Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Surrey Snow

City of Surrey snow plow tracker

We're getting pounded with snow right now but it won't last. It's going to warm up tomorrow and rain the rest of the week. Today might be a good day to take a snow day since they're calling for possible freezing rain tonight. Alberta is much better prepared for snow plowing.
There have been some feeble attempts at plowing the roads. I finally saw one contractor in a pick up truck with a shovel on front. That's fine for the side streets but the main streets need the larger snow plows especially when hills are involved. We have about 10 to 12 inches with a lot more on the way. The parking lots have back hoes and bobcats clearing the snow.
CTV is reporitng that "A number of buses became stuck once again, despite TransLink outfitting about one-third of its fleet – or about 500 buses – with winter tires this year." Snow tires on a third of the buses. Wow, that's a first for Metro Vancouer. A third is better than none.

I booked a couple weeks of vacation time because I have strep throat. I'm not riding my bike in this. I'm just chillin like a villain. I'll just wait a day for the roads to clear. CTV also posted a video of cars sliding down a hill in Surrey. Hills can be deceptive in the snow.

All the schools are closed in Metro Vancovuer including SFU and UBC.


  1. A backhoe moving snow lol Winnipeg gets lots of snow and cold ,we been doing this a awhile, graders or truck plows followed by big loaders for cleanup is how its done

    1. Yeah Winnipeg and everywhere else is better prepared for the snow.


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