Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Snow on the Metro Vancouver mountains

Meanwhile back on the ranch, a cold front is moving south. Last night the rain was pretty cold and I said I wonder... I checked the local mountains web cam and sure enough that cold rain in Vancouver was a dusting of fresh snow on the mountains. The seasons are changing.
I'm told the main highway from Calgary to Edmonton had a dusting of snow yesterday and was backed up for 20 miles. It must have been hoovering around that freezing rain mark which is nasty. I don't know why they call it the Deer Foot Trail. Deer don't have feet they have hooves and why would they call a freeway a trail? It must be an Alberta thing.

A lot of us in BC are tempted to move to Alberta. It's not just the price of land, it's also the political will. Danielle Smith has what it takes. David Eby does not. It's a bit colder in Alberta during the winter but I think it's sunnier. I don't think they get as much rain as we do. It makes me think of Paul Gross singing about the blue Alberta skies. I'm gonna ride forever so I am.


  1. Yes Dennis, we did get a bit of freezing rain before the 10 cm of snow we got which made the roads slick. 10 cm is considered a decent amount of snow in one shot around here anyways, we don't experience large volumes in short times like in other regions of Canada. Deerfoot Trail is named after a runner from the Blackfoot nation. Not sure why it is called a trail but a few roads in Calgary that were named after the Indigenous have trail in the name, like Crowfoot Trail, Sarcee Trail or Shaganappi Trail.

    1. Ah, First Nations name, that makes sense. Yeah snow on top of freezing rain is treacherous.


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