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Criminal Kingpin Leads Drug Trade Thanks to the CIA

Take a look at this bullsh*t website about Iran. Take a look at today's headline. It reads "The CIA director has pointed the finger at Tehran in an article addressing the Middle East’s most turbulent times in recent history as it teeters ever closer to war."

Somehow I don't think a news site from Iran would quote the Director of the CIA in it's headline. It's pretty obvious that website is a cut out for the CIA spreading false propaganda just like MI6 did about Iraq before that unlawful invasion. The CIA is flooding the Internet with false information to justify an invasion just like it did with Iraq. Oh but wait, there's more. Much more.

This article claims "A former official in Iran's Covid Taskforce says the country’s Covid deaths were nearly twice the figures authorities reported for the first two years of the pandemic."

Bullsh*t. The fake news falsified Covid death rates during the pandemic. They claimed people who died of cancer and heart disease died of Covid. Covid apparently cured the flu because no one died of the flu during Covid. Overall death rates of senoirs and everyone else did not increase during the Covid plandemic. All cause mortality rates didn't increase until after the Covid Rna vaccine roll out. So here we see a CIA website flooding the world with false Covid information in support of the World Economic Forum's Agenda. Isn't that ironic? There's more.

The CIA website claims that "Iran’s Ban On Vaccines Led To 75,000 More Covid Deaths" AYFKM? Iran's ban on Covid Rna genetic vaccines? Now we see their real concern. Here we have a CIA website promoting false information about Rna genetic vaccines.
The CIA website also claims that "Iran’s homegrown Covid vaccine factories are shutting down for lack of demand as many vaccinated with foreign vaccines refuse to get homegrown ones as boosters. The whole scheme of producing domestic vaccines now seems little more than wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and precious time in preventing tens of thousands of deaths in 2021." So Iran didn't ban vaccines they just banned the synthetic Rna genetic vaccines from the depopulation cabal and the CIA is objecting to that by spreading false information.

Here's the kicker folks. The CIA website is now claiming that "The Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) have made a criminal Iran’s leading drug lord, Iran International can reveal." Iran International, you mean the CIA website speading false information about Iran.

"Information obtained by Iran International shows how Naji Sharifi-Zindashti and his cartel now dominate the narcotics trade thanks to the support of the government militia. His extraordinary rise comes despite his having killed a prison guard in Iran and fleeing abroad, only to return with impunity." The CIA posted that lie May 17th 2023 in preparation of Operation CUYA.

That CIA website has flooded the world with lies about Covid and Rna genetic vaccines. Forgive me for not believing their lie about Naji Sharifi-Zindashti working for the government of Iran. It fails the test of believability. The government of Iran are religious extremists who hate drugs just like the Taliban. Naji was given a life sentence for drug trafficking and escaped prison by killing a guard. I don't think the government of Iran is going to welcome him with open arms.

The CIA lied about the Taliban during the invasion of Afghanistan. US troops were seen protecting not destroying opium crops in Afghanistan. The CIA claimed if we don't do it the Taliban will. That was a lie. Right before the invasion, the Taliban brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the invasion Afghanistan immediately returned to being the largest opium producers in the world.

As soon as the US pulled out the Taliban's opium ban saw a 95% decrease in the production of opium. So now we can see with clarity that the CIA completely lied about the Taliban producing opium. It wasn't the Taliban doing that it was the CIA. What the CIA did secretly during the Vietnam war they did openly during the invasion of Afghanistan.

This article from the UN's New World Order of Drugs and Crime states that "Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan plunged by an estimated 95 per cent following a drug ban imposed by the de facto authorities in April 2022, according to a new research brief from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)." The de facto authorities they mean the Taliban.

Sadly the article doesn't say three cheers for the Taliban. Instead the article complains about it. The United States Fake Institute of Peace is reporting that "The Taliban have done it again: implementing a nearly complete ban against cultivation of opium poppy — Afghanistan’s most important agricultural product — repeating their similarly successful 2000-2001 prohibition on the crop. But the temptation to view the current ban in an overly positive light — as an important global counter-narcotics victory — must be avoided."

So here we see the truth. The CIA lied about the Taliban's opium production to rationalize their monopoly on the market just like the CIA is lying about Iran's promotion of the drug trade in Iran.

Naji Sharifi-Zindashti was not working for the IRGC. He was working for the CIA.

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