Friday, January 26, 2024

MI5's Orchestrated event in London

Some CCP Nationalists got in a fight with a London YouTuber about public spaces. I'm not sure what kind of interaction there was before he started recording but he started it off by saying "stay there becuase there's a lot of surreptitious activity going on in the station I might need your help." That would imply the altercation was orchestrated and the follow up video confirms it. MI5 is bad.

Right now the Five Eyes Alliance is demonizing China to distract the world from their own misdeeds and the real problem we currently face. Right now China isn't the problem, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are. Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden realize they are both plummeting in the polls. That is why they are pushing the unprecedented mass illegal immigration. China isn't doing that, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are. I'm all for immigration. I am however opposed to mass illegal immigration without criminal record checks which promotes crime and child trafficking.

The purpose of mass illegal immigration is to completely change the voting demographics. They realize Canadians and Americans aren't voting for Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden so they are importing suspicious votes just like mail in ballots. Recently the Liberals announced a freeze on foreign students. That is ridiculous. Foreign students aren't the problem and they don't vote. That is why the Liberals are freezing foreign students. To pretend they are doing something about the problem they created when they clearly are not.

The problem is far worse in the US. Joe Biden's twisted brand of Communism is pushing mass illegal immigration at the southern border. Texas is putting up barbed wire while Joe Biden's Communists who MI5 and the CIA support, is taking it down.

Texas was bussing these illegals to New York and Chicago which has created huge problems there. It is literally insane. Next they will be bussing them to Canada to save Justin Trudeau's sinking a*s. Only they are bringing a whole lot of crime and violence with them. The crime and violence in the American cities is completely out of control. That is part of the WEF's agenda. This is the insurgency and the Five Eyes Alliance are trying to distract you from it.

China wasn't behind the opium in Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle, the CIA was. China wasn't behind the crystal meth in Burma, the CIA is. The Fake News and the Five Eyes are leading us down the road to slavery and they are paving that road with lies.

China is not trying to restrain our natural resources. Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are. China wants to buy our LNG. That would be a huge step forward for the environment. China's industrial coal plants are horrible for the environment. They create far more CO2 emissions than the cars in Canada. Replacing China's industrial coal with natural gas would see an instant improvement in air quality. Justin Trudeau doesn't want to help China get off industrial coal. He just wants to take cars away from Canadians. His Agenda has nothing to do with protecting the environment and everything to do with removing civil liberty. His Agenda is filled with the Five Eyes' Lies.


  1. There’s gotta be a story about the CCP behind this.

    1. Yes but I'm a bit leery of the WEF and their Five Eyes scapegoating the CCP and using them to rationalize their own misdeeds. Clowns on the left, jokers on the right. Stuck in the middle again.

  2. Former senior FBI directors ring the alarm bells ...

    ... better late than never

  3. You can't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. You'll be closer to the truth if you just believe the opposite of everything they say.


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