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Damion Ryan, James Riach and Operation CUYA

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Iran is not directing Houthis or other groups

The Five Eyes has sent out a fury of insane press releases so let's calmly and rationally review the facts so we can avoid the deception. Let's not forget, lying to the press is the CIA's MO. Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo admitted that.

OK so let's dial it back and look at Operation Mass Appeal. Like Operation Blue Star in India, Operation Watch Tower in Colombia and Operation Fast and Furious in Mexico, Operation Mass Appeal was an intelligence operation involving the CIA and MI6. Two of the Five Eyes.

MI6 and the CIA deliberately sent out false information to the press about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. They lied and it was a campaign of lies in the press to deceive the public. That is their MO and we are currently seeing the Five Eyes send out a barrage of ridiculous press releases to the media with the sole intent of deceiving the public. Again.

First of all, James Riach is not working for the UN he is still working for the Hells Angels. Australia intelligence lied and thanks to the Five Eyes intelligence sharing network, Australia probably got that false information from Canada because Canada wants to set him up in hopes that he will flip and rat out his peeps like Damion Ryan. Only James Riach is not Damion Ryan.

This most recent campaign about Damion Ryan and Iran that has been plastered all over the fake news is ridiculous. It doesn't make sense. It's bullsh*t. Nothing about it makes sense. Other than the fact that the CIA wants to start a war with Iran to take their oil and because Iran is the only country on the planet fighting ISIS which the CIA created and brought back after they assassinated the Iranian General which defeated ISIS in Syria.

Operation CUYA claims that Damion Ryan hired an Iranian drug dealer who was already working for the Iranian government to kill Iranian dissidents. Why would the Iranian government hire Damion Ryan to hire someone who was already working for them? It doesn't make sense.

Damion Ryan was in charge of the drug trafficking in the DTES which is somewhat lucrative. He was busy drug trafficking right across Canada. The Manitoba RCMP arrested him in Ottawa because the CFSEU wouldn't arrest him in BC as he was already on their payroll.

Damion Ryan had ties to San Diego but had no jurisdiction in Maryland. If Iran wanted to hire someone to kill people in Maryland they would hire the Hells Angels who had jurisdiction over Maryland not a Canadian Hells Angel from another jurisdiction.

As for killing Iranian dissidents, MEK are not Iranian dissidents. They are terrorists who the CIA have used in the past and are currently supporting for a regime change in Iran. Damion Ryan is involved with drug trafficking as is the CIA. The Iranian government are religious extremists like the Taliban who don't like drugs.

In Afghanistan we saw American soldiers protecting the Opium fields there. The CIA said if we didn't do it the Taliban would. That was a lie. The Taliban brought opium production to a grinding halt right before the invasion. After the invasion Afghanistan immediately went back to being the largest opium producers in the world.

The Five Eyes' Operation CUYA is also targeting India just like it did during Operation Blue Star. Dave Hayer's father Tara Singh Hayer was murdered in Surrey after he became wheelchair bound by a previous assassination attempt.

Tara Singh Hayer submitted an affidavit stating that he overhead a conversation confirming that Surjan Singh Gill was the one that provided the bombs for the Air India attack. Surjan Singh Gill was working for CSIS at the time. CSIS murdered Dave Hayer's father to cover that fact up but his affidavit stands as a testimony against them. CSIS is not a friend of Khalistan.

I call the Five Eyes current bizarre remix of Operation Mass Appeal targeting Damion Ryan and James Riach CUYA. It stands for Operation Cram it Up Your A*s. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

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