Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Deadly explosion at Gaza hospital: Cease fire

The Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza was blown up. Both sides blame each other. Israel claims Gaza did it by accident. Gaza claims Israel did it. The simple solution is to call for a cease fire. Israel stops bombing Gaza and Gaza stops bombing Israel. Mercy is a quality of godliness. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. Likewise, if you show no mercy, you shall receive none.
The surveillance video is unclear. It shows a location in Gaza firing small rockets successively. Israel claims that one of those rockets mysteriously fell short right after launch and hit the hospital. Although it is remotely possible it doesn't seem plausible unless it was shot down shortly after launch. I'm also not sure how much damage those small rockets were capable of doing. I'm not sure it was capable of leveling the hospital.

It wasn't one large missile that misfired, it was a serious of small rockets. What I find more plausible is that Israel fired a missile trying to hit the spot that was launching the rockets successively and their missile fell short hitting the hospital accidentally.

Either way, this new information about the IDF stand down order during the Hamas attack and the CIA's documented connection to ISIS we are forced to question their ties to Hamas and the use of this attack as a false flag to justify a new bombing campaign in Gaza. No lie can liver forever. More information is coming forward and a cease fire is in everyone's best interest.
I recognize that Hamas attacked Israel and declared war. I also recognize that the United States obliterated many hospitals in Hirosheema and Nagasaki after Japan declared war. I believe that was a horrific thing but recognize that it was the result of Japan's declaration of war.

Gaza has an awful lot of rockets. They are bombarding Israel with rockets hoping to overwhelm their Iron Dome defense. The fact that they have a stock pile of rockets shows they were preparing for this. I'll have to admit, from the number of bombs Israel has dropped on Gaza I am very surprised there hasn't been more casualties. That would imply that Israel is indeed focusing on Hamas targets firing rockets. However the group Islamic Jihads sounds very CIA. All Hamas has to do is surrender. They would rather increase the civilian body count and play the victim.

The National Post is reporting that "An international Muslim group with a Canadian as its current president has issued a full-throated condemnation of Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks against Israel, and barred members from attending the myriad of pro-Hamas rallies breaking out in cities across the West. The group says it represents roughly 800 mosques and Islamic centres around the world, and since 2020 its president has been a Canadian, Imam Shaikh Saleh Seboweh, the founder of the Iranian Islamic Center of Montreal."

GIC PUBLIC STATEMENT CONDEMNING THE RECENT HAMAS TERRORIST ATTACKS Everyone needs to remember that politicians start and end wars. They grant and remove civil liberty. They also raise and lower taxes. Everyone hates politics but politicians have a significance influence over everything that directly affects us. The thing that people on both sides of this conflict need to realize is that the kind of politicians that refuse to compromise and insist on using violence not in defense but to advance their own specific political agenda are not the kind of politicians you want ruling over you. The politicians that want to free us through war are the same politicians that want to enslave us through Covid restrictions and starve us through fertilizer bans.

A lot of crazy things are done in the name of National Security namely 9/11 and the Patriot Act. Japan elected a fascist government and paid dearly for it. Hitler used false flag attacks to gain power and also used them as a pretext for war to advance his political position just like George Bush did. Neo Cons are not our friends any more than Joe Biden and the leftist extremists are.


  1. "Although it is remotely possible it doesn't seem plausible unless it was shot down shortly after launch."

    Those rockets are absolute garbage , made with recycled pipes. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't work as planned. But what's suspicious here is how big of an explosion this is for just a rocket...

    1. That kind of the thing. That's a lot of damage for one of those small rockets.

  2. Big demonstration in Istanbul Turkey. Footage on TV. I don't read Turkish so I couldn't tell what the rest of the sign said but they apparently spell Palestine as "Filistine". As in "Philistine". Maybe they know something we don't? Biblically the Philistines were not nice folks, and none of the other Arab peoples in the Middle East seem to like them much. Jordan and Egypt have closed their borders and refused to take any of the modern Philistines into their countries as refugee's.

    1. I'm told the word Filastin is Arabic for Palestine. Google translate confirms it which is interesting because Philistines were a separate race wiped out by Nebuchadnezzar. The Palestinians are actually related to the Jews through Abraham.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M8FZVCnD5M

    1. I'm sorry but that one is fishy as f*ck. The IDF release a secret wire tap of two terrorist talking admitting that they blew up the hospital. We have no way of knowing if they did in fact intercept a conversation instead of just recorded two actors. We have no idea if the English translation is correct.

      The recording mentioned the markings on the rocket or missile. The thing has already exploded. It was at night. No one could have clearly seen the marking on the rocket before it struck the hospital. The actors or the terrorists didn't say Hamas they used some other Jihad name. That is a name the CIA use. Jihad Friday was the CIA's idea. If Iran embraced it we certainly would have heard about it. There's no way Iran is going to scuttle Biden's 6 Billion dollar gift. There are so many lies tied to this the whole thing becomes suspicious.

      It also brings us back to the first concern. Mossad and the IDF have very high level surveillance. There's no way they didn't see the attack and the paragliders coming. Which once again brings us to the stand down order during the attack.

      After war has been declared, why are they called terrorists for returning fire? What do you call Israel for doing the same thing? It's time for a cease fire. That much is clear.

    2. Which is more believable, that Israel, who needs the worlds support to do what they want to do, dropped a missile in a hospital parking lot or that the Palestinians home made rocket malfunctioned?

    3. I think both are possible since, as the other commenter mentioned, the smaller rockets misfire all the time and they are launching as many as they can all at once. Either way, it appears that it was an accident.

      One thing that is disturbing that there are a whole lot of people BLINDLY devoted to one side or the other. Blind obedience to anything is blind. Critical thinking is essential when we are constantly bombarded with fake news. 9/11 and ISIS are prime examples. Denying the reality of false flags and the IDF stand down order is unwise as is blindly endorsing the Hamas attack. Martin Luther King said the old law of an eye for a eye leaves everyone blind and right now we're all blind.


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