Sunday, January 14, 2024

Alberta power grid under heavy strain from the cold

Thousands without power as B.C. snowstorm continues

A wake-up call: alarm raised over B.C. electrical grid amid plans for natural gas heating ban

CBC is reporitng that "A high risk of rotating power outages has eased in Alberta after an emergency alert was issued on Saturday night. High power demand caused by the extreme cold is putting pressure on the grid, said the emergency alert issued at 6:44 p.m. MT."

"Residents were asked to immediately reduce electricity use to essentials only. The Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) urged Albertans to turn off unnecessary lights, avoid cooking with a stove and delay charging electric vehicles." AYFKM?

OK let's talk about this how it directly relates to the Net Zero fake environmentalism. Two giant concerns are clearly revealed. The first relates to the insane quest to ban homes heated with natural gas. As we have seen, when cold arctic air causes a drop in temperature people need to heat their homes. If the current grid can't handle the surge now, imagine what would happen if they banned natural gas all together. It would crash the grid and create a huge emergency where people would not be able to heat their homes in the extreme cold. That is not acceptable.

We have heard devastating reports in the past where winter wind storms in Quebec has knocked out power causing seniors to freeze to death in their homes. Heating homes with natural gas prevents that and saves lives. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not.

As we prepare for emergencies heating your home in winter during a power outage is high on the list. The other concern is about electric cars. Justan Idiot wants to ban all gas powered cars. If the power grid can't handle the current load of electric vehicles in winter how is it going to handle the greatly increased demand if every vehicle was electric. Already they are saying don't charge your electric car if you don't have to. That is insane.

This opens the door for more government overreach. After banning gas cars, their next step would be to ban you from using your electric car and confine you to a 15 minute city. That is the agenda their fake environmentalism is taking us. Natural gas is cheap and effective. That's why the WEF wants to ban it. So they can created energy shortages and skyrocketing fuel prices.


  1. You said it. Liberal Government works for WEF. Control the sheep... Food, housing, transportation, freedom of information. Pretty obvious where Canada is heading under crooked Liberal/NDP.

  2. At what point exactly does it make any sense to believe the statements of proven pathological liars??? They say whatever they want to make us all do their bidding because accountability is extinct.

    1. The problem with not continuing to accept their statements is that once you admit to yourself that they are lying, are in fact breaking the law and are criminals themselves and do not have your best interests of that that of the nation at heart, you now have to think about what you are going to do about it, if anything.

    2. I have been thinking that way *since 2009*, for obvious reasons. The menace we are collectively experiencing is not new, but it is definitely broadening and accelerating.

  3. Climate change is a fraud.

    Eight times as many people die from the cold vs from the heat.

  4. Do question the truthfullness of the Alberta claims regarding the power grid. The message went out but all those high rises in the business sector in downtown, their lights all remained on. it was also a short timer period there was an "emergency".
    The claim is the wind was not producing much electricity. First you need turbines and then you need wind.
    For really cold weather, wood still works best, in my opinion.

    1. They said the same thing about BC's power grid but we have so many hydro electric dams we can increase production and were able to send some to Alberta. Tamara Lich's husband actually works on a wind turbine farm in Alberta. I didn't know there were any. Natural gas is best for heating homes in the winter and these whack jobs that want to ban it are mentally deranged.


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