Saturday, January 6, 2024

January 6th: North American is still under attack

We all know that January 6th was an orchestrated event that launched a literal insurgency within the United States but not the way the Fake News is claiming. First let's analyze the prelude and examine how the stage was set. First there was a legitimate concern: Voting irregularities and election fraud. Then there was the suppression of evidence and the demonization of anyone who simply asked a question or expressed a concern. The Fake News' over reaction to the claims of election fraud was straight out of Shakespeare. "The lady doth protest too much methinks."

Hilary Clinton never shut up about erogenous claims of Russian interference and election fraud. Yet as soon as someone else dared express a similar concern from the other side they were basically thrown in jail. The double standard was obvious and extreme. Anyone who disagreed with her including Tulsi Gabard was accused of being a Russian agent.

An example of a voter irregularity was an abnormally high voter turn out in a swing riding. As Five Times August declared "Cause hey Joe, we did it, 81 million votes!" Another example of a voter irregularity is a complete flip in the vote as more mail in ballots poured in at the last minute.

We saw an abnormal delayed in counting the votes in swing ridings during the 2020 election. Then at the last minute more and more mail in ballots magically appeared until just enough swing ridings were flipped to turn the election. That clearly appeared to be an orchestrated event.

January 6th there was a protest held at the Capital building. Donald Trump called for a calm peaceful protest. Then we saw a lot more irregularities at that event. We saw police open up barricades and wave people in onto the grounds. We saw them open up the door and let people into the actual building. On one video a skeptical protester said, "Watch there going to lock us in." He was wondering why they opened up the door and let everyone in.

Those were irregularities but there were many more. A lot of ANTIFA and BLM supporters showed up pretending to be Trump supporters. The FBI had plants instigating violence. The whole thing was a complete set up. Two names that ring out are Brandon Straka and Dr Simone Gold.

These were two patriots who were falsely accused and incarcerated for their participation in a Constitutional right. Dr Simone Gold simply walked past an open gate and walked through a open door. She then proceeded to record herself giving a speech from inside the Capital building. The way she was smeared, raided and incarcerated was absolutely astounding. The same with Brandon Straka. He didn't even enter the building yet he was incarcerated and traumatized through an abuse of process. Then there was the QAnon Shaman.

Jacob Chansley was a CIA plant. Surveillance video showed the police escorting him through the building and assisting him enter the House floor and the fake news still has the audacity to refer to that staged event as an insurgency. The insurgency was the election fraud.

The insurgency was denying anyone a right to express a concern. The insurgency was the way the FBI pulled a Guantanamo Bay on anyone who participated in that protest while they and the fake news rolled out the red carpet for the ANTIFA riots. The insurgency was how the nation has changed for the worse since that orchestrated event.

So many US Cities have turned into Liberal sh*t holes of drugs, crime and violence it is astounding. That's the real insurgency. One blog reader referred to it as the new Opium War and that is exactly what it is. The Opium War was not a war on opium. It was not a war on drugs. The opium war was when England used opium to weaken China. It was a really sh*tty thing to do but our opium war isn't coming from China. It's coming from the CIA and the WEF.

In Canada it's coming from Justin Trudeau and all the dirty politicians supporting not only fake environmentalism but also fake compassion for drug addicts. Decriminalization of drugs has a sinister agenda behind it. Harm Reduction has turned into harm promotion greatly increasing the number of addicts and the amount of violent crime. This is the new Opium War. The problem exists not because we have engaged in a war on drugs. The problem exists because we haven't.

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  1. It's so sad. Anyone with 1/2 a brain can see it was all a set up... Sad sad world we live in...


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