Friday, January 26, 2024

Terrorist Attack in Edmonton and 9/11

I don't want to hate but GMAFB. I was just talking about how Rebel News and the Daily Wire are noticeably biassed when it comes to coverage of the war in Gaza. Both supposedly independent news outlets are giving us the complete main stream narrative on the war in Gaza. Not to say I'm blindly proPalestinian because I'm absolutely not but there is no way that initial attack could have happened unless Israel let it happen. Would Rebel News ever admit that 9/11 was an inside job? Why not? Operation Northwoods was undeniably real.

I've already talked about the refusal to recognize the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. In all fairness I don't think True North would recognize that either. Does that make True North a Psy Op? Of course not. People have a right to disagree. They tend to be blindly conservative even when some of those conservatives are actually globalists like Stephen Harper or Brian Mulroney. If we sincerely want to drain the swamp we have to be honest about the globalists on both sides.

There are a lot of conspiracies that I don't have time for and don't get involved with but 9/11 isn't one of them. 9/11 is a fundamental conspiracy that we need to address because it directly relates to the UN's New World Order. False flag attacks will be used to justify giving up civil liberty so that global communism can replace our free society.

Right now Rebel News is giving us the main stream narrative on the recent Edmonton city hall BS and I'm like WTF are you doing? Let's look at the suspicious nature of the last lone wolf terrorist false flag in Edmonton. Back in 2017 there was a very strange event where a guy ran over a bunch of people in a Uhaul. Aside from having no motive, the timing of that orchestrated event was highly suspicious. One of my blog readers was visiting Edmonton at the time and was staying in a hotel right by the epicenter of the event.

Before the attack they met another couple staying at the same hotel in the bar or restaurant. They asked why they were visiting Edmonton. The other couple said they were with 9/11 emergency dispatch there for a special convention. There were a whole bunch of emergency agencies there that weekend for a seminar discussing emergency preparedness.

After the attack my blog readers bumped into that same couple and said what was that seminar about again? The other couple became very nervous and said we signed nondisclosure agreements. We can't talk about it. Things that make ya go hmmm.

Obviously that doesn't prove anything but the timing of that event was suspicious. Now let's look at the recent lone wolf insanity in Edmonton that Rebel News is so eager to call a terrorist attack. Seemingly he was a supporter of the Palestinians in Gaza. Well isn't that convenient. Let's continue to call everyone who opposes Israel's carpet bombing of civilians in Gaza an Antisemitic terrorist. You can oppose genocide without be Antisemitic or a terrorist.

Let's remember what's going on here. The Hamas attack in Israel was completely unacceptable but they were let it. Israel let them take hostages because they had an agenda and the fake news has embraced that agenda because Israel is currently led by a globalist.

The fake news demonizes anyone who opposes Israel's carpet bombing of civilians in Gaza labeling them Antisemitic and supporters of terrorism. The purpose of that defamation is to stifle dissent. After all alternate viewpoints are a threat to their democracy.

Sikhs in the Punjab have very real concerns. The government of India has launched a campaign against farming and claim that if you object to the persecution of the Sikhs in the state of Punjab, you are a terrorist. That is ridiculous but we can see a pattern here.

So again I say this bizarre event in Edmonton is very suspicious. Edmonton won't be fooled by gender ideology but they might be fooled by false flag attacks. We still need to talk about 9/11.

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