Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Jasmohan Singh Bains was back in court

Speaking of Christy Clark and Rich Coleman testifying at the Money Laundering Inquiry, Jasmohan Singh Bains was back in court April 13th. Jasmohan Singh Bains is the cousin of Dave Basi and Bob Virk and was convicted of cocaine trafficking. This blog post on In Sights gives a good summery of the case. This blog post on Cannabis Link talks about how David Basi originally faced two drug charges but copped a plea and the criminal charges were dropped.

Back in 2008 BC Rail Mary reported that under the Reason for Sentence of Jasmohan, line 20 states "In addition, the Crown seeks a fine in lieu of forfeiture of funds received by Mr. Bains during the course of the investigation. The value of these funds is known to be $242,170.00, and due diligence has not discovered the location of those funds. It is not contested that these funds were proceeds of crime. I have little discretion in this matter, and this case does not fall within that narrow discretion. Further, the ability of the offender to pay is irrelevant."

"I must also impose default imprisonment of between two and three years, given the amount of the fine. My only real discretion is in determining the amount of time Mr. Bains will be given to pay the fine. I therefore order that Mr. Bains pay a fine in the amount of $242,170.00 in lieu of restitution pursuant to the provisions of Part 12 of the Criminal Code. He will have two years in which to pay the fine. In default of payment, Mr. Bains will serve three years imprisonment, consecutive to the term of imprisonment to which I have earlier sentenced him."

Communist Party of China attacked the Epoch Times printing press in Hong Kong

When we talk about the lies of the Communist Party of China we also have to talk about the censorship because they go hand in hand. For example, they lied about what happened at Tiananmen Square, then they censored any record of it from the Internet within China. No one in China is able to read any news report about the Tiananmen Square massacre because they are all blocked thanks to the CCP's deal with Google. They even went so far as to have an American who supported a free Hong Kong kicked off Zoom for mentioning the Tiananmen Square massacre. This is the Twilight Zone we now live in.

The Epoch Times is reporitng that "Four intruders barged into the printing plant of the Hong Kong edition of The Epoch Times in the early hours of April 12, damaging computers and printing equipment in an attack believed to be the latest effort by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to silence the news outlet. In an attack on the same facility in November 2019, four masked men set fire to two printing presses; the perpetrators are still at large." Trying to destroy their printing press is not a big surprise. The US State Department has denounced the attack.

Yet we all know what's around the corner. For a while I stared getting thousands of views on my blog from China. Then all of a sudden nothing. Not one and not one ever since. The Communist Party of China has blocked my blog. No one in China can read it. I realize I'm nobody. China has blocked me, Google has buried me. I am insignificant. Yet this practice of censorship is a sign of things to come. Although my blog now gets zero views from within China, it still gets regular views from Hong Kong. That means China hasn't blocked out the Internet from people living in Hong Kong yet like they have for people living in China. No doubt they will. That will be the next step in their tyrannical oppression of Hong Kong. Lies and censorship, they go hand in hand.

This is why our media lies to us in the West. The Communist Party of China now owns it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Rebel News interviews Len Faul from Law Enforcement

Rebel News is reporting that "Meet Len Faul, a retired police officer who served over 30 years with the Toronto Police Service. He is also one of the driving forces behind Police on Guard for Thee." One of their pledges in their mission statement reads "To repair and regain public trust which is being damaged and lost due to the enforcement of Emergency measures."

Freedom Fighters back the Blue. Arresting Freedom Fighters for supporting the Charter of Rights is counterproductive. It's actually unlawful. We need to support law and order which means arresting people who vandalize and loot not raiding churches and building fences around them.

Freedom fighters preserve and protect they do not burn and steal

Let's be clear: Freedom fighters preserve and protect they do not burn and steal. Freedom fighters support small business they do not vandalize and steal from small business. That's what Communists do. Freedom fighters support the use of force to stop looting and vandalizing. Freedom fighters support law and order. Civil liberty is protected by law.

Robbing citizens of their civil liberty is against the law. Martin Luther King said "When evil men and women burn and bomb good men and women must build and bind." Curtis Sliwa said when punk ass b*tches riot and loot, we will kick their a*s or something to that effect.

These are the Peace Keepers. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

US Halts Johnson & Johnson Vaccine over blood clots

Forbes is reporitng that "Several U.S. states said they would halt the use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine while regulators investigate cases of rare but severe blood clots in recipients of the shot." Another experimental vaccine that causes blood clots. Any medical officer that blocks Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir now is criminally culpable in murder.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "Extremely rare cases of blood clots are hampering the rollout of two COVID-19 vaccines that Canada has purchased, as the country recorded its first case of the side effect from the AstraZeneca injection and the U.S. suspended use of the Johnson & Johnson version."

"On Tuesday, the United States temporarily stopped its use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine while it investigates reports of a rare and severe type of blood clot in individuals who received the single-dose shot. Similar blood clots have also been reported after the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Both shots use the same vaccine technology, called adenovirus vector."

The Economic Standard publishes report on hydroxychloroquine. If they approved hydroxychloroquine, we wouldn't need a vaccine or a lockdown. It is already FDA approved and you can buy it at Costco with a prescription but Bonnie Henry won't let you get a prescription.

Ontario ICU rates and Micheal Warner's conflict of interest

The Storm Haven blog is reporting that "To the extent Ontario ICU’s are over capacity as the data shows most of this has nothing to do with covid and is much more likely the result of delayed surgeries and treatment of chronic conditions brought on by …lockdowns." Just like Edmonton.

Dr Micheal Warner appears to be in a conflict of interest

The WHO admits false positive results in Covid testing

Monday, April 12, 2021

Bonnie Henry doesn't care about your health and well being

Bonnie Henry is a lying freak. She does not care about you or me. She does not care about your health and well being. She doesn't care if you have food on your table or a roof over your head. She has a dirty political agenda and she will kill people to accomplish it. That is why she is blocking Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir from those who want it. She wants people to get sick so she has a job and can lock us down again. That woman is criminally insane.

Cases mean nothing if people are asymptomatic. The PCR test is worthless. When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. The Canada Health Alliance states that "As medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners from across Canada whose common goal is to protect the rights of our patients, our first task is stopping the COVID-19 public health policy damage."

"Our objective is to counter the misinformation, censorship, and coercion that is being used by Canadian public health 'experts', government agencies and our elected government representatives to target Canadians during the COVID crisis."
Recently Dr Kulvinder Kaur hosted a Covid 19 Summit discussing the harmful effects of lockdowns. Her panellists consisted of Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School. These are the founders of the The Great Barrington Declaration. Lockdowns do more harm than good. Bonnie Henry knows that but she doesn't care because she has a dirty political agenda tied to the WHO.

CBC lied about the Covid numbers in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake, they lied. We were told that 10,947 people have died from Covid 19 in Canada. 10,781 of those deaths were the elderly living in care homes. That statistic shows how criminally insane lockdowns are. However, the same number of seniors died last year as the year before and the year befre that. This means everyone who died in care homes they claimed was due to Covid when it wasn't. They lied.

Lawful Protests and Rioting in Montreal

I have a lot going on but I want to make two quick posts to point out the obvious. Sh*t be cray in Moreal. J'aime Montreal. Rebel News showed the ANTIFA whack jobs who hijacked the curfew protest and brought violence. They call themselves the Balck Bloc - Anarchists. We saw before how the Anarchits and the Communists teamed up to create order amidst the chaos - their order.

Anti Lockdown protesters in BC support small business. Rioting and looting is the exact opposite of what they support. Looters are POS ANTIFA they are not freedom fighters. It's interesting to note that ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. As we know, East Berlin was Communist. They built the Berlin Wall to keep people in and stop them from escaping. However, they called it the the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart. "The official purpose of this Berlin Wall was to keep so-called Western 'fascists' from entering East Germany and undermining the socialist state, but it primarily served the objective of stemming mass defections from East to West."

Remember this was right after the war. The Western Allies fought the Fascists in the trenches. The Communists claimed that the Wall was to prevent the Western Fascists from entering. Yet the Western Allies just fought a war against the Fascists. Obviously the Anti Fascists are Communists. They claim anyone who disagrees with them are fascists. Yet Communism and Fascism is the exact same thing. The only difference between the two is that the Fascists are honest about their objectives while the Communists are not. The Communists will lie to anyone and everyone under the sun to try and convince them to adapt their version of slavery.

I do not support riots and looting. I do not support ANTIFA. I suppose law and order. Civil Liberty is protected by law. Arresting journalists and interfering with the freedom of the press is unlawful.

Newfoundland NDP launches constitutional challenge of election results

CTV is reporting that " Newfoundland and Labrador's New Democrats are challenging the constitutionality of the province's recent election, claiming irregularities were so numerous and severe that a new election must be held. Party lawyers filed the challenge in Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court on Monday." Can we talk about voter fraud now???

Back in 2014 the Ottawa Citizen reported that "Many Canadians are heading to the polls in 2015 worried about the potential for the 'illegal manipulation' of their votes, and showing as little trust in elections as people in some Latin American countries." Voter fraud affects everyone.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Montreal Police Raid Rebel News

True North is reporting that "A temporary Montreal base of Rebel News has been raided by Montreal police. According to Ezra Levant, on Saturday a large number of police officers showed up at an Airbnb houseboat Rebel crews are currently using for accommodations and as a makeshift Montreal headquarters." Police tried to force their way in so Ezra Levant told them to get a warrant. They claimed it was a crime scene and entered anyways. This is disgusting.

On Ezra Levant states "when we asked them what the 'crime' was, all they could come up with was that our staying in the hotel was an illegal gathering, contrary to Quebec’s lockdown laws. That’s obviously not true. It is a registered, legal hotel rental on Airbnb. In fact, we had fewer guests than the facility is built for. This is the same Montreal police who have harassed and assaulted our reporters for weeks. This is their revenge. Because we report on their misconduct." Once again we have law enforcement officers lining up to piss on good soldier's grave. This is beyond shameful.

Here's me riding around in the sunshine thinking everything's gonna be all right and this happens. Everything is not alright. Rebel News is one of the last credible independent media outlets in Canada. Remember the freedom of the press? That used to be sacred. Not under Justin Trudeau's Global Reset where civil liberty and the sacred Charter of Rights his Father gave us is thrown out the window. Commodus has failed us. This needs to stop.

I had a great uncle that died on the beaches of Normandy. My grandfather had mustard gas burns on his back from the trenches of Flanders. All our people served. We supported civil liberty in France and we support civil liberty here at home. West Coast Ghosts back from the dead wearing the colour red. We're from the west side. West side of the wall. Berlin wall.
Update: ANTIFA crashed the curfew protest. We want freedom. Riots are not it.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Riding amidst the snow capped mountians

It was a sunny day so after the gym I took the bike up to Cypress. Conditions are awesome. A touch of fresh snow with a 3 meter base at the lodge and a 5 meter base at the summit. Cross country has closed but downhill was open today. Tomorrow is the last day before it closes for the season too. Fresh air and exercise are essential for one's mental health.

Riding into Vancouver the cut and the peak ski runs on Grouse were full of snow. Seymour to the right of that and the Lions to the left with Cypress slightly more left from the Lions. I have an injury that prevents me from hiking or snowshoeing right now but I can still ride. I swung by Horsehoe Bay and Whitecliff. Riding around with the snow capped mountains is awesome.
On the way home the sun was at my back and I could see my shadow directly in front of me. It reminded me of that post I made from the inscription on the Vancouver Art Gallery that said Casting Shadows on the Horizon. When You're riding into the sun you can't see and aren't thinking about the shadow you cast. When the sun is at your back it's right there in front of you.

Manitoba RCMP seize 81 kilos of cocaine

CBC is reporting that "RCMP say they have made the largest cocaine seizure in Manitoba history while disrupting a major international drug trafficking network that funnelled drugs into the province through Ontario. The bust happened in the Winnipeg area, RCMP said, but could not offer more detail because the investigation is ongoing."

81 keys in Winipeg. Things that make ya go hmmm.... CTV is reporting that an Ontario man has been charged. So WTF? No Really, WTF? Evidently the RCMP aren't the problem because every province except BC makes drug busts. Evidently the problem is E Division - the RCMP in BC.

The RCMP have arrested Stephen Ferenc Stumpf, 41, from Peterborough, Ont. He has been charged with possessing a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and possessing proceeds of crime over $5,000.

Hells Angels and Red Devils busted in Ontario

The Tornoto Star is reporting that "Bikers from the Hells Angels and Red Devils Motorcycle Club face multiple charges after a six-month police investigation into murder and weapons trafficking and drug trafficking. The charges were announced Friday at the culmination of a joint operation between Durham Regional Police and the RCMP called Project Kafia. The Red Devils are an affiliated support club of the Hells Angels."

"It resulted in 291 charges against 28 people. The charges ranged from break and enter, participation in criminal organizations, firearm trafficking and possession of controlled substances including cocaine, fentanyl methamphetamine and cannabis edibles. Thirty-two firearms and roughly 1.2 million dollars in drugs were seized. Bikers arrested are from the Hells Angels Brooklin and Belleville charters, as well as the Red Devils."

The Toronto Sun is reporting that police seized 5.5 kilos of cocaine, 1.5 kilos of magic mushrooms, 1.2 kilos of crystal meth as well as two percussion grenades, overcapacity magazines, thousands of rounds of ammunition. The percussion grenades came from the police.

If the RCMP and municipal police in Ontario make Hells Angel arrests, why don't they do that in BC? They just had that smoke and mirror publicity stunt searching the Hardside finger puppets clubhouse after the club were worried they had guns and might get pissed like Jason Wallace did about them capping Ali. The police in BC work for the Hells Angels. From Haney to Hellside.

46 month sentence for gang shooting

CBC is reporting that "A Vancouver man is facing nearly two years in jail after he was sentenced in connection with a gang-related shooting in Surrey, B.C., that injured an innocent bystander. The shooting happened in a residential area of the Newton neighbourhood around 3:30 p.m. PT on July 9, 2017. Two people in separate trucks shot at each other in the 7700 block of 147A Street, police said at the time. A bullet grazed the shoulder of a 62-year-old woman from Ontario who was visiting family in Surrey." How the f*ck do you pronounce his name?

"After a year-and-a-half-long investigation, Abd'l Malik Loubissi-Morris was arrested in Richmond, B.C., on Dec. 11, 2019. He was charged with attempted murder, use of a firearm in the commission of an offence, aggravated assault and discharging a firearm with intent."

"The Crown said Loubissi-Morris pleaded guilty on March 31 in New Westminster, B.C., to aggravated assault and a single firearms offence. The attempted murder charge was stayed as part of the plea agreement. Loubissi-Morris was sentenced to 46 months in jail for the assault and 20 months for the firearms charge, to be served concurrently." Less one third statutory release.

OK this is a punk a*s Surrey Jack who committed a targeted gang related shooting with ileal guns that injured a 62 year old innocent bystander and gets 46 months in jail. This was a planned event. They torched the truck after the shooting. It was not his first offense. These kind of jail sentences bring us back to Vern's declaration that "Judges are the Problem." One of two. The judge simply approved the Crown's plea agreement. The Crown prosecutors made the deal just like they dropped the charges against the kids from Edmonton that shot Ali.

Look at how sad and ashamed your mother is. She had wanted so much more for you. You're not Malik, you are Haram. You need to grow up an honour your mother. That's what being a man is.

Update: "Loubissi-Morris was sentenced to 46 months in jail for the assault and 20 months for the firearms charge, to be served concurrently." OK so he got 46 months in total since the 20 month charge was to be served concurrently. I thought the assault was for when he intentionally drove his car into some pedestrians in Vernon but it wasn't. He got off that one and was just sentenced with dangerous driving. Infotel reported that he was involved with various gang related crimes in Vernon so I'm all ears if anyone knows what his affiliations are. Cheers.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Hamilton Police target illegal gun violence

"Hamilton Police are releasing the results of Project STRONG, a four-month investigation into drug and gun activity in Hamilton. Launched in December 2020, Project STRONG was created in response to an increase in shootings and violent crime. Last year, there were 51 shootings in Hamilton, including 21 shootings that took place between September-December."

They didn't go after legal gun owners who have no criminal records. They went after those involved with the illegal gun violence. Gang shootings use throw always not legally obtained guns because those are traceable. Throwaways aren't.

In addition to illegal guns, Hamilton police seized 4.5 kilos of cocaine, 2.5 kilos of fentanyl and 1.5 kilos of crystal meth. This is what the BC Gang Task force doesn't do. Instead of stopping crime, they want to profit from it. So does the BC NDP.

Vancouver Restaurant Patios are open during lockdown

If you want to support local business during this lockdown insanity, I noticed that Boston Pizza has their patio open for business as does my local pub. Seemingly, as long as the patio has ventilation, it's legal so I went to my pub and ordered a black and tan for Bonnie Henry's fascism.

B.C. business owners flood streets of Vancouver to protest latest COVID-19 restrictions

God Damn Bonnie Henry - The PCR Test is worthless and so is she. Ban Bonnie.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Concerned Ontario Doctors' Covid 19 Summit

The Concerned Ontario Doctors' Covid 19 Summit is April 11th from 4:00 PM top 6:00 PM EST and can be viewed at at: - Medical Censorship & the Harms of Lockdowns.

Jimmy Fallon on Joe Biden: God Save the USA

Fight Life Scene - Online Martial Arts Community

For all you martial artists and MMA fans out there, here's a new website and YouTube channel customised to let you showcase your talents called Fight Life Scene. Having a central location for martial artists to congregate online is a great idea. That hasn't been banned yet.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Randy Hillier confronts Doug Ford

Speaking of the Alberta Abomination, we can't forget the Ontario Orangutan. Dough Ford is a Flaming F*ck up. He just issued a stay at home order and Independent MP Randy Hiller is calling on the public to defy that illegal order. A stay at home order? A year after the fact. That clown has lost his mind. Rob Ford must be rolling over in his grave seeing his brother in bed with Justan Idiot. What a great distraction from the We scandal. Scandal is all they do.

A stay at home order at this point is criminally insane. Most of the US is open for business and he wants to shut us down again. He needs to stop getting a paycheck because he is working for the wrong team. Obviously, the Line and Yahoo Nation will defy the illegal order.

Doug Ford comes across as an uneducated clown with bad personal hygiene but who's the bigger fool? The fool or the fool that votes for him? Defeat him in the next election. That is what needs to be done. Until then, defy the order. This lie has gone on long enough.

Jason Kenney is the Alberta Abomination

Today I want to address the Calgary abomination that Rebel News has highlighted. It is Jason Kenney. Today Rebel News was on site where the RCMP built a fence around a church outside of Edmonton. These are law enforcement officers lining up to piss on good soldiers' graves. There are no oath keepers among them. You can sell drugs in Edmonton but you can't go to church. That is unequal protection of the law.

This isn't a three-week health measure to flatten the curve. This is a year long theft of our civil liberty which is protected by law and our right to earn a living. Indeed it is a tale of two cities. Over Easter we saw the police in Calgary enter a church armed with guns, tasers and handcuffs. Places of worship are protected by law just like embassies are. They defied that law.

Jason Kenney has successfully killed western alienation. No one wants to merge with him. He is the one responsible for this abomination. Jason Kenney says we must defeat these variants. He wasn't talking about viruses because when viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. He was talking about people who disagree with his version of globalism.

This is why we need to talk about voter fraud. Jason Kenney was accused of committing voter fraud to obtain the bid for the Alberta conservatives. Jason Kenney and Erin O'Toole are not conservatives. They are CON artists. Globalists in disguise.

Leslyn Lewis got more votes that Erin O'Toole and Peter McKay in the second round. She was dropped from the ballot because she received less points yet no one has shown how the points are calculated to prove she lost. Election fraud matters. That is why we need to discuss it.

Our civil liberty depends on it. Maxine Bernier opposes lockdowns and so do I. So do the real doctors. The ones not in bed with the pharmaceutical companies or performing organ transplants with organs from political prisoners murdered to order.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, the Toronto Star is reporitng that "A member of a committee that advises B.C. Premier John Horgan is under fire for referring to accusations of Uyghur genocide in China as lies. Bill Yee, a retired provincial court judge and a member of B.C.’s Chinese-Canadian Advisory Committee, made the comments during an interview on the Toronto-based Chinese-language radio station A-1. Those statements have a Canadian organization that advocates for democracy in Hong Kong calling on Horgan to dismiss Yee from his advisory role."

This guy is a former BC court judge covering up a genocide in Communist China. It doesn't get any more evil than that. We saw how the BC Courts ruled on religious freedom. When the courts fail to administer justice, they are like salt that has lost its flavor - Good for nothing.

Next the Blarney Inquiry will hear from BC Rail enthusiast Christie Clark and Rich Coleman. Coleman is the casino money laundering king. He's the one that disbanded the task force that investigated money laundering in casinos. Governments should restrain crime not profit from it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Texas Rangers fill stands with fans

CTV is reporting that yesterday the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays played in Arlington, Texas with the stands full of people watching. This is what normal looks like. Toronto won 6-2. The article states that the fans who participated chose to make a calculated risk to attend the baseball game. That is their right. We have the right to chose what risks we will take.

If you're afraid, stay home. If you want to wear a mask, wear one. No one is stopping you. That is your choice. Everyone makes a choice when they get behind the wheel of a car or cross a street. There is a chance you might get hit by a car if you cross that street or die in a car accident if you ride in that car. The same with flying. There is a chance that if you fly in an airplane, you could die. We all make choices and we all have the right to make those choices.
Last summer there was a picture in the paper of two tourboats at Niagara Falls. One was from the Canadian side, the other was from the American side. We all thought it was funny how the American boat was full and the Canadian boat was empty. Only a year later and it's not so funny. It has become a tale of two cities: freedom and slavery.

We saw the economic devastation a universal lockdown created. The city of Vancouver was ready to go bankrupt because no one was working and paying taxes. A three-week lockdown has turned into an unprecedented trade war with Communist China's State-run media. They are the ones censoring our doctors both in Canada and in the US.

CBC lied about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake, they lied. When Covid was at it's peak, the State-run media lied about hospitalization rates in California, New York and Australia. They showed huge line ups outside on TV and people would go there with their phones and video no line ups at all. I'm not saying people aren't hospitalized with Covid. I'm saying they are lying about the numbers. The PCR test is worthless.

Right now most of the US is open for business and half have no mask requirements.
Just over a year ago I made a post that said we need to implement VBR - Voluntary Business Restoration. We need to let businesses open on a voluntary basis. If people are willing to take the risk, let them. If people are too afraid to take the risk, let them stay home. The slogan stay home, save lies is a lie. Stay home you kill the economy and our democratic system.

Dr Kulvinder Kaur and Dr Simone Gold are heroes. Bonnnie Henry is the Devil in disguise. We are in a much better position to make informed decisions now. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me. The politicians need to stand down and let us do business if we choose.

Donald Trump on the Right View with Lara Trump

Lara Trumo has joined Fox News as has Kayleigh McEnany. Fox News is better than CNN but it's still part of the Globalist agenda to hijack the republican party with the Bush Clinton fraud that Mitt Romney is promoting. Ezra Taft Benson was a patriot. Mitt Romney is not.

Donald Trump mentioned how he got more votes last time than the previous election he won. Indeed he did. Fox News censored Kayleigh McEnany when she mentioned voter fraud. That was shameful. The Democrats never shut up about Russian collusion when Trump was elected as ridiculous as that was. Yet as soon as someone talks about the multitude of voter irregularities in the last election, that person is censored thanks to the State run media.

Monday, April 5, 2021

CNN confesses to motive behind lockdown fraud

Someone posted a video clip of Leana Wen from the George Washington University on CNN who confessed to the motive behind the new fake lockdowns. She said that "We need to make it clear to people who are vaccine hesitant that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life and that the window to do that is narrowing."

"All these States are reopening and they are reopening at 100%. We have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status because otherwise if everything is reopened, then what's the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentify people to actually get the vaccine?" AYFKM? A carrot on a string? This is why they are blocking Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir. If they didn't block those drugs, there'd be no need for a lockdown.
"So that's why I think the CDC and the Biden Administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say IF you're vaccinated, you can do all these things. Here are all these freedoms that you have because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyways." Ya think?!

We already have those freedoms and no one has the right to take them away from us. Those rights are protected by law. She even had the audacity to cite herd immunity. That is what Dr Simone Gold and Dr. Kulvinder Kaur have been bagging their head against the wall about for months. The fake PCR test show we have reached herd immunity.

If people have no symptoms and have Covid antibodies, that's herd immunity. The media is maliciously misrepresenting that fact. They are NOT representing the science. They are grossly misrepresenting the science.

Leana Wen said that if we reopen now then people might get sick in the fall again. Yeah people get the flu during flu season. That's nothing new. That statement admits there is no reason to lockdown over the summer. None other than their obsession with an experimental vaccine.

I am not an anti vaxxer but a I sure am vaccine hesitant now. Why are all these Communists like Bill Gates and George Sorrows so obsessive about vaccines? Especially after they spiked a tetanus shot in Kenya with a sterilization drug. I support vaccine choice. I want to know what's injected into my body. Forcing experimental vaccines on anyone is unethical.

Speaking of unethical, doctors in Communist China are exactly that. They perform organ transplants with organs from political prisoners who are executed to order. That is unethical.

Although Leana Wen was born in Communist China, she was raised and educated in the United States. Yet any doctor on CNN is neither credible nor ethical. Communist China's State run media in the West is trying to portray anti vaxxers as racists and fascists. Sound familiar? According to ANTIFA, anyone who disagreed with them was a racist and a fascist including Candace Owens.

Communism and Fascism is the same thing. I oppose both. I will however, address the false allegation of being anti-Asian. Chinatown is the heartbeat of Vancouver. Chinese Canadians are a vibrant part of our society. Many of them came here for the same reason Yip Man left China for Hong Kong - to get away from the Communist Party. Many work for the Epoch Times.

All our Falun Gong friends are Asian. We don't hate them, we love them. All our Hong Kong friends are Asian. We don't hate them, we love them. We love the Dhali Lama and support his struggle for the liberation of Tibet from the chains of Communist oppression and slavery.

We love the Uighurs who have come to Canada for a better life. I am vaccine hesitant and I support vaccine choice. To say I am a racist because I am vaccine hesitant is a bold faced lie. I'm not anti-Asian, I'm anti-Communism. There's a huge difference. However, I do support James Connolly and Nelson Mandella. That's because they walked the walk and protected civil liberty by law. They didn't trample it and commit genocide like the CCP.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Police break the Law in Calgary

Some ministers understandably defied the Easter closure order and there were some obscene police actions. I didn't want to post it over Easter because it was so negative. I wanted Easter to be a positive event. Even if it was just virtual. A time for us to reflect upon our own beliefs.

Rebel News picked up on the video of the Polish minister chasing the police out of his church sanctuary. This didn't happen in China or Poland. This happened in Calgary. That is very disturbing. Churches and places of worship are supposed to be sacred soil like an embassy. Julian Assange sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Likewise people often seek asylum in churches as they are supposed to be protected by law. Seeing armed police officers defiantly storm a church in Canada is astonishing. I wonder if any of those officers have ancestors that served in the military and fought in the war? They have obviously missed the point.

This shows us how far the Covid fraud has taken us. It reveals the end game of the globalist agenda. People have the right to choose what is injected into their body. People have the right to choose what risks they will take. That includes going to work and going to Church.

The minister in the video was from Poland. He saw the Fascists invade from one side and the Communists invade from the other. Both systems are equally deplorable. Yet that is exactly where we are heading. The media is maliciously misrepresenting the science and defiantly lying about the numbers. We need to defend the real science and reject the globalist lies.
In contrast, as I discussed different traditions over Easter, someone sent me a video of two young men in Latin America. One was dressed as Christ carrying the cross while the other was dressed as a roman soldier beating him. They acted out the crucifixion on a cross walk in the middle of traffic. It was somewhat profound. This is why I encourage people to travel.
One of the nice things about Canada is that for the most part, no one cares what church you belong to. The downside is that most Canadians don't go to any church. The ancient traditions and the higher ideals are being lost in our materialistic world. Yet we are free to rediscover them if we so choose. The choice is ours as it should be. That is why we need to defend civil liberty.

The Last Supper: A Virtual Easter

Different countries have different traditions that revolve around Easter. For my kids it was the Easter bunny brining chocolate eggs on Saturday and church on Sunday remembering the crucifixion and resurrection. Easter bonnets used to be a tradition in the West. Many countries in Cental America and Europe have a week of celebrations called Semana Santa. Rick Steves covered some of these traditions he witnessed in Spain.

When I was young, I visited Notre Dame in Montreal and was in awe of the architecture. A protestant lit a candle for a deceased relative and showed me the stations of the cross. I saw that as a positive tradition which helped people remember Him. I also visited St Pauls' cathedral in London which was also stunning as is Westminster Abbey.

Statues, like paintings, help us remember deity. We had a Christian family stay in our home once and the little boy pointed to a picture of Christ and said who's that? I was a bit confused as the family were clearly Christian so I said Hey Zeus which is Spanish for Jesus. Nothing more was said. Later I found out that they were of the school of thought that Christians shouldn't have pictures of Christ in their home. That in my opinion is bizarre and makes no sense whatsoever.
In the United Church they had a special service on Maundy Thursday where people would wash each other's feet in remembrance of Christ's commitment to service. Lent is a 40 day preparation before Easter where people remember the suffering and sacrifices of Christ.

With a continuation of the Covid fraud, some Easter celebrations are virtual. It reminds me of a story I once heard about a group of Christians who were kicked out of church because of their poverty. The church had become corrupt and carried away with their pride. An angel appeared to the group who were very sad about their state and said it is good that you were kicked out of church because being religious is a way of life. It isn't just going to church on Sunday.

Today I want to have a virtual Easter and talk about the Last Supper which DaVinci painted. The final meal Christ shared with his apostles before he was murdered where he introduced the Communion. He said he would be betrayed by one of his own and said to Peter, when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. The communion remains a central part of Christian worship.

"This is my body broken for you. This is my blood shed for your sins." Many people including thieves and criminals have been crucified. Christ's sacrifice went beyond that. His atonement started in the Garden of Gethsemane where he sweat great drops of blood as his eyes were opened and he saw, felt and experienced, all the suffering, sins and sicknesses of his people.

That suffering returned on the final three hours while Christ hung on the cross to fulfill Isaiah 's prophecy which said "I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." Christ has seen and felt our suffering. He has compassion for us.

The movie the DaVinci code presented an interesting theory as to what the holy grail really was. I'll have to admit that Monty Python's dry humour about the quest for the holy grail kind of shed light on the moral dilemma. The cup that Christ used in the Last Supper was just a cup. It wasn't magical, the atonement was magical. To spend your whole life searching for an object was as misguided as to mistake a finger for the moon instead of seeing what it was pointing to.

The chalice represents the suffering of Christ - the blood he shed for our sins. That is what we need to remember. Not a cup. Whether or not Christ was married as the movie the DaVinci code implies, does not change his divinity. It does not diminish his sacrifice and atonement. It's an interesting theory but it doesn't really matter. What matters is how we live our life. That is what matters. Finian's Inferno - I see you. What we do in life echoes in eternity.
The purpose of this post is to highlight the Last Supper. The final meal that Christ shared with his apostles before he was murdered which Davinci painted not the painting itself. The Movie the DaVinci code claims that there are no cups in the painting. Oh really? Zoom in. I see 12 glasses in the painting. Whether or not they shared from one cup or each had their own glass doesn't matter. What matters is what the communion represents. It is a remembrance of Christ's suffering and sacrifice but it is also a new covenant. A promise to remember him and follow him.
As the actress pointed out, just because DaVinci painted it doesn't make it true. He wasn't there. He painted it more than 1400 years after the event based on the same information we have. In fact, most of the early paintings of Christ I personally find anti climatic. They tend to portray Christ as weak and feminine when he was anything but. Greg Olsen is a popular modern artist that portrays Christ in a more realistic perspective as does Jon McNaughton and Del Parson.

Back in Ireland they had lots of pictures of the scared heart. They'd have a portrait of Jesus or Mary with a large red heart jumping out at you. At first I thought it was a bit weird, then I realized it was allegorical. There is no question Jesus had a big heart just like William Wallace in the movie Braveheart or the reference to Richard the lion heart.

I knew a young American who went to Dublin and liked a young Catholic girl there. He met her mother and they gave him a tour of a Catholic cathedral. The mother pointed to a picture of the sacred heart and she said, that's the sacred heart. Do you believe in the sacred heart of Jesus? My friend was a bit antagonistic and said yeah, we believe in his heart, his hand, his legs. We believe in all of him. Then the daughter said OK it's time to go and separated them before they got in a big fight. I laughed when I heard that. I could easily visualize all of them doing that.

I never got into the moving statues or the bleeding paintings myself. I'd ask why would God do that? Why would God make a painting bleed? What's something positive and uplifting we can take away from that? I couldn't see anything. To me it just seemed dark and weird. Yet I did see something positive in the sacred heart paintings. It's allegorical. It reminded me of a Rocky song about hearts on fire. I believe in the freedom of religion. That is what I believe in.

It's like when I saw one of my neighbours sitting on a rock wearing a hijab holding a rosery. I was shocked, pointed to the rosery and said what's that? She couldn't speak English so she showed me that she would say a prayer for each bead. I was like yeah, I know with what you do with that but why do you have one? She was Muslim. Turns out that Muslims have their own rosery. It's very similar and I was like imagine that. People are more similar than they realize.

God is not a respecter of persons. Any nation that honours him and is righteous is accepted of him. The parable of the good Samaritan says it all. What we do is more important than what we say or what we profess. Christ taught us to serve each other. That is what he taught.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Cherry Blossoms begin to bloom in Vancouver

The Cherry Blossoms are beginning to bloom in Vancouver. That's always a good sign. There appears to be two strands locally. One that blooms a few weeks before the others. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Like fall, it brings with it the promise of growth and hope.

It's a fresh scent that fills the air with the expectation of summer. A huge snow cap on the mountain means you can snowshoe in the melting snow or paddle​ in the coastal waters all in the same day. I love the seasons. In the song Landslide, Stevie Nicks asks "Can I handle the seasons of my life? I don't know. Time makes you bolder, children get older. I'm getting older too."

Back in the kwoon, they would burn cherry blossom incense all year round. Remember behind the dark clouds, the sun is still shining. The dream never dies, just the dreamer so Dream On.

Chaos Walking New 2021 Movie

This movie looks very interesting. I'd pay to see that. Let's reopen the freaking movie theatres.

Genocide and Lawlessness: The Gates of Hell

Tulsi Gabbard recently made a post about religious persecution in Bangladesh where Hindus are being raped and murdered. That is not acceptable. Religious persecution is illegal. So is rape and murder. The problem isn't religion. The problem is lawlessness.

Apparently in Bangladesh, the genocide is being committed by Islamic extremists who she refers to as Islamicists. Islam teaches that rape, murder and robbery is wrong just like every other religion so the problem here isn't Islam, it's lawlessness.

So here we see the rock, paper, scissors of genocide. In India the Hindus have been accused of committing genocide against the Sikhs. In Burma we see Buddhists slaughtering Muslims. Buddhists for f*cks sake. Buddhists are the most peaceful people on the planet. The Dalai Lama doesn't not support that. The problem isn't religion. The problem is lawlessness.

In Rwanda it was one tribe of black people exterminating another tribe of black people. In Northern Ireland is was two groups of Christians fighting with each other, both were white. This kind of insanity is addressed within a free republic where civl liberty is protected by law. The flag for the Irish Republic is green, orange and white. Green represents Catholics, orange represents Protestants and white represents peace between the two.

Communism has murdered more people than everyone else put together. Chairman Mao murdered more people than Adolf Hittler. Communism is a single party totalitarian system which is the direct opposite of a free Republic. Religion isn't the only enemy of Communism, everyone is. Everyone who disagrees with them. That system is built upon lies and censorship involving the gradual removal of all civil liberty. Slavery is the result. That is their end game.

I believe in law and order. I sustain just laws. I do not sustain corrupt governements who break the law. Judaism has a lot of laws. Ben Shapero talked about the Seven Laws of Noah which applies to the Gentiles. Like the 10 commandments, they are basic common sense. Let's start with the top three laws in a civilized society: murder, robbery and rape.

Satanism states Do what thou whilt shall be the whole of the law. That makes no sense whatsoever. If I can rob from you, you can rob from me and nothing is secure. If I can murder and rape you, you can murder and rape me or my family and anarchy is the result which is not a good thing. A lawless society is not a nice place to live. No one is safe there.

It's like the line in the ACDC song if you're evil, you're a friend of mine. That makes no sense either. Betrayal is evil. If I can betray you, you can betray me and there is no trust and no honour. Murder, rape and torture is evil. If I can do that to you, you can do that to me and we are left with a place no one wants to live in. This is hell. A state of evil darkens where no laws protect anyone.

Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir: There's No Third Wave

There was no second wave and there is no third wave. That is a lie. This is a trade war with a dark political agenda. Closing down businesses kills social programs because it destroys tax revenue. There is one thing the medical community agrees on, lockdowns are not warranted.

The American Frontline Doctors held a press conference stating that hydroxychloroquine helped patients with Covid. Numerous doctors testified that they gave Covid patients hydroxychloroquine and their patients recovered. That is what's known as a clinical trial. The mainstream media censored that information. They said hydroxychloroquine was unsafe. That is a lie. It is FDA approved. They give it to pregnant women.

The Canada Health Alliance agrees that vitamin C and Zinc helps fight Covid. They also said to take vitamin D which the body produces in sunlight. Heat and sun kills Covid. The Canada Health Alliance also suggested Covid patients take hydroxychloroquine where available. They said where available because Bonnie Henry won't let you take it for Covid if you want to try it.

The FDA approved remdesivir for the treatment of Covid in October 2020. It is proven safe and has been around for years. It is not an experimental RNA genetically modified organism that rewrites your DNA. Health Canada approved remdesivir for treatment of severe COVID-19 back in July 2020. Bonnie Henry said she was excited about the sucess of remdesivir in the treatment of Covid back in May 2020. Then all of a sudden, the World Health Organization pulled the plug.

Bonnie Henry worked for the World Health Organization. The WHO is not led by a medical doctor, it is led by a leader of a violent Communist Paramilitary Organization. He was put there by Communist China. The same ones defiantly engaging in a modern genocide against Buddhists and Muslims in China and sanctions anyone who dares to speak out against it.

Wuhan is throwing Pool parties and dance parties while their State run media is telling us the sky is falling and we need to lockdown again. The main stream media is criminally insane. CBC lied about Covid hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake, they lied.

The fraud is over. The PCR test is worthless. Get back to work. Ban Bonnie Henry.

Ontario man freed after self-defence shooting

CTV is reporitng that "A Collingwood, Ont. man who shot and killed two masked men during a home invasion two years ago is free. The Crown has withdrawn manslaughter charges against 57-year-old Cameron Gardiner for the deaths of 52-year-old Dean Copkov and 42-year-old Donovan Bass. The details of the case were previously under a publication ban that was lifted on Tuesday. According to court documents, Gardiner's lawyers argued the shootings were in self-defence." No kidding. It was thier gun.

Three armed suspects invaded his home, beat him and his wife and zip tied them to a chair. When his son showed up the man was able to break free. During a struggle with the assailants, they were shot with their gun. It wasn't his gun it was their gun. They invaded his home with guns and were shot in self-defence. Case dismissed.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Mafioso busted after being seen in YouTube cooking video

The New York Post is reporting that "A Mafia fugitive has been caught in his Caribbean hideaway - after being spotted in YouTube cooking videos he made with his wife, Italian police said Monday. Marc Feren Claude Biart, 53, had been on the run since 2014, when Italian prosecutors ordered his arrest for alleged cocaine trafficking for the Cacciola clan of the ‘Ndrangheta Mafia."

"He managed to lead a quiet life in Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic - until he showed off his Italian cooking skills on a YouTube channel, police said, according to the news agency. While Biart attempted to hide his face, he was betrayed by distinctive tattoos on his body." Bad luck.