Monday, January 1, 2024

2023 Joel Skousen Year End Analysis

OK this is pretty radical and extreme. I do not endorse the contents of this video. I'm just throwing it out there because he talks about a lot of very controversial subjects that are worth discussing. This is the nephew of the late Cleon Skousen. Years ago I had heard that his uncle Cleon Skousen had gone off on some extreme and was gathering saints for Zion's Camp. I don't know anything first hand about what really happened. I'm just saying many of these topics are worth discussing. Everything on Wikipedia about him seems completely reasonable.

I disagree with his position on the war in the Ukraine but I agree with his claim that Benjamin Netanyahu and George Bush are globalists. The fake news bills him as an anti Communist conspiracy nut. Being anti Communist is not crazy. Being pro Communist is crazy. We can all see that. That means we can all see how far the fake news has fallen. He does make an interesting point about how an EMP strike will disable all the electric vehicles. Move away from the cities.

Joel Skousen makes a distinction between globalists and communists. I declare they are one in the same. The only difference is that the WEF is a different brand of communism. You remove all the ideals and all you are left with is slavery. It explains why the WEF is betraying Russia and China. Russia and China has made huge progress in civil liberty and we must recognize that. There is no good in the CIA. The CIA are globalists. I support Russell M. Nelson. China and Russia will open up through diplomacy not military intervention and the CIA will oppose it.

I completely agree with Joel Skousen about 9/11, the Covid pandemic and Rna vaccines.

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