Monday, January 1, 2024

QAnon reloads another false prophecy

Speaking of conspiracy freaks and false prophets, that QAnon end of the world website has reloaded once again. The fake site posted a countdown until their predicted blackout claiming that grocery stores would shut down before Christmas. I took a screen shot when it said The End is Here. Blackout Phase 1 now active. It had a clock counting down having 5 hours and 36 minutes left. Then when that countdown expired without a black out they reloaded the clock and said The World as you Know it is Over with. 10 days till total chaos. .. Merry Christmas.

Then the fake site posted a new countdown of 10 days 16 hours. When that came and went they reloaded the clock yet again and it now says 11 hours 18 minutes left. I know this is stupid and ridiculous. There are real concerns and this false prophet is trying to distract patriots from them.

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