Saturday, October 21, 2023

SCC ruling on no more pipelines act a win for federalism

True North is reporting that "Canada’s highest court dealt a serious blow to the Trudeau government with its Oct. 13 ruling in the reference case that found the federal Impact Assessment Act unconstitutional. This complex law was introduced in 2019 and quickly nicknamed the “no more pipelines” law by opponents. This is because under the act it is highly unlikely any new pipelines will be built in Canada. The effects of the law were not limited just to pipelines. The federal assessment process under the Impact Assessment Act reviews all kinds of projects – including those wholly within the borders of a single province, like mines, oil projects, or hydroelectric plants." Hydroelectric plants? That is insane

This ties in with skyrocketing inflation, fake environmentalism and the complete destruction of the Canadian economy. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. Pipelines reduce transportation emissions to zero. Pipelines are good for the environment.

This act is also about a completely manufactured energy crisis that will adversely effect all of us.

"In a 5-2 decision from the Supreme Court, the offending provisions of the Impact Assessment Act were declared unconstitutional. The “designated projects” portion of the act was found to be ultra vires – outside the authority of – Parliament and thus unconstitutional."

OK so now we have to talk about the agenda behind the act. When Joe Biden bombed the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline through an act of terrorism, that did two things. It significantly adversely effected air quality in Europe and the environment but it also helped accelerate the manufactured energy crisis in Europe the provoked conflict in the Ukraine created.

If Germany replaces it's Industrial coal power plants with natural gas the environment is greatly benefited and the air quality in Europe is greatly improved. Global CO2 emissions are significantly decreased. That's good for everyone. Joe Biden's fake environmentalism blew that up.

Knowing that Joe Biden now claims the US will ship natural gas to Germany instead of Russia. OK the natural gas pipeline from Russia generated zero transportation emissions. Shipping Germany natural gas from the United States create a great deal of emissions. So we can already see the contradictions emerge. Yet there are many more.

While Joe Biden wants to ship natural gas to Germany to compensate for the pipeline he blew up, he is banning gas stoves in the United States. Joe Biden is a mental reject but he is simply a puppet for a much bigger agenda filled with lies and contradictions.

Don't even get me started on hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power is the greenest, most effective source of power we have. Banning that clearly has nothing to do with protecting the environment. That's not their real intent. Banning that reveals their real intent - skyrocketing inflation and manufactured energy crises. World Economic Forum 101.

Banning hydroelectric power is like fertilizer bans. It's a complete contradiction fueld by lies. Banning fertilizer has nothing to do with protecting the environment. We save the environment by planting trees. The same trees they are intentionally burning through planned ignitions. Plants and trees need fertilizer to grow. Plants and trees are good for the environment. The real intent behind banning fertilizer is to created mass food shortages. World Economic Forum 101.

Likewise banning cars has nothing to do with protecting the environment. It's about removing your mobility rights and locking you down in a 15 minute city. That is what these lies and contradictions are about. I support mobility rights AND the environment. Natural gas and hydroelectric power and the cleanest forms of energy we have. The windmill on Grouse Mountain does not turn.


  1. Awesome post, and spot on.

    1. Thanks. As someone else said, it's important not to be distracted from other manufactured emergencies. We need to keep an eye on what they are doing here.

  2. News release came out other day from liberals pushing Bill S233 UBI. Create the problem, Canadians can not afford to live any more due to inflation et all then offer the solution which isn’t a solution at all. It’s part of a 3 piece end to our freedom & way of life. Digital ID & digital currency being the other 2 parts.


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