Saturday, January 6, 2024

Vancouver mountains finally get some snow

Update: Environment Canada warns heavy snow expected for coastal BC

Another winter wallop to hit much of Canada this week

Temperatures plunge in B.C. and Alberta with once-in-a-generation cold spell

The local mountains finally got some more snow. We had some earlier in the season but it warmed up and the rain washed it all away. We got some fresh snow last night with more on the way as temperatures in the city finally start to drop. It has been a very mild winter. Easy on the motorcycle. Just very wet but colder temperatures are on the way. This winter is very similar to the one we had in 2010 during the Olympics. I remember it well. Most of the events were held in Whistler but a few were held on Cypress. 2010 was also an El Nino in Vancouver.

I had a second job on Cypress during the Olympics. I remember coming to work and seeing a line of dump trucks full of snow that had just arrived from Manning Park. Then I looked up and saw a backhoe at the top of Lion's Chair filling a huge bucket with snow that was attached to a helicopter bringing snow down to the venue.

I scanned the horizon and noticed that the snow line was just above the venue. Bad luck. Yet everyone pulled together and made the event awesome. The Smurfs saved the day. They were the volunteers with light blue jackets that were very excited and positive.

Now we see the fake news going off on anther ridiculous rant about climate change bullsh*t. Today's headline reads will skiing in Vancouver be a thing of the past in 2050? F*ck off. Approximately every 4 years we have a warm winter. It's called an El Nino. Likewise approximately every 4 years we have a cold winter. It's called La Nina. This year is an El Nino just like it was during the Winter Olympics in 2010.

Yet even in 2010 we got a ton of snow in the spring after the Olympics were over. Just like this year. More snow is on the way. Spring skiing is often the best in the year here. Whatsherface posted a video of Justin Trudeau making more ridiculous comments about climate change. That guy needs to STFU. Every time he opens his mouth he says something stupid and digs himself deeper and deeper. He said something to the effect that Conservatives don't care about climate change but we do. We're going to make sure our kids have a white Christmas. OMFG. You don't give a sh*t about Christmas. You and your Commie pals are trying to cancel Christmas.

I am a climate change denier. I don't deny the climate is changing. It's been changing ever since the ice age. I deny that climate change is a justifiable reason to throw away civil liberty and embrace Communism. That is what I deny. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. Leave us alone and STFU. Your fertilizer ban means you're full of sh*t.

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