Sunday, November 29, 2015

The movie Creed hits the theaters

We saw the movie Creed last night. My daughter was never into the Rocky movies. They were before her time. This time she saw a commercial on TV and said a hot young black guy? I'd like to see that. It is a masterpiece. Stalone has always made tasteful Rocky movies that have been positive and motivational. Rocky has heart. He is humble and hard. Arrogance is irritating. As they say in Rome, pride cometh before the fall. Rocky has good advice for life. In the trailer for this movie Apollo Creed's son says I once heard a man say it's not how hard you can hit in life, it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That was the motto in the last Rocky movie.

In his last movie, Rocky Balboa, the young guy says to him in the preliminary, It's over. Rocky just looks at him and said yo it ain't over until it's over. The young kid gets irritated and says where's that from the /80's? Rocky thinks for a minute and says embarrassed, naw I think that's from the /70's. He looks at his son and his son smiles. By the end of the fight the young kid says you are one crazy old man to which Rocky responds Don't worry, you'll get there. The sands of time affect all of us. When push comes to shove we have to ask ourselves what will our legacy be?

In this movie Rocky even mentions Vancouver. Young Creed sees a picture of Rocky and his son and asks him if he trained his son to box. Naw he said, my son wasn't into that. He's a real good kid though. Smart. Has a good career. He moved away to a place called Vancouver. I had heard Stalone likes it here. Go figure. He's certainly welcome here. I think they filmed part of Rambo First Blood out near Hope.

The young Creed in this movie reminds me of a young Latino friend I trained many years ago. He was young, strong, talented and had a lot of anger. The gangs wanted him big time and he got into some trouble. Twice. Did some hard time in the US. Got into a lot of fights in prison. By the time he finally got out he had faced his anger and really got it together. Now he is the man I always knew he could be. I'm proud of him. He is family. He moved down to San Fran to be near his uncle who used to live with me when he was young. I promised I'd ride down to visit him this summer.

As Vin Deisel said in Fast and Furious, I don't have friends, I have family. How can we not talk about family when family is all we got? He also said, didn't anyone tell you never threaten a man's family? That's not a very smart thing to do. So I'm still here. In the new Terminator remix one of the characters takes a look and Schwarzenegger and says, he looks old. I've never seen an old terminator before. They explain that the machinery doesn't age but the flesh covering the machinery does. Schwarzenegger then says I am old but not obsolete. Indeed. It ain't over yet.

At the end of the movie Creed last night my daughter looks at me and asks is my make up OK? I squint and say yeah why do you see someone you know? No she said. I was crying in the movie. I look at her a little shocked. She was embarrassed and said it was sad. I similed. It was good.

Dennis Watson is back - The Gangsters out Blog has Returned

Here it is. I'm back. The fall of Ace Ventura has inspired me to come out of retirement, only things have changed. On September 7th I said it was time to shut it down. Although I continued to update the website at I stopped making new posts on the blog. I posted a few times since just to say a few final words and one blog reader asked how I was enjoying semi retirement. I smiled. Quite well actually. The blog was consuming way too much of my time.

I've decided to come back on a semi retired basis and change the focus completely. I don't want to post inside tips on criminal activity any more. I want to encourage people to leave the gang life. If someone wants to leave the life, my advice is to not become a police informant. There is definitely a need for police agents in law enforcement. Yet if you are in the life and want to leave, the wisest thing to do is leave and keep your mouth shut. Leave the old life behind and start over. Everyone needs a fresh start once in a while. That is the motto of TBM Scandinavia. Helping gang members leave the life and have a fresh start. There will always be crime. There will always be drug dealers. If you stop selling drugs you are less likely to get shot at by a rival.

People can still send me links to relevant news stories. I will continue to quote news stories and comment on them. I will also talk about some of the good things in life. Things you can't find in a crack pipe. Just not so frantically. Yes I have beef with Ricky C and Weird Hal Porteous but I don't have beef with Doc Riddoch. I don't have a problem with the club collectively, I have a problem with crack dealers individually. What they did to Janice Shore was appalling. If they want to put a cap in my ass for saying that, so be it but I'm not the only one that feels that way.

I was never really anonymous. A troll sent a member of the Hells Angels my real name and facebook right from the get go. The reason I had a small firewall of anonymity was because the first thing these pos do when they are confronted is go after my daughter. If you have beef with me, come for me, don't f*ck with my family or threaten my daughter. That is low life scum. Nobody respects that. So here I am. If you want me you know where to find me. I'm not going to cower just because someone posts my name on the Internet. I am who I am so say my name b*tch. Brethren, Hoist the Colours.

Lean back. Erin go Bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Putin and Hollande team up against ISIS in Syria

There has been a bizarre series of events in France and in the world that has resulted in the alliance of the new French President with Vladimir Putin to defeat ISIS in Syria. It is somewhat suspect. I personally do not believe it has anything to do with ISIS and everything to do with supporting the Assad regime and making money from future arms dealing in Syria. Let's look at the past history and see how that relates to recent events.

Recently a Russian fighter jet was shot down over or near Turkish Airspace. Turkey said the jet entered it's airspace, Russia said it did not. Both claims are believable. The fact that the pilots of the jet that ejected from the plane before it crashed landed in Syria supports Russia's claim they were near Turkey in Syria. There are more than two groups of people in Syria.

The pilots landed in an area controlled by Syrians of Turkish descent who oppose the Assad regime. They even shot one of the pilots dead as he parachuted to the ground. Normally that is considered a war crime. I'm not sure who made that rule up. If an enemy invades my country and is parachuting to the ground with a gun having the intent to kill my fellow countrymen, I'm not sure why they say he has to touch the ground before I can shoot him. It doesn't really make sense. However, shooting an unarmed pilot as he parachutes to the ground after escaping a crash is an entirely different matter. It's totally in bad taste.

Russia was understandably upset and detailed some Turkish diplomats in Russia. Turkey warned Russia and said they better not play with fire. What the hell did Turkey expect? Shoot down a Russian jet and sill be on good terms? That is somewhat bizarre. Nevertheless, the underlining question is, why did Turkey shoot down a Russian jet if they are both trying to defeat ISIS?

A coworker of mine said the answer is simple. Everything Russia does is suspect. They aren't just bombing ISIS, they are also bombing the rebels opposing the Assad regime. That's when the light went on. That is believable. Russia has in the past bombed rebels opposing the Assad regime and called the terrorists. Consequently France cautioned them to stick to bombing ISIS and not the rebels. So why the change of heart? Why has France warmed up to the Assad regime and has teamed up with Russia? Money perhaps? Money from future arms deals.

Russia has always sold Syria MIG fighter jets. France has always sold arms to Libya and many other countries that perhaps the West would not. As in the movie Lord of War, it's all about the money. I will also popint out, although it is not entirely relevant, that François Hollande is a socialist just like Gaddafi was. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just sayin.

France went from one extreme to the other. They went from a right wing politician who was a complete dirty dog to a left wing socialist. That is, in my opinion, a bit extreme. Personally, I view politics very simply. Draw a line in the sand and call that democracy. The further you get away from that line on the left or the right the further away from democracy you go and the closer to dictatorship you get. It is somewhat ironic that in 2015 François Hollande compared the neo-fascist National Front (FN) to the Stalinist French Communist Party (PCF). As much as those two groups of extremists hate each other, they both end up in the same place.

Which brings us to CBC's recent news article about how France's National Front leader calls Canada's refugee plan madness. Why would any main stream media outlet even quote anything the National Front has to recommend? They are anti Semitic fascist neo Nazis. CSIS created the National Front in Canada to "track" extremists. There appears to be a lot of hate and extremism being thrown around in the world today. You would think in our age of technological advancements, any civilized society would be far beyond all that nonsense.

The Syrian refuges coming to Canada are mostly women and children fleeing a war torn country. This absurd hatred and racism against them is heartless and inhumane. Syria is at civil war between the Assad regime and the rebels. ISIS is a smoke and mirrors creation of the intelligence community. NATO is doing the same thing Russia is. They are using their creation of ISIS to rationalize supporting the rebels against the Assad regime.

Trudeau was right for stopping Canada's involvement in the bombing because both sides are lying. Every time we support one side in that kind of conflict, the rebels we supported turn out to be worse then the dictator they were opposing. We can provide for the common defense but we need to let nature take it's course in some of those conflicts because our involvement has displaced and adversely effected a huge number of civilians.

Personal Privilege

On a matter of personal privilege I need to announce that I have been forced to pull my endorsement of Daryl Grant MacAskill who runs the Neer do Well Hall of Infamy blog. He has gone from a cesspool of negativity to committing unlawful acts which I clearly do not support.

I don't care who Susan is and who she represents. Not even I would speak about any person, especially a woman, the way he speaks about her. It was brought to my attention that he had made statements on his blog about my court case that were very untrue. When I pointed that out to him he sent me an e-mail and said "Sometimes an honest lie goes a fuk of a lot further than the reality." Everyone who knows me knows that is not how I do business. I may well be confrontational but I am truthful. At no time do I post false information to embellish a story. Ever. He obviously does it all the time and I cannot support or endorse that.

When he posted a picture of Kim Bolan's face on a pig's body I told him that was in bad taste and went too far. Kim and I certainly don't agree on everything but she is without question a professional who is good at her job. Those kind of personal attacks are toxic and unhealthy. Yes I have in the past made fun of drug dealers. He goes far beyond that and I cannot in good conscience support his cesspool of negativity. As Abraham Lincoln said, "I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." Daryl Grant MacAskill has gone wrong. Very wrong.

Anyone who posts a picture of a man's daughter for any reason with the intent to put her safety in danger is a low life POS maggot. History has recorded that. He has made statements about me that he knows are untrue. I have already addressed them in the last two paragraphs of this post. The lies are becoming more and more absurd that they completely fail the test of believability.

Yet even slander serves it's purpose. It separates the wheat from the chaff. Anyone who believes slander is an idiot. When people try to confront injustice they are always slandered. Martin Luther King is a prime example. Even our Lord was slandered. Christ went so far as to say, if they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household.

Erin go Bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

Friday, November 20, 2015

I've seen too much hate to want to hate

CKNW is reporting that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is responding to what he calls acts of hatred and racism directed at specific Canadians, in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris. In a statement, the Prime Minister says diversity is Canada’s strength and that vicious and senseless acts of intolerance have no place in our country, and run contrary to Canadian values.” I have to agree. Hamilton's response is what Canada is all about. It's what the French Revolution was all about. As Martin Luther King once said "I've seen too much hate to want to hate, myself, and every time I see it I say to myself hate is too great a burden to bear." Indeed it is.

A blog reader recently asked me how I was enjoying semi retirement. I had to smile. If only. They were obviously referring to the blog. I have stopped blogging about the gang war but I'm still here. I have changed directions. Everyone knows the Hells Angels are a criminal organization that sells drugs. The recent raid in Quebec everyone is talking about confirms that.

Mom Boucher and his daughter have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder along with his old drug dealing pal Greg Woolley. I'm not going to get into the whole soap opera of who betrayed who this time. The Montreal Gazette did a great overview of that. It's pretty obvious that Mom Boucher is not out in bad standing. That was a false rumor sent out to get early parole. Boucher got his patch after serving time in prison for armed rape and no one cares. He was involved in the Death Riders betrayal along with Biff Hammel and no one cares.

He's still involved with Greg Woolley and the current drug related violence in Montreal and no one cares. Except for the Quebec police of course. Another blog reader pointed out that BC is way more corrupt then Quebec is. The police in Quebec are aggressively trying to deal with the problem. Not in BC. In BC we have yet another Pat Fogherty running interference for the Hells Angels in the media. Like I said before, Every time a police task force found organized crime, a government body disbanded that police task force.

In Quebec, they have an anti corruption task force investigating organized crime in politics. Not in BC. Ontario has anti SLAP legislation. Not in BC. BC is a cesspool of corruption and no one cares. The courts in BC are a joke. Ron Skolrood is a man like unto Peter Leask. He's taking us in the wrong direction. That's all there is to it. I'm still posting new links on the old web site at but there's nothing else really for me to say. Except for the fact that there was another shooting in Surrey Saturday morning. Over all things have calmed down recently.

Canada Post is still lyng to the media. Nothing has changed there either. CBC is reporting that "After making a profit in the second quarter of the year, Canada Post has reported a loss of $13 million in the third quarter." Despite the fact that "In the third quarter, parcel volumes rose 10.4 per cent as revenue from parcels rose by $43 million to $380 million. The fourth quarter, with the crucial holiday season, is likely to be the most profitable period for parcel delivery."

Canada Post is manipulating the numbers again trying to make Justin Trudeau look bad for keeping his campaign promise to scrap Canada Post's insistence on doing away with door to door delivery for everyone. Time for a new CEO. They recently made a huge expenditure on new sorting machines that sort the route to line of travel. This expense will be off set by the fact that the time Letter Carriers spend inside sorting the mail will be drastically reduced and almost all of their time will be spend outside delivering mail. This makes for much longer routes and is eliminating a huge number of positions which will save money and increase profit.

There is no need to take away door to door delivery from everyone. Canada Post is a cash cow that consistently makes a profit and consistently pays dividends to the government. If they privatize Canada Post, they will have to raise taxes to off set the loss in tax revenue.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

RCMP acted illegally in Surrey Pressure Cooker fraud

The entrapment of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody is in the news again. Today the Vancouver Province is reporting that "Judge rules there is evidence the RCMP acted illegally in undercover probe of Surrey couple convicted in B.C. legislature bomb plot." John and Amanda's lawyer has rightfully filed a petition with the court claiming entrapment because that is exactly what it was. The judge has now ordered that the legal advice given to the police be disclosed to the defense.

Sadly the judge claimed that “A finding of illegal acts, standing alone, may not be sufficient to establish an abuse of process warranting a stay of proceedings,” which isn't entirely true. Was this entrapment? Yes or no. That's really all that's on the table. The judge also stated “However, evidence that the police ignored legal advice or acted contrary to legal advice and, conversely, evidence that the police acted in good faith based on legal advice is relevant to the seriousness of their misconduct, which in turn is relevant to whether a stay of proceedings should be ordered. Illegal acts by the RCMP are also relevant to the entrapment claim.”

She claims illegal acts by the RCMP are also relevant to the entrapment claim. I can accept that. However, even if they got legal advice from a law firm that told them entrapment wasn't entrapment and acted in good faith not knowing they were breaking the law, that does not change the fact that the case has to be thrown out because entrapment did exist even if the police didn't realize what they were doing was illegal.

What is highly relevant is if the police ignored legal advice warning them that they were in fact guilty of entrapment. If they ignored that advice and proceeded unilateral, their defense is sunk and they knowingly committed entrapment instead of unknowingly. Which comes as no surprise given the fact that one of the under cover officers said "We have to call this thing off. These two couldn't plan a bag lunch let a lone a terrorist attack."

That is the point. These two did not have the means or the motive to commit this crime. The lack of means is obvious. Two Surrey drug addicts without a penny to their name. The Vancouver Province article said the RCMP had provided the accused with groceries, cigarettes, bus passes, cellphones, prepaid phone cards, a portable hard drive, clothing and cash. How much cash is not disclosed but here we are told the RCMP admitted to giving them money.

Which explains why they were so scared when they said "We've spent a lot of money on you two. Mr Big isn't going to be happy about this. You need to come up with a plan now!" They came up with a couple ideas like hitting a military target. The police agent told them they want them to plan an attack on Canada Day at the Parliament buildings instead. The police told them to do it and threatened them if they didn't.

They were a couple of broke Surrey drug addicts who were befriended by some police agents who gave them food and money. They drove them around shopping for bomb parts which the police paid for because the couple didn't have the money to buy them or a car to pick them up in. The police had to drive them to Victoria because they didn't have the money to pay the fare to take the ferry over to Vancouver Island.

They were incapable of making a pressure cooker bomb. I'm not and I'm not a drug addict. When their attempt to make a bomb failed the RCMP gave them C4 to put in the bomb to make it explode. There is no chance in Hell a Surrey drug addict is going to be able to come up with any C4 unless the police give it to them. They did not have the means to commit this crime without police assistance. That is entrapment.

The RCMP took them to a hotel to get away from their elderly grandmother who was living in the basement suit with them because it's pretty hard to convince the world an elderly Caucasian Christan grandmother is a crazed terrorist. The first time they took them to a hotel to come up with a plan all they did was play video games. The police were furious. The second time the told them MR Big is going to be really mad and had to keep reminding them to stay on task and not get distracted when they were making an unsuccessful attempt to make a pressure cooker bomb for some Mr Big they were afraid was going to kill them if they didn't do exactly as they were told. The police showed them suitcases full of money and gave them C4. Nobody can get C4. When the police agents said they could actually get C4 they were scared to death.

I have a lot more to say about this case but I will sum it up by simply saying there has never been a more clear example of entrapment in the history of the earth. Bill Tieleman talked about a similar case in the US where FBI agents paid a former drug addict thousands of dollars and a new car to plant bombs in New York against Jewish targets. If you pay a drug addict an absurd amount of money to perform a terrorist act and give them the weapons to perform that act, you haven't saved the world from a terrorist, you just created one. We need to stop spending an absurd amount of tax dollars paying drug addicts to perform terrorist acts. The entrapment needs to stop.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remember Them - France 2nd Update

In Canada November 11th is Remembrance Day. The day we set aside to remember those who have fought and those who have died in war on our behalf. Canada was deeply involved in the First and Second world war as well as the Korean war. Canada has also been involved in generations of Peace Keeping as well as taking a combat role in Afghanistan. We lost many good soldiers in Afghanistan. Bill Turner was one of them. Trevor Greene survived an axe attack to the back of his head there. He and Bill proved to be the epitome of what a Canadian soldier exemplifies.

In the movie Gladiator, the hero and the villain both lied in the dust dead. The emperor's daughter said of the hero "He was a soldier of Rome. Honour him." Then the pallbearers came and carried the body to a respectful burial. On Remembrance Day 2011 I made a blog post talking about how drastically times have changed and how we have come from Flanders Fields in France to Opium Fields in Afghanistan. Times have certainly changed so they have.

Years ago I dated a German girl and I was a bit worried about what my father was going to say. He served in the Second world war and both his parents served in the First World War. All our ancestors served. When I nervously told him I was dating a German girl without hesitation he looked at me and said "the war is over isn't it?" Shocked and relieved I said yes it is.

The Holocaust was a horrible thing. Opposing that was the right thing to do regardless of the cost. Yet there is one thing we need to remember from that horrific event. We need to remember how Hitler conned the German people. It is what was portrayed in the Star wars saga and was how the evil empire conned and overthrew the free republic. Hitler bombed his own parliament building and blamed it on terrorists to get special powers of Chancellor. Then he bombed a German radio station and blamed it on Poland to justify the invasion of Poland. The rest is history. We need to remember that. We need to remember how Hitler conned the German people so we don't get fooled ourselves by the same con since history repeats itself until we learn from it.

CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing. They still need to be charged for that mass murder. CSIS was caught red handed aiding ISIS in Syria. Stephen Harper's own personal body guard. That still needs to be dealt with. Civil Liberty still needs to be protected. Lest we forget.

France Update: In Flanders's Fields

Remember what Nicolas Sarkozy did to Moammar Gadhafi. He collected campaign contributions from him while he tried to convince the world we should trust Gadafi with nuclear power and weapons because he wanted to sell Gadafi a French reactor. Then when Gadafi decided to buy a reactor from Argentina instead of France, he conned Canada into helping him invade and assassinate Gadafi for that crime. All the bad things Sarkozy claimed Gadafi had done didn't matter when Sarkozy was trying to sell Gadafi a nuclear reactor. They all of a sudden mattered when Gadifi decided not to buy a reactor from Sarkozy. We were conned.

Remember what French Intelligence did for Sarkozy in Pakistan. Sarkozy was accused of getting political kickbacks from an arms deal with Pakistan. When the deal was cancelled and his kickbacks were cut off he was accused of helping organize a terrorist bombing in Pakistan that killed French engineers. That is what the Karachi affair was really about.

Why would terrorists declare war on France now for any reason other than to help Sarkozy get re elected? This is the return of the October Surprise. What kind of person would kill their own people just to get elected? Sarkozy did. So did Adolf Hitler. Lest we forget.

Today we fight a new war in Flander's Fields. Only this war doesn't involve an external enemy. This war involves an enemy from within. Buyer Beware: Operation Gladio is still in effect.

Lyman Lemnitzer was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Allen Dulles was the Director of the CIA who both signed and approved Operation Northwoods. A sinister plot to kill Americans on American soil and blame it on Cuba to gain public support for an invasion of Cuba during the cold war. If Kennedy hadn't vetoed the idea, they would have implemented it. That is not a conspiracy theory, that is a historical fact. Kennedy fired Allen Dulles and reassigned Lyman Lemnitzer to Europe where he actually implemented that same plan there as Operation Gladio.

Truthers question 9/11 for good reason.

Canadian man's selfie altered to look like Paris suicide bomber

CBC is reporting that "A Spanish newspaper apologized Sunday after it printed the photo of a Canadian Sikh man, which had been altered and presented as the image of a person responsible for the deadly attacks in Paris on Friday. The image appeared to show Jubbal, who was not identified by name, wearing a suicide bomb vest and holding a Qur'an." Sikh are not Muslin. They don't use the Qur'an and they don't speak Arabic they speak Punjabi.

CBC claims "the photo was eventually posted by an unofficial ISIS support group on the social media platform Telegram, the same platform that ISIS used to claim responsibility for the Paris attacks." Gee I wonder if that's the same ISIS support group CSIS was caught funding?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lethal Injection sites are not safe

One for the road. The Vancouver Province is reporting that the Vancouver Police Department is asking the public for ideas as it sets its strategic goals for the rest of the decade. “We need input from our community on our priorities, goals and what your police department should be focusing on for the next five years,” Chief Constable Adam Palmer said on Tuesday. What a novel idea. The police are asking the public how they want their tax dollars spent. One step forward. Then the corupt extremists jump on the band wagon calling for an end to the ban on lethal injection sites. Two steps back. Clearly we need a balance between the extremes

Prior to the last election the Vancouver Police Department were in a slight conflict with the Harper government over policing prioritization. With all the lobbying for the legalization of marijuana, the VPD stop cracking down on pot stores so it could focuses on more violent crime. The Harper government didn't like that and sent in the RCMP to enforce their mandatory minimum sentences for possession of pot. From one extreme to the other. It is clear that way too many people here smoke way too much pot. Yet throwing everyone in jail for smoking pot is insane. It prevents us from being bale to confront hard drugs and the violent crime associated with them.

Vancouver's safe injection site has been a complete failure as has the insane policy of abandoning the four pillars program in the DTES. There is nothing safe about injecting poison into human beings. That lethal injection site has created a black hole of crime and violence all around it. It has created more addicts. It has not reduced addiction. John McKay, the VPD ninja, explained what was wrong with the lethal injection site in Vancouver. It caused the police to create a tolerance zone of drug dealing all around it. They let crack dealers sell crack in public all around it. That irresponsible practice has created a toilet of violence, exploitation and misery all around it.

Earlier this year we heard how the methadone program has become a sea of corruption. That pharmaceutical scam ripping off tax dollars has become big business that ties into the pharmacists and the doctors making the prescriptions. The doctors don't reduce the dosages. They turn people into methadone addicts for life all paid with tax dollars. Insite is part of that scam. The Vancouver Province article claimed Vancouver's top doctor is calling for an end to the ban on lethal injection sites. That is obscene. Fire him. He is part of the scam. Ask Dr. Colin Mangham who is an expert in the field of prevention and has worked in the field since 1979. He was fired for telling the truth and speaking out against Insite because he was not part of the scam that ties into the corupt recovery houses that are merely flop houses that exploit the methadone program while addicts stay high and get no treatment. There is an excellent recovery program in Surrey that can't get government funding because it helps get addicts off drugs instead of turning them into methadone addicts for life. I kid you not. Addicts need more than a clean needle.

The Insite scam even went so far as to giving addicts heroin at tax payers expense. The Harper government got a lot of things wrong over the years but opposing the use of tax dollars to buy heroin for drug addicts is one thing they got right. If we are going to move forward as a nation, we need to confront the medical and pharmaceutical scam burning tax dollars and promoting the violence and exploitation of addiction. Handing out free crack pipes is not the New York model. It is social irresponsibility that condones the murder of Janice Shore and Ashely Machiskinic.

So if we want to talk about policing prioritization in Vancouver let's set aside pot and focus in on crack and crystal meth. If we arrest everyone selling crack outside the lethal injection site at Main and Hastings we will see an instant transformation in the violence and exploitation we are currently enabling and promoting there.