Thursday, January 4, 2024

Epstein list unsealed, but is it really?

Update: Tucker Carlson: The suspicious suicide and the non prosecution agreement

The BBC is reporting that "The UK's Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton are among high-profile figures named in US court papers detailing connections of late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The newly released records form part of a case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's girlfriend who has been jailed for helping him abuse girls. But the documents so far unveil no major new allegations about Epstein nor revelations about his associates. Prince Andrew is accused of groping a woman, which he denies. Other names in the documents include singer Michael Jackson and magician David Copperfield, though no wrongdoing is alleged."

I realize there is a colossal amount of hype over the unsealing of the Epstein list but I really don't think we're going to get any new information from any of this and I'll explain why.

Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide in prison. We all know that. The fact that the fake news keeps repeating that reinforces the fact that everything and anything they have to say on the matter is tainted. Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton were named. There is nothing new about that. We all saw pictures of them both with Epstein. Epstein hung out with a huge number of celebrities. They all weren't banging little girls. Many of them were but they all weren't.

It's like the Pickton Farm. There was a ton of people who attended parties on the Farm. It was called the Dominion because that was the name of the street it was on. Everyone who attended parties at the Dominion weren't gang raping crack hoes.

Piggy's Palace was a dive. Jesse didn't run Piggy's Palace Big Tony did. Jesse ran an after hours around the corner for when Roosters closed at night. They were completely separate.

Epstein had a fetish for young girls. He was seen in many pictures with them. He ran an under age prostitution ring. Many celebrities were involved with that. They were like 16, 17. They weren't raping babies. You can rightfully say a 16 year old girl is a baby in a sense but let's be clear a 16 year old girl isn't literally a baby. There's a whole lot a shady sh*t that went on and there's also a whole lot of crazy allegations that don't even make sense.

Trump was seen photographed with Epstein. His hot young wife was with him. Remember what was going on here. Epstein worked for the CIA and the Mossad. He associated with the rich and famous. The CIA contracted him to lure celebrities into compromising positions so the Agency could get dirt on them to extort them. Mossad was right in there. Former Israeli Prime minister Ehud Barak is on the list because Mossad wanted him named to distract the world from the current globalist's dirty deeds. The whole thing is a sh*t show. Quite literally.

How many of us have ever been to a party where people were doing cocaine? I have. But I've never done cocaine. When I was young, after work I'd go out drinking with my older coworkers. A couple of Christmases a fat white guy would come by with cocaine. Very few people partook. I was young and impressionable. I just took one look at that guy and said to myself I don't want to be like him. So when it came to my turn I just said no thanks and let it pass right by. No regrets.

Just because I was at a party where some people were doing cocaine, doesn't mean I was. This list doesn't really mean anything. If there was anything the CIA didn't want us to see, it wouldn't be on it - I can assure you of that. There's nothing there they don't want us to see.

Everybody is obsessed with exposing the Hollywood pedophile ring. Let's take a breath. Pedophilia definitely exists. The freaks are trying to sexualize our children in school and normalize MAPs but Hollywood? GMAFB. Hollywood has always been full of self absorbent sleaze bags. It has always been a cesspool of materialism and immorality.

Harvey Weinstein launched the Me Too movement but even that was a farce. Everyone knew what was going on. Everyone knew it's not what you know it's who you blow. A lot of pretty young actresses slept with Weinstein to advance their career. Weinstein was a sleazebag but so were the women who slept with him to advance their career. No doubt many were extorted and later regretted it but most of it was consensual and it didn't involve pedophilia.

Everyone is obsessed with the pedophiles in Hollywood but I think that's a distraction. You don't have to go all the way to Hollywood to find a bunch of pedophiles. There are plenty in your own community and they're looking at your own kids in school. That's what we need to worry about.

The movie Sound of Freedom is very real. All those kids being trafficked aren't going to Hollywood. They're going to your own home town. Back in the /80's when I was with the Guardian Angels Vancouver had a large amount of high end public prostitution. Now it's a whole lot of nasty. I guess the high end stuff are escorts. Yet back then one of the Vancouver Guardian Angels was explaining to me about a Kiddie's corner where young boys prostitute themselves out to pedophiles. I don't remember where he said it was and I never saw it but I was told that it existed.

When I was in New York the second time we were confronting the crack dealers on the Deuce - East 42nd Street. Several years after I came back I watched a documentary about the Deuce at that time period. The reporters went under cover and drove up to a particular spot on the Deuce. Several young boys came up to the car and asked them Are you looking for sex? I was like WTF? I never saw that when I was there. I guess they waited for us to walk past before they approached anyone. My point is pedophilia has always existed and it's only getting worse.

That's why we have to ask ourselves why the fake news is trying to discredit the movie Sound of Freedom. Kids in Colombia go missing and get kidnapped all the time. One of the big concerns that Mexican blogger called Cat Woman had was not with drugs but with people going missing. The number of people going missing in her area was astounding. Sadly the cartel found her and killed her so the problem has never been addressed.

The fake news is trying to discredit the movie Sound of Freedom because the majority of the kids used in human trafficking are smuggled across the border with all these illegal immigrants. They want to deny the problem so they can keep pushing for mass illegal immigration.


  1. There will be no new names or real new facts revealed. The real tapes of actual sex are basically "blackmail gold" and you will never see them either.

  2. I agree, the list only shows the people we already knew about nothing new. There's probably so many other celebrities. Look at the recent P Diddy thing.. he's probably on the list

  3. Epstein was running a classic honey trap which has been used forever to get dirt on powerful people in order to extort or influence them ,I think a more relevant investigation would try to determine where Epsteins wealth came from in other words who was actually funding his scheme


    1. That is very concerning. However, it's not just the FBI. If the FBI is corrupt it's because the CIA corrupted it. QAnon and the CIA are trying to scape goat the FBI to take the heat off the CIA who are the root of the problem. They infiltrate the FBI to get Domestic jurisdiction which they don't have but use anyways. The FBI are the only hope the CIA will ever become accountable to anyone. That's why they CIA wants to get rid of them.

  5. And heres Trudy, spendings (taxpayers) essentially, probably BIllions on Tamara & Chris for “mischief” ….. AUFKM …. Can we get anymore dysfunctional?

  6. Agreed, there will be maybe on name out of all this that we have not heard before. You are NEVER going to see actual video of someone who's name you know having underage sex, even though we know those DVD's exist.


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