Friday, March 8, 2019

BC passes anti-SLAPP legislation

CBC is reporting that "B.C. lawmakers voted unanimously Friday to pass legislation meant to safeguard people from strategic lawsuits against public participation, SLAPP for short, by helping judges toss out legal actions targeting people who speak out on matters of public interest."

"Attorney General David Eby said the Protection of Public Participation Act will protect free expression by preventing wealthy individuals and large companies from using their superior resources to sue journalists, activists or other critics for the purposes of intimidating or silencing them." Three cheers. Better late then never.

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  1. Good on you lot, I seriously fucking doubt we could ever get similar legislation through the US House at this point, they WANT to be able to do this stuff to anyone who speaks up against them. Fortunately we seem to be turning a corner on this stuff, they have overused the "hate speech/racist/misogynist" BS (when they in fact are the ones) so much that people are starting to take a closer look at such accusations and realizing they're full of it and that they just use those labels to demonize their political opposition. That's the only option "left" when the facts are not on your side.


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