Saturday, January 20, 2024

Jimmy Flick comes back with a submission

MMA Junkie is reporting that "Just when Jimmy Flick looked like he was going to be a highlight on someone else’s reel, he added another slick submission to his resume. Flick survived a damaging onslaught from Canada’s Malcolm Gordon and rallied for a triangle choke finish at 1:17 of Round 2. The flyweight bout kicked off the preliminary card at Scotiabank Arena."

That wasn't a triangle choke. A triangle choke is executed with the legs. He was in the side mount and choked him out with his arms. Gina Carano used a triangle choke in the movie Haywire.


  1. It's called an arm triangle. It is definitely a thing.

    1. I'm familiar with that choke but I wouldn't call it an arm triangle. I guess others do.


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