Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Google Deletes another blog post for the CIA

Google just notified me that it deleted another blog post because they claims it violates their Misleading Content policy.. That's actually quite interesting. We all know during Covid Google and YouTube would delete true information from medical doctors because it contradicted the narrative and exposed the fact that it was unscientific. They state that I could fix the post by removing the misleading content then apply to have the post public again. Only is doesn't say what statements they feel are misleading. This is a broad all encompassing way to censor the Internet.

So I did what I always do. I reposted it on my mirror exactly the way it was so the world can see what Google deleted and the court of public opinion can decide whether or not I said anything untrue or misleading because I clearly did not. So this is the blog post and this is the index to blog posts Google has censored on my blog. When you look at the list collectively you can see a pattern. Yeah I could just find another blog and I will but I want people to see what Google deletes because if they are censoring me, they are censoring everyone.

March 23rd I made a blog post entitled Google Censorship and the CIA which linked the another blog post they deleted and some articles on the Internet about Google censorship. There were three apparently controversial statements that I made in the most recent blog post that was deleted which might have caused their take down.

One was about vaccines. I know they're pretty anal about that. I linked to a video put out by medical doctors from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance about the risks and benefits of the rna covid vaccine for children as well as a Twitter Post from Drea Humphrey where a medical docter explaind that children don't need the Covid vaccine because they are not high risk from Covid.

The other possibility was a Jimmy Fallon video that was taken off YouTube that showed Joe Biden making ridiculous statements to school children. All he did was play the video and say WTF. You think someone would have stepped in and said wait a sec, You really need to stop talking now because you look and sound like a complete lunatic. YouTube took it down but I found another copy on Air TV.

The third possibility is somewhat interesting because it relates to our recent conversation about the CIA creating ISIS. I showed that according to the fake news, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed five times. The only people that would want that true information taken down would be the CIA. The CIA announced that they had killed him on November 8th 2001, February 3rd 2022, April 13 2022 then again on August 2nd 2022. Those are just the ones I took screen shots of. They have all been removed from Google's search results.

This was a recent Joe Biden achievement. He killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Not. He was killed the first time back in 2001 under George Bush. However, since the same guy was killed so many times we are forced to question if that was true back then as well since the CIA consistently lies and makes sh*t up. The question is, why would Google delete that true information? Are they working for the CIA? It certainly looks like it.

Update: OK the first one looks fake. It was dated November 8th 2001 but it mentions President Joe Biden. The only Problem with that is Joe Biden wasn't president in 2001 George Bush was. Kind of like how that English translation of Kim Jong Un endorsing Donald Trump was completely fake. The words he was saying were not the English words printed on the screen. Makes me wonder if the translation of the Putin talking about family values was fake as well.

2nd Update: OK it does appear that there was one small point I made in that post that was false. The screenshot of one of the news articles dated 2001 mentions President Joe Biden and Joe Biden wasn't president in 2001.That means someone faked that screenshot. However, that doesn't mean the links to all the other articles that have since been taken down were never there.

I work full time and do the blog as a volunteer service. I often make typos and correct them later one. It is clear that I am monitored. We have a spook that stalks the blog and bombards it with false information. We have two other trolls that do the same thing. They spam the blog with false information consistently and I have to sift through all that as a volunteer in my spare time.

People are scouring the archives of this blog searching for tiny errors on a daily basis. Some of those people, like Google and the spook are paid to do so. That means they devote a lot of time to it. We know that Google, YouTube and Facebook censored a lot of true information during Covid. Justin Trudeau as well as the BC NDP are obsessed with censoring dissent and with medical censorship. They censor medical doctors consistently. You can see that when you look at the list of blog posts Google has deleted from my blog.

It reminds me of my first legal attack when I ran a website about the former CEO of Canada Post. I said a lot of things about that former CEO that were unfavorable but true which they desperately wanted taken down. I received a very bold and long winded cease and desist letter from a law firm demanding I shut down that website over a trademark and copyright claim. I was well aware of the copyright and trademark law since I went up against three law firms at once regarding Telus' censorship on YouTube using false copyright claims.

When I received the very lengthy cease and desist letter from a law firm representing Canada Post I said copyright? WTF are they talking about. Of all the very bold and unfavorable things I had said about their client, as the very bottom of the web site I posted a tiny Canada Post logo as a joke. When people clicked on that link they could send an email directly to the CEO.

I looked at the website after reading the letter, squinted and said oh yeah, that tiny little logo I posted as a joke is protected by copyright. So I wrote back and said, I complied with their request and took the tiny logo off. The rest of the website stands as free speech and is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights. After I did that they sent me another even more outraged letter from a libel and privacy law firm. My point is, the tiny Canada Post logo I posted as a joke wasn't the real concern. The real concern was censoring true information about their client that was unfavorable. The copyright claim was simply a means to their end.


  1. Google, Facebook etc. all work at the behest of the CIA, the FBI, and DHS. Here is a list of former FBI and CIA who work at Facebook.



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