Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Adam Pearson is Damion Ryan's Coaccused

March 2022 CTV reported that "A man charged with the first-degree murder of a Grande Prairie, Alta., man in 2019 is finally back in Canada awaiting court proceedings. In the first update in a year and a half, Alberta Mounties announced on Thursday Adam Pearson had been arrested by the FBI on July 26, 2021, in Minneapolis, Minn."

"A Canada-wide warrant was issued for Pearson in 2020, a year after Cody Michaloski's body was found in an apartment in northern Alberta. Pearson was extradited in February. After a bail hearing, he was taken back into custody and scheduled to appear in Grande Prairie provincial court next on April 8. Another man, Benjamin Pearson, was also charged with first-degree murder in Michaloski's death. He was arrested in 2020." Benjamin and Adam Pearson are brothers.

Adam Richard Pearson is Damion Ryan's coaccused in the Iranian murder plot and is from Kelowna. So here's a guy who was charged with a real murder in Canada and it barely made the news but when he is charged with planning a murder in the US but not dong it, somehow that's world breaking international news.

"According to US officials – who worked with the British government on the case – Zindashti pledged to pay Ryan and Pearson just under $500,000 for the murders." US officials and the British government? You mean the CIA and MI6, the primary two eyes of the Five Eyes Alliance. The ones who orchestrated Operation Mass Appeal against Iraq.

Damion Ryan ordered the murder of Anees Mohamed in the DTES. He's been ivolved with several murders in Canada just like Larry Amero. All of a sudden he's accused of planning a murder but not doing it and that's world news? Something very fishy is going on here.

"Zindashti is accused of using the SkyECC platform – provided by now-defunct Vancouver firm Sky Global – to send encrypted messages to Ryan between December 2020 and March 2021."

Oh.... Sky Global who runs SkyECC is another Vancouver firm just like Phantom Security was. Isn't that ironic : ) So tell me how do these local yahoos figure out how to do military grade encryption all on their own? Jason Goodman seems to think the FBI created it and the Vancouver company is a cut out for the FBI. He also thinks Protonmail is a FBI Trojan Horse just like Tutanota. All of a sudden my protonmail account is going wonky like my hotmail account did.

I was going to rob a bank on Friday but I never did. Can they still arrest me? No they cannot. That means this international frenzy is another propaganda piece just like Operation Mass Appeal was.


  1. Methinks someone here in Canada wants these guys gone bad enough to call in a favour? Disappearing them into the American Federal Prison system for 20 years on charges having nothing to do with drugs is an excellent way to dispose of a potentially embarrassing issue and turn it from something a journalist might continue to pursue, as you have, to "yesterdays news".

  2. There is nothing illegal about thinking, not even thinking you'd like to smack your sibling as a child. Same when you're an adult. Thinking about walking in and robbing a bank and getting a couple of million, not a big thing. Just thinking. Now if you started gathering a group of people to assist in this activity and purchasing material to carry out the idea, then perhaps you are moving into Cospiracy territory, there would have to be some evidence it was a plan which was going to be carried. But if you're just "planning" something or just talking with friends about perhaps doing, not a crime in my book.
    Perhaps it might be better if security and police forces stick with what has happened or is about to happen, then spending a lot of effort on what some one is thinking.

    1. My point is these people have actually committed murder in the past. This dramatic international headline about something they didn't do is politically motivated.


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