Saturday, October 14, 2023

Hamas and ISIS : Reflecting on the Other side

Update: The CIA, ISIS and the IDF stand down order

Just one more statement on the other side of the Gaza conflict. Was the CIA involved in funding, arming and encouraging Hamas to attack Israel? Perhaps. However, the simply truth remains. The PLO signed the Oslo accord and Hamas rejected it. Hamas has clearly declared war with Israel. Not a smart thing to do but we know how they operate. They always use acts of violence then play the victim whenever anyone responds.

Dan Dicks has quoted the Israeli Prime Minster who said Hamas is ISIS. Wait a sec. That's an uncomfortable comparison. The CIA created ISIS to drag the US into the Syrian pipeline war. Dan Dicks discusses declassified documents confirming that the CIA created ISIS. So did they create Hamas? I dunno, maybe. The point is, Hamas has got to go. We need to support the Oslo accord and end the violence. Israel and the Palestinians both have the right to exist. The CIA doesn't.

These declassified documents that Dan Dicks is talking about which reconfirm that the CIA created ISIS reaffirm that the Americans assassinated the Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS in Syria. So what is this 6 Billion dollars Biden wants to give Iran? Reparations for murdering an innocent man? Hamas has to go but so does the CIA.

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  1. CIA
    Corruption In Action

    "For by wise guidance you can wage your war"

    The world's intelligence agencies truly believe that "we" cannot exist without their guidance and manipulation.
    And that if left up to ourselves anarchy would prevail.
    In reality their sole purpose is to protect the power and wealth structure of the top .001% of the world's population.


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