Saturday, January 20, 2024

Brian Peckford Censored

Brian Peckford's blog has been shut down. I'm waiting to see if he resurfaces on substack like Dr Robert Malone and everyone else.
Maxime Bernier, Brian Peckford appeal air travel vaccine mandate case to Supreme Court

Bernier, Peckford file written appeal argument on “mootness” at Federal Court of Appeal


  1. Everyone was fooled by the human Ken Doll Justin Trudeau, I hope we pull together as Canadians and vote this clown out of office. Honk Honk.

  2. There must be a no mirrors clause with Justanidiot.

    How else could he not see the POS he has become and what his narcissistic character has done to this country.
    He was elected with less than 30% of the possible votes last election.
    I suspect his support has crashed since then.
    So here we have a reality detached, narcissistic ruler destroying the country from within.
    Well done Justin, mighty fine legacy.

    It's just these character types that will try any dirty deed to remain in power.

    Buyer beware.


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