Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Leaving the Gang Life and the Intelligence Community

So let's once again talk about the gathering of good and the gathering of evil. One of the primary purposes of this blog has been to expose the gang life for what it really is and encourage people to leave that life behind. Likewise, a secondary purpose of this blog has been to expose the Intelligence community for what it is and encourage people to leave that life behind.

There will always be drug dealers. When one gets shot, another takes it's place. A lot of people quickly find out that the gang life isn't what it's all cracked up to be. The glamour fades once we discover the L&R is a facade. It's the exact same thing with the intelligence community.

The intelligence community pretends to be something it's not. The James Bond movies are complete fiction. Yet the Jason Bourne series has merit. Power corrupts while absolute power corrupts absolutely. So what does a gang member do when he's in over his head? Blood in blood out? No. I have always said if you want to leave the gang life keep your mouth shut and leave.

Don't cooperate with the police. If you rat out your friends you put your life at risk. The CFSEU lied about Schrader because they wanted to put his life at risk and force him to give them intel on his former associates. That was dirty. Right now they're trying the same thing with James Riach.

Thankfully no lie can live forever. However, lying about someone and putting their life at risk on purpose is low life. If you rat out your friends so you don't have to got to jail like Blaze did, no one respects that. People respect Anthon because he was different. Anthon ratted out a bunch of rat bags because they were rat bags not because he had something to gain.

I don't support drug trafficking but I don't have a problem with James Riach. People like him, people respect him. James Riach is not like Donnie McWhirter or Jamie Bacon. That rat pack will never find respect because they don't have any respect for anyone else. They think it's all about them. As Maximus once said "The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end."

In contrast a lot of people signed up for the Intelligence community wanting to do good. When they find out that's not what the intelligence community does it's usually too late. They're in over their head. Yet I submit it's possible for them to escape if they keep their mouth shut.

The intelligence community is the secret society Kennedy warned us about. The charlatans using lies and deception to enslave the world. If you want out, get out. Exposing them will put your life at risk. There's nothing you or I can do to stop them. As Damion Marley said we've got to fulfill the book. What we see unfold is a gathering. A gathering of good and a gathering of evil.

There is no good in the intelligence community. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit. A company man is of no use if the company is corrupt. Yet there is good within law enforcement. The resistance will see though the fake news and the Five Eyes fraud. What they say won't matter. They will fool some but not all and the Constitution which hangs by a thread will be preserved by righteous men and women who love and cherish freedom. So mote it be.

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  1. It is astounding the amount of absolute bullsh*t Donnie McWhirter is currently spamming this blog with. He now has a hate for James Riach. I guess that's why the Fake Task Force is going after him while he's in prison overseas. He's an easy target.

    Donnie McWhirter was a convicted crystal meth dealer that had a criminal record for domestic assault. When he got out of witness protection his girlfriend who helped him throw rocks through one of his ex's windows died of a drug overdose. Who do you think gave her the drugs that killed her? Great job fake task force. All that evil is on you.


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