Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Israel accused of using white phosphorus on civilians

NDTV is reporting that "As Israel continued pounding targets in Gaza following the sensational land-sea-air assault on its territories by the Palestinian group Hamas, videos circulated on social media alleging that the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has been using banned white phosphorus bombs in the densely populated region."

OK there are two points here. Numerous media reports state that Israel has been pounding Gaza after the recent raid and hostage taking. That is believable. We all know if you attack Israel, they will respond a hundredfold. That's the way they roll.

Numerous media reports also accuse Israel of using white phosphorous on civilians in Gaza. That's entirely possible. They've done it before. They got it from the US. That is an abomination. White Phosphorous burns and keeps on burning. It is cruel and evil. That needs to stop. Now.

Hamas raided Israel, killed civilians and took hostages. That was an act of war. It was however a suspicious act. It's kind of like the mass shooter who started shooting people at a church in Texas. You're in Texas. What were you thinking? A dozen civilians pulled out guns and shot him dead. Likewise one has to wonder what on earth the Hamas militants were thinking. Were they wanting to bring exposure to their cause? That was sure a bad way of doing it. One has to wonder if there wasn't some ulterior motive at play here.

I guess the main thing I have to say is that everyone needs to stand down. Kidnapping civilians is unacceptable, pounding civilians in unacceptable and using white phosphorus on civilians in unacceptable. Two wrongs don't make a right and right now we can all see a whole lot of wrongs that need to stop.We need to stop making emotional decisions and start making logical decisions.

The spook lied and implied that Israel is just using the white phosphorous as spotting for artillery. That is not true. That is not why they are using it and that is not why they have used it in the recent past. The Israelis like to use it because they think it is prophetic. They see it as fire raining down from heaven. It is abominable. There is no justification to use it at all especially on civilians.

The Test of Believability

You know how someone tells you a story and since you have no reason to disbelieve them, you believe what they say. Until they say something that is ridiculous. Then all of a sudden you realize they made the whole thing up. I'm not saying the Hamas attack never happened. I'm saying part of the story fails the test of believability which puts the whole intent into question.

We saw the gunmen parasale into a music festival. I'm not sure where their launch point would have been. Perhaps someone can help me with that. I'm kind of thinking it must have been from a plane since I don't think there are any mountains in that area high enough to launch from.

The part that I find disturbing is the claim that they were beheading babies. I don't believe that happened. I think that is ridiculous and if it did happen that means the whole thing was orchestrated to justify a land grab. That whole outrageous beheading claim sounds a lot like ISIS and we know now the CIA created ISIS to drag the US into the Pipeline dispute in Syria.

NBC is reporting that "At least 1,200 Israelis — including 189 soldiers — have been killed and more than 2,700 have been injured." Is that really true? We saw a couple of guys with guns paraglide into a music festival. Where are these numbers really coming from? We know the fake news is fake but what are the real numbers? Bombing civilians is not acceptable.

Who speaks for Hamas? Ismail Haniyeh? We remember the PLO. Whatever happened to them? I guess they're called Fatah now. I saw a report that claimed Hamas and Fatah are rivals which makes you wonder about Hamas' origin. It looks like the PLO made peace with Israel and created the Palestine Authority which I believe is a good thing.

The problem with Israel is that it is a Jewish State. There's nothing wring with that per say, it's just means if you are a resident and you're not Jewish, you can't become a citizen. Up until recently that meant you couldn't get a passport. Now I think this Palestinian Authority issues passports which is a good thing. I guess Gaza isn't a part of that.

Having two nations in the same territory is indeed problematic but if the Jews want a Jewish State I guess that's their only alternative since Joshua didn't conquer all of the land and was commanded to vex not the stranger that sojourneth with the. I think they are vexing the strangers in Gaza right now which is a violation of Jewish law. However, since the creation of this Palestinian Authority or the State of Palestine, I think their territory has been significantly eroded and reduced through forced evictions. Hamas took over Gaza in 2007. This Palestinian Authority or State of Palestine made real progress. Hamas seems to have rolled back the clock on that progress. Mohammad Shtayyeh is the Prime minister for the State of Palestine.

Palestinian PM Shtayyeh backs Hamas attack on Israel. Well that's sadly unfortunate.

If you support that attack, what do you think is going to happen? Looks like a mess. The people responsible for this attack need to be taken out of commission. I realize that Hamas in Gaza frequently hides among civilians to increase civilan casualties. Just don't target the civilians.

It is well within the realm of believability that when the PLO signed the Oslo accord radicals would reject that and form a splinter group. Just like after the IRA signed the Good Friday accord some radicals rejected that and formed a splinter group. To claim that Mossad created that splinter group is in my opinion, unrealistic. Gaza bombs Israel all the time and I oppose that. I support the Oslo accord and the Good Friday accord. I do not support forced evictions or radical splinter groups promoting violence. The Hamas attack was bad. I do not endorse it. Civilians need safe passage to escape. You can check ID to make sure no Hamas leaders are among them.


  1. It's all a distraction from the current issues in Canada, USA and Ukraine and Africa. Look in my left hand as I steal, destroy, pillage and remove freedoms with my right hand. 🤡 World run by elites!

    1. When the dust settles they will have used this tragedy to take more laws restricting our freedoms and mobility.

      The 2 biggest coming to mind, electronic currencies and licensing internet access.

  2. The idea that we're going to differentiate between ways to kill people in a war is naive at best.

    1. Actually it's not. People debate whether hunting deer with a .223 is an ethical kill. If we can talk about ethical kills in hunting we can talk about ethical kills in war.

  3. Why all the NYPD surrounding synagogues and the Israeli Consulate? Why not around any Mosques? Could be there aren't any threats from Jewish terrorists?

  4. "The United States has collected specific intelligence that suggests senior Iranian government officials were caught by surprise by Saturday’s bloody attack on Israel by Hamas, according to multiple sources familiar with the intelligence.The existence of the intelligence has cast doubt on the idea that Iran was directly involved in the planning, resourcing or approving of the operation, sources said."

    So, like 9/11, the CIA "didn't know anything". And of course this comes 3 days later, after they've had time to thing about it, from an Administration that has given billions to Iran and the Mullahs who kill women and gays.

    1. Demonizing Iran while glorifying Saudi Arabia is a double standard. Admitting Iran was not responsible for the Hamas attack is a step forward.

  5. On Saturday after the massive Hamas attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Gaza civilians of the horrors to come, promising to unleash the full force of the Israeli military on the strip.
    “Get out now,” he said, addressing Palestinians in Gaza. “Because we will operate everywhere.” Khoudary was listening to him as the airstrikes intensified, trapped in her home with nowhere to run.
    “Why didn’t he tell us where to flee?” she asked. “Because we’d really like to know.”

    Jordan. Where the "Palestians" are actually from, ethno-geographically speaking.

    1. Yes, telling citizens to leave is a bit problematic. Jordan is actually a very nice country. I'm not sure all the Palestinians are from there though.

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    Modern day weapons are Frankenstein.


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