Sunday, January 21, 2024

The Stormont boycott in Northern Ireland

Here we go again. The DUP is once again refusing to participate in a local government run out of Northern Ireland at a place call Stormont. They've done this before. As a result, the government budget is frozen and workers are going on strike. This has happened before. Back then the Anti Christ was Ian Paisley. Now it's his political party the DUP.

Personally I see Stormont as a good thing but I do see some of the DUP's concerns. The DUP doesn't want a United Ireland. Ulster says No. Only the DUP doesn't have a majority any more. The people just want peace. However, peace at any price is always problematic.

The Republic of Ireland gained their freedom from England only to hand it over to the UN. They don't have their own currency any more. The UN bankers defrauded them as soon as their economy started to prosper. Waterford crystal isn't even made in Waterford any more. So the EU was a scam and Brexit had merit. Stormont is a step towards a United Ireland and slavery to the EU. I don't see any of this as being good. I see Northern Ireland's fall to the EU as inevitable.

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