derry on Jan. 30, 1972."

"The veteran will face prosecution for the murders of James Wray and William McKinney and the attempted murders of Joseph Friel, Michael Quinn, Joe Mahon and Patrick O’Donnell. Sixteen other soldiers under investigation will not face prosecution in the shootings, which took place at the height of the unrest in Northern Ireland known as the Troubles. The charges follow a decade-long investigation that concluded soldiers killed 13 unarmed demonstrators protesting Britain’s detention of suspected Irish nationalists without trial." U2 Bloody Sunday.

Fatal shooting in Winnipeg

CBC is reporting that "Man shot, killed in Winnipeg's West End as gun violence spikes in city. 3rd homicide in 10 days; police say shooting near Ellice and Empress was not random."

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that "Brett Anthony Cadieux, the man shot to death Tuesday morning in Winnipeg’s West End was reportedly hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to various parties and had a history of being unable - or refusing - to pay up."

Gambino crime boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali shot dead in New York

The New York Post is reporting that "Gambino crime boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali was assassinated in front of his Staten Island home Wednesday night in a stunning gangland hit that recalled some of the most infamous Mafia killings in city history. Cali, 53, was shot several times and run over in front of his brick mansion in the lavish Todt Hill neighborhood at about 9:20 p.m. His wife and young children were inside, police sources told The Post. The gunman sped off in a blue pickup truck after the hit, which one source described as disrespectful because it took place near his family home in an outer borough." Exactly.

"Cali is the first mob boss to be slain in New York City since a fresh-faced John Gotti ordered the murder of then-Gambino boss Paul Castellano in 1985 at Sparks steakhouse in Midtown. 'Even Gotti had more respect,' one police source told The Post. 'He did it out in Manhattan.' Cali was rushed to Staten Island University Hospital North, where he was declared dead."

New York media states it is the first targeted killing of a mob boss in the city since 1985.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Richmond Shooting

Global is reporting that "A shooting in Richmond on Tuesday has left a man in hospital with what police describe as "potentially life-threatening injuries." According to Richmond RCMP, the incident happened in the 11000-block of Twigg Place on Mitchell Island around 9 a.m. Officers arrived to find a 25-year-old man suffering gunshot wounds. He was rushed to hospital."

"Police said a witness at the scene reported seeing a man dressed in black fleeing the area on foot. Shortly afterwards, police received a separate report of a vehicle on fire in the 5600-block of No. 7 Road. Police have not confirmed the two incidents are related. However, police do believe the shooting is not a random attack."

Hells Angel shot dead in Toronto - ID'd / Arrests

The Toronto Star is reporting that "A full patch member of the Hells Angels was the victim of a fatal shooting Monday in a Mississauga plaza that sent bystanders scrambling for cover in what was described as a chaotic scene. The shooting outside a popular gym comes amidst a massive shuffling amongst the Hells Angels in Ontario, multiple sources told the Star."

"Peel Regional Police are investigating whether a burnt-out car found in the area was the shooter’s getaway vehicle. A senior Hells Angels member from London, Ont., has recently moved to the Niagara Region to bolster the club there while Keswick-area Hells Angels have moved to Ottawa, multiple sources told the Star." The shooting took place Monday around 11:15 a.m.

Sounds like hunting season has just opened for the Ontario Village Idiots. It might even have been the Quebec brothers cleaning house again. Je me souviens yo. Sounds like local cub pack reject Damion Ryan from the disbanded Ontario Nitwits isn't even safe in Ontario. There all gonna have a turkey shoot. No wonder he wants police protection like the rest of the cub pack.

Police are searching for a suspect in the Mississauga shooting because they want to give him a box of donuts. Sorry. No love lost in this one. Just sayn.

Update: CP24 is reporting that "On Wednesday, police identified the victim as Michael de Abaitua-Schulde of Mississauga. Investigators say de Abaitua-Schulde was a full patch member of the Hells Angels."

Arrest made in slaying of Hells Angel

There's already been an arrest made in the shooting. Press conference Thursday 12:30 PM. "The Hells Angles don't dial 911." Much. In BC and Ontario they run to the cops at the first opportunity. The Ontario Village Idiots are in the Popo's pocket. Rats forever forever Rats.

Ah the shooter is from Quebec.... The Toronto Sun is reporting that "Two men have been arrested and a third is sought in the daylight gangland execution of a Hells Angel in Mississauga earlier this week. Peel Regional Police say two men were arrested in Montreal Wednesday night. A third, Joseph Pallotta, 38, of Quebec, is wanted for first-degree murder."

City News is reporting that "The two suspects in custody are from the Montreal area and will appear in court in Montreal. Markins Vilme, 28, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday night. Johnathan Martinez-Reyes, 27, was also arrested and charged with accessory after the fact to murder. A third suspect, 38-year-old Joseph Pallota, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for first-degree murder. Police say he is from the Saint-Leonard area of Quebec and is considered armed and dangerous."

The police claim it was a targeted hit and don't expect any retaliation. That's because when the Quebec brothers start busting caps, the Ontario Village Idiots run for cover. In fact they run to the Popo faster than a teletubbie just like DK did and just like the Softside did when Chad was shot dead and dumped on Spike's doorstop.

So tell me is the BEU going to give the Ontario Village Idiots police protection to sell drugs now just like the Surrey RCMP do for the cub pack? How lame is that?

Hells Angel shot dead in Missisuaga was a member of the Surrey Girls chapter

Monday, March 11, 2019

Fatal shooting in 100 Mile House

The Castle guard news is reporting that "The North District Major Crime Unit has two homicides on its hands. Very few details were provided, with the RCMP only saying on Monday that a man was shot and killed in a home on Cedar Avenue in 100 Mile House on Sunday morning. “This residence was well known to police and although the investigation is in the early stages, police have no information to suggest that the greater public is at further risk,” police said. A 60-year-old man was found dead the same day in Valemount, about 330 km northeast of 100 Mile."

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that "The RCMP’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has identified the victim of Sunday’s murder in Chilliwack as James Edward Vidal."

1.6 tons of cocaine seized at Port of New York

NBC is reporting that "Authorities have seized the biggest shipment of cocaine recovered at the ports of New York and New Jersey in almost 25 years. The massive bust Feb. 28 at the Port of New York/Newark in Elizabeth came after authorities checked a shipping container entering the country. They found 60 packages containing 3,200 pounds of a white powdery substance that proved to be cocaine, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement Monday. The container was recovered from a ship that originated in South America, the spokesman said."

The current crisis in Nicaragua is tied to Socialism

The Guardian is reporting that "The Nicaraguan government has released dozens of people arrested in last year’s crackdown on street protests, hours before government and opposition leaders were due to restart talks aimed at ending a national crisis. Nicaragua has been in a deep political crisis since President Daniel Ortega attempted social security reform last year, leading to massive protests. Ortega, a cold war-era former guerrilla fighter who returned to elected office in 2006, unleashed a brutal government crackdown. Some 320 people were killed and more than 600 imprisoned, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights."

The problem is that there are a lot more that a few dozen political prisoners who were arrested and brutalized for protesting. The problem is that the current president, Daniel Ortega is a left over relic from the Sandinista National Liberation Front tied to Fidel Castro.

We are very familiar with the Gary Webb story and Iran Contra. Communism is bad but so is cocaine trafficking. Two wrongs don't make a right. Yet that does not diminish the seriousness of the current attack on free speech in Nicaragua. At least 325 people have been killed and more than 2,000 wounded since demonstrations began last April.

Doctors in Nicaragua are branded as terrorists for treating injured student protesters.

Free the political prisoners in Nicaragua. All of them.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack - Update

Global is reporting that "Police are investigating after a man was killed in an early morning shooting in Chilliwack Sunday. RCMP were called to the 45700-block of Alexander Avenue just after 6:30 a.m. for a report of a man with gunshot wounds. The man, who police say was in his early thirties, died at the scene of his injuries. Investigators believe the shooting was targeted, adding the victim is known to police." This is the third shooting Chilliwack has seen in two weeks.

A woman died from a shooting in Chilliwack earlier this month.

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that "The RCMP’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) has identified the victim of Sunday’s murder in Chilliwack as James Edward Vidal."

" Vidal is well-known to police with numerous criminal convictions, mostly in Chilliwack, dating back nearly 15 years. He has nothing, however, listed on Court Service Online in the last three years with his most recent conviction in August 2016 for break-and-enter, assault and assault causing bodily harm with two other co-accused. His older brother Curtis Vidal is even more well-known to police, most recently having been convicted of a violent home invasion in 2016 and sentenced to eight years in jail."

Crane used to steal safe from Alberta bank

Global is reporting that "RCMP said a stolen picker truck was allegedly used by two men to steal a safe containing Canadian money from a bank in Winfield, Alberta, west of Pigeon Lake. The two suspects allegedly broke through the front wall of an Alberta Treasury Branch using the picker truck. The vehicle was then used to pull the safe out of the wall.

Police said the suspects caused extensive damage to the building. The suspects allegedly made off with the safe and its contents, including cash. The two men used a black dodge ram and a dark coloured GMC pickup as getaway vehicles." Sounds like a scene from Fast and the Furious.

In BC instead of trying to restrict bank robbery and return the stolen money to the bank, the government wants to promote bank robbery so they can seize the stolen money for themselves.

B.C.'s plans to expand civil forfeiture unconstitutional

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that "The B.C. government announced it intends to dramatically expand civil forfeiture. Calling it the most significant revision of the Civil Forfeiture Act since its introduction in 2006, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth announced three proposed changes, which he said were aimed at organized crime and fentanyl trafficking. Under the changes, the onus would be shifted to a defendant to prove that an asset is not an instrument or proceed of unlawful activity. Shifting the burden of proof to a defendant is obviously terrible,' said Micheal Vonn of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association." Exactly. We've gone from bad to worse.

Think about where this is coming from. This is coming from the British Columbia government. The ones referred to as the wild west of corruption in the New York Times. When the RCMP task force on organized crime found proof of money laundering in BC Casinos, the government disbanded that police task force. When the Gang Task force confirmed the Hells Angels involvement in drug trafficking and stolen vehicles in Kelowna, the government disbanded the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit. Now with a change in government we have simply gone from bad to worse.

Mike Farnworth is good but this new plan is not. Seizing the proceeds of crime does nothing to stop or restrict the sale of fentanyl, it simply lets the government profit from it. The government then benefits form the proceeds of crime without any attempt to reduce or restrict crime.

Mike Farnworth should have brought back the OMGU. The fact that he hasn't makes this new plan suspect and takes us from bad to worse. The Charter of Rights is there for a reason. It protects citizens and voters form unnecessary searches and seizure. The term innocent until proven guilty is a fundamental building block in any democratic nation. Once you remove that foundation, the democratic nation falls and turns into something else.

Friday, March 8, 2019

BC passes anti-SLAPP legislation

CBC is reporting that "B.C. lawmakers voted unanimously Friday to pass legislation meant to safeguard people from strategic lawsuits against public participation, SLAPP for short, by helping judges toss out legal actions targeting people who speak out on matters of public interest."

"Attorney General David Eby said the Protection of Public Participation Act will protect free expression by preventing wealthy individuals and large companies from using their superior resources to sue journalists, activists or other critics for the purposes of intimidating or silencing them." Three cheers. Better late then never.

Ottawa awards Light Rail contract to SNC-Lavalin

The City of Ottawa just awarded the fraud filled SNC-Lavalin a $4.7 billion contract to extend a light-rail transit line. THIS IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. The SNC-Lavalin fraud is tied to ALL levels of government. That is what needs to be addressed. Cousin Jim: REPENT.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, The Globe and Mail is reporting that "The Federal Court of Canada has dismissed a request by SNC-Lavalin to review a federal prosecutor’s decision declining to settle criminal charges against the company out of court."

The Canadian Press is reporting that "SNC-Lavalin faces accusations it paid bribes to obtain government business in Libya — a criminal case that has prompted a political storm for the Trudeau Liberals." Libya? What about bribes paid to the Canadian government? Oh right. Bribes in the form of political contributions are perfectly legal. Just immoral.

Key figure in illegal election financing scheme quietly pleads guilty: "Normand Morin's plea means Canadians may never know which Liberals, Conservatives received SNC Lavalin money"

SNC-Lavalin illegally donated over $117K to federal parties: Elections Canada

Brad Wall: SNC-Lavalin's VIP treatment is a slap in the face to the West. You re so full of Sh*t. SNC-Lavalin got VIP treatment on the Evergreen line and is getting it on the Pattullo bridge.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Justin Trudeau's ship has sunk

Justin Trudeau just released an official statement in support of SNC-Lavalin's continued fraud. That clown is an idiot. He just sunk his own ship. Him and John Horgan both. In this unprecedentedly insane statement Justin Trudeau rationalized SNC-Lavalins many years of tax fraud by saying SNC-Lavalin is a great company that puts food on the table of many Canadian workers. AYFKM? Their bureaucrats put millions of tax dollars in their own pockets by scamming workers and taxpayers. Chretien was famous for staying "Sponsorship is Good." Now Justin Bieber is saying "Corporate Fraud is Good." Not.

Like I said before, if SNC-Lavalin is denied the contract for the Pattullo Bridge the sky will not fall. Another Canadian company will get the contract which will save taxpayers millions of dollars and put more money in the pockets of the working families that build the bridge. SNC-Lavalin under bids and over charges government contracts. They have a long history of tax fraud. We need to address this. Just like this clown magistrate, Justin Trudeau's statements aren't just stupid, they are corrupt but so are the CONservatives and so is the NDP. We need to root the SNC-Lavalin fraud out of all the political parties.

Ottawa awards Light Rail contract to SNC-Lavalin

Credibility concerns in the Hells Angels' Judge

Kim Bolan is reporting that "A B.C. Supreme Court judge has criticized an expert report about the Hells Angels filed by the Director of Civil Forfeiture as full of biased, unsubstantiated claims about the biker club. Davies was also critical of the report’s author, retired Ontario Provincial Police Det. Staff Sgt. Len Isnor. He noted that Isnor’s evidence about Hells Angels photographs he saw inside B.C. clubhouses, establish serious concerns with respect to the extent that his opinions are tainted by confirmation bias, speculation and tautological reasoning.”

AYFKM? Kim Bolan won't say it but I will. Barry Davies is a f*cking idiot. He is sitting on the wrong side of the bench. This brings us back to the founding premise of the Aldergrove Judicial Review board who first coined the phrase Judges are the Problem. Vern tried to be positive. He amended the slogan to read BC Judges: Our Strongest and Weakest link." Barry Davies is a weak link.

The tainted judge is criticizing the Crowns expert witness because he is an expert. It doesn't get any more absurd then that. Len Isnor is without question an expert in the field. He has many years of experience investigating the Hells Angels in Ontario. He was the head of the Biker Enforcement Unit. You don't get any more qualified than that.

The tainted judge even expressed concerns about the expert's assesment of the kids toys found in the Kelowna clubhouse. "Isnor also said in the report that he believed some children’s books and toys had been placed on an end table inside the Kelowna clubhouse before his court-ordered inspection in order to make it seem family friendly. “This is the first time I have ever seen or heard of an area set up in a clubhouse for children. In my opinion, this was set up because of my inspection of the clubhouse,” Isnor’s report said. Isnor testified that in 23 years of investigating the Hells Angels and other outlaw motorcycle gangs, he had never seen children in a clubhouse."

Why did the children's books and toys look suspicious? "The area in which these toys are set up is with the adult type entertainment in there. It just doesn’t mix." Of course it doesn't. The expert witness applied the test of believably and the stunt failed. When the tainted judge criticizes that statement he isn't just showing that he is stupid, he is showing that he is corrupt.

In Australia The New Daily reported that " An Australian Mafia boss allegedly paid $2.2 million in bribes to NSW judges to get lighter jail sentences, a joint investigation reveals."

In Canada William Majcher exposed Canadian judicial Corruption. William Majcher is a former police undercover investigator who brought down a lawyer that laundered money for the Haney Hells Angels which was tied to the murder of Ernie Ozolins. In William Majcher's affidavit he states that "during the course of my employment with the RCMP while working undercover or in handling criminal informants, I became tasked with knowledge and evidence of payoffs, bribery and case fixing that included judges, lawyers and court registry staff in various parts of Canada."

In 2017 Barry Davies acquitted a man whose suitcase that he had checked in at Vancouver International Airport contained a large quantity of drugs. Barry Braindead Davies concluded that the Mounties breached Herman’s Charter Rights by conducting a warrantless search of the suitcase at the airport. AYFKM?

When you go to the airport, you know your lugged is going to be searched. Searching luggage at the airport is not a violation of the Charter of Rights. Barry Davies acquitting that man was a criminal act. Is he stupid or corrupt? He claims he isn't stupid. That only leaves one option: This judge is part of the problem.

This is why I said you need to cut a deal and make a consent order seizing the Kelowna clubhouse and returning the Nanaimo clubhouse. Now the public is being shafted by a dirty judge. Not all Hells Angels sell drugs but any time an associate sells drugs in the name of the Hells Angels, that criminal activity has been approved by the local executive. That implicates every local president whose's chapter members or associates are convicted of criminal activity.

Barry Davies needs to be taken off of this case because of his proven bias which goes far beyond stupidity. It has clearly entered the realm of judicial corruption.