Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Iron Dragon member busted in Oakville car thefts

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "Overnight on Jan. 7 to 8, cops say, thieves cut a hole in the fence surrounding the Ford Motor Company plant on Canadian Rd. and stole 14 brand new Ford Edge vehicles. Police located the vehicles at various locations in the Greater Toronto Area and with the help of other police services, recovered 12 of the vehicles."

"Officers also made five arrests. On Jan. 9, Tom Thibault-Levesque, 35, of no fixed address, and Barbara Veronica Rachwal, 36, of Mississauga, were arrested in Mississauga. On Jan. 10, James Park, 34, of Bowmanville, and Kamorey Mitchell, 33 of Brampton, were arrested in Scarborough. The fifth arrest, Joseph Wells, 42, of Rockwood, occurred on Jan. 11. Wells, police said, is a member of the Iron Dragons Motorcycle Club. Weapons and drugs were allegedly seized at a Rockwood residence and Wells faces 54 charges."

Ya see, there's plenty of real news out there. You don't have to make up fake news but I guess this news doesn't fit in with the Five Eyes World Domination Agenda.


  1. I guess those new cars had GPS trackers in them.


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